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TX Review: Wizkid – Show You The Money ft. Tyga + Burna Boy – Check & Balance

Posted by funke on September 20, 2014 in Editorial · 39 Comments

tx panel

In our review series, we pitch our tents this week with Starboy Wizzy and Burna Rankin’ in their hotly anticipated new releases. While Wizkid brings back Show You The Money in a remix off his sophomore album [AYO (Joy)] featuring international rap big weight – Tyga, Burna Boy’s Check & Balance swivels on a pivot whose base we seem to have deciphered.

Check out our honest abe ratings and verdicts culled from a benchmark of 5.


Wizkid – Show You The Money Remix (ft. Tyga)


Jim Donnett’s Verdict:

You can’t honestly call this a remix ‘cos it’s NOT! It’s pretty much a Tyga-addition to the original track and to think worse damage couldn’t be done to Wizzy’s Show You The Money, Tyga got featured and proved me (and you too) totally wrong.

In my opinion, Wizkid just really wanted to find a way to squeeze “big” Tyga into the remix of his last single which was later going to be housed on his sophomore album. He ruined a perfectly beautiful track with Tyga’s feature whose delivery was several miles sub par to his own even in his clearly drunken state (just like that video of his Azonto freestyle that surfaced online with him looking terribly stoned in the passenger seat).

As for Tyga’s cut, sloppy much?! It was just wrong, on every level you can think it. Like seriously, would he do that on any of his records or perhaps take that B.S to Lil Wayne, Rozay, DJ Khaled, Birdman, Ace Hood and his other goons records? Wo, let me save this bant for the album review where I’ll table his matter appropriately.

Rating: 2


Funke’s Verdict:

First, congrats to Wizkid on his new album’s success on the iTunes chart within such a short period of time amidst ongoing confusion as to who actually authorized its release.

However, as far as this collaboration with Tyga is concerned, I won’t be congratulating Wizkid. Of course its nice to feature an international artiste on a track but when the end product sounds like this, it then becomes a moot point innit? Alas it’s supposed to be a freestyle so I’ll try not to be too much of a critique. Show You The Money is a cool jam on its own and if indeed a remix was necessary, I would have expected some tweaks here and there and maybe something new thrown into the mix. Well we got something new alright but it was served as a conclusion to a song which sounded exactly the same! Wizkid did his whole routine all over again then topped it with Tyga’s rap which was raunchy till the last line. (I’m pretty sure that part will get edited by most media houses during airplay, so what’s the essence of getting on the track then?)

It’s not all bad though, I mean, the beat is still on point. I just think it would have been better if Wizkid featured Tyga on a fresh song, something different/new entirely.

Rating: 2.5


Jimmy King’s Verdict:

Wizkid is good at executing any beat. And he did just that in Show You The Money. From my own point of view Wizkid Show You The Money is a song that can rock any party with its groovy beat and little content.

Making a remix for the song is a wise thing to do but featuring Tyga on the remix was a mistake and unwise. The remix was a shabby job because it lacks the quality of a remix. It’s just a repetition of the original song and Tyga freestyling to the beat, because that was how it sounded to me. Tyga is a rapper for Christ sake, what was Wizkid thinking featuring an American rapper on an Afrobeat song. It just can’t work. Tyga was just mumbling and jumbling on the beat. Didn’t really get concept of the remix. He could have featured a Nigerian artiste which I’m quite sure would have done better on the song.

Rating: 2/5


Burna Boy – Check & Balance


Jim Donnett’s Verdict:

This “patua” thing is one underrated gift in some musicians oh. Those who can kill it (yes, I’m talking Patoranking, General Pype and Oluwabuuurrnnaa!) they deserve an extra feather on their fedoras. Check & Balance is one of those songs you hear and fall in love with from it’s first sound. Having thrown his weight around in the afro beat and dance hall genre, Burna Boy dotes on sounds and vocal flavours that are déjà vu in Mr Vegas’ Heads High tune – a disco joint of the early 90s.

Regardless, I’m earnestly hoping that this isn’t another one of his forgettable songs. No, I didn’t say Don Gorgon! Oh well, time only will tell.

Rating: 3


Funke’s Verdict:

Burna Boy’s Check & Balance is such a groovy track. Well produced with a really danceable beat. Kinda makes me wanna do the ‘galala’ move. This would definitely find its way to lots of music charts.

One thing that would always set Burna out is his music style.

Rating: 3.5


Jimmy King’s Verdict:

Burna Boy is an exceptional artiste. I like the way he sometimes plays around words in his songs. After listening to Don Gorgon I was wowed and impressed with his immense creativity.

Check & Balance is yet another good song from Burna Boy. This time he decides to go reggae and he was able to pull it off making it sound simple and fun. Check and Balance is a dancehall music. It’s just one those feel good music that grows on you the more you listen to it. The beat is that of reggae and dancehall. The song was basically talking God’s blessing in his life.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. team burna..

  2. Burna don’t follow trend, him no care weather na azonto or shoki dey rein…He goes into the studio and drops his feelings @ d moment, He’s original, I don’t think He struggles to make a hit. Much Love to wizzy though. ..buh on dis matter, I give it to ‘ gimme something we long, wey bend like bannana’ Burnnnnnnnaaaaaaa.

