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Vector: A Rapper’s New Dawn?

Posted by Jim Donnett on August 13, 2014 in Editorial · 59 Comments


My excitement knew it’s bounds that morning when I woke up to realize that born certified rapper, Vector had released another track. This came after his year long hiatus off the music industry by reason of the messy spat he had with his record management company which soon became public knowledge.

Vector was dissatisfied with the lackadaisical manner in which his then management company handled affairs that pertained to his career. So he went on and ahead to doing the most appropriate thing. He was vocal about it. He spoke out and expressed his sincere thoughts on what appeared like a long overlooked anomaly. But as expected (or perhaps not), not a damn thang changed. Vector sought out alternate means to keep thriving his already budding career. The management company saw it as a threatening response and then did the most disdainful thing to their supposed own. They got him arrested, thrown behind detention bars and with the cost of regaining his freedom being that he post bail.

As if that wasn’t enough, the dwindling menace took a rather sour legal turn. Jankara style, V.E.C was served a court injunction “restraining him from further activities (recording, releasing, distributing any composition, song, musical works or carrying out any activity as a recording or performing artist through or for the benefit of any person or organization other than his management company.”

In their minds, this was the right way of making him pay dearly for the breach of contract extension stunt he pulled on them. After a series of seemingly endless back and forths, dear Vector surrendered to the fate of letting sleeping dogs lie. But he wasn’t gon’ give up easy. Call it pity or whatever you may choose but by a stroke of hope, Vector held down solid features with other industry acts and never shelved an opportunity to deal a knock-out dose of his rap being. He was angry and so those lines came out hard, straight from his die hard spirit and from deep down his heart. He even had one or two lone releases that weren’t backed by any promotion whatsoever.

Time was passing fast (or in this case, rather slowly). A beautiful career was plummeting to painful waste. Fans had been deprived of hearing the musings of their rap superstar music mind. Still, nobody was backing down. Vector was on a really high horse and refused to get down from it, the management company were steady chilling at a 33,000-feet cruise and were not considering descending any time soon. While fans watched and prayed, Heaven finally answered by means of a (long-anticipated) tête-à-tête where both parties reached an amicable consensus. To that effect, Vector tendered a touching public apology to his former management company and even further pointed out exaggerations being blown out of proportion by the media as major reason. Vector was on the brink of another dawn.

You know, the good thing about V.E.C’s coffee break is that he’s had time to assess situational changes and seek appropriate redress. Without haste, he announced #A7 – The Mixtape accompanied by it’s tracklisting. Following closely would be Where is Vector (W.i.V?) – the first single off the mixtape that not only re-introduced but also relived his status as one of Nigeria’s finest titans in the rap field. He basically used the track to set records straight, change doubts and correct perceived notions on the career drawback he just reeled out from. What a comeback it was! To be blessed again by a fine rapper’s suave nature and finesse delivery. I’ll close by quoting a fan’s comment. He said… “at least the competition can become stiff again. Oshamo!”

By Jim Donnett

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  1. There are a lot of rappers better than vector. He’s just as lucky as iceprince. Please! Stop dick ridding him…

    • u r half tru but half false…mostly false niccur!!!

  2. tune khalifa or wat u kal urself, I’m sure you dnt have an Idea what the musical term Rap means, if u really did have an Idea, Can you explain qualities of a Good rapper ? Just take a look at the world’s famous rappers and make a comparison with any nigerian rapper who fits in same style and agility and tell me if iceprince will be on the Radar.

  3. tune khalifa or wat u kal urself, I’m sure you dnt have an Idea what the musical term Rap means, if u really did have an Idea, Can you explain qualities of a Good rapper ? Just take a look at the world’s famous rappers and make a comparison with any nigerian rapper who fits in same style and agility and tell me if iceprince will be on the Radar.

  4. vector Isn’t even lucky as Iceprince, he’s a guy dat just came back from a career breakdown, had it been it was vector on Iceprince’s shoes, with a good recording contract and supportive management, Hip hop in Nigeria would have been revolutionised and earned a world recorning and Listening.. UNDO

  5. Mehn vector yhu rh gunning all d rappers down keep it up

  6. Hiphop is dead in Nigeria. People like vector are just trying in vain. Afro-pop is the new hiphop around here, Y’all should just accept your fates; I have.

