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TX REVIEW: Show You The Money + Jaiye Orimi + Bora

Posted by funke on July 21, 2014 in Editorial · 18 Comments

tx panel

So we took a lil’ break but we’re back!

This week on “TX Review”, Wizkid’s “Show Me the Money”, BankyW’s “Jaiye Orimi” and “Bora” by Patoranking & Olamide go under the intense scrutiny of our Jury.

Rated over 5, do these songs come out better or worse off? Check out the verdicts below!




Jim Donnett’s Verdict:

Show You The Money further proves Wizkid’s penchant for making fans get up and bump to the beat. The laid back feel of his vocals on the track seemed purposeful because those hard kicks in Shizzi’s instrumentation makes up for the needed uptempo spirit. While it’s a typical afropop song with hardly any expectation other than a show of bravado, this song will definitely be a performer’s choice, especially closing a show… that’s if Wizzy can improvise with other necessary creative arts. And trust me, you’ll be sure to dance when he be bumping this beat and showing you those crisp notes.

Rating: 3

Funke’s Verdict:

Wizkid’s voice tho…..*sigh*. Moving on, Show You the Money is guaranteed to be a club jam. Though it’s one of those songs that seem to be about nothing really with over repetition (African, African, African, African baby) twice!!! I mean what is that???

Then again, it’s Wizkid so you can’t help but dance or the very least nod to it. As far as I’m concerned, this song’s beat is its strongest feature. Yes it’s enjoyable in the usual Wizkid fashion I just wish he would surprise me. I think he needs to do do something different, away from what we keep hearing and just basically grow up!

Rating: 2.5

JimmyKing’s Verdict:

Starboy Wizzy celebrated his birthday some days ago and dropped a new song Show You The Money the radio snippet was released before but this is the full version of the song. He also dropped the video for the song.

The beat of the song is going to lift you off your feet cause it’s a club banger. Shizzi did a good job on the beat with the Afro-beat feel to it. Wizkid went commercial on this one unlike his recent song Joy. We’re hoping to see more from him when his album drops.

Rating: 2.5




Jim Donnett’s Verdict:

It’s really not news that Banky W has been baited for ‘hate and criticism’, so when he thought to address issues directed at him in past times, he did it the best way he could – he sang about it! Jaiye Orimi is not as energetic as Banky’s usual soft-toned tenor probably because more of his consciousness was on sending a mesagge to the naysayers and letting them know he’s not perturbed by their badmouthing. Regardless, it joins the record of his afro R&B songs that appeal to your being. Having said, did Banky actually take a shot at rap… again? #JustSaying

Rating: 3

Funke’s Verdict:

Banky never fails to thrill me. This is one of those songs you slide in your CD player and just turn up the volume. Though it’s not attention grabbing like Jasi, it’s definitely up there too.

With his not so subtle digs, this is obviously a message to haters. Good lyrics, nice beat, all round good content. However, the rap kinda confused me because it’s obviously about Banky but it didn’t really sound like him (just saying). If it was indeed him rapping, nice attempt!

Rating: 3

JimmyKing’s Verdict:

Banky W is one artiste that needs no introduction. He’s proven to be consistent over time and the release of his recent song Jaiye Orimi just proved that. The song is one of those feel good music that you can listen to anytime of the day.

The life of a celebrity is one that always put you in public glare and makes you a subject of scorn and criticism. Banky W talks about how people would always talk about him whether for good or bad. Instead of focusing about what people say, he decides just to live his life and enjoy himself while he can.

Banky is a talented musician and a very good rapper. He ended the song with a rap and I personally like the part where he said “ and I gat a big head, am blessed with too much brain” I think he killed it with the rap. Lovely song.

Rating: 3.5




Jim Donnett’s Verdict:

Patoranking and Olamide found common grounds to “preach” on Bora – a song that dismisses the skin bleaching virus that has creeped in the entertainment industry. While Patoranking’s rasta words come out persuasive and preachy, Olamide is silly as ever taking a humour approach to his message. You might laugh… might! But you’ll almost not take him seriously, and there couldn’t have been a tune better than Chris Brown‘s Loyal for their justice to be served. Did anyone else notice that the freestyle sounded somewhat rehearsed and planned for? Obviously, it doesn’t make it much of a freestyle anymore.

Rating: 2.5

Funke’s Verdict:

When I first heard this song, it sounded like crap. However, bearing in mind that it’s actually freestyle, meaning not much thought was put into it I’d say it’s not bad (like it might actually grow on me).

With a cover of Chris Brown’s Loyal, Patoranking and Olamide preach the gospel truth to those girls “lightening” their skin for God knows what reason and for this Bora gets a nod from me seeing as there’s actually a message.

However, Olamide’s rap wasn’t up to par at all. I mean on the surface it’s actually easy to go with his flow, but listening closely, I couldn’t help but cringe at a point! He could have done way better and BTW, Toolz isn’t “dudu”.