  3. Nyc rating for both songs

  4. Lol…hahaha……Suck album…all wizkid song are suck…

  5. I don’t really see d big deal with Wizkid featuring foreign artiste cos dis show me d money rmx is totally wack……. He should improve in his game cos he is not meeting up to standard anymore and to d Don Gorgon himelf,I hail u

  6. Is rubbish remix

  7. no mata how it is or seems tygas presence in show u d money is totally reverred among fans nd critics.aldoe d rap was somwat off key,u cld still feel d vibes but to b frank i guess its over rated….aldoe check and balance is good nice vibe from burna.we shld neva expect notin less.

  8. Nic reting for both song

  9. Tyga had to do something different….. Wizzy made him do afro hip hop wtf is jim donnet saying

  10. I don’t know if you listened to the same remix I heard, cos all you guys are saying is bs, tyga added that element of hip hop to the song, and you say it was raunchy, my verdict is that you critiques do not understand music made outside this country, big ups to wiz, the track is sick, the album is sick. Y’all shouldn’t be on here saying bs!

  11. Dude get off its like u on a campaing against wizkid of all d songs on the album u chose show me the money remix,not a single positive remark for wizkid but for burna all positive nd praise just sod off

  12. Where the fuck yah from?
    Men you should be called the killer!
    Hey trust me men, you are one of the best.

  13. Wizkid – joy AYO

  14. D guys are Mad! Hw can u rate Wizkid so low f***k u Wizzi haters. #teamWizkid #starboi

  15. Sometimes I wonder how TX team review songs in a biased manner. It’s about that time you drop your own songs and show us what a good song sounds like. Learn to appreciate a young man doing his thing. Big ups my boy Wizzy, u’v the highest international collaboration so far. Still waiting for your track with Chris Brown and Rihana…

    • Wizkid should learn to stop laughing while recording tho…Your laughs should come at d outro…As for d remix with tyga…I still dey laugh o…So this is d garbage you go to d studio to put out when you say, you are working with international acts. Learn from your naija counterparts.. How do you feature a rapper that doesn’t understand a word in pidgin or Yoruba especially on a naija dance track for that matter..Big ups all d same

    • LMAOOO! Is that what we’re here for?? International collaborations? 1. When you have to use the rep of international stars to sell your songs it makes you nothing buh an upcoming act! 2. a review expresses your opinion (keypoint …UR OPINION) on a particular subject. If you do not agree, that why there’s a comment box…drop urs and move along. 3. Wizkid did not feature Rihanna, SHE featured him. As such she might or myt not include the song in her album…duh!!! Fact is Wizkid is losing it FAST and he’s getting ugly too.

      • Ur papa vagina

  16. So cos it’s wizkid ppl should swallow what ever he hauls @ them? Dis remix is a stupid idea!!! Simple. D original ofcos is dope.

  17. God damnit! Wizz At tyms we 9ja we seem to go outer our mind. Now tell me! Wat da hell is Tyga saying?? Its so damn freakin’ bad dat all we’re concernd abt is d beat keeping d lyrics aside. Well, Big ups to YMCMB 4 d trash.

  18. It’s was more like wizkid ft Sky B

  19. fuck all this , wizkid fuck u

  20. fuck u wizkid

  21. Learn ao to appreciate d hardwork of d guy…..f**k u haters…thumbs up wizzy wizzy

  22. Burna boy is d best musician as far as am concern belive mi day guy is 2 gud

  23. @ Tx so my comment dey await moderation all dis while una later del am just bcos say I dey hard on Jim Donnett,Funke,Jimmy King on their rating for Wizzy show you the money remix. If na the case b that make una dey go tru their rating b4 una drop am. Make dem no dey rate rubbish.

  24. Una Jim Donnett,Funke,Jimmy King abi wetin una dey call una selves wey do d rating. Una no get one sense. To show una level of stupidity una call that song tyga addition. Chris brown ft lil wayne and french montana-Loyal. When dem do d remix na same verse chris brown and lil wayne sing and na tyga own only diff. Dem call am remix. Their ppl appreciate am nobody complain. Mehn! Fuck you guys its high time you guys learn how to appreciate. #Team Wizkid #Starboi tins

    • Even Wiz khalifa’s “or nah” remix has the same verses with the addition of The Weekend’s part…and it’s still fucking dope! These people just be hating! It’s so obvious.

  25. Wizkid u jes gave us d same shii as Remix…..I no Tooxclusive dnt like Wizzy tho…buh I’l pick show the money over Davidos nauqhty aniday…#JustSayinG

  26. Burnaboy& Wizkid just dey go anything you do dem go talk

  27. fuck u raters , u know nothing about music

  28. God will punish you people.i mean all the god for sake will someone produce a song how you useless animals will be bad mouthing his work,if you don’t have something goo to say shut the fuck up.bloody fools the Nigga is going arround on tours you are here trying to bad mouth his y Una no go fit reach pass am.imagine you ur self should a track then some nfa will now be bad mouthing your work on Their blog,will you like that.what you are doing is hating on the rich successful short word god will punish the verdict

  29. I must say de truth, best rating eva,y not t.i instead of tyga,wack buyna boy own beta


  30. na mi b d don GI GI d don gorgon…I so much respect burnaranking.

  31. wizkid ft tyga show me the money remix anoda hit song the remix from wizkid from 9ja a
    ll d way to yankee nice one dere from ymcmb boi tyga dope song good collabo remix nice one wizzy baby need wizkid number incase contact me 07036850481 jibsy

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