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Why I Blame ‘The Streets’ For Lil Kesh “Next Rated” Loss At The Headies

Posted by Jim Donnett on February 29, 2016 in Editorial · 88 Comments


The dramatic event acted out at the Headies awards stage on January the first, is one happenstance that won’t be too easy to forget. The theatrics perpetrated by the upper echelon rulers of the Nigerian music industry has remained an abysmal bewilder to many. While the streets were busy taking over, turning out nooks and crannies, the populace couldn’t even drive their ruling prince to a deserving win. And this was a stinking piece of information that was not-very-well-received-at-all. Their sadness and disappointment shone right through their heavy laden hearts. But it never occurred to them that they might have been their own detractors, the architects of their own misfortune, the direct rationale behind their loss.

Let me tell you why.

First of all, for a voting category award, you never underestimate the power of social media. The Mavins are a brand with an actual structure. YBNL are only just a heavily mouthed gang, no structure. And this was the beginning of Keshi’s loss. While the Mavins crew unleashed tricks off their playbook to ensuring Reeky Banks eventually emerged winner (which majorly centered around online presence, a parade of resource and brand awareness), YBNL just assumed Keshi was going to win because he had built an undeniable brand presence that obviously outweighed Reekado’s.

Mavins have a website, and it tells you so much more than just information-in-passing which almost everyone knows about their dynasty. They even have a so-called A&R Manager. And asides having brand accounts on various social media platforms, every member of the label has taken it upon themselves to participate actively as per time and season on all these platforms, registering their artiste presence with fans as well as strengthening their profile. By suggestive contrast, you would know by now that YBNL doesn’t even have a brand/label account, not to talk of an official website and the members are terribly slacked in honing a presence online.

What processes did the YBNL label or even Lil Kesh take on as an artiste to ensure people were voting him to win? Mavins were tweeting, the undertook some promotional exercises like giveaways, even such things as simple as follow-backs were used as treaties. Don Jazzy used his revered status to reinforce Reekado’s growing online presence. Tiwa, Korede and Di’Ja also showed some support. Reekado too vested himself in hours several minutes long Twitter chatversations with his fans (otherwise Reekaddicts), the ultimate aim being getting you to love him enough to actually take some 5 or so minutes off whatever other important thing you were doing to vote for him. And this was a continuous process. It didn’t just happen once and then stopped there. Thus, this should relay some deep insight as to how he eventually emerged winner over the category’s biggest contender.


The stats from the photo above shows Reekado’s active vestment on Twitter (by tweets) unlike Lil Kesh who appears to have been there longer judging by the margin he has in followership. So you see, it is not basically about person, but the kind of power your person commands. You have to use that to get what you want. Afterall, Lil Kesh is without any doubts whatsoever – a star. But this shocking revelation of January the 1st tells us that he’s failed in exuding power enough to command his galaxy. Still, he’s not to blame alone. The ‘streets’ deserve more scoops from this mélange of utter disappointment. How dare y’all not vote? And everyone all of a sudden was feeling behooved to giving an opinion unsolicited for when his case was already way past retribution.

IMO, the streets haven’t taken over shxt! They’re just a bunch deafening loud and sweaty-thirsted braggards. They can talk an enormous game but in actual sense, they are powerless. You want to know where the real power lies? Just pick up your darn phone. Therein lies your power to make things come to be. Anything. Literally, I mean. So whether you’re creating or destroying processes, ensure that you’re utilizing your position of power in ways you deem fit, and this must be done regardless of however small you perceive the capacity to be. You see how a gesture so small could cost someone such a big deal? ‘Nuff said.

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. To whoever writes this get ur facts right b4 talking, the category is a non voting category

    • next time u wanna make a foolish comment like this, be brave to drop ur naughty name. NEXT RATED is and has always been a voting category

      • I don’t tink it’s foolish, ure jst too mediocre to comprehend! Anonymous meant it ain’t actually isn’t, of course dey wld tell u it is.. idjits

    • Maybe its you that should get it right! The category has always been decided with votes!

    • Mr anonymous Next Rated was a voting category so u neva voted keshi so u shldnt com here nd talk shit I can say categoricaly dat I had more dan 1k votes for reekado banks cos am a big fan of him…yea u can say I was been jobless den yh buh at least it worth it..all d pple talking didnt av a single vote for kesh o…so stop saying shit! big kudos to d person dat wrote dis

    • Y trying to raise a buried issue?

