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TX REVIEW: Timaya – “Bang Bang” + Mayorkun – “Yàwá”

Posted by Jim Donnett on August 27, 2016 in Editorial · 44 Comments


Timaya – “Bang Bang”

This guy is one very versatile artiste. And he has shown his fine stuff being able to switch effortlessly between ragga, reggae, dance hall, afro pop, contemporary high life and even some (afro) hip-hop with R&B fusion all through his career years. It’s almost impossible now to appropriately peg him as an artiste in one field (even though we know deep down in our hearts that he’s the presido of alla dem dance hall man tings… Lol!)

It’s exciting to hear Timaya trip back to his dance hall roots especially considering the fact that he’s featured more in the division of afro sounds for some time now. On ‘Bang Bang’, he unleashes that patois frenzy some of us have longed to hear a little too long a while now. The intriguing thing about this new sound would be Kitwana’s production. It was so unusual, like we’ve never heard it before. It was so unnatural, concepts might be able to explain it but minds won’t be able to fathom it. It doesn’t even sound like it’s from here either, the musical template could have only come from abroad. And it was so flaming hot, it started to bang and burn right from the first electro-synthesized riffs on the song’s intro. The lyrical framework of ‘Bang Bang’ follows a very simple design with distinct repetitive patterns. They’re easy to assimilate and sing along to despite the deft upward progression structure. The blend between the spoken words and melodious chords evokes more than just some swift badass rhythmic movement. There’s the thought of an intensely-satisfying, deep-reaching ‘soul’ that was sewn up in it as well. Suffice to say Timaya has yet again struck gold with another song that is sure to cross boarders since the time of Sanko, ‘cos indeed, he slayed big time on this one.

Rating – 4/5


Mayorkun – “Yàwá”

I think we all kinda saw this one coming. It’s probably why it took the DMW management a little longer than we perhaps expected for them to put out a new sound from Mayorkun since Eleko “trended” and pulled all that views they claimed it got in a little less than a week. They must have hit a couple brick walls while they tried over guessing the outcomes from his next single.

To be very frank, it’s a beautiful love song. The very okay kind that just needed plenty more work done. The hype and anticipation for this second single really made it fall flat on arrival. The production is not even as tight or shall I say it was an imperfect mix that affected the sounds ‘cos it seemed too light in the listener’s ear. Moreso, the production didn’t sound current at all… as in, in trend. It plays like something pulled outta the Wizkid freshman era. Unlike Eleko! You will have to forgive the fact that I keep making reference to Eleko, and that is because for a debut track, he pretty much set an appreciable standard for expectations on his other musical works. Sadly, ‘Yàwá’ didn’t cut it at all.

Rating – 2.8/5


Reviewed by Jim Donnett

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  1. Yeah… DMW caused it, dude had a song with Dremo titled ‘Dapada’ which they shot the video. He also shot a video for ‘Double Double’ when they went to Dubai buh didn’t release that too. They now resorted to dz ‘Yawa’ that is just there, they made the wrong choice

    • Stephen u have a point. But yawa is still a jam. Yes, maybe if the world had heard other jams u mentioned, dapada and double, they will pick those anyday over yawa, but yawa na still dope jam and there is no stopping mayor!

  2. yawa is very above average, an quite sure the review his or her words with time.

  3. yawa is very above average, a very good song and am quite sure the reviewer his or her words with time.

  4. wait is it Jim that could not make it in the music industry that is playing critic here, brother better don’t o, just go and face your career o, because it is looking like you are confused. if to say you sabi you for blow Na to bash other people you sabi, as tx help you reach your doing nor still comot your papa house.

    • Shut up, whoever wrote this did very well. Review is nothing buh d truth

      • Yawa is way above average.. Its too good.. Mayorkun did so well in this and his vocals were superb.. And no, it’s not eleko.. So d review about it just showed so much Jealousy nd frankly, hate.. # yawaonreplay..

      • Yawa is way above average.. Its too good.. Mayorkun did so well in this and his vocals were superb.. And no, it’s not like eleko.. So d review about it just showed so much Jealousy nd frankly, hate.. # yawaonreplay..

