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Reasons Why I Am No Longer Ecstatic For New Music From The Mavins

Posted by Jim Donnett on March 11, 2016 in Editorial · 94 Comments


I can bet I’m not the only one who shares the same thought as the title of this post. The most recent release from the dynasty of the supreme Mavins (sounds like the title of an animated action-packed and kick-ass flick) which happened to be Mr Bello’s Mungo Park has impressed some sense of urgency upon me to make beautiful banter about. Like, yikes! That song came in overwhelming folds of vapid!!!

No seriously, why have the Mavins been giving us crabbish music of late? This nonsense stemmed from a profile of cheesy titles that chronicled since the time of Dorobucci. While a string of songs bearing those dimwit concepts were musical winners in and around town, I’d like to think that they have gone out of style with this diminishing trend. It’s become quite unforgiving at this point.

This “just make people dance” motive is one catalyst technique in making music that is fast losing it’s appeal. Don Jazzy and his children, in whatever bright capacities their cerebellum can fathom, should know how far the limits they can push it to or otherwise recognize the moment just when to stop. The music industry is evolving so quickly that an upcoming generation may not exercise too much patience in allowing some show enforcers corrode how creative ethics in music should be propagated.

Are we talking of that Tarity-thang by D’Prince? Or Take Kiss by Di’Ja? Personally, I know high school girls and college freshers who will school her intricately on how to make a teenager’s pop-worthy anthem. Reekado at some point had these back-to-back releases that failed to relay a cascade of his musical consciousness. There was even that Janta Manta seloquesence that came in all sorts of buffoonery. I mean, who else hated that video much as I did? The Mavins really need to find their organizational objective for making music. They need to reconnect with that focus behind why they’re in this business of music… ‘cos it sure as hell doesn’t look like whatever scathing freak show they’ve put up with in very recent times.

If it’s all about the dance, then Papa Jazzy should know that Small Doctor has fared way better than Korede Bello probably ever will – on the streets, and even with musical hits – should they continue with their label’s laissez faire recipe for songs. And just so I don’t overstretch shenanigans on this Reekado Banks/Lil Kesh affair, I still can’t help but point out the obvious fact on who we actually wanted to be pitching our tents with for the Next Rated win. It may not be my place to speculate but there’s a reason why the Mavins keep coming out on top and it’s simply because whatever strategy they’ve got is working out just fine for them. But how long before the potency in that wanes? How long before our resentment for their ‘plastic’ music begins to play out right before their eyes?

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As for me, I’m very unecstatic for any (new) thing coming out from that apparently over-hyped and barraged hole. Don Jazzy has to get his house back in order, everyone of them needs to buck the fvck up!

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. Nice one.. I hate that mungo park song of korede bello. Wake up Mavins!!

  2. Oga… Ua article is so cheap… Ah u sure u went to a communication school at all? Am sure ua nt grounded in communication cuz if u ah. U shud know dat u speaking stupid grammar n your uncomposed article says u don’t know wat your doing… U literally didn’t communicate anyfin.. U wia busy speaking stupid English dat am sure u dnt know d meaning of most of dem… For crying out loud u just occupied someone’s space.. Go do sumfin else with ua life bkuz criticism is nt ua calling… Ua supposed message which u didn’t pass is making sense n ua correct in a way.. Buh since u fink main needs to go bak to d drawing board to restrategise. U too nids to enroll in any gud communication school for proper training.. U dnt just write bkuz u saw a pen n a pepper or bkuz u v tooxclusive connect to post ua damned rubbish.

    • WTF are u saying?! Go back to school and learn proper english

    • wtf are you saying? Pls go and learn proper english

    • Spunky amani

    • stupid herb pot calling kitchen kettle black.

