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Tekno – “Diana”… My Review

Posted by Jim Donnett on October 15, 2016 in Editorial · 74 Comments


Tekno – “Diana”

If there’s anybody else in the music industry whose artistry trips me so much, it has to be Tekno. The guy is using what he has to craft out the kinda stuff that we desire. His vocal skill doesn’t come in the likes of the revered but he continues to find newer ways to working his magic, which eventually makes us tick. Pana is still like the number one song that has been topping music charts for several weeks now and it seems the favourite boy is reaching to snag yet another spot on the countdown. This new release, ‘Diana’ comes from the same afro pop music repertoire that Tekno started to bless us with since finding his penchant with love-styled sounds the order likes of Duro, Wash, Where and Pana.

Asides the fact that Selebobo and Krizbeat keep redefining the context of dynamism with technicalities sampled on their musical production, and Tekno would perhaps always come through too easily on a typical love jam, it is however about time that this script gets flipped. Tekno’s songs are beginning to sound very stereotypical and too streamlined. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to put any extra effort into giving us better songs. If he’s not singing about a Folake, Maria, Monica or Diana, about wanting to love them hard, have them cruising in his beast machines, flown around the world, carrying his babies or dancing for him, then it’s about his self-gratifying ego telling us some fable relating to cassavas, dollars and mathematics. Even though he’s a confam baddo at mashing up the lewd with abstract irregularities, this overflogged approach to doing music now rests somewhere beneath the limbo line of basic. In my opinion, Tekno needs to derive a new formula by which he can play his fine hand of versatility.

Rating – 3/5

Reviewed by Jim Donnett

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  1. Jim donnet..or wateva dey call u….ur father ass….if u dont like d music…go suck ur mama dirty pussy….nd as far am concern…i rate dis music…5/5

    • You are a fool @fab

    • mehn i see notin wrong with the review actually jim sayed it as it is, or is it not true?….for jim and tekno fans visit this website @ www .tooclasiq .tk for latest celebrity news

    • It’s easy to rate songs from other people, but u can’t review ur own…you dropped a single nobody cared about, and now you’re here to talk shit about other people, if you’re such a good critic, why couldn’t u release a hit single?

      • Lwkmd.. Help me tell them… Most of these media persons are frustrated artists looking for where to vent their failures and disappointments on.. All they do is whisper successful artists’ ACHIEVEMENTS and SCREAM where they think they have FAILED.. GROW UP GUYS and ACKNOWLEDGE successful people. Its an application for yours…

        Jim for one is a bad news caster/presenter.. Almost talks like an imbecile with no interesting attitude.

  2. Yeah….Tekno didn’t come through on dz

  3.’s not even up to a day a song is out and you’re already writing up a crappy review.I’m indifferent about the song but you do this all the time..for you to write a proper review about a song or an album you need to give a little time,at least a week.Music carries a strong spirit,you might not always like it at 1st!!

  4. Wrong…but yet,hasty submission!

  5. FOOls is dis jobless fool talking shit. Haters go die. U hear me. Everyone gat deir on way music .Y dont u tell davido or wizkids to come out with anoda kind music style. Stop hating dis guy is good . Appr wat he got besides ds r jst singles wait for his album first. Tekno abeg no listen to dis guys. Dey see u as a treat to dem . I wont be surprise if oda artist r behind dis .Payin people to review other prolifik artist . keep bring out d best in u n in no time u belive hw far ur music wud take take took. Y ddon’t dey tell flavour to single sing abt other dan praising women in his songs or y .

  6. Okay so i totally agree with jim but lets try and get what tekno wants to do, the nigerian music industry isnt exactly that versatile atleast if it was wed be talking about artists like johnny drille.. tekno is playing it safe beacause he wants to keep being revelant and i totally agree with him.

