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What Is Wrong With Performing “Godwin” In Church? Let’s Discuss!

Posted by Jim Donnett on April 10, 2015 in Editorial · 133 Comments


There is not-a-darn-thang wrong with Korede Bello performing Godwin in church! #IMO

Like. Has anyone sat down to carefully peruse the lyrical content of that song? Asides the fact that it’s comes with a preachy message, the overlying content of the Godwin is purely religious. Are Christians, church goers and faith believing conformists aware that Bello’s song is typically the everyday man’s prayer?

C’mon! When do we stop with all the spirituality foolishness?

Some people say it should not come from the altar but then the hook on Igwe by D’banj has become a popular chorus in praise-worship sessions of many new age churches today… which aptly comes from the same altar too. Everyone feeling behooved to baring their thoughts on the matter, are they aware how the society dictates practicing Christianity especially for youths who are often faced with temptations of their delinquencies? What happened to the dance crews who come up stage and have instrumentals of secular songs as intro to their performances or even interludes. I’m a firm believer although with a very liberal mind but by what my Bible prescribes, soul winning entails going the extra mile to bringing people into the kingdom. Is anyone aware the number of persons who decided to go to church just because Bello was going to perform Godwin? Or those that were glad to be in His presence for the simple fact that Bello was there to perform Godwin and it ministered deeply to their hearts?

I’m of the opinion that Korede should own up to the fact that he performed the song and got the church to groove while he was at it. There’s no need adding a twistful play about sharing his testimony of a success story. NO! By so doing, he’ll succeed in eliminating the only yardstick we can have behind sticking out shoulders and speaking for him.

For a church the calibre of Harvesters’ to consider bringing Bello to perform at their programme, simply means they were certain that his personality and message are in total alignment with the tenets of their Christian faith as well as their objectives being a church. Further more, if his performance didn’t insult the values of the church… any church or the designs and specifics of it’s participating audience, then what really is the stone-casting feat all about? Let us really assess this issue with very critical reviews rather than myopic fickle minds that throws trivialities into it’s context. Please!

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. If you win election na Godwin. .. Lol.. Totally senseless when you read 1John 5:19…. Satan is really fucking with humans.

    • Mtcheew u are daft

    • You are a big fool bcos he added (if you win election) go and listen to the music again.. . It’s an awesome song

    • I totally agree with you bro!

    • Was the bible talking about election?

      • Nevertheless bible never said that christians should not partake in election. So my dear mind what you say.

    • @pastor:- don’t judge,,for u not to be…….(Are self geniue born again christian)

  2. To me its not bad but to most Nigerians its very bad but maybe when they get used to it they will understand.

  3. Nothing is wrong Jor…..!!

  4. Nothing is fucking wrong with performing Godwin in church, the funny part is I sang d song in my church… Omo see dance o.

    • @juprince make thunder fire u 1000 times. Nothing is “fucking” Wrng wit it … wat will u expect of d children da saw him perform on d alter , wen dy see him in 1 of his music video carrying half naked girls … U r one of d people dat want to turn dis world into sodom .. U wnt to b like white men ..” Nothing is fucking Wrng wit it” .. Mak thunder blast ur mouth dia.. Animals..

      • ur langauge n the way you adress ppl keeps me thinking of the kind of christian u are

  5. Nathin is wrong jare, all these fanatics would not just stop with criticising, Godwin is heavily loaded with inspiring lyrics.. Korede shuld nt feel bad about wat dat myopic minded, wrongly spiritual critic said

  6. There’s notin wrong in singing diz song in church…only dafted people will not understand d religious message behing d song…I sang diz same song in my church as special number omo come see as people dey dance spray me money..Lol

    • U b. Fool… Original bastard,..

      • Anybody that supports dat fool to perform in the Church is a goat and an indiot .. Onye ara. Mugu. Mak thunder fire ur ass .. Animals ..u r sayin nothin is wrong with it .. dats bcos sin is in your DNA .. Every bad thing is good to u.. Make electric wire Fall for ur body … Foolish idiots .. Bastards ..