  2. Straight fact!!!!

  3. Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!! Iyalaya tooxclusive

  4. Lol

  5. Please shut up. Nonsense article and you don’t have to use big words to write a meaningful article.

  6. Fuck the person who wrote this. when sean tizzle won the next rated how tweet did he tweets or when patoranking won how many tweets did he tweet. fuck you once more for telling us rubbish. lil kesh deserve the award.

    • Well said bro. Don’t mind the stupid author his just trying to make name for himself through street. Cuz he Newt that street take over. Punch line o ja wo mo

    • lil kesh all d way onto ki lo shele gan gan…. everybody knows dat d award belong 2 kesh…. Even do u ask a kid, omo na yagi ooooo… Back 2 back hit songs… F*ck all haters of YBNL – YAGI…. F*ck reekado…

  7. Fuck dat shit”

  8. Diz iz a dead ish already…let tha sleeping dog lie FCS

  9. #iyalaya any fuckin body……lil kesh is mai own nxt rate

  10. Can I smoke my stuff now

  11. So real#lessonlearnt#

  12. poster yuh are sick. what gives u a justification dat Bank’s vote is more dan Kesh’s own???

    werey sumbody

  13. I just wonder why some people think like a fool sometimes. When wizkid and davido won the next rated artist. What do they do. So he should have tell lil Kesh to dash out cloths and shoe in other for him to won the award. Kesh is hard working and he believe in his talent which have to speak for him. But headies have been bias to make such a stupid decision. Did he know how many time I vote for Kesh more than 2k times so. If you don’t know what you want to say just keep quiet. The award lys between kiss Daniel and Kesh. Reekado banks is no match to both of them at all. The award winning is settlement even reekado new himself that’s why he said don jazzy u did it for me again. Bcz he new his not a match to both of them. So Oga Jim. Abeg go sleep. Kesh is our own next rated artist

  14. Nice Write up

  15. #WayahsaY

  16. sometimes I wonder y sum pple juss sit down nd think dha d nxt thing 2do is simply 2cum up with sum bullshit nd write sum negative article,,,,,,,,,,, yhu re a negative writer nd yet yhu kip telling yhurself yhu awesome….. when sean tizzle won his award,we all knew burna boy was supposed 2b d winner buh his songs during dha period wasnt a banger as sean tizzle’s so sean won coz he had both d banger nd d hit tracks such as lil kesh…….. So fuck yhu jim donnet….. dha award was supposed 2b btw kiss daniel nd kesh……… So jim donnet go fuck yhurself

  17. I swear person way write dis article no get sense, na foolish human being why wud u raise up dead issue after it had been buried, so u ar trying to tell us nw dat lil kesh shud start publicity for d award, wen u knw u deserve somtin, u don’t nid 2 start lobbying, begging it… U will surely relax coz u deserve it buh wen u knw u dnt deserve somtin dat wen u start begging, running helter skelter for it….. Mumu ode writer pls remove ur article it is not relevant to d society

  18. Well written @ jim.
    Cool comments @err1.
    dis shii is a past already; let’s all continue 2 support gud muzik. #ILoveEmBoth

  19. Well written @ jim.
    Cool comments @err1.
    dis shii is a past already; let’s all continue 2 support gud 9ja muzik. #ILoveEmBoth

  20. Hahah Jim, it’s that part of the month u wake up and start writing ya bullshit, well it’s allowed. Now u talkin abt ybnl not havin structure not distributin recharge card and oda nonsense and aisinine acts u said mavin used in garnin votes, now dts total shinenigans..

    Olamide the ceo of ybnl won almost all his category @ the headies, and blv me the street were satisfied in all fairness, so are u telling me the street lost there fones wen it got to the time to vote his label hottest prince and protégé?? Oh u were blabbing abt other acts supprtin reeky, sorry olamide and the rest of ybnl did support Kesh wit d best they have and vice versa..adekunle Gold won his category as well..u mean the street made adekunle Gold win but there sub xpired wen it was time to vote keshy..

    Abeg we all knw dumb jazzy bought dt shit, the street knw better bro, I dnt even care how much u gt paid to write trash..

