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Sifon – “Resurrection EP” + “4pm in Jakpa” ft. Pryme, Rolex Carter

Posted by Jim Donnett on April 6, 2016 in AUDIO, EP · 211 Comments


Sifon officially releases the most anticipated underground EP from the South of Nigeria, featuring some of the best underground artist buzzing under in the south which include Cobany, Great Adamz, Clayton, Rolex Carter, Pryme and Vickers.

The hip-hop collection largely produced by one of the south’s best, Maro Klassiq contains beautiful music that has to pass up as some of the best underground sounds to come out from the south in a long while. The Pryme and Rolex Carter featured track, 4pm in Jakpa is the last of previews off the EP. Without doubt, these are indeed the voices of the future.

Sifon – “Resurrection EP” + “4pm in Jakpa” ft. Pryme, Rolex Carter

Stream below.

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  1. Obviously Waffy!!!

    • These guys need to drop more songs

      • yeah boy

  2. nice one! Waffi I hail

    • They tried. I love that bottles song.

      • my best is Flashing lights.

    • nice

  3. Omo this is dope! Rolex nice one I see you

    • rolex too dope abeg

  4. nice sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. damn this shit bangs!!!

    • You know it!!

    • yup.

  6. Nice one boys..I see you!

  7. my boys 4 waff side I see una!!
    Keep repping

    • 100

  8. I think it could be better

    • yeah, i feel so too.

  9. finally, no be only erigga person go dey listen to

    • una don start.

      • guy see truth make u talk

  10. fresh one..I like bottles

  11. feeling this

  12. I luv this

  13. hmmmmm

  14. Dope!!

    • yes oh

  15. Maybe a rushed job, but its good

    • Rushed wah??? Sounds great hun

  16. Hmmmmm flashing lights
    Great song

    • true

    • my best song here.

  17. Salute waffside!

  18. Great Adam!! Killed d chorus

    • I love flashing lights.

  19. bottles on bottles is a hit!!!

    • thats my shit!!! Clubs should bang these!!!

  20. they tried sha. gud 1

  21. I like the project, but warri has some female artists too like rebel. She would have been good for this project. I love the flashing lights song. good lyrics from pryme

    • this is very true. shoulda put a chick on it!

  22. warri boys are freshing tinz up!

    • yes oh!!

  23. rolex is good

  24. I love what they did.

  25. Sifon, this is a really good effort…big ups man

    • pls do more soon

  26. nice one guys

  27. This is very okay. I love all 4 tracks

  28. can’t say I love all the songs, but bottles is a very nice song.

    • you sabi!

  29. Nice one rolexcarter

  30. Like the project. looking to hear more soon

  31. waff repps

  32. As e dey hot! Freshest!

  33. Good.

  34. Mixing is not 100, but its a good project. nice beats

    • who mixing epp?

      • it helped every serious artist out there

  35. this shit goes!

  36. toh sure bro…keep it up

  37. I like Flashing lights. a very balanced hip hop project

  38. keep this up guys

  39. i feel this is a very dope art. fuck the haters. waffy!!!

  40. one of the dopest projects outta waff in a long time!

  41. you guys are sighted. rolex and pryme, nice track

  42. I believe una die. success is coming soon pryme.

  43. bottles on bottles

  44. this is tight bro!

    • for dayssss

  45. these warri boys have come again

  46. Dope production guys!

  47. wow. love the songs.

  48. nice!!!

  49. Nice song, especially flashing lights

  50. I believe these guys mahn!

  51. last track is very funny, Nice EP

  52. Talent all over this

  53. nice one

  54. this is very promising guys. I love the work Sifon.

  55. waffside fresh sounds

  56. Bottles track is fire bro!

  57. luv these guys, I believe you guys will do great things

  58. Fupre boys repping! I believe you die cobany.

  59. cool songs

  60. these boys are doing good music. love it

  61. Rolex too dope

  62. This is my shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I fux with these niggas

  64. I was very excited when i saw waffside on this and they didn’t disappoint me.

  65. I love that flashing lights song fam.

  66. should you listen to this? YESSSSSSSS

  67. If you are not bang this, then you are missing good music! Naija DJ Khaled!

  68. Southsouth boys on poinnnt!!!!!!!!

  69. luv this shit man! Sign these boys up!

  70. good songs sifon

  71. too short if you ask me sha, but they did good.

  72. good collection Sifon

  73. Seez!!!

  74. niceproject

  75. Got 4pm in jakpa on repeat! Pryme is like a warri version of Jcole

  76. feeling you guys up here in GH! Bless

  77. My niggas on this one!

  78. future next rated artists!

  79. these guys got talent!

  80. warri sounding fresh here. i luv that guy clayton and pryme

  81. more grease to your elbow. dope

  82. more grease to your elbow. dope

  83. please whats dope here

  84. Feel this bro.

  85. Reminds me of Yung6’s GLG mixtape

    • yeah man, especially the 4pm in jakpa song.