        • U dat u are causing are u not a sinner,when u are talking abt election,wats wrong at dat,winning election its God plan,the person have being destiny to be in dat post,so all is by appreciating God…if u don’t knw wat to talk make una chill…

        • 4 ur mind U na christian abi U dey defend God helpin him fight wif all dis curses abi ma guy u’r nt diff’t 4rm wah u claim 2 b fightin against

        • 4 ur mind U na christian abi U dey defend God helpin him fight wif all dis curses abi ma guy u’r nt diff’t 4rm wah u claim 2 b fightin against

        • Y thounder go fire them as u don talk ur own abeg allow pesin talk jare abeg NA GODWIN

        • See you Mr. Righteous,does it mean that a hip hop artist cant pray or lead chorus in the church?What really is the issue,the song or the person who sang the song?

    • now its nt all abt d lyrics its abt d video nd d singer as long as God is concerned daat song is nt a christian song though d lyrics may nt be corrupt buh wat abt d singers are they children of God?d truth is we re seein christianity as a religion buh christianity is a life children of God live

  7. Every thing is wrong with it,remenber the bible said let he that nameth the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.

    • Did he say anything about sex in the song? So what’s the iniquity

      • I tire oooo,d song is okay,nothing wrong abt d lyrics,its just abt telling pple dat any blessing nor success u achieve its by God grace…keep it up KB

  8. The same hypocrites have the same track on repeat in their playlist but now fronting.

    • P Diddy sang “my best friend” so church like,buh he never stepped into a church to perform…Juz say tho’

  9. Its just like Flavour coming to ur church to sing ‘Keneya’, which has religious content also. Its absolutely wrong. ‘Give to Ceaser what’s to Ceaser and to God what’s God. Obiwon was once a regular artist but know a fully turned gospel artist. Am condeming nobody but there are specialties in life.

  10. y una dey dsturb una sf, evn all ds our chch singers, dia hrt pure pass korede own?, most of dem sf dey commit bad ass sins wey pass to sing odinary adaobi and cold out side, den y cant he perform d song in chch.

  11. THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! The lyrical content of that song is so cool, BUT where is it coming from? What is the inspiration behind it? Who is Korede Bello? Is he a gospel singer or a pop singer? The truth about Christianity is that we just want to have our way all the time, backing it up with IT DOESN’T MATTER.. If someone whose faith isn’t so rooted in faith sees or hears that song from Korede Bello and then watches Mavin Video only to see him in a state or act that is contrary to what he depicted in church, would it really sink down well with his faith? Seeing Bro. Korede Bello holsing ladies who were half naked. Now, R. Kelly is a hip hop singer who had also sang songs like I BELIEVE I CAN FlY and a number of gospel songs, but if he asks for permission to sing in any strong christian church who has considered all these things, he will not be allowed the slot to perform… As an artiste he has a questionable inclination.. Let’s not forget even the devil can sing or preach… So with this Korede Bello deserves it… I Blame it on the church, when we have sound Gospel artiste to lift up the spirits of The Congregation and edify God’s people like Sinach, Frank Edward, Don Moen, Buchi and others…. If you are for the world, please stay there, don’t come and perform your so-called good songs in church.. Let’s be Honest… In the things of God, there’s no sitting on the fence… LET’S FACE THE TRUTH..

    • but do u knw dat some church ur dat song i believe i cn fly wel i wont say if d song is gud or bad but even in church dere is politic ooo cos wen u r elect as ani leader in church na God win

  12. I think nothing is wrong with singing “GODWIN” in the church Oo…most of dem luv dat song but wen ever dey are in church dey pretend asive dey’ve not even listened too it…

  13. To be sincere, there is nothing wrong with the song but performing in church with the song is off limit…but still na #Godwin


  15. Kai kai kai let’s b truthful to ourself joor its wrong to perform d song in church even if he like call God surname

  16. God is not against our style.. So I didn’t see anything wrong with Him performing the song in a church #GODWIN…. Or is GOD not WINNING?