    • I love ur comment,but I think even if d naija music industry isn’t versatile, we can get bored,nobody wants to listen to pana in 5 diff tracks,he has done it and gotten many hits,he should move on and find something else

  7. to say it all this review is sincere and considerate. . nice one

  8. Dis jim donnet dey craze oooo….shey all naija artists no be woman or money dey used to sing abt….

  9. nice review

  10. ur review to timaya bang bang song was ok…keep it up

  11. review timaya new song ft iyaz how many dat love song

  12. Best of The reviews. I kind of think I was feeling this only to myself. U make a critical analysis.. With deductive and empirical reasoning citing hard truth examples.. Diversity is d key to being on d limelight

  13. This Jim donnet like 3/5

  14. Tekno na baba I rep him a lot Great Effort! More blessing……

  15. thunda fire yu Jim donnet…Diana is banging !!!!! go nd die

  16. ur view doesn’t matter …who GOD had blessed… no man can curse

    • God bless u ma bro.

    • Yae.. God has blessed that nigga for tin in matta wah u du good or bad..dey ar ALWAYS pple to talk good or bad abt it..

  17. Oboy techno bad guy.. making sense jam

  18. Diana is just a remake of Pana . No effort towards this. Just in same vain when he released wash and where which so much alike. He better quit playing but then again it’s Nigeria , these artistes feel we can take whatever they release

  19. Best…, tekno want to kill us with sweet jams…

  20. I Concord with Jim,nigas stop talking sh*t and listen to the truth..TEkno pls give us something different

  21. Fact tekno is started doing the same thing which would make us get tired of him

  22. what’s with u and the stupid critics. .I know every work is open to criticism and all but then are u new to the Nigeria kinda art…..once it sounds good who cares….f..k ur critics I so love tekno and his hits..who has put out hits like he does this year….

  23. Jim Jim. Nicely written. Yeah, he needs to get out of his comfort zone.. I kinda think he is not fully proud of his success, hence his cone direction’ sense of music.. This is were his management comes in… #writeupforanotherday

  24. Yes this is real, Diana rocks a lot.
    its no.1 peoples choice for now..
    its cool!

  25. 5/5


  27. Its dis typa critique that has mad wizkid lose his special magical touch,because people like you decided to deceive him that he was sounding d same in all his songs…Allow tecno to do what he knows how to do best,,if it singing about girls…4kin let him be!!!! That’s his zone let him rule wtf!….@itslahmar

  28. I support D’s guy 100 % ,let tecno change style in his music let him talk bout his life and blessings not how he pursues women,d guy music dey make sense oo buh he got to change tins fo hs music not love and women

  29. I support D’s guy 100 % ,let tecno change style in his music let him talk bout his life and blessings not how he pursues women,d guy music dey make sense oo buh he got to change tins fo hs music not love and women

  30. to b sincere…daz a nice 1….buh maybe God blessed him DAT side,…but imagine all his songs talks about women…let us check…
    Now to Diana
    Haba Tekno should change

  31. I totally agree with this review. I felt same way after listening to diana. He also needs to work on lyrics.

    • I agree. His lyrics are poor

  32. Cool

  33. Correct tekno is beginning to sound boring. Jim is right. We love Tekno anyway.

  34. Due respect to whoever that took time to write this but please don’t forget Patoranking recent hit songs are all alkayida …Timaya too has his signatory sound …giving us hits upon hits ..Please don’t b one of those potholes to stardom. .Tekno is Good and he’s doing his thing ..If it’s d lyrical content and his signatory sound that u r mad with ..kindly tell Nigerians to stop Buying ,Listening and Dancing to his songs …ur opinion ..millions of people gat theirs ..Don’t make it too obvious..keep these kinda things to yourself plzz …I’m very sure u can’t even play d simplest of chords on a piano ..but ur fingers are too quick to type rubbish …

    • My man, u will live long!

    • My boss, you speak my mind.