Rating: 2

JimmyKing’s Verdict:

Chris Brown controversial song ‘Loyal’ which depicts women as being unfaithful to their men because of their love for fame and money is obviously one of the best song of the first quarter of the year.

Our very own man of the moment Patoranking in collaboration with Olamide did their own cover of the song Loyal and they decided to tackle another feminine issue ‘’bleaching’’ which they titled Bora.

They took a different twist and turn with the song. The song opened with Patoranking singing in his patua style, narrating about a black girl turned white due to bleaching. Olamide rap was also off the hook. The song is directed to all black ladies to love their natural colour because black is beautiful. From my own point of view I think it’s a good freestyle with a clear message.

Rating: 3

Do you agree or not? Drop your own verdicts below.


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  1. my own rating tho;show you the money by wizkid is da bomb Ama giv him 3.5 havnt heard bankys jaiye orimi tho buh I know its gonna b on point and patos and badoos bora freestyle dey burst my medula I’ll given em 4.

  2. I have heard ol songz,2 wizkid enof of d money,baby,drinkz n kush stuffz,we are tired!!nyc beat thou.Banky’s jaiye was cool n sum nice lines on da rap.’wha ya say’ burst ma brainx wt him rthymes,olamide can’t tel cos I don’t hear yoruba….

  3. ‘M giving wizkid 3, bora 2 and jaiye orimi 4.5…

  4. Pato killed Bora ….But Olamide trynaaa Do TYGA he dulled the track 2.5….Show me the Money the Money 3.5 ….Banky Jaiye orimi 4

  5. I agree with funke about wizkid’s voice *sigh*. but patoranking is just amazing and Olamide …need I say more

    • If u can sigh at wizkids voice and his lyrics in dis club banger , it means you would dispise davido , but if you don’t den look at urself very well , coz ur ar just hating , dis song was not made to pass any moral massage rather to make u dance , if u can rate dis banger 2.5 den don’t rate any club banger atall , , u ar nt suppose to be doing dis , go do something else

  6. Show me the money has a nice beat and verses too,jxt that I expected the song title to be a brand other than a phrase 3.5,then Bank is a very brilliant songwriter he could combine all those facts and controversies he made into a song &rap and sampled wizkid and. Shaydee on it too 3, the. BORA!!! A nice freestyle too pato’s side came out clean buh Olamide’s contrast was a bit off timaya/Acehood and other tins he said too was dulling pato’s sweet ryhmes 2

  7. Its clear that Jimmy King don’t wanna get in trouble with anyone….
    Jim Donnett finds the ‘thing’ behind the song….
    And dear Funke hits the nail straight into the head… Fear women!
    All in All, Beats rule these days than lyrics (which kinda sucks) but nice effort from all 3 songs

  8. Guess its High time @wizkid change from singing all about (money , woman and others..) Give us something different!!!! Nice beat Though!!! Chizzy nice one on that!!!! Rate it 3.5 And as for #jAiye ORi mi By @Banky w.. Am not really surprised about what banky did.. He has always been best of his kind in Nigeria (R&B Afro-Pop) .. And the rap verse !!! I knew it was banky it wasn’t His first and neither gonna be the Last… And I heard a voice that sounds pretty much like that of Shaydee at the Backup.. Not very sure though Banky Nice work 4.5.. And now the #RUdEBoys Patoranking and olamide.. The track doesn’t sound much like a freestyle to me.. The only reason I’ll call that a freestyle is probably because it ws just talking about ladies bleachin there skin!!! They both did well on the track ..I’ll give em 4…

  9. Haters gon hate still…nigga’s lst single was joy(talkin bou mama’s love nd journey so far) nd u guys r here ranting bou ‘show me the money’. Consistency aint beans guys! Wiz got ma 4.0, Banky aint new wit shii’s lyk dis…he’s in a class of his…I giv him 3.8 and 2 Badoo nd Pato…#kilode ten’bora? Music is bou bringin diff styles…I giv’em 3.5! #Wahyasay!

  10. Show d mony 4. Bora 2.5. Jaye orimi 3

  11. Sooo Toolz is white abi if she no “Dudu” abi na untill u turn shadow u don dudu be dat. Hahaa, trynna correct that.

  12. am a die hard fan of wizkid buh am rili tired of his money woman crap songs..av heard enuf,wil rate it jaiye orimi on reply eva since I heard d song..gud lyrics gud voice nice rap.wil rate it 5 nd as for bora patoranking killed but olamide SMH…didnt understand a tin frm his rap…he kips shoutin anytime he raps…abeg who u dey shout for ni…

    • Guy….2 b sincere as in I swear down u ar a fool…..maybe ur fone’s speaker has a problem or probably a chinco coz i dint hear olamide shoutin in dat song…….# idiot

  13. show me d money 3.5 ,bora 3.0 ,jaiye orimi 2.5

  14. Hnmmmmm, patoranking all d way

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