    • Bunch of retards. Demented species. Most of you claiming holy holy here, what you do behind closed door is gory. You are here claiming that its not good to perform that kind of song in a church but y’all can recite incantations from morning till night. God have mercy on your soul. He might not be a gospel artiste but there is nothing wrong in performing such in church so far there is no foul words in it. Africans should wise up and make una no dey fall una sef hands. Haba!

      • U r d biggest fool in d word .. Mak thunder fire u 7000 thousand times .. Idiot .. Onye ara wuru awu … Mugu .. Y shud he perform on d alter of God .. Someone dat his next song cud b ikebe .. Wat r d children goin to learn after watching him touch n rock ikebe .. Dy will nw see him singin Godwin on d alter … D tin is some foolish Nigerians wants to b like d white men .. God go punish all of una wey dey support bad tin … Animals.. Big fools

  17. Mehn ntin z fucking wrong in performing GODWIN in dah church of GOD… Bad belle make way nah stop criticising…

  18. The song is good but can’t be perform in church….becos its not Godly song….God does not pop champaign so get this into your brain guys

  19. is very very wrong

  20. is very very wrong .. why wll perform at de altar a sacred place for dat matter…. U ar an entertainer nt a man of God bro

    • you are very stupid for that statement,if you continue reasoning like this,you won’t move forward in life

      • Y won’t he move foward, is nt a goat like u.. U ar a big fool .. Animal.. Mak Thunder fire u 3000 times

      • Y won’t he move foward,he is nt a goat like u.. U ar a big fool .. Animal.. Mak Thunder fire u 3000 times

  21. i dnt see anithin bad in performin GODWIN in d church…we r all sinners..xo nobody shld critisize another sinner 4 d kind of sin he is committin…rememba in d Bible wen dey brought 1 woman dat commited adultery…nd dey wanted 2 stone her 2 death…Jesus told dem dat”if der is nobody dat has commited sin..
    dat person shld raise his hand”..behold der waz no1…Jesus told her 2 go nd sin no more…

    • Hey dude read b4 u comment and how does the story of Jesus and mary mandaline take enter into this matter?

      • Is nt wrong 2 minster it in a church

  22. I wonder y some Nigerians lack wisdom…dat song is not a gospel song,so its wrong…Oyedepo(Winners chapel church) go hear Godwin,call Koredo to come perform am for en church??… Nigerians sha..u guys lack wisdom.
    I never said the jam isn’t good,its fuckn nice… but the fact is dat,performing it in church is wrong.

  23. Every body here get time to lie.
    Truth don’t come in confusing color.
    Godwin can never be and would never be a gospel song.
    I guess he performed in an entertainment house not a church.
    Just saying cos lately churches have been perverted to business.
    And we all know the goal of every business is to make profit. Abeg free d church na money dem dey find. But d love of money is d root of all……..

  24. Abeq make una post other thinqs
    Most social networks nw no c better thinqs post aqain.
    We’re bored abeq

  25. All those saying trash, pls how holy are you, you most likely might be the evil in d church. Put up one image in church and display another outside. Your comments are based on his acts which u see which might better than your acts which d world doesn’t see, how does that then give you the right to criticize or judge. People should try to be truthful to themselves and leave sentiments and pretense

  26. tell them ooooo.. Nigerians can be funny at times… later they will be dancing shoki in church as if it is not a wordly dance style.. 9ja no go kill me..