      • well the song yawa z so nice to me, datz all i could say

  5. This Song deserve nothing buh a 10 out of 10

  6. Pls Who Is Dis Jim Donnett And Steven Both Of U Are Stupid See Dis Guy Is Getting Plenty Reviews In No Time Just Check Ur Youtube And See If Wu Na Try Sometin And Wuna No Fit Muna Wait 4una Time Beside Both Of U Who Wuna Epp? Wuna Don Eat So?Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!! Baby Mi Wonle Yawa# U Too Much Mayorkun

    • I insist, it’s an average song

  7. Jim And Steven Or What So Ever They Call U Better Mind Ur Buziness Or Else U Will Suffer And End Up With Notin. U Say The Song No Gud Song Wey Get More Than 7,00000 views For Yotube In Not Less 2 Day U Said The Song Is Not Gud U Better Face Ur Career Beside Who U Epp?

  8. Yawa is banging… Maryorkun did a very good job on that… Pencil kan ko le ya wa….

  9. it’s because fresh produced that song, hear back to back you will know an amateur produced he song . YAWA the sound was too light and beat was just there. it didn’t sound professional.

  10. to begin am happy that Jim has finally admitted to himself that music is not for him and Blogging is…..So happy to have Jim Back I missed him better that all those mediocres that he put to fill in his shoes and for the past months we’ve happy TERRIBLE editorials ,now back to the song Yawa is am amazing track a GREAT one as at that, yes its not as Beautiful as his debut I accept but I deserves a better review that what you gave it…please its an good some and nice production, good one mayorkun

  11. Ah Lang time mi ah sight sight Dizz comment #InTimayasVoice

  12. Sincerely,d production was not top notch at all…D reviewer said d truth!!!

  13. #yawa is useless.
    Infact dis is d most dullest song in 2016

  14. The best review in TX so far. Bang Bang sounds very foreign, and it’s a quality Dancehall Record . On the other hand, Yawa sounds below or maybe Average.

  15. Then If U Said The Song Is Noisy What About Lil Kesh Efejoku?

  16. Movement of Green C00166E6B

  17. Jim is a madman very big 1

  18. Sorry bro u not ..i reverse d statement 2 d devil

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  20. Who is Jim Donnet???
    This is how they go about writing trash about people and tarnishing their image.
    This song should be 10/10!
    He has delivered spectacularly and the credit should be given to him.
    Am sure you will reverse you review anytime soon.
    Mayorkun Is Our Next Rated.

  21. The lyrics of d song is dope but d production was below par….young jonn would have done better on d track but still…..i rate d song 8 out of 10.Follow @YungThomson_officail via INSTAGRAM

  22. cool

  23. i totally agree with the reviewer , this yawa song is absolutely bellow paw. i personally believe mayokun and his management can do better…… i mean if an international label listen to dis,can it get dia attention??….

  24. i hate this jim with passion.. he makes me visit this site once in awhile look at his above statement “the total number of views they claim it has” this shows your hatred for him. fu** you f***k your review

  25. i wish young john produce dat track

  26. rating bang bang over yawa …just show dz dude doesn’t know shit abt rating a track….. yawa z a hit song . watch nd see

  27. The song is cool… But young john would have done it better…mayorkun is talented

  28. Bob Blaze

  29. Pls guys lets take things easy here…
    don’t lets compare #eleko with #yawa

    #eleko is just there…..

    #yawa made me change my mind about @mayorkun, he delivered well, hit the song hard, came up with something way different from #Eleko this time around.

    But the only issue I have with #yawa is that, the #chorus and #tittle was from @Olamide`s #ya-wa .
    Go check it.!

    So he should have given @Olamide a credit over there!

    #Yawa is ok #ForMe , maybe can start competing with @koredeBello`s #Laye at wedding events.

  30. Haterz
    The jamb is dope mayor

  31. Bastard didnt post my comment…

  32. Very very nice, the writter tried very well

  33. Very very nice, the writter tried very well

  34. Man U Are Wrong Yawa Is A African Hit Back2back

  35. Timaya bang bang is a very stupid song it needed a lot of work to be done before it went viral please work on it and repeat the song again

    • You’re very stupid

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