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Why I Think Cynthia Morgan Is Underrated And Timi Dakolo Is NOT!

Posted by Jim Donnett on June 24, 2015 in Editorial · 22 Comments


Timi Dakolo is one very talented artiste. No question about that. He’s not just a badass singer with incredible vocal dexterity, he’s a terrific lyricist with a penchant for juxtaposing actual words into melodious symphonies. Infact, his general musical appreciation far supercedes what our industry defines to be music – in their limits. But isn’t it funny that one of the best and savvy musicians of our era is considered to be underrated? Please, I beg to differ!

First off, the music market here is not the kind that embraces, applauds and promotes versatility. And by versatility I’m not referring to high life and pop music with afro influences only. I’m talking about ballads, pop, soul and R&B, rock, alternative, jazz, reggae – genres where music globally has found commercial success for some of the biggest world recognized icons. It is preposterous that we have adapted a very short list to showing the creative sides to our local music. Even more disheartening is the fact that as a people, we’re yet to have a firm grasp over the music art and as such it’ll be utterly impossible to fathom the depth of geniuses like Timi Dakolo. Ridiculously, it is the same folks claiming he’s underrated that downplay his music intelligence for their selfish love of jollof music. Thus, it is on this premise that I draw my inference to saying that Timi Dakolo is NOT underrated. Our market just isn’t ready for the sheer awesomeness of Timi, sadly. Like, if he were some other person than who he is now, then maybe one or two reasons might present itself as to why he is underrated but for the quo of our industry and the obvious loss of a diversity in our music appreciation, Timi is right in the reign of his game. He is second to nobody, with giftings that are yet-to-be compared, related or matched up to another. And for those who think he’s trailed by some PR nemesis, y’all are wrong. Very wrong! Timi doesn’t have a bad PR. He’s actually one of such celebrities who has got one a most effective brand management system in place – rid of drama and juvenile doltishness.

Cynthia Morgan on the other hand is equally talented. She is everything (and probably more) that a singing femme should be. From the looks to the sexy and the voice, she’s got it 100! When she begins to do that patois thing, it’s like breaking the limits to her genius and taking it several notches up. Cynthia Morgan doesn’t have any failed single o. As in, not one! Record after record, she continues to break into newer levels of her fan appreciation with hot materials and she doesn’t rest until she unwraps the visual to go with. She is perhaps the first and only of such fast rising acts (and female too) to have shot a video for every other one of her single, in exception of Popori. Cynthia The issue with Cynthia Morgan is that instead of focusing on the very thing that enhances her star prowess, which obviously is her talent, she’s chosen to downplay that seriously and pursue an image falsehood. She’s become totally obsessed with her sexy, forcing and fussing it while concentrating on making as many dramatic hair transitions like bad gal Riri did and opting to look like a circus bull with her facial accessory enhancement as opposed to the modest appearance of her face. All at the same darn time!  Oh, I just recalled her performance outfit at last year’s Headies, how she subjected her milk factory to intense pressure by forcing them into undersized bra cups to give a special ‘pump’ effect. Considering how quite endowed she already is, one would wonder what’s up with the thirst? And knowing Cynthia, it’s probably not even enough yet. Like, kilode!

These things have obscured her focus. It’s not enough that she’s been operating like a lone ranger as a result of the deficiencies she suffers from not having proper PR, she now has to take on side distractions that doesn’t do much to advancing her star prowess. So how won’t she be stuck? Why won’t she be stuck? It’s really not surprising that she is. With the tactics she employed in starting and the manner at which she tailored her craft, Cynthia should be more than what she is now. We’re supposed to see her bigger than she is now. She needs to get back to form with the program – start honing her realms again just like she did when she was upcoming and then employ a good PR to help highlight her other qualities that puts her total self-image on the spur of being one of the hottest. If in doubt, let her ask Yemi Alade; the babe has everything working out in her favour right now. Cynthia really needs to get over herself and until she can successfully do that, I’m afraid we may not see her past this level of next rated where she’s chosen to sediment. I’m tempted to blaming Tiwa Savage for this ‘bringing sexy back’ feat but it’s madam kingston property that overplayed her hand because the sexy switch up has done plenty bits for the female singing folk. I mean, how dare you underrate yourself? Sigh.

