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Posted by Jim Donnett on September 22, 2016 in HOT!! · 256 Comments


The semi-finalists from the Seyi Shay Air Brush Acapella competition just came in!

Congrats to the 16 DJs/Record Producers who made it to this round.
Now they will need your votes to help only 5 of them get to the final round.
To vote, you must listen to all entries from the 16 semi-finalists and select the one you like best by checking the name of the DJ/Record Producer in the polls section below and then click vote.

Find the audio entries below.

Air Brush (J-WAN Remix)

Air Brush by DJ Calix

Air Brush by Empaya Beats

Air Brush by Gboof

Air Brush by J to da K 4Sure

Air Brush by King Nosa

Air Brush by NAMI

Air Brush by Pee Basil

Air Brush by Que Beat

Air Brush by RICHB3ATz

Air Brush by Rockyrhymez

Air Brush by Sleekamo

Air Brush by SPYKE

Air Brush by Yung Willis

Air Brush by Dimex

Air Brush by Tu Fresh


Vote the DJ/Record Producer of your selected choice below.


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  1. I still can’t believe my entry didn’t make this list.

    • Even Tony Y’s submission didn’t make it.

    • Check this one out

  2. Lol! Maybe you people should check your entries again, most of the people that posted first made the best beats on this song and non of them where posted? Even the one made my pr3sto. This is wack

    • Listen to the one made By Nami!!!! Twas great!!!! !

      • Nami! Vote Nami!! He’s got the best

      • SPYKE is d bomb! listen to it, it will blow ya mind I VOTE SPYKE

    • Or maybe there’s wasn’t good enough cause my friends own made d list Mtcheww

  3. Haba! I have been following this competition right from the beginning, Seyi shey I thought you’re are better than this, this is corruption.
    @pr3sto didn’t make it @snowziga didn’t, @iamtony_y didn’t
    I guess y’all left didn’t put this guy on just because they will be problems for your proposed winner. FOOLS! I guess we should expect a wack single from seyi next.

    • Lol, wasn’t aware of the competition tho. Let me just check it out and pay more attention to the guys you listed

    • Nigga u no get brain corruption Wat? If ur own wasn’t good enough then it wasn’t good enough end of story go and download Dem and listen u go see how dope Dem deh especially dat Nami guy and empaya mumu boy

      • Enemy of progress @ adesayo

  4. que beat killed it….Dope.

  5. my guy life is full of courage…

  6. King Nosa murderd dis shit

  7. Rockyrhymez is the best! Wow!!!

    • Rocky rhymz is that ish

    • yaga rockyrhymez

  8. Weldon nami

  9. J to da k, I love those sounds… Nice one. Dopest of them all.

  10. Big up Kingnosa xo dope

    • king Nosa… thumbs up. in fact.. two legs up for you.

  11. That dope Kingnosa

  12. ???…rockrhymez z bae..?

  13. Nami d sound master all d way up

  14. Big Nami deserves everything, boom UNN finest

    • I wish u the best bro

    • Itz our own Nami d soundmaster UNN Lion&Lioness vote so our own homeboy can WIN and to Nigeria Vote for him so you can hear more of his dope stuff .

    • I vote for Nami

    • I vote for Nami

  15. Nami all d way, Nami d best master

  16. Nami sure boy is d dopest

  17. Nami soundmaster. U jst a star man. UNNs besteva. Kudos bro

  18. You got my vote Nami

  19. Nami d beat master take ur position sure boy

  20. beat master @ Nami all d way

  21. Nami is simply the BEST. Unn is proud of u man. That wz amazing prod. U #rock

  22. A lion give birth to a lion, Yung Williz give them they sound, like sure willis you deserved the winning!!

  23. A lion give birth to a lion,Yung willis give them they sound, like sure Williz you deserved the winning!

  24. A lion give birth to a lion, Yung Williz give them the sound, like sure you deserved they winning!

  25. NAMI coming through
    we got ur back

  26. Ur beats coming through @Nami

  27. Rockyrhymez killed it…the best !!!! just the best

  28. Rockyrhymez all the way .sounds so foreign.Big Ups Hope you win

  29. Nami, is another thing…
    you guys that didn’t make, be patient, all of you won’t win na

  30. downloaded all d refix, dey where cool but …rockyrhymes nailed it …

  31. Dis Rocky Rhymez gingered this song o….i hope you win bro

  32. empayabeats all d way…dope tune…y’all should ..listen and enjoy….