  3. Kip ur foolish opinion to ur self… Yh not all their songs are a hit or sumfin doesnr mean u shud trash talk about em

  4. You dey craze for head with this your foolish write up. Which one your mama fit sing

  5. I tend to agree with your analysis. Mavin has been putting out songs with very little artistry. They just make songs that rocks parties and clubs and are easy to sing along to. Shallow music I must say

    • What is wrong with u guys?? Why is it that Nigerians just hate those who are successful… Watz happening we just hate progress, u go to other countries and they cherish these guys like mad… Abeg tooxclusive try and scrutinize thekind of comments that comes upit can cause bad image 4 u

      • wats wrong with you marvin is done

    • Y’all aint knw what u r doin…u r just exchangin filthy cums,huh? asshole

  6. Finally!!!

  7. Do am not the only one dat music is for kids ooh ahahahah they like peom music ahahahaha

  8. Jim Donnet haff said it all. I though I was the only one who hated the kinda over hyped rubbish Mavins puts out these days, especially the ones that comes from Dija, D Prince and Korrede. fuck it

  9. Impressive write-up . The Mavins are actually loosing it. Gone are the days of D’banj and Wandecoal when Don Jazzy used to produce creative music with rich content. I agree with you Jim Donnett. Although the grammars are a bit too heavy though. Kudos!!!

  10. You’re a jobless fool. Is this what you do for a living? They make music for who they make music for. If you don’t enjoy their music then carry your palava go somewhere else. I’m not a fan of Mavins tbh but I can’t talk trash about them. They make music for the people they make music for and obviously not for you. You have bigger problems music can’t solve. You’re just a ybnl ass licking fool. Both YBNL and MAVINS make music for who they make music for and they’re good at it. So shut the fuck up, listen to who ever pleases you, get a real job that doesn’t involve talking trash about people putting in work. Everyone is happy. You can’t like everybody’s music, that’s why we have different artistes. Olodo wan dey form blogger.

    • Whoa! a nice comment. Liked it

  11. because olamide lil kesh n viktohs songs hav beeen soooo meaningful n not just club bangers abi idiot wen korode relesed d smebody great it no mk meaning or reekado oluwa ni guy help ur sef

  12. Guy true talk our so called next rated artist has not yet release any other track except oluwa ni this year and my next rated (lil kesh) is going to release his album this month… YAGI Young And Getting It

    • Your so called ybnl next rated his singing rubbish and you are dia criticising another person, you better find good job to do than writing rubbish.

  13. Foolish

  14. Who be this mumu naa?
    Please if you have nothing to write about you better go back to bed and write about your dreams when you wake up.
    Is it YBNL that have been releasing good songs???
    No music by YBNL can ever be like that of Marvins never.
    Tooxclusive please don’t allow stupid articles like these next time.

    • Ode, every Adekunle song is better than most crap from Mavins

      • Yur ybnl sonqs are all sh*t back to back withowt any meaninq 4rm ibile to cause trouble….they are not passinq any msq t0 d entire society except to the mechanics en garage boix.let dem know educated pple are also in d society

        • if you listen to a song with yoruba lyrics but u don’t understand never means it’s shit… it’s like me saying phyno sings rubbish songs that pass no msq just bcos I don’t understand the fuck he is singing

    • will u all stop nonsense here ok hw many of u cn sing here abah

  15. sincerely mavins is good in naija am not Ybnl fans but ybnl songs the make sense beta about next rated star gal known as Cynthia Morgan,kiss daniel, bello, kesh and the winner reekardo banks all of dem deserve it but 4 me I go for Cynthia Morgan or kiss Daniel congrat reeky banks u deserve the gift that why he won it.

  16. @young n gettin it…cus kesh wanna drop album doesn’t mean he’s a good artist, d guy has been perambulating @ 1 round abt…

  17. People didn’t really get the post of this person.. If you know Don Jazzy then and you hear Mungo Park and Tarity.. you will wonder is it the same person that is behind the quality songs we listened to back then?? He produce classic songs before but now he produce song that will reign 3 months and nobody will go back to it.. We are not kids for God sake.. Somebody great was sensible and a classic song because Asa was on that track.. Asa don’t feature on anyhow song with any kind of person.. Don Jazzy should just go back to forcing his children to create quality song.. not song for the kids..

    • Kidz no De listen music? Mungo park should be registered as poem in Nigeria nursery and primary school. If a song is not meant for u leave em and move on. You never know say mungo park don reach 1m views on YouTube?

  18. Who be this mumu naa?
    Please if you have nothing to write about you better go back to bed and write about your dreams when you wake up.
    Is it YBNL that have been releasing good songs???
    No music by YBNL can ever be like that of Marvins never.
    Tooxclusive please don’t allow stupid articles like these next time.