    Numbers dnt lie, chek there followership on all social media, Kesh is ahead..chek all there song downloads..frm here to notjustok..kesh all beat that moppin stick head with d highest numb of downloads, guess the street were downloadin songs but wldnt vote? Abi??.

    I knw the truth stares @ us all in the face, reasn for all this damage control..

    Kesh remains king of the street, olamide is the God on the street..

    • Gbam

    • Thank u, u just said my mind. Everybody knew it was about votin if not banks won’t even see top 3, it is not how they gave him rockie of the year, everybody is over tha shiz. Lil kesh still make more doo than him who cares?

    • nice one bro

  21. Street take over…. Lol he jst said it all oga jim donnett ur head dey dia. Wot u said is the obvious truth and i subscribe to it who is kesh self he is jst making noise in his songs to lousy of him… Abeg bomb dey reekado head y him no go blow……@iam MR_Successful and i believe in destiny

  22. Street take over…. Lol. He jst said it all oga jim donnett ah swear yhur head dey dia. U jst said the obvious truth and like seriously i subscribe to it…who is kesh self?? He is jst making noise in his songs. Reekado bomb dey ur head y u know go blow….. @iam MR_Successful and i believe in destiny

  23. nice writeup

  24. i hate dat have basket mouth. how u wan tell me say don jazzy ass wipe boy merit dat award.if u don’t know wat to say you better go and stitch ur lips

  25. i hate ppl dat have basket mouth. how u wan tell me say don jazzy ass wipe boy merit dat award.if u don’t
    know wat to say you better go and stitch ur lips

  26. Really, are we still on this, huh?

    *wears headphone*

    *plays Oluwa Ni*

    Bye :p

  27. I think Reekado won dat award based on his lyrics compared to our little broda Kesh!! Skiborobo master definitely Reeky’s lyrics re more acceptable in d society kesh poses great public misconducts in his words !!!! Y’all shud be realistic

    • Fuck all u lil kesh acclaimed fans, u guys are so senseless to know that your lil kesh sings only one way kind of songs, he does not have creativity in his music, lyrics so low bar compared to Reakado banks whose got everything, he can make any artist song a hit with his creative skills in music, learn to vote and stop fooling yourselfs Lil keshite

  28. streets dont vote…olamide won best artiste ahead of davido and wizkid…headies na fk

  29. Hmmmmm

  30. Fact

  31. Mavins dey kn hw 2 run social media

  32. this is a serious truth….thumbs up to the writer

  33. ybnl no get official web spite idiot?? nko scumbag…

  34. So tru… all of u sayin lil kesh deserves to win.. did u vote???? NO

  35. First of all I have to commend Jim on being able to always post a disclaimer note at the foot of his posts. This shows his level of education as against that of the rest of you on here trying to spite his opinion.
    2. To those of you cussing on here, he wrote and published his opinion if you don’t like it go and write your own.
    4. Jim, post my song.

    I am High Chief, hope you have received common sense.

    • Please send me a mail.
      Thank you.

    • The so called disclaimer that media use to decieve themselves, its his personal opinion ,not that of tooxclusive,com. story!

  36. STFU. take d just concluded tooxclusive award 4 example…
    .Ybnl rules wen it comes to voting

  37. hey bro jim donnett and all you still hating on the guy, i will just plead with you to go and listen to cause trouble by lil kesh and less i forget, jim donnett watch the way you address the street and if you think streets are nothing just please try us out and you will see how good the street is

  38. the person that wrote this did a good job those hating dont understand music and entertainment most you hate cos the truth has been said read and understand mavin record is not a label it a company itself am not deciding anyone on here but the fact and truth be told mavins understand music business you all hating you read and understand music you will know better well written well those that went to school and entertainment critics will understand the write up better not those one hating who cant read and understand mofos

  39. one prob we black have is ……y’lll ayd knows the truth …but your Passion and zeal to remain mentally blind will never let u say d truth even when u know d truth deep inside you.Note:don’t ever compare Reekado to Lilkesh,neither Mavin to Ybnl.haba can’t u see ni #Oluwani now.think b4 u write.if u b #Ibile,i pray you remain Ibile till Jesus come and for d #Oluwani fans,its well.Not anybody’s fan m just a Dj that support good tunes and play em.thanks

  40. reeeeeki all d wayy…..wu b lil kesh


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  42. kesh doesn’t single,he shout always, nd talk sum shitz ,reskado is much better next rated

  43. I agree with your facts. Reekado made people vote for him by all means he could while Kesh had his mind on the award. But anyway you look at it, a lot of Nigerians including myself was not happy with the loss of Kesh to Reekado, Kesh was the best and he deserved it by all means. The award was meant for the best afterall.