  33. See guys I think you should listen to Yung Willis’ version. . . a lot of experiments people tried on the song took away the original feel of the song. If you listen to the original version again you’ll see how he was able to produce the backing track while still keeping the emotions and vibe the song/music video had. Not everything is afropop, some songs are supposed to evoke feelings of nostalgia too

  34. This is pure corruption. Y’all should endeavor to check out @SureTeeBoy ‘s submission on instagram. Even Nollygriffin didn’t make the list. I weep for this country’ s future.

  35. Guys abeg vote Yung Willis. The guy killed it

  36. Hmm. . . I prefer Yung Willis. . . just saying. . .

  37. Guys just listen to Yung Willis’ version I swear you won’t be dissapointed


  39. J-WAN KILLED IT!!!

    • correct guy u sabbi guy J-WAN is great
      all dis other ones ar sentiment

  40. J-WAN!!! SO DOPE!!!!!

  41. nami u good bro….*omzybro*

  42. Tu fresh got this stuff on lockdown….so unique…..

  43. Tu fresh all the way…..

  44. sheyyi shay Is the biggest fool of all time #rubbish

    • Guy u need to take a chill pill, Seyi shay happen to be one of the best female artist that can actually sit on a track with a Beyonce and kill it..

  45. Nami all d way

  46. From my view as an artist!!!! I like King Nosa’s version even though I think it can be better, I mean far better but what I like is the direction,brings life to the music…the beat to me is not the best of its kind but gives the song more attention to me so my vote goes to King Nosa….work harder bro bro!

  47. Yung willis!!! Baddest producer!! Nice work!!!

  48. Yung willis has done it again ooo… forever proud!!

  49. Who else should win if not willis!!!

  50. Nami killed it… Really dope

  51. Rockyrhymez Murdered it… awesome.. Another Level….. He Already Won To me…



  54. Rockyrhymes killed it…bigup bro

  55. Tu fresh got this on lock Down… unique

  56. Ok I listened… Ds guys tried bt ds Spyke of a fellow made sumtin classy ere… I really like… Nw am lovin d airbrush song more…

  57. Yung willis always d best….#Teamwillis #EC

  58. Willis for d wining spot #teamwillis #ec

  59. Whaoooo, Que beat is quintessential, hez d best


  61. rock rhymz killed it …. nobody else

  62. Nami d best

  63. I got to Que beat and stopped listening to the rest. Bruh!!! ?? I don’t know you but hope you win! Nice work.

  64. To be very fair, Que Beat has the best work here. Thumbs up bruh!

  65. Tufresh dope sound I feel your work

  66. this dude have got it right I don’t knw u but u ar just amazing
    ##J-WAN.. kudos

  67. J-WAN beat changed my mood guys check dis dope guy.. sentiment apart he is d favorite for dis brand

  68. j-wan ! Dat so dopee

  69. We are better after hearing j-wan’s version

  70. Gboof gave them expression and delivery to this song. With such a voice. Your production made the voice enjoy her space… Great Job bro

  71. Gboof is just the main man. Brilliant work

  72. Gboof all the way


  73. Nami all the way, go my boy.

  74. Willis!!! Mad!!! Beautiful work… I’m all smiles

  75. King Nosa; The Owesome King Of Sounds

  76. Empaya all the way

  77. Gboof got it !

  78. Itz King Nosa!!!

  79. Nami, you kip representing!!! So dope!!! !

  80. Nami is the legend there we love you

  81. gboof took ds game to d next level, u have to listen to
    it to know wat m talking abt

  82. gboof rili took ds personal. for real he jus raised d stakes. xo loving ds guy

  83. Have you guys listened to Tu Fresh…. Check it out.. #Dope…. VOTE FOR HIM OJERE

  84. Wasn’t aware if this competition tho.. But trust me am a music producer and I must say, some few guys tried but SPYKE nailed it!

  85. Wow they all tried bt this man spyke did a great job, he took it international, he’s dope #classic I really like his

  86. I swear dimex killed this beat…..please guys vote for dimex

  87. Dimex!!!!!!!!! On the beat…….Big ups for u bro

  88. Wow! This dude SPYKE is #dope there couldn’t hv been any beat better the beat so maches the song simple and foreign

    • Mtcheww d key to winning this is super creativity go and listen to major lazer Or David Guetta and tell Dem simple Dem go just slap you. Nami deserves this joor .Empaya beats nice one too

      • It’s obvious u r tone deaf Bro, cos the guys u r shouting and drawling over were playing wrong chords to d song I wonder how it made it to d list

        • so you too day listen to those rhythm and progression played…thx cynthia.. i don’t know if you have a mail or something lemme send you the one my friend did…

        • So you dey listen to those progressions too….am telling nija no dey want good things i don’t know if you have email or where i can send you my friends

        • lmao…you are so right …….hahahahaha @cynthiana

  89. Empaya beats All d way….

    Nami tried stealing my heart o…buh empaya conquered ????