  27. If it was frank edward that recorded that song are we goin to get comment abt the song we are all made of Gods image I think God is using bello to make peeps drew more close to him that song is so joyful I hate negetive peeps nd their comment

  28. my question is,what is wordly in d song?is it d song or d singer dats is wordly?nija wit religion stupidity mentality…na wa for nija oooo.lets b reality and stop fake life

  29. The guy that wrote this write up, is as dumb as fuck, igwe is a word, we dnt sing the tune as that of dbanj

  30. Well me dn’t see anyfin bad in dat song or the singer bcuz d gospel or salvation was made for d believers or d saved it was made 4 ppl out pls let’s stop being or helpin God 2 decide who worship him best Ok dat SONG is a prayer 2 me let’s leave evrybdy wif deir believe THANK Y’all

  31. There’re lots of things wrong with him performing in church, No1: he’s not a gospel artiste No2: he has no business performing in the house of God if he sings about girls shaking their body, don’t get me wrong, I love the song and I’m a big korede fan but I don’t think he should have perfomed it in church, its just not right, besides “Amin” is more of a church song than Godwin but you wount find Dammy krane performing in church. Some things are just not meant to be..that’s the way I see it

  32. U knw hw d bible says God uses d foolish 2 confer d wise dats hw I see it..d gospel is 4 d sinner nd I believe U shld only comment here if u’r a christian if so why all dis curses nd usin words lyk F**k…U see even though U claim self righteous ur character has begin 2 show, lets jst take d song as prayer bcuz even comedian perform dis days in churches whn we knw most of wah dey say are lies or madeup stories buh we dn’t see anyfin wrong in dat…I love dat song no mata who sang it ”Bello” or ada,frank,joe sinach who ever so lng as it was made 2 glorify God why nt allow God judge or are U God….I wonder why sm of us are jst so piss’d…..abeg I dn tire 2 write joor

  33. I dnt see wrng wf t at all..pple jxt lk been 2 slf rightous..R kelly does alot of secular music buh stil mks sme of d best music we wtf**as long his msg is pasd ,,,,dres nfin wrng wit it at all….

  34. I dnt see wrng wf t at all..pple jxt lk been 2 slf rightous..R kelly does alot of secular music buh stil mks sme of d best music we wtf**as long his msg is pasd ,,,,dres nfin wrng wit it at all….

  35. Dres nfin wrng wf it at al……jxt sme trashtlker tlkin trash

  36. Dis is not abt formin holier dan dou oo….no1 is perfect nd we r all wrking towards perfection….every1 has deir bad syds nd all….truth b told d song is nice nd d lyrics is superb even churchmembers listen to it bt performing in the house of God is wrong.

  37. Wait! If Wizkid perform “I wanna tank ma God 4 blessing me o na na na” in church will u say its right? Cuz he called God in it right? Fools. Korede is a cicula Artist nd nt Gospel. Don’t get it twisted. Its so very wrong to Perform it in church mehn. Besides I don’t blame the poor Boy, I blame d church dat booked him. Since dem pay am…Y him no go sing. Na Hustler him be na.

  38. *cough* you have sense my brother. This song can be sang in church depending on the perception of the congregation. If u have holier than thou people don’t worry just don’t sing,beacuse where there isn’t dirt sef they would call it stain (not judging them). But also if we can call comedians to church to come nd crack jokes for us in church,48hours after they have cracked a joke about how they went to church and blah blah blah,then what has the poor boy that sang a song that to me carries the best message to every nigerian youth done?…infact next week Godwin is my special number in church.

  39. Let’s be realistic for once, he sang that song in the church just to claim or showcase himself as a superstar coming to church. When the song “God win” was released, did he dedicate it to the church??? Or was it dedicated to the glory of God?? That is the question you and i have to answer. I love Bello and his songs but i am against the idea of singing “God win” in the church. Thanks

