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Wizkid Is Definitely Bringing Home A Grammy… Yea! Or Nay?

Posted by Jim Donnett on July 23, 2016 in Editorial, Social Views · 122 Comments



I’m heading for a grammy, one-man army, my hits gon’ be felt from Nigeria to Miami…”

Those were the lyrics of singer/rapper, Skales’ breakthrough single, “Heading For a Grammy”. If those lyrics don’t ring a bell, then these certainly will…

don’t doubt me, I go bring home grammy… credible, remarkable, unbeatable, palatable, reliable”

9ice surely wasn’t playing around when he wrote those lyrics for his hit single, “Street Credibility” featuring 2face Idibia, now 2Baba.

The sad thing about these boisterous and somewhat boastful lyrics is that none of them has been able to live up to that promise, heck they don’t even look like they are on that path to begin with!

In the history of Nigerian music, only Afrobeat king, Femi Anikulakpo-Kuti, has come closest to bringing what is arguably the world’s most revered musical accolade home.

With a career that has spanned for decades and international collaborations with Common, Mos Def, Jaguar Wright and many more, Femi Kuti’s albums including Day by Day and Africa for Africa have won him Grammy nominations in 2010, 2011, 2013 and most recently in 2014.

That’s the farthest any Nigerian has gone with regards to bringing home a Grammy Award.

Enter Wizkid and Davido. Without doubt, currently two of Nigeria’s most promising Grammy prospects.

Davido, at 24, has accomplished much more than lots of artistes well into their thirties and forties put together. With several hits and accolades over his five-year-old career, Davido’s popularity has reached international status having worked with the likes of Trey Songz, Meek Mill and many others. Most recently, he signed a record deal with international music label, Sony BMG.

Then there’s Wizkid, the 26-year-old music boy wonder. In typical Naija fashion, there’s been comparison between Wizkid and Davido. I had always chosen Davido over Wizkid for a number of reasons, but recently Davido has been “falling my hand”. I could tolerate all his childish tantrums and excesses, his sometimes questionable fashion choices and his unproductive affiliation with B-Red, Danagog, Sina Rambo and all the other HKN wannabes; but it almost seems like this deal he signed with Sony BMG has become more of a curse than a blessing o! First of all, he has postponed his sophomore album to only-God-knows-when and he hasn’t dropped any new music for quite a while now.

Wizkid on the other hand has been making major moves of late. From his announcement at the Ghana Music Awards where he made public the new Ghanaian signings to his Starboy music imprint, to his going on tour with Chris Brown, his recent collaboration with Tinie Tempah and now his latest single, Shabba on which he has American music heavyweights Trey Songz, Chris Brown and French Montana; did I also mention his feature on Drake’s chart-topping single, One Dance , which by the way is still atop the UK charts.

I may not necessarily like a lot of his songs that are centered on women shaking their endowments and all what not, but I would be the last person to hate on someone with such talent and prospect.

If Wizkid continues at this pace, my projection is that he will definitely bring home a Grammy award in the next few years… can I get an Amen?


Chuks Asoegwu – a political scientist by degree, Chuxxx is a writer, OAP, event host, lyricist, sports lover and radio junkie. You can connect with him on social media where he shares his “explicit” thoughts on issues spanning across entertainment, sports and politics.

Twitter: @chuks_ea

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  1. Nay! He can only be Nominated. I know.

    • Amen


  2. God forbid. He definitely CANT

    • bad belle dem no dey do gud tins 4 una ox

    • Amin

    • ode. . .u no go do your own

  3. Bad belle will hate, what i know is dat wizzy i gud to go

  4. Amen

  5. Una dey maaaaad

  6. Amen!!🙏🙏🙏

  7. smiling

  8. amen starboy lord

  9. Amen!!!

  10. YALL better dont doubt him! AMEN

  11. Among all naija musicians na wizkid dey very very close to win grammy.

  12. My guy dey wisper for my hear say na olamide baddo sneh go first win grammy.

    • With which song??? nai olamide want take win Grammy??? shakiti bobo or melo melo???? talk is cheap shall….