  44. That award wasnt meant for Reekado Banks, the Mavins stole it and gave it as a gift to Reekado.

  45. the writer is very correct

  46. Thanks 4 dis very useful info… i have really learned something from it.
    i dont knw y u ppl re very busy taking sides bade on d 1 u like most instead of putting facts into consideration. i am a huge fan of lil kesh but i did not vote so did many others… From what i knw, Don Jazzy is d king of Social media, he calls the shot… i also heard that due to the drama at d headies, a search was don on the next rated database table n dat “Olamide and the so called Lil Kesh’s names were not found” meaning they didn’t even vote, so u see. From my own end, i think it was over confidence that led to d loss of dat award. From this article, I have learned to always make sure of something by deliberate actions instead of just sitting and assuming things. Thanks

    • f**k dat shit..
      U’re no big fan to #Kesh..
      Ya a #mavins fan, u just want tu talk so pep will fall for speech.
      If was suppose tu loose dat award, dem it should be to #Kiss Daniel not #Reekado.
      Now #koredo appeared in next rated while #Tekno no appear, watin #koredo sing since before de award if not of just #Godwin…

      Nigga its either u forget de shit or f**k ya self

  47. cool

  48. Mouth ain’t do sh*t buh action do the work better….

  49. if in deed social media does influence the result then Lil kesh should have won seriously. so why are the streets complaining about the outcome? try to get the fact right. your views are respected sha

  50. guy after u na u

  51. Reekado iz dah best
    Lil mesh haz forgotten dah not only street people are dere

  52. na god go punish reekado and his fans. stupid fellow i knw u have d fact but u won’t say. jah bless kesh we his fans

  53. This is d main reason y nigerian acts can’t win d bet awards again….if lil kesh wins next rated award den it goes 2 show stupid nigerian music is den…ibile kor…street hasn’t taken over shit…if u need respect dnt fight 4 it….earn it…nuff said abeg

  54. hi that’s your own reason to blame the streets for lil kesh next rated loss at the headies

  55. Ybnl all the way fuck reekado lil kesh baba nla the voice of the street headies award is rubbish I don’t like the organiser lil kesh should have win the award he has a lot of hit single than reekado lil kesh is the king of the streetz

  56. Even d greatest rapper started 4rm d street “2 pac” RIP #thug lyf… So poster prove mi wrong…. I just hate wen pple talk bullshit about pple I so much like….. F*ck u poster an if u wanna be dem f*ck u 2…… We Start it up 4rm d street……

  57. the person that wrote this is absolutely stupid…over the years the next rated award normally won by artist that produces hit…lil kesh got hits then reekado….if u are talking about lyrics then look at the songs Nigerian artists sings…most have no meanings or rather lyrics yet u naughty ass go about in the club and dance to thesame meaningless songs…lil kesh deserves the award to reekado…go fuck yourself!!

  58. f**k u for dis write up
    f**k #mains crew
    f**k #don jazzy
    f**k #reekado banks
    and f**k all ho believe #reekado deserves dat award….

    Every body knows its scam.. #Don paid money for dat award,, #Reedkado did not work shirt..

    No dem body should blame #Badoo for not being injustice, he’s real and not like #Don who knows not how tu work, train and advise his f**king #Mavins label, instead he at dis ealy stage teaches dem how tu cheat, dey’re suck, #Headies2015 holders are also suck.. F**k dem all for life.

    #Kesh worked very hard from #2014 up to date. #Every single was a hit. #Kesh is all about de street. #Motif gbolo every were. Best hard working guy av ever herd of. De street voted for him but the thieves bought it for dem selves.

    Ok now no be only dat car reekado dy ride. But look at #kesh, de star bought himself a car on his birthday, now he even bought another Range rover car, he own a studio. Cause if is not making mony its not making sence, dey all know wat it is.
    Enjoy ur next rated car #mr. Reekado and #mr. Don.
    Who e epp..
    No body..


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