  40. I thnk its wrong performing dat song in church, he wuld av jst supriced every1 at d church wit a newly composed songs dat straightly goes wit church, d church might not invite him 2come perform godwin, dey might invite him bcoz of his angelic voice. N there’s no way u can choose a song 4 an outstandng artist like korede 4performance or stop him while is already performing. Do u wnt 2 compare Godwins, wit Making money by jaywon Or Amin by dammy krane which at least preached 30percentage of gospel rythms compare 2dat of koredes. Korede did nt intend doing d song as a gospel track, he jst intend 2 attracts d minds of music lovers bcoz we always love thngs dat sounds like prayer. A secular artist can present a betta gospel job if he wants, jst like R kelly 2mention, who is a pop star, rock star, ragger star, rnb star. R kelly has don mostly all kind of musical work u can ever expected frm a secular artist, but wat happn or wat lyrical content did u get wen he present u wit a track tittle U SAVED ME OR STORM IS OVER, pls let’s thnks well b4 we write or post ideas. Even korede can do dat. Bt wat korede realy dos in dat work was nt gospel, it was a mind attracted joint…………. Godwin is not a gud1 2 perform in church.. Thank u

  41. To me,every1 has his or her own opinion about every shii and d@ is y m droppin mine,to some people,Godwin in church ain’t a mix n sum peps say it ain’t a problem….to those that say it is a problem,d@ did he dedicate it to God or d church b4 den? D@ is my best question,dedicating it to God n the church 1st,now that he didn’t, when next you listen to the song,reject the prayers and let’s see if w@ ll hapin 2 yu…….is korede bello a gospel musician? a million dollar question but with a simple ansa,”ask ifa”….in churches where you give testimonies, can’t I just come up and sing a song that I dim fit to pass my message across? ………..and then to every so call christian who said e should not have sang the song in a church,yu have 4gotin wia ur bibles said,thou shall not judge? is it your place to desyd wu praises God and how they praise God? Yall are no diff 4rm d dos wu nailed Jesus……..after all,dia are so many churches nowadays,we talk to God differently,so if sum1 is to wake up and desyd to start criticising each church and each people,am sorry to say this but nigga,you are gonna die broke….

  42. My comment was nt posted n I took time 2 write it, bt nw am coming briefly, korede might b invited bcoz of his angelic voice so he wuld av dedicated a new song 2God n dat will b more preferable, let’s compares keredes Godwin, wit dat of jaywon, mking money, even if d tittle does nt mention God but d lyrical content cantain Godly or dammykrans track like Amin…… Dos songs ar jst mind attracted musics cus we always loves music wit prayers n hoping it will come 2pass even if we ar not working 2wards it. Let nw compare dis 3guys mentiond wit d like of R kelly who has sang lots of rnb songs, raggea, rap, rock, but wat happend wen he decided 2 realeasd a single or dua in praisng GoD, he delivers wit Storm is Over, U Saved Me etc, so compare d lyrics of dos works, but if R kelly is 2 international for d likes of kerede bello, dammykrane n jaywon. How abt Paul IK Dairo, an rnb singer, also a secular artist, but also delivers well in Mosorire. Kerede wuld av presentd somethng diffrnt n suprise d church.

  43. This is pure ignorance… I commend Bello for singing in Church…. The church is a place meant for everybody…. All this people rebuking are ignorant…. Christianity is not a religion is a way of life and according to the story in the bible the church is a place for everybody and most especially unbelievers….. The pastor used Bello to do a modern day evangelism and brought souls to God…. #Godwin

    • Solomon is the church really for everybody? Are you sure about that? Even muslims? I think a church is a place of worship for christians not a social gathering. We should give to God what belongs to Him, and to ceaser what belongs to ceasar.

  44. Its fucking wrong

  45. For me Godwin as a title for kerede song is not bad, d lyrics is a pray for d non faithful and faithful mainly but its not what a christian will take as his praise song.

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  48. Lolz the ways of God they say is not the way of man so why judge for God what should and not be sang in his presence we tend to approach god with so much rules and regulation and that’s why only hearts like kids would see God what matters is a true worship in truth and in spirit korede might be a circular artist seen doing loads of bs but if for once he glorifies God in his song I see no reason why it shouldn’t be played in church in all his so called regular circular and celebrity life style he still recognizes that god wins why shouldn’t he spread the news as much places as he can even in the house of God ? Don’t judge so you won’t be judged peeps God bless and God always #wins

  49. I dnt blame u jim don, y dont u just invite d likes of terry G and oritse femi to perform ”halleluja” and ”mercies of d lord com downer nw to ur children” in ur church. Many av done deliveranc all in d name of God wich r fake so am nt surprised many r makin money in d name of God to mk money.

