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TX Review: Olamide – “Melo Melo” + Korede Bello – “Godwin” (VIDEO)

Posted by Jim Donnett on June 6, 2015 in Editorial · 67 Comments

tx panel

Olamide – “Melo Melo”

Jim Donnett’s Verdict

I love this song so much that I can’t not talk about it’s video without making reference to the song. Okay, so allow me point out that this is the first of Olamide materials that will earn him deserving recognition globally. Music generally has respect for it’s many genres especially folk because beliefs say it is deeply rooted in cultural contexts which exposits hidden meanings. True or not, I don’t care but whatever reason Olamide dropped his ‘act’ for this coy representation, sure looks like a step in the right direction.

Melo Melo video tones down complexities to very simple forms. Olamide’s combo of a biker’s jac, plain white tee and fedora evens out into a classic bespoke look. The lighting is mostly dim and sometimes with dramatic flashes for effect. There’s ballet dancers sashaying in rhythmic sync to the music. Sounds from the harmonizing blend of Western strings and local percussion transcends the mind to a place of soliloquy as depicted in the monologue which Olamide delivers in grand spectacle. It’s unusual, it’s soft, it’s simply beautiful and Moe Musa totally slayed vis one!

Rating: 4.2


Korede Bello – “Godwin”

Jim Donnett’s Verdict

Like. Seriously! If this is what they made us be in earnest wait for, then they all should pack the hell up and ‘gerrarahia mehn… Yhu noe worram sayeen? Gerrarahia fuh real!’

As in, the flick was witheringly uncreative. It becomes obvious that the delay in releasing the visuals to the chart-topping song was not unconnected with the fact that the creatives in charge lacked appropriate thought concepts for the shoot all this time. Maybe they should have shelved the video release totally or something, I dunno. But what I know is that Godwin video comes up really very short on expectations. It could have been better, way much better. Errr what else? Oh yeah, that dyslexic dance Bello did at the end…  please don’ gemme started on that.


Rating: 2.5

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  1. Godwin Got Delay…we where really expecting much

  2. Perfectly said

  3. melo melo bad finish gon…I luv it no b lie

    • I Love Dis Song Melo Melo

  4. I love the melo melo video….its cool and good…….

    • Melo melo is the song that everybody have intress on it .and i luv the song very much. OLAMIDE BADOO YBNL IN NATION take it up

    • i love olamide

  5. That dance dah korede did iz actually fr Mj legend R.I.P

  6. Olamide really brought out his A game on this one, its an Album worthy song IMO

  7. Jim donnet dey craze sha, 2.5 for Godwin, infact u dey mad

  8. Badoo finish Wrk bt bello try sha

  9. Abegii….Olamide was totally disgusting wack on d vocal delivery on Melo…pls if u don’t knw hw to rate a song…freeze dah fingers….Korede ain’t Bad.

    • U don’t know music… When it comes to miniful music and you exclude melo melo that even have meaning pass LAYE by kiss daniel.. My man u are out of point

  10. @rash do u know anyfin about good music? U said melo melo wack,lol u suck

  11. Godwin video is fvckingly sick! Poor..1.5 outta 5

  12. I think Godwin video should be 0.5, very poor. Melo Melo by Olamide brought out something i have never seen in him. A masterpiece, dope and mature song and Video.

    • wat can u do

  13. Yo Dick WTF re yu sayin adasa cokey tried YO!! Nd is actually a social media video nt like he wanted to actually do it YO!!

  14. That melo video kill it all…best of king baddo….keep it up

  15. Olamide killed this one.. thumbs up bro

  16. Well I don’t see any thing bad in that God win video all I just know is many things they do is out of class… On melo melo u rate it well cuz for person like olamide to deliver a perfect solo love music its seriously a class of honour.

  17. Thumbs up

  18. Ma baddo always onpoint

  19. jim donett….mehnnnn u r a sore loser. stop hating on d mavins. all ur articles r always agst dem. stop d hating n embrace gudtin 4 gud to come to u. hw can u rate melo4.5 n godwin 2.5….haba,,,,,did u drink origin? ur trick wnt work…..lookulooku

  20. MELO MELO is a job well done by BADOO and i will like to be fitured in the REMIX cos i have a lot to add to d song…

  21. Worst video review ever. Tooxclusive I don’t know you guys with this… Y’all use to be better than this. This review is wack.
    Get someone who can do this better or forget video review.

  22. In fact,i luv woteva korede sang b-sids z mai bxt singa 4 nw. i apreciat im.

  23. Olamide I love u so much

  24. I love u olamide

  25. #MeloMelo Ws A Perfect 1 Bt 4 #Godwin Its A Miss,Blow Xpectationz

    • I love korede bello’s songs especially god win is the most

  26. king baddo killd melo melo bt i c nothin bad in godwin video…

  27. Is it just me or is there something epileptic about Korede Bello’s dance steps in this video? So feminine, weird and eww-ish.