    • Sir…….u dumb like 2 Gala wey dem dy chop one wey d oda no fit Run commot•olamide ……..lil Kesh…….Grammy iz what we r talking bro…… Olamide is not even contesting towards that gan self•olamide only enslaved Nigeria music, call him d King street……no doubt•

      • mumu . . .which musician does not want to win grammy. . . . .am a fan of olamide but . . .am nt going to be sentimental . . . .we all know olamide is not even close to grammy

  13. Let wait and see

  14. amen I dey pray for my Baba nla

  15. Amen!

  16. Amen..

  17. Wizkid on rampage.. From Baba nla , jumped into one dance, jumped into, mamacita.. Killed shabba, tell me why this dude don’t deserve a Grammy… Come on.. Appreciate good finx lols , he’s renovating music..

  18. Nobi lie…ah blive baba nla die
    Amen o

  19. AMEN!!! And AMEN

  20. I knew starboy is gonna win Grammy next year by God grace (amen)

  21. #Iprayso

  22. Amen

  23. Amen

  24. Is no b beans but I wish baba nla d best

  25. Ameeeeen

  26. Wizkid for grammy…. Amen

  27. Him don BAF…?

  28. Amen. I love him scatter. I believe one day I will work with him.

  29. He may win ….but we difinatly kno who made the song a hit….wizkid is totaly absent in that song….fuckd boy……tosin

  30. Amen oooo wizyy baba m^st win Grammy life and direct

  31. Amen @ baba nla wizkid my number one in world

  32. yea,,,,,sure he will…..

  33. No doubt….Wizkid baba nla won

  34. You ppl are so funny, common bet, black coffe nack am, aside the featured artistes wey make dat shabba dope,french n chris, d mumu dy shout shabba like person wey catch zika virus, grammy ko mummy ni. dumb fellows

    • na ur believ be that now, the guy no even knw you either. if you like hate from now till tomorrow, if God say him go win definately he will

    • The funniest thing, you poor like ur father

  35. Him dy try buh na daviddo go win amm

  36. He will…tell me who sing pass wizkid….una wan die..?

  37. amin

  38. Why wont he??? Wizkid is presently helping nigerian music by taking it to places it has never gone before and y’all shld always thank him for dat. A very loud AMEN i say!

  39. Wizkid is really talented. He has a versatile voice and can do different genre of music. However, for him to win a grammy and remain relevant internationally he needs to work more on his lyrics and live stage performance.

  40. I may not be known naw, but i ave written & composed enuff songs 2 win enuff Grammy 2 go round 9ja…
    Am uk based… no record deal, no studio recordings…
    But pls master d Name:
    Big Daddy C.
    Suun i.ll b d Biggest selling artist world wide.
    It.s a prediction.

  41. Pppt please which kin grammy ..Wizkid fans abeg stop dreaming

  42. Obviously,Wizkid is multi-talented.Don’t doubt the dude,he’s surely bringing us Grammy……..#ILoveWizkidPassionately#

  43. yes 4 sure

  44. May una no tink am. Wizkid no go fit win grammy highest nominations….#TEAM O.B.O

  45. I hate Olamide fans I swear. They always talk like they are not after awards but they are getting nominated and they never reject it. He can not even get half close to Grammy award if he try to get it. So he himself know that he can never get it.

    • who dey talk of olamide here? u just dey wake? use water wash ur face and read again.

  46. Never doubt a man that still breaths make us proud.Amen

  47. Wizkid has been kinging as the best since the day of Holla@urboy..special guest on chrisbrown tour,toping the us billboard with drake featuring him on OneDance,afta another feature with tenie tempah MaMaCita and again puting heavy weights on his recent single SHABBA featuring chrisBrown,treysong and french Montana..HE SURELY DESERVE GRAMMY!!!

  48. Wizzy loke loke

  49. wizkid if god say na u no badman can stop we re waitin brin it #grammyaword 1 dance can give u this or shabba i pray

  50. Amen ooooo.. Starboy will surely do that

  51. Yea for sure….haters continue to dey hate.

  52. follow me on instagram @simple_cross

  53. Infact ..The Star got it AMEN!.

  54. D boy is talented more dan any artist here in nigeria,i wish him all d best bcos dats all he dezavs…grammy all d way….**WIZzy NoNI**

    • You need to start listening to primary school poems to understand Music pls……………..