  86. Love what these guys did on this project. Big ups

  87. impressive.

  88. sounds okay to me.

  89. seezmusic correct.

  90. cool.

  91. DSC boi Cobany!!!!!

  92. Listen to my wafftown niggas!

  93. fresh

  94. pure fire!!!!

  95. love this peice

  96. love this guys

  97. dopeeeeeee

  98. so nobody has seen anything wrong in this album art? wtf, this guy is blaspheming and you guys are here commenting dope up and down..

    • its art. leave am

  99. waste of mb

    • get fresh ears guy.

  100. waste of mb abeg

  101. These guys are different from the rest out here…

  102. bottles on bottles

  103. I swear I am feeling pryme on 2 of the bests songs on this mixtape.

  104. I love what you guys did on nsba. good concept.

    • That’s actually my best song in terms of creativity . the Prime tracks are tight too

  105. we on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. wow guys!!! This is deep

  107. I believe una

  108. dopest Ep…where are these guys from?

  109. proud of my niggas!!!!!!

  110. yall so dope

  111. Bottles on bottles is fireeeeeeeeeee

  112. dope flow cobany

  113. Pryme, I am a fan!!!!!

  114. All i see is flashinnng lights

  115. bottles on repeat

  116. wafftown Niggas

    • repping to the fullest

  117. Nice project

  118. love what i hear guys

    • me too

  119. Man, I wish there were more of these kind of albums or EP or whatever

  120. Okay, I don’t really know these guys but I think this is a tight project.
    I can’t wait to hear more from them

  121. they try sha

  122. That NSBA guy is talented abeg! Shuu how many rappers can switch characters like that! Siffon is cool!

  123. them try sha but na so all these boys go do, person no go hear from dem again

    • mtchew

  124. not even a romantic song. Warris dis?????

  125. who una Ep epp sef? Ep dun baff??

    • Tell dem. I don’t even know my boyfriend like this EP sef

  126. Repping DSC Cobany! We dey jam your track over for area

  127. guy don’t be stupid jorh, dem try abeg… flashing lights and bottles are still my favourite songs, steady repeat

  128. NSBA fiiiiiirrrreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vickers sha, dope song

    • that’s main guy oh #fupre

  129. Nice first attempt, i’d like to hear more sha

  130. this is too one sided

  131. make pryme try rap with pidgin small, the english too much

    • Like Boogey said ” i know you understand english bro, if you don’t go get a refund of your tuition dough”

  132. I’m so disappointed in y’all. You are all goiing to hell

  133. My fellow fuprites. I see you oga Vickers

  134. I just want to know why this is trending. Mybe I’ll listen

  135. I like the warri feel to the tracks sha. You guys should put a project real soon to prevent this from getting cold

  136. This is how hip-hop should be done. Balanced

  137. NO Soft Boys Allowed!!! On repeat!

  138. Well, I like the concept. I’ll recommend Pryme for my church members. So inspirational .

  139. Great work. The South don cast before . But I feel there is hope with these guys. Clayton raps good and confident.

    • #noFuel #NoLight #NoChargeOfPhone #NoEP

  140. abeg who get nokia charger

  141. iphone 6 london used for sale, contact me on whatsapp or call 08094678718

  142. I have seen this rolex guy before. Tight sound.

  143. nice tracks but i’ve heard better

  144. this still doesn’t put fuel in my car

  145. SO this is the resurrection EP, you did not allow me top hear word on facebook.

  146. pryme sounds kind of cute

  147. I even thought it was a gospel song sef

  148. I love this project. We’re tired of just hearing two people in the South sooo kudos Sifon. Hopefully, you guys will rock the nation like roc nation . LOl
    ### MrTenInches

  149. Na Warri you dey!

  150. This is dope. Thanks for being one of those giving that real hip-hop

  151. mtchew

  152. Gbayi. This is dope

  153. That was Canibus’ beat on the last song right?

    • You know your hip hop

  154. Repping FUPRE

  155. nice

  156. Dope! No Wack Boys Allowed!

  157. Cool stuff! Follow up oh, Sifon!

  158. AREA! I stay in Jakpa…so I’m proud my hood got referenced in a good song.
    Y’all gotta keep working to put WARRI on the mapp

  159. dope af

  160. Waffi rappers. Y’all sound tush though lol.

  161. real music and balanced too

  162. Cobany on that dope shit

  163. Hi Sifon. Dope collection. But Sifon no come rap for there oh

  164. Abegi it was just normal project na

  165. wack idiots

  166. dope shit.

  167. i’m surprised i didnt hear any of those weak punchlines typical of warri-based rappers . I hope your city loves you back .
    now that you guys have paid homage to your city, it is time to focus on nigeria

  168. That last guy lmaooo

  169. Una try

  170. Rolex, my main guy killed the intro

  171. Hot stuff!

  172. Cool

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