    • tekno is good mehn, I got ur back my dr don’t mind haters we love you in fact I’m your number one fan

  35. jim is right, anyway tekno is good enough to change the pattern, as long as he is giving us what we love God will continue to add more talent to him, i rate him 5/5

  36. Jim or wat ever u call ursef … if u think its easy to do a song try it and see … u sit back at everyever u ar and write some crap about the tekno’s new song and call it a review ….trash .. wizkids sings abt love and spending money on things and women and you wont say anything about it … after all tekno’s hard work in making his fans feel alive u just start beffing him with style with ur stupid review…… review your own life and forget tekno… #fool

  37. Jim or wat ever u call ursef … if u think its easy to do a song try it and see … u sit back at everyever u ar and write some crap about the tekno’s new song and call it a review ….trash .. wizkids sings abt love and spending money on things and women and you wont say anything about it … after all tekno’s hard work in making his fans feel alive u just start beffing him with style with ur stupid review…… review your own life and forget tekno… #fool

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  39. Tekno is good abeggi

  40. Jim,, the thunder dat will fire u is still doing press up fool….na waitin go sell market give the boy b dat oka. At list listen to d Lyric……………..B!tch

  41. Tekno really rocked this track, hit after hits….big up…ridiculous review…

  42. Dis guy got it. pls keep ur nasty opinion to ur coarse mind. it people like u DAT makes song artist loose DAT magical touch dey gat .all in d name of changing deir style.y don’t u tell psquare to change deirs, or flavour. as long as d guy keep giving good music we gatbno p with. long live d prolifit artist called tekno.

  43. love it keep it up

  44. If Jim wants to critique tekno for being one dimensional then he should do the same to almost every A list artiste in d country..and as to his lyrics being repetitive, I see nothing wrong with dat. Even artistes like Chris brown are repetitive in their songs abt love and women and sex…their content is constantly recycled. I fink we should just enjoy music which we enjoy and ignore it if we don’t…there is no such thing as bad music,there is only music that we like and music that we don’t. Tekno is putting his best foot forward and u need to remember that music is an occupation for him so he needs to always make sure he sells his product regardless of how many times he mentions a female name or not. U don’t feed him so take that into consideration when u write.

  45. you guys should leave Tekno alone, thats his style of music, dont force him to go another way.

  46. Tekno is more dan good, i lk his style,if u ask me he is doing his best, Jim if u think it is easy go compose ur own song

  47. Best of The reviews, Diana is just a remake of Pana……. God Blessed your Hustle

  48. Am with the writer on this. Tekno’s songs are beginning to become stereotypical indeed. His dumb unrelated lyrics annoys me more. I call him the male version of Yemi Alade. One way artistes.

  49. Many people commenting on this review are nothing but dimwits who really don’t know shit. Only few know that its just an opinion 4rm a critic, which you could either agree to or disagree to of your own free will. Jim has only expressed his opinion, and without a thought, some uneducated belligerent retards are here cursing and talking BS. Nobody forced you to read this or place any sort of comment, so if you actually read it and had nothing meaningful to say or add…..then kindly, with all respect STFU!!

  50. olamide started as a rapper u guys pushed him into singing nd now he is flopping…nd u @ out for teckno….it won’t work……he is good @ wat he does…

  51. Nice

  52. Everyone has his/her own opinion and likes ..
    Diana is my favorite from ALHAJITEKNO.
    Your review is more of criticism n hate.
    He is gifted with his style of music, and am glad the song in question has hit da airwaves and enjoyed by many..
    #Rating 5/5

  53. bbb

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  55. timaya is d best in africa changing different music all are hit..bang bang….

  56. Dope song

  57. Someone just spoke my mind, plz tekno need to be creative more n more not always dancing for a lady in his music videos! Let us see some acting or comedy plz…

  58. There is no need to fight or exchange words over anything …. Jim your point is noted…. plenty more sensational hits to come …. thanks guy and God bless … tekno loves very big of you… ????

  59. nwa nne tekno diana is pooping my head, is also making way for party is your boy dj2thing.

  60. Guys forget all this things your saying diana way for the street

  61. Nice song man

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