    • Some peeps are so so foolish…God passes through any medium to pass his message to the church….4 those that are saying its wrong, av u checked ur pastor very well if he’s not fooling u guys, d devil we know is better than d angel we don’t…nobody knows nobody let God be d judge unless u can give life

  50. Lolz the ways of God they say is not the way of man so why judge for God what should and not be sang in his presence we tend to approach god with so much rules and regulation and that’s why only hearts like kids would see God what matters is a true worship in truth and in spirit korede might be a circular artist seen doing loads of bs but if for once he glorifies God in his song I see no reason why it shouldn’t be played in church in all his so called regular circular and celebrity life style he still recognizes that god wins why shouldn’t he spread the news as much places as he can even in the house of God ? Don’t judge so you won’t be judged peeps God bless and God always #wins

  51. Ok what if korede bello performs godwin nd he felt stage, d audience so well he mistakenly jumps to anoda track jst to make d congregation feel him more forgetting he iz in a church premises….. #catchingcold… #lookulooku…how about dat??

  52. wait…wat kinda church do u guys attend,tolu of project fame ministered arewa in my church and we were so touched,so y cnt korede perform godwin,and how do u knw dat his next song is gonna be wit half naked girls

  53. The song makes sense….I would Play it in my church next week….korrde bello is fucking talented….#kudos

  54. seriously d fact dat he performed in a church its gr8 nd cool nd i see noting wrong bcos d song had an impact in peoples spiritual lives so definetly d song was in good faith nd not to polute minds..i guess why people are saying its wrong is bcos he is a hiphop singer . it doesnt make any sense saying its wrong ok its just like saying every body dat sings worthly songs shuld not enter or sing in a church bcos d song glorifies god .just take sarkodie foranexample ders noting absolutely wrong in wat bello did………..RIDE ON GUY ITS REAL MAKING SENSE

  55. For all those saying his performance was cool, I wonder how you interprete bible. You should be careful when u interprete the word of God. That you go to church always doesn’t make u a disciplined christian.

  56. its cool nah

  57. I dey hail d person wey invite am. twale

    • Hehehehe so what is your take in this?

  58. The thing is…lyrically the song isn’t bad…if we can sing “there’s a hero,storm is over,we are the world,oruka,etc” in church why not that one…its not about the singer…it is about the message..we are just too quick to judge…people saying “blacks want to be like whites”…please tell me if our colonial masters weren’t white how would you have become a Christian???…Leave matter for God and praise him whenever you can!!!

  59. Nigerians are just too religious…forgetting that being religious doesn’t make u a good christian…putting too much emphasis on unimportant things…is God complaining??? Or u feel u know too much so u can help him complain…smh…

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  61. “You
    cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of
    demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and
    the table of demons. 22. Or do we provoke the Lord to
    jealousy? We are not stronger than He, are we?” 1 corinthians 10: 21-22. In other words, ‘ye cannot sing “dorobucci”, “Adaobi(which is just exploiting the sexual features of a lady, the video and lyrics points that out already”, “looku looku”(heaven knows what they were talking of in that song) then turn around sing “Godwin” a song, just because it has “God” in it and expect to be allowed a voice in the lord’s house” bruh, that’s hypocrisy. Nobody is against circular music mind you, but doing circular music and turning around to claim the lord’s? Little wonder just a hand-full of people would make heaven anyway. We are confused, someone like Korede Bello would definitely think Heaven is his just because of a “Godwin” song he sang.. Then he could turn around and release another song exploiting every sexuality of a woman. It’s a pity. Not being judgemental, nobody is holy or a perfect saint but we could at least ‘try’ and hope he forgives us.