      • Your heart must hv been very cheap not to hv been stolen by the best I vote for SPYKE

        • Bia dis mumu go and listen to Nami u go just shut up ur mouth #Fucking Lowlife

          • Truth is quite bitter, and I understand ur pain, smh… if u like rant from now till ur last breath, Spyke is #king sorry for ur loss ehn…

          • U guys just be sentimental and biased, u see the truth and try to cover it, for ur information the truth can’t be hidden especially a sound as SPYKE, what I heard is incredible, the chords were just perfect and very professional, I don’t know this dude from Adam, but trust me I know a profoundly incredible sound when I hear one.. I vote for SPYKE. ..

          • U r just a sadist, with a myopic mind, who knows nothing about sound let alone music.. . U r a disgrace to ur self n who ever u r supporting Big ignorant fool

  90. Willis give Dem.dope tunes…


    • I am telling you. did he do dat

    • Namiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooooo D beat monster Empaya was good but Nami useless am with dat ending electronic music shiiii

  92. Wow!! Can’t say they didn’t all do their best but bro DIMEX ..I FEEL U DIE that different sound you got *thumbs up*

  93. Dimex I see you nigga

  94. Luv your sound @dimex ?

  95. My vote on #Empire_beat….dopeish niqqa..

  96. #Empaya all d way bruh…#festacbreed

  97. aww tu fresh has this international feel..he is xo unique

  98. Nami all the way. …He killed it

  99. Gboof you are just too good. I like the chords and the blend you added to Your work. Keep up the good work, and you’ll definitely win.

  100. Wow! I’m just loving airbrush song d more… thanks to SPYKE #classic beat I really love his version which brought out the realness of the lyrics and made me appreciate more BEAUTIFUL talented SEYI SHAY’s great song, wonderful voice,classic splendid beat accompanied too!!!!! peeps vote for SPYKE he’s tight! I vote for him

  101. As a producer I took my time to listen to every entry, trust me SPYKE Had it locked down! had to download his version.. . . and it been on repeat if there’s anyone worth voting for it’s SPYKE!!!

  102. Gboof killed this competition guys !!, Very technical and his mix will sell internationally believe me this is amazing , from a producer to a fellow producer this is amazing1!

  103. How come my own didnt make dis list

  104. Its NAMI d sound master!!!!! Damn!!! DAT guy gave it class!!!

  105. Nami, you’re de real deal… If you’re reading this would love to record on any beats you got… Hit me up bro. 08129871811

  106. Dj Calix all the way

    • Louder!!!!

  107. Mehn yung Willis is d best..???

  108. Willis made dope tunezz

  109. Willis made dope tunezz……he gat to win

  110. Mehn yung Willis is d best..???

  111. Que beat noni

  112. Que killed it yo!

  113. Nami on the beat!…you slayed it nigga!

  114. i love the composition of the song…so smooth…

  115. Nami all d way…!….d way

  116. This is why nigeria music don’t go anywhere

  117. nice

  118. love it

  119. Wow….listened to all the beats , but I swear DIMEX killed dis beat

  120. Pls y’all don’t waste your votes for mediocrity Vote for SPYKE trust me he did #Justice to the song entirely

  121. SPYKEEEEEE!!!!!

  122. Ofcos… Spyke got ds… Fresh sound

  123. Nami ah got no words 4 u mehn, 4 u to be able to take a pop song and turn it into a club jam an African jam a hip hop jam an interesting jam mehn ah got no words 4 u mehn pure creativity

  124. SKYPE all the way

  125. Wen i say ROCKY u say RHYMEZ… Ion knw d guy buh hez good af.. Undisputed and Flawless..

  126. Wow they all tried but this man spyke did a very good job, he has a very good musical understanding, he took it international, so classic, so i vote for spyke

  127. @rockyrhymez is bae.sounded like
    David guetta and martin garix .seyi
    shay should use this as the main

    • Exactly. He made it sound like a yankee song lol team rockyrhymez all the way

  128. @rockyrhymez is bae.sounded like
    David guetta and martin garix .seyi
    shay should use this as the main

  129. Yungwillis killed than anyone else

  130. Team rockyrhymez all the way he kept airbrush professional

  131. Que Beat always come up with something unique… A very mature sound. Way to go QueBeat.. I think I have a good music record of you. Pure Afro Fusion. I vote u Always .!!!!