  19. this Jim donnett doesn’t have any job
    only to show on tooxclusive talking
    anyway wat is even ur business
    if mavin are losing it
    did they beg u to like their style
    go n find better work do useless man

  20. 80% correct, apart from ur assertion on reekado.. African waist is crap. I chose not to listen to mungo park.

  21. Ryt from tym I know say dose Don Baba boy no go too last.. So me no dwh surprise wit wetin I dem deh sing dese days..#TeamTiwaSavage

  22. Nigerians and their primitive thinking… someone expresses HIS opinion and because you are blinded by love for the SMD’s you just come and rain insult… sometimes i wonder the way we act on social platforms… we act very very MATURE… an opinion is ones take on an issue if you’re not fine with it…chew it or argue with it on a matured basis with points thank you…

  23. You this writer you have no common sense and i think you sick in the head for this foolish write up of yours….I believe say you no get work.

  24. All your grammars are so incomprehensible! Are u patrcik obiagbon? Oga park well! Jimo or what’s ur name

  25. i am nt a big fan of d mavins bt hw cn u compare smalldoctor to korede bello.uggh

  26. Like serousely all their song lately are for dija take kiss wat d hell? Tarity? or this latest stupidity of korede mungo park no wonder y he call the his kis cos they still tell them to gerara here for real

  27. mavins bn trash of late

  28. mehn d nigga z ryt. seriously, we gats admit

  29. Oh guy
    I can now see the reason why tooxclusive awards are all given to YBNL. U talk about inspiration and motivation songs? Forget story MARVIN far better then ur so call YBNL of that aspect now. All I am saying is this post is useless to me. When reekado won the next rated art don’t u see they vote in motivation songs did they in dancehall?

    Nonsense post!

  30. Haters keep hating,no jst vex mavin too gud,if e easy make u go write only chorus

  31. True tok.. Dat Mungo Park by korede Na rubbish abeg ybnl ti take over… #Y. A. G. I

  32. Guy u b correct fool in fact u re an idiot bcos u don’t know what music is all abt OK

  33. Jim. U have a point which isn’t outta place,some Mavin songs especially as a group has been a total waste of tym, but why would u dare to compare Korede with small Doctor who doesn’t & can’t even follow rhythm. If Small doctor’s song airs on any TV station down south,east or North, that station is doomed. U think musical artistry is defined by the number of loudspeakers or ladders u can climb while performing on stage. I wouldn’t want to do a Reekado vs Kesh Jamborine here but we all know who d more talented one is especially in terms of content delivery. In my opinion, the Mavin are trying to develop a special brand and special kindaa music that can be termed as legendary but it still has a long way to go and have to review their ideologies and working system before it gets worse than it already is. However, jim your communication skill is poor.Forget the use of grammar and communicate like one who understands the role of the media in educating people.

  34. Oh boy ur grammer tire me oohh

  35. nice write up jim..
    im not in a hurry to download mavins songs dese days..
    goody bag,take banana,tarity,jantamanta all titled like some nursery school rhyme…

  36. stupid site…….they re de best…….fuck haters

  37. With this Jim idiot, I will never come to download music here again. Bcos u love ybnl doesn’t not mean u ve to criticize others. Internationally who is YBNL. But yet we give dem all diameter respect bcos music is difficult. If you are in U.S. Boy u wud ve been gunned down like a dog in d street. Listen to the message in mungo pack and the message in cause trouble by lil kesh and tell me who sent a better message. If you continue like this I will send a virus to your site to crash it down. I mean it.

  38. Word!!! I agree totally

  39. Oh Really! Most of his fans do not care about your opinion, so shove it down ur a*s.. Their songs are feel good songs, if you are looking for songs that will Mk u reflect, cry and repent… Go for Gospel.. Mtchew

  40. I guess its high time y’all jobless fellas fighting over someone elses success or loss need to start making live (face-to-face) comments. I think thats the only way yu people will start making sense rather than making noise online.

    After all said I am sure some idiots still won’t get it Right but I would advice you to try Yaba Left cos that’s the only place you can get it Right.