  55. i dont think he’ll win a grammy .. drake and chris brown both have 1 grammy award each to show how difficult it is .. he has no self owned single on billboard yet for a start .. he is reaching heights tho

  56. Am wizkid number one fan.
    We should be truthfull..
    he can be nominated but won’t carry ,dis one way since January na now him day release his first track.. How many number of Albums him get,How many features..
    Where and when was his track played,its not the number of collabo u do with drake or foreign stars.. wale have been following meek mill have been following noting happen for those artist.. This one way davido day wait for wizkid to drop track before he release his own,Dat means if wizkid no sing anything or no one drop track dis year davido won’t drop also… so,its a Nay for me

    • I Love this your Comment, Much Love!!!

      • naso joor

  57. Wizkid’s rise to stardom is not surprising. I knew from the very beginning that something great will definitely come from this dude. WizLion keep serenading us with good music. The whole continent is right behind you. International flex.

  58. Fucking haters! You people should be happy Wizkid is putting Nigerian music on the world map. Una dey talk of ‘One Dance’ that was the fucking concept of the song haters!!! How about Beyonce’s ‘Mine’ did you guys not notice something like that? Fine, even if his part wasn’t loud, how many of you have gotten that kinda recognition? He will win a Grammy or at least get nominated. Y’all should keep hating while the talented young man is getting recognised. As Nigerians, you should be happy for him because he’s done really well but noooo, you just hate on a nigga. Appreciate good things and stop hating!

  59. Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  60. Amen

  61. Amennn….

  62. Non Stop Grind to all Nigerian artist who made our music international “Awards is to keep you motivated” it’s not a price tho’ “Wizkid is one of the best Nigerian musical artist but should not be comparing him self to any body” #HistoricalVibe

  63. Yeah. He is

  64. yea

  65. I see the boy going places, last year he was no where near where he is today. As long as Wizkid still live, expect great things from him. I believe in his future. It’s a Yea from me with an Amen though.

  66. Alex meze


  67. If he Continue with pace, He can b nominated n he can b Lucky also to win it Home!

  68. Wizkid will do it

  69. wizkid baba nla wil collet the it my the grace of GOD

  70. so b it

  71. The word impossible means I’m possible
    Why not if he keeps working hard!

  72. The word impossible means I’m possible
    Why not if he keeps working hard!

  73. for sure naaa wizzy
    one love

  74. I believe him

  75. Amen..God is by yourside …i beliave in you…#Babanla..nonody bader gan…#shabba to grammy hall.

  76. Him no fit. Nt in his life time

  77. he will win this year, God will help him.talented and hardworking

  78. Capital YEA ,starboy go win Grammy ,.those pipu wey dy henvy awon lo’n ni isoro ,,, na there own plenty …. I pray 4 d ojuelegba crooner to overcome,and overtake the hater’s and Get the unbeatable AWARD !!! (IJN)

  79. AMEEENNN!!!! so long as GOD has signed it den it is SETTLED

  80. sure he wil, cox he qah al he take tew win a grammy he is blessed talented and he always knw wat pipple love listen to

  81. I like that music please I want to download it

  82. Amen, I wish the dude blessings upon blessing in his life and carrier.
    More grace!!!!!!!

  83. Ordinary mama awards wizkid hasn’t won…na Grammy una de talk….una papa de dream…na so e easy..wit which lyrics ?

  84. Baba Nla!

    He should bring home the grammy.. tho its not beans

  85. yeah he is

  86. Wizkid can’t win nd he can’t get a nomination. He must drop a song that has a trend. Songs like alright by kendrick, thinkin out loud by ed sheringham. Songs that will be on the lips of everyone. He has a long way to go. Akon was very close buh neva achieved it

  87. amen for sure he would

  88. wizzy my role model break a record for we Nigeria

  89. i belive u well wizzybaba $tarboy

  90. Amen Wizzy…. Anyone who’s not in support of you,,, I PROCLAIM 6’fts to that person. You are my mentor, my everything. God is on your side and d sky is your beginning.

  91. If Drake wins a Grammy in 2017 then WizKid has won a Grammy because they are both on the same song. To be reall, with the success of One dance, there’s no doubt that WizKid will be the first Nigerian to win a Grammy

  92. [AMEN],So i believe in God,he will win it,and i believe in WIZKID,that he will won and bring d grammy award,to africa once again.starboys on top.

  93. Not happening

  94. amen

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