  7. Tune Khalifa, like seriously yu know nothing abt Rap nd music entirely, that’s just it!…

  8. khaleef or wz dat yo, gez ther a lot of yo popc……… #Vec. Rapp solid#. Yo gatt no listen ears

  9. khaleef or wz dat yo, gez ther a lot of yo popc……… #Vec. Rapp solid#. Yo gatt no listen ears

  10. Its kinda out of place 2 say hiphop iz it stands rap n hiphop in 9ja is 4 d greatminds dat will populate 9ja in less than 4yrs….. Shout out 2 v.e.c, phenom, 6ix, phyno

  11. V.E.C only u I believe

  12. #irepTEAMVEC… Thank God hez bak

  13. dick ryding.. vec is dope.. mess with da vec and plan on heaven.. he will make u loose transmission like channel 7… oshaamo

    • Ah gat u bro

    • Ah gat u bro he kills d hit mehn…..

  14. To me personally, iceprince’s success in the nigerian music industry is a complete fluke. He made a few songs that was applealing to the masses and they completely ignored his inability to rap. Aboki is the most degrading song a rapper can come up with. Vector too is just boring and dosnt douse the insatiable desire for someone who has dreams of being a rapper….

    • come Rap is basically rythm and poetry, if u spit metaphors and u got an awesome delivery u are good to go. But a good rapper is someone who is flexible, with every beat he gets.. so wen criticising Ice Prince Y’all should realise, he is tryna be flexible and for now he is good to go…. And please d ‘Aboki’ song has a concept behind it. And if u are claiming u know music because u drop baby lines that makes Skales a better rapper, try making a song from any of Ice princes’ beat lets see how u do. Mtcheww small pple hating on a nigga while they’ve got nothing to show.

    • “Applealing” to type here is on its own a problem for u, but ya best in faultn som prosperous hard working guy…u sure are an enemy of progress..

  15. In vector I blive his d best men boom.boom..

  16. I LOVE dis RAPPER VECTOR* shoot*

  17. Tune kalifa or what ever yoo are are too stupid for my liking it seems you dnt kow anything about music how can call vec. A borring rapper dnt u ve ears..or you dnt know wht they call punchlines..pls if u dnt know wht tu say just shut up befor u you use ur mauth tu kill ur self….instead of you to think on how tu make it you there criticising others that are already well known..vec is my favourite and ill always be…..

  18. Vec is a Beast and mess wif Him u r become a Manure, after meal to d Vulture…
    Wu say VEC no Bad, maybe is brain is Bald.. #Oshamo

  19. IrepTEAMV.E.C…oshamo!!

  20. This guy is just wasting his time…. All this is hardcore shit na nonsense!! If we try to rate this album nw, it is full of hardcore raps taking shots at those that doesn’t even have ur time…. We need consistency and reality musics,, that is why M.I nd Zamani is more popular in africa than them!! Music that worth hearing…. Till today people are still hearing M.I Epic, One Naira, Nobody…. that is what we call music!!!

    • U said it best bro

  21. Only few are great rappers in 9ja. Mode 9, Rugged , MI, Jesse Jagz , Phenom, Eva, Vector, Olamide , Naeto C, Phyno, Yung 6 , Ikechukwu. I call them the RAP DISCIPLES Personally I don’t regard Ice prince as rapper, he is just an entertainer. I’d rather choose Eldee to Ice prince. The greatest 3 to me is Mode 9, MI and J.Jagz.

  22. Even Show Dem Camp has more than Ice prince, so bro forget them connections. Few Nigerians love rapsongs and punchlines and enjoy them, majority enjoy commercial songs like Aboki dem

  23. D only real rappers we have in 9ja are M.I, mode 9,Vector, Jesse jag,phenom, black magic…. d others are just wac’… just dat Nigerians does nt celebrate rapppers dat why

  24. Keep criticizing ,u are contributing too the success,who told vector isn’t lucky as ice,vector is a rap millioneer so shut the fuckoff,vector is tight and he still remain our best nigeria lyricist,so get busy asshole,he’s busy recording and making his money

  25. It’s like nobody seem to be taking note of kida kudz the guy is good. The real rappers we have in Nigeria are mode 9 ,MI, vec. jags, and probably SDC, The others are commercial rappers though it’s fetching them the money because Nigerians don’t like hard core rap.