  41. Who b dis mumu self…show ur face. Bastardious fellow.composition 0%

  42. The fan are the cause of all these. We are so use to club banger that we forget about the songs that actually sends message across. Even up coming artist are scared of writing songs that are appealing to the ears of fans. So if our favourite artist does not deliver as expected of them then keep quiet because Nigerian music is at the stage were it’s only the beat that matters not the lyrics. Have you asked yourselves why our top singers hasn’t landed the likes of Rita Ora, Beyonce, Rihanna etc. Since we like beats we would continue to listen to beats till we come to self realization that we we have a long way to go in music. Respect to 2baba, Darey and Asa for evergreen songs. Just thought I should make #commonsense

  43. that was how lil kesh won with gbese over sheyi shey right now on your blog… how could you put them in the same category if you support good music.. tooxclusive you are killing nigeria music industry with your tribalistic post. cool idiots

    • WTF, gbese won over right now? U gat to be kidding me, who ever that put those two songs on a category is nothing but an incompetent novice in musical analysis. Right now is a world class craft I don’t have word yet to qualify that gbese! But it’s a sham.

  44. U just poured out my mind, God bless you.

  45. Most Nigerian musical artistes don’t do songs dat are inspirational again…dey jst bring up some rubbish garnish it wit a club beat nd pple start dancin…gone are d days we listen 2 good music 4m d likes of Mode 9,2baba,face,Eedris,Asa,African China…etc…the only artistes dat makes good music stil 4nw is Cobhams and mayb Djinee…

    • all this people you mentioned have one crappy song or another too

  46. waiten ybnl de sing self
    it only foolish people can compare
    ybnl to mavin
    this Jim idiot de fall my hand oo

  47. when God decides to deal with men, he removes their senses. don j has become too proud, fools dbanj on stage at any sign of settlement, who does he think he is? #team YBNL

  48. Stupid post. That’s all

  49. First I would like to say that reekado banks actually is wining lil kesh this 2016 comparing Oluwa ni to Ibile and cause trouble part 1 and 2 and secondly Yes the other songs where bullshit from the Mavin Record but Reekedo is the only exceptional artist this 2016. I’m not bias over this issue but I’m just analyzing music from my knowledge of it and I have the right to do so. This is Dj P from Canada, North America. God bless Afrobeats.

  50. well, in as much as everyone has a valued judgment on any issue, I must say, the writer didn’t do justice to the article. the message was there, but it lacked in dept analysis and he didn’t convince me he has the dexterity to be a revered writer. my opinion on SMD. they aren’t as fascinating as they used to be presently, but I like oluwa ni from reekado banks. Thanks for ur time.

  51. as a father if my son record a song like mungo park, I would first of all try to get all the money I spend on his education and then disowned him cos I know I can’t reap what I saw in him. ask yourself what kind of music is putting six figures in your bank??? the real money comes from does dance Hall song with shit lyrics. and mind you Hip hop is no gospel so expect anything.

  52. Wuna Mami Dem.Foolish Nigerians.r u comparx the language or the post. dose who R against the Mavins ur family will die in poverty

  53. Please let appreciate what we have in our dear nation b4 we loose it nd let stop judging each other To the writter your English is very poor nd the content are make a little sense bt d way u put it is so wrong remember nobody is above mistake As for me I LOVE MAVINS, I LOVE YBNL ND OTHER NIGERIA RECORD LABLE cos everybody is working hard nd nobody is perfect.

  54. Oniranu onikokuko. U wasted my tym by readin ur junk article…

  55. don jazzy is there flexing with his children (Mavin’s) why you are hear saying all sort of nonsense go enter studio na u think its easy to sing or even can u sit for an interview on tv . oga mind ur biz ok

  56. abeg bro fuck off u talk through your anus
    mavins is the best group in Nigeria music industry and perhaps d richest
    pls if u wanna make money from this rubbish
    sorry u have failed
    u could ask Don jazzy money anytime you see him
    bad belle go kill you

  57. alotta guys dnt mek sense in this music business its worldwide as far as they gon sell they dont giv a fuck. there are alotta dem in naija not onljy mavins.even ybnl dnt mek sense sumtymz except adekunle so chill brosq

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