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. Tru talk jim….. She’s doin tinz over!!!….. Almst all ha sngs her hitz buh pple hardly knw her

  2. I wish this site created a share button, others need to read this, so factual. Timi Dakolo is too much of a talent for what d Nigerian music industry got right nw, all they do is make noise when on stage cause they can’t cope mainly with d key in which they recorded. poor voices, only a few that we knw. but I wish timi dakolo could blend his talent n art into d current “Nigerian style” I so wish, he’ll get more appreciation. well as for Cynthia Morgan, I guess d author said it all

    Tw: @Iam_Dbeat

  3. Actually this is true 100% nice article…

  4. Please why is your opening paragraph so unnecessarily verbose. Are you trying to write an article or proof that your grammar teacher did a fine job????

  5. I agree with ur perspective of Timi 110% brother!

  6. Blind folks…Haba. why compare Timi Dakolo or Yemi Alade wit Cynthia Morgan….u sick niii…if u jobless den get ur self 1000 page novel na…Cynthia Morgan sing and represent very strong and original. how many feminist in Nigeria Ragga cool and matured the way she does…and you there saying trash about her presentation and dressing….you said she’s not getting the popularity she deserve probably because of her show Biz style u sick gan….Nikki Minaj worst dan dat…Yet Americans supported her and cherish and love her….forget Heddies Award last year tins happen…people like you her worst leaders…u hardly forget things and punish your subordinate because you refuse to forget things….wogboju she’s holding it down very hot and real….that a sure feminist Nigeria need to celebrate for her unique style.

  7. All i’m really saying.. thank you

  8. nice one tho!!

  9. Chill joor .. all great artiste threaded this path .. pretty soon she will be freaking huge .. she aint underrated .. its just a phase in her career .. she will get past it soon

  10. Jim Donnet is the single most important ‘put- off’ factor on this otherwise amazing site. Dude talks a whole lot but succeeds in saying absolutely nothing. Abeg TX try dey put the author’s name on the byline or at the beginning of the article so I don’t waste any more time reading this nigga’s tripe.

  11. Stop fucking yourself bolu, cythia morgan is one of the best femme artist Nigeria has got right nw and doing her illegal stuff in a legal

  12. In a legal way

  13. i think your idea of what PR should be is a bit obsolete. not very one can have “the girl next door image”. people dont care much about the personality anymore as long as the music is great. that is why Nicki and Adele can both win grammies.

    • Why such dumb juxtaposition? Nicki and Adele, use anoda name not Adele.

      • I am nt comparing nikki and Adele. Am just tryin to say they both have completely opposite personality and PR styles,But both have bin very successful.
        So pls read b4 talk trash

  14. she give good songs back to back patoa queen luv last single so much

  15. Wtf

  16. I agree with everything you said about Timi but Cynthia Morgan’s sexiness shouldnt be any of your bizwack. Focus on your own life instead of trying to tanish her image. This is show biz. You do whatever you got to do to keep up with your grind. As for whether she got a good PR or changed shouldn’t bother you much. The world will really be a better place if we all learn to stick to our business.

  17. Wetin be PR abeg… *lol*

  18. So many dumb comments on this beautiful and true piece of writing….. No one is trying to tarnish anyone’s image, the writer is just sayin Cynthia Morgan is focusing more on her appearance than her talent which i find very true, finding the balance between the two is what improves the total package, the most successful international artistes know this…… In the end it’s just a piece of advice and his own opinion, it’s left to Cynthia to know what to do

  19. I agree wf u anonymous….I really dnt kno how some punk heads don’t think b4 sayin’ trash….read btw d lines people nd undastand what d writer is actually sayin’….b4 u jump n2 words!!…#peace

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