  26. Saying he is d best Is jus lyk saying Jesus is lord…other rappers punchlines so fucked__if na porn e for sell__#VEC# all. D way__Boss am ur biggest fan__if u knw wah rap music is all about u wil love ds guy??if ur as wack as d rappers u listn 2 dn hate him__thumbs up Naija JayZ…

  27. Dis Tune-Khalifa guy z jez mad……if u ve nuftin 2 contribute,I beg swerve……….VEC z d realest n best in d game in Nigeria so far……Ice prince will ve 2 take a 5yrs course on rap 2 even get 2 where VEC started frm…..nt 2 talk of where he is rite nw(I’m nt talking bout money o,but lyrical content)…..I’m sure if VEC was as Lucky as D’banj 2 get an int’l label,he wud ve featured in more dan 6-7 tracks out of d G.O.O.D music complilation…..nt jez a background voice D’banj had on d compilation……

    • u are so right bro….

    • So true bruh#VeckorKing

  28. Vector shuld be considerd 2b d person 2 take d award modenine has been recvng all dis while. D swap is necessry

    • Am wif u on dat….Vector is jes a boss..

  29. teamVEC.. bros u gas chill.. even brazil chop seven…. ur rap style is soo fuck.. if na porn e for sell… rapper on commercial dey shud be painted yellow with two bkack stripes … vec all da way..

  30. Tune khalifa
    U know nothing about rap so. Close dat shit off {VEC»to»C} oShamo

  31. U just a failure bro

    • All doz dat feels VEC z wack are all loserz if they knows wat good rap z then u ought to knows VEC gat it all…….keep hating on VECTOR DA VIPER cos u v got no sense of listening n reasoning……

  32. Omo I never her d song but I no say na slaughter I cee bro.

  33. Vec u are gud many will talk nonesense bt GOD no d best

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  35. VEC is the champion…Oshamo

  36. VEC is the champion…Oshamo

  37. V.E.C u are the most trendy rapper to me. Those saying rubbish don’t know wat rap is all about. I love ur lyrics of music. Am ur best fan all the way. Pls go ahead wit d good works…..oshaamo!

  38. No succeful man is enemy/hater free! Vector is one, so haters, enemies, successors and Image tanishers are allowed. Without these Enemies, he won’t work harder… So thanks to them (enemies/haters).. #Vector’s still One of his kind, am very he can Outrun Jay-Z#

  39. All ur Rappers need to follow.. awon afoju rappers kan ma figi follow… yeah I be dt greatest anybody tryna disrespect u beta knw who is going down south mafikizolo… Vector is d best

  40. You said ice prince tryna be flexible, wait, have you seen Jayz coming out with a dance instrumental?…..VEC is DA Jayz type, so don’t compare him with the local rappers!!!! maybe coz they gat that hype// Me I no get issue with your father, am just chilling drinking getting high a little no wahala #VECTOR is ma main man, his ma role Model

  41. VEC all d way niggas! He is kinging as d best! Rap lord of 9ja..all ya all comparing me boss wit ice prince,kon ma fi gi folo,awon waree…mtchew…

  42. Vec oshamoo…
    Why would he buy a fast car why others die in no car….
    He gat it, d reason why we don’t have to criticise is bcox we gat no idea of wat 2moro will b…he’s now The best rapper

  43. I love mi and ice prince but frankly speaking wen we see the truth we must learn to spit it out…vec is just too good, I wish there were to be another word better than good, I would have used that…he’s just so versatile…he’s that incredible hulk who gat the incredible bulk on his back…

    Vector tha viper venom is deadly like that of tha cobra…..
    Stand in my wear crush you….

  44. Me for one i never discriminate, Vector is a good rapper, but thats where it ends, you can not just be stuck on being a good rapper and remind us everytime that you are a good rapper, you are a lyricist then be one, I think all vector has to do now is let us get to know him more personally, he never raps about his childhood experiences or how it was coming up, i think that would crown it for him,

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