    As for the music video, it isn’t as bad as reviewed. Just a regular video. No “wow” factor. I was just enjoying the music, not the video.

    Olamide’s Melo Melo was the BOMB! Both the music and the video.

  28. Keep it up olamide

  29. Olamide badoo nigga rocks everyday.

  30. Long Live the King Badoo! He kills d beat,texture nd d meaning of d music..Melo Melo z actually d best music as at nw for 2015 buh Davido ft Meek Mill z competing..And I fink Korede tried though he shud try harder next tym nd I rate im as an upcoming artiste..Kudos to dem both..

  31. Melo melo, ????§ a great job well done! More grace to ???? elbow, korede also try

  32. Hmmmm… Baddo! Dunno why I keep falling in love wif you. You’re just so good musically! Just keep it up and dnt let any negative words pull you down cus you have a lot to give to d society! Korede, you’re also sighted. Nice1 4rm you.

  33. Hmmmm… Baddo! Dunno why I keep falling in love wif you.. You’re just so good musically! Respect! Dnt let negative words pull you down cus you have a lot to give to the society. Baba miliano, nothing do you oooo. Korede, you’re sighted! Nice1 4rm you too… Bt watchout for me at the Mavins… Its gonna be hot. See you gys at d mavins very soon!

  34. Have been listening and watching Olamide song, but dis melo melo nah one of the best ever. Let’s check the verse 1… The sincerity matters most…
    Eyin fun jowo, eyin mu’enugun
    Apon bepo re mi, akonke igi leyin ogba mi
    Nigba kosowo, nigba ko siola, nigba ko soro
    Ti aye romipin you stood by me
    I know i make some mistakes but i don dey regret
    Now i no go forget to cherish wetin i get
    The first day we met i told you how i felt
    Walahi i dey melt, my baby you’re the best. Thumbs up man.
    I love Korede Bello dancing step, makes m to remember MJ…. Nice 1 dude

    • I luv dat


  36. Ntin is bad wif melo melo by olamide, but korede Is trying but God so good badoo Is still at d top, YBNL nation baba iya eyan.

  37. 9ice one

  38. korede bello is a good artist, and Godwin video is the best. bello carry go noting can stop u.

  39. Wel if i may decide olamide is d’best raPper ever…no doubt bt korede is one of the best singer in mavins that i cherish because of the way he performs …….and as for the godwin video.well,it good bt dat nt what i expected frm korede becos he can do more than that……but what i observe is that korede is the shy that not withstanding…i love his voice and the way he sings…

  40. Hunnnn, thou the real is that they are both good but the fact is that the lyrics of Melo Melo was gosh! ND the beat of God win was wow! All the same we all know the different sha………

  41. Y Can’t U Think,Olamide Wey Don Dey Sing 4 Lng Nd Person Wu Just Started Nah Im U Dey Critize.U Beta Rate Nd Think Well.Korede Keep It Up.

  42. they both did great

  43. I luv d song melo melo especially d beatingz kip it up

  44. I also love the song of bado melomelo,the song is for love

  45. nice one

  46. i like song always make sense.keep it up.

  47. Badoo on point melo melo bti Godwin bt bello don try

  48. Nice 1

  49. i luv olamide song hd z d best rapper nd korede bello try luv dem both.

  50. I Love this song i always listen this song when i have time.

  51. actually from my own point of view,both musics has different meanings nd interpritations,we ve to first of all look,study and understand the inspirations or rather the prophey or the message in both musics,olamide melo-melo was much more apologising nd regreting what he had done to someone or rather to someone he loves but never got to realise how much.while GODWIN by kOREDE BELLO was a story nd an inspiration i would rather say GODWIN is all about anything you do,anywere u find urself any how it is in life ur first tanks should go to god.

    • Godwin i nice so is melo melo

  52. Lil tee

  53. Melo melo is a verry intresting song,olamide badoo still on top

  54. Hmmm…..I twuale al of una ooo….aCcordin 2 ma own point of view,I gbadun dah Melo melo pas korede bread n beans wela.#fuck dah shiit# kus evry sinGu was a HIT bak 2 bak…..lolsssssss
    . I so mosh love dah melo melo song til d extent dah me and ma boo alwais play d song evry blessed mawin b4 goin OUt. Mehn!! Long lyf YBNL,long lyf KING baddooo….I gbadun
    Pas smeelos die.

  55. chai….. korede bello ur song 2 dey make sence nd ur dancing steps is very beautiful keep it up !!!!

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