  62. Who are you to say who is just who are you to say who is a demon who are you to say who would come into the house of the lord? Why do you read the bible to your own man understanding guess no one should have listened to Saul when he was converted since he was a persecutor. Everyone has their various ways of approach to God because you feel koredes Godwin is hypocritical doesn’t mean it is let’s just serve the lord in truth and spirit heavenly race is personal don’t be like the Pharisee they claim to know the law bible quotations elders in church but couldn’t even identify Jesus as the lord one #luv

  63. Hmmm… I would be say it’s wrong for him to play Godwin in church, cause we can’t be dancing godwin at the club on friday and then come and dance godwin on sunday in church. You can’t be inbetween if your for God your for God, if your not your not tho… Godwin is a very nice song, but not meant to be as worship in a living church of God

    • With all due respect #songz if that be the case i also believe we should not sing with the same mouth we sang with at the club at the church also we shouldn’t dance with the body we danced with at the club in church also now how is that possible ? Isn’t it better songs like #godwin replace other circular music, that one could dance to it at club and at the church also ? No doubt #godwin conveys a good message why should it be restricted? Being a circular artist doesn’t mean you can’t compose a gospel song and if you can why not spread the good news White is white even if it comes from a black wardrobe #godwins

  64. I tink its about d song not d singer we are all sinners God could use anybody 2 save souls or glorify his name we shud not judge korede he has done wat he knows how 2 do bst if u feel its wrong den don’t sing but if u feel its ryt carry on NA GODWIN

  65. Hmmmmm, R Kelly, today he saves me, 2moro, Singing Burnit Up, with Naked gals, The Problem is, God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth, for the father seeketh such, Not my words scriptures, You can nt serve God n Mamon, Missy Elliot sang 11 secular music in ha album, full of coursing n encouraging mastubation, n guess what, the twelve track is a gospel song, church choir are singing it. Hmmmm God help us oh. Abe I’m nt judging oh, just giving instances

  66. Dats a stupidity….totally rubbish..playing GODWIN in church…u dnt even respect our. LoRd saviour 1 bit.Mr korede one ? 4 u..wot do u take dis. GOD 4 slf..funny u sha..let d caesar be caesar,en wot 4 God 4 God..OK!

  67. there z absolutli nafin wrng wif dat song doz critisizin it being sung in a church should go bak nd listn to d lyrics….some ov d gospel musicians u listen to myt b devils dip within buh u still listn nd chant their songs in churches

  68. Notin bad in it singing Godwin in church…. I don change mai to Godwin everytin na Godwin so na baba God do ham nd he don win

  69. I think he’s just tryin ‘a thank God. As regards if u’ve checked the lyrics, all is jez expressing God’s goodness. So should he not appreciate God? Leave my brother alone for I see better things in him than all this trash accuses u’re bringing to ‘him. All he said are all what the CAN people have always prayed to God for on their children. I think my brother in the lord is jez doin’ his tinzza nd let him keep the standards up.

  70. I salute all of ‘ya nd u’ve typed reasonably. #with due respect, Mr korede, u’re a bit wrong! Had it been that it was to come out of another person’s mouth in church, it would have been fair and very well preferable. (Like the case of Olamide that some people started singing ‘eleda mi’ in church but it wasn’t from his own mouth). Or u people din’t here abouh dah? But as for u, it was d same mouth u used while saying ‘abi bee ko o, aa bee noni, Ada fine gon o, aa bee noni o’ in adaobi, it’s the same mouth u carried all the way to church now being reasonable. But a ‘Latin word states, ‘vigilantibles non-dementibles, juraz suvernuer’ in this cool atmospheric pressure, I hereby plead u faulty for singing it again in church……why should dat be? Even if it was to be dat u wanted to appreciate God, is there anywhere dat this same God is absent? Right from the time u were practicing the song, God heard u, when u were recording it, God heard. Even right from when it was within only you, God heard. But u wanted to put /jara/ to it, u still now went along and sang it in the church of God……How bad! Although I’m not to judge.

    • wow! i like that!
      Its a good comment. If Korede Bello wants to be performing in church, i advise him to become a gospel singer. Before you know now he too will start doing his own shoki version, and then there is discrepancies.

      • Hahahaha Exactly my dear.

    • tanx for your coment may God reward u

  71. I don’t see anything whatsoever wrong with doing that song in church, even the pastors/clergy are #not rightious!

  72. hey everyone! don’t get dis wrong, no holy-holy here, he is wrong and we all knw dat..let’s stop trying to feel “e no bad” let’s do and say wat is right!

  73. why do we go about removing the peak in other people’s eyes while we have a log in our own eyes? We are here criticising that young boy, calling him names but have you forgotten that we all are no exceptional. what about the choristers and other church members, don’t we sing worldly songs with same mouth we use in glorifying God. have the Lord condemned us? The fact that your a Gospel singer or a Pastor does not give you an automatic ticket to Heaven, beside I see nothing wrong in that music its only Glorifying God and not man. please I besiege you all to disabuse your mind from such thinking and concentrate on something tangible. First examine your conscience if you are sinfree before judging others.

  74. please texts. me wizkid no l luv dat guy is hand some

  75. some people are saying bello does wordly music. And should not be allowed to perform godwin in church. When you have a success story don’t you give testimonies in church? That’s exactly what he did. He was invited to perform in the church obviously. What would one expect him to perform? Adaobi? Come on people. That song is only another way of praising God almighty. y’all should cut the boy some slack.

  76. Hey Oga…na hustler im b bt jst dey pray sey make ur papa get d moni wey he get. Mumu

  77. The only thing in dat song to me that makes its worldy is when he said #WEGOPOPCHAMPGNE TODAY

    • in your own heaven, there is no party shey?

      • Lols..jare

      • Abeg help me ask him oh

  78. now i know we ar truely in the end time and by these comments alone it reminds me when jesus said many are called but few ar choosen.any person with descerning spirit will know this song show no glory of God and just mension of God name alone should not make u b easily washed away.for not all that glitters is gold.this is d end time wolves comes in sheeps clothing to decieve the children of light.let him that have ear hear.

  79. My dear Bello, I blv that God had for you. That’s thé résultats of this song. I don’t understand why someones have this pleasure to make critical view point about it or any performance in church( if is well done or not). If you have another inspiration like this song don’t make reserve cose only God will raise you up not human… God may bless you ans Don Jazzy…

  80. Sometimes I wish God himself can just drop a comment and tell us if this is right or wrong. But one thing is certain…

  81. If u fear God and have an understanding of who God really is then this Godwin issue wouldn’t be a topic of discussion. Thanks to the Modern day Churches that have turned the house of God to something else!

  82. Nigerians are just too stupid and ignorant!!! Korede bello please perform in churches more.. God really win!

  83. well only God knws who worship him in truth it may be wrong in human sight wat of if God is pls? We ar al human being jst knw wo u serve

  84. well wat I tink is DAT we can equally do so .so y do we need to discuss did topic

  85. Omo guy wetin una dey talk for here sef.. if dem use dog plate gv u fried rice u go chop???
    answer me abeg…..
    xo u mean performing Godwin in church Dre’s nothing wrong wit it…imagine u cannot use dog plate to eat fried rice and u expect Godwin to b gospel…to who God or man

  86. for him to sing church he has to live Doro. we should see it as a end of time outcome for u can no be cold and warm at a time.

  87. I like this songs because it stock in my head and i like the dance moves. I wish i can see u any time i am in Nigeria but i am not in Nigeria i am in America now that’s

  88. ****godwin is inspirational but imagine joel singing chuwkudi in ur church???? God has gifted him he should leave the mavins crew and become a christian musician******

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