  132. Rocky rhymes rocks

  133. Rockyrhymes got a dope yes on this one . great job

  134. Many pple there were just misbehaving in dere flstudio or wateva DAW they use ESPECIALLY @DJ CALIX OR WATEVA ah ah Nigga WTF was that asin I know Weda SEYI shay ear don spoil or wetin how u smuggle ur self enter dis list Mtcheww got to listen to all and I think my no1 is Nami Den Rocky rhymes And Empaya D rest just try

  135. KingNosa please if u no win did competition, I will know something is wrong somewhere. U changed a foreign sounding to our afro style. I didn’t know that could be done. You’re too good brother. God bless u. Please keep it up. Ah! Baba ooo. My God will open doors for u

  136. KingNosa you are really a king. The rest are your subjects. Big ups!!

  137. Unibens youngest and most talented. KingNosa is the youngest of all these guys here and I am very sure of that and as young as he is, look at the kind of piece he put together. Ur version make me want to sing the song over and over again. This is way beta than d normal one

  138. Unibens youngest and most talented. KingNosa is the youngest of all these guys here and I am very sure of that and as young as he is, look at the kind of piece he put together. Ur version make me want to sing the song over and over again. This is way beta than d normal one

  139. KingNosa you are the man, Youngest and Most talented. i wish i had this kind of talent when i was ur age. it will shock u to know this dude is younger and baddert than young john.

  140. OMG this guy is very good,he nailed it,i mean come on,y’all should listen to rockyrhymes production,the sound is crystal clear,he totally killed it,#believedat

  141. OMG,respect to all the producers,they really tried,but fortunately only 1 can go home with the price and that person is rockyrhymes,he’s sound is crystal clear,he nailed it no doubt #believedat


  143. Vote SPYKE ojere! #classic

  144. Vote SPYKE the Beat Crooner! Baba I dey hail…

  145. SPykEeeeeeeE! PON DA BEAT the man with the blessed fingers.. … Vote for SPYKE! Oga boss! Ur sound too gbaski!


  147. Nami!!!! dude turned a boring song into a monster jam!!!! dope one.

  148. DIMEX the baddest……beat pass beat mehn……DIMEX all the way

  149. Awww DIMEX …I love love this beat. I swear you have won already, I vote dimex

  150. Nigeria re fool when it come to listening to songs they dont listen to the song, but the beat that make them fool i think Gboof kill the beat by not turn it to club song….. other went by doing that is suck…nigeria dance whit poverty when they re hungry fuck that

  151. I vote Empaya Beatz.. you are the best

  152. empaya beats all the way

  153. U guys commentin without actually hearing them… Que beats had d best idea… But twas fucked up around d chorus… D most balanced that has the idea n good follow up is Empaya beats…

    • Yh…he sure is d best

  154. Nosa killed it

  155. Hail RockyRhymez ….. Producer Xtra-Ordinaire, Rapper, Song Writer, #JUJUBoy, STM CEO….

  156. Wish extreme beatz was selected… then y’all will know what a trueg production sounds like… all the same I commend your efforts but still I feel any dummy can do what’s here…nothing out of the ordinary… follow extreme beats on I.G @extremebeatz and confam him yourselves….the nigga’s foreign #StillBOB#BDA#DopeO.T

  157. I vote empaya beatz……love dem like crae #dolapo#empayafan

  158. I vote for him king nosa

  159. Am not surprise about nija wack competitions still the same… they don’t appreciate good things and its in their blood… is dis all nigeria can produce? please don’t ever post any competition again cos i know nigeria is better than dis remixes..

  160. Wow *dimex* killed it

  161. King Nosa has it!

  162. I

  163. Good production……listen to them all beats. I am voting the producer spyke

  164. Give it up 4 d bxt hits @NAMI..DOPE BRO

  165. Empaya all the way

  166. I vote for rockyrhymez

  167. Mhen empaya beats was a bomb

  168. I vote rockrhymez .hes kul

  169. I think Que Beat did the best job. Came up with a unique sound. Nice one bruh

  170. Rockyrhymez kiled et

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  172. DJ Calix all the way!!!!!!!

  173. Spyke got my vote among all them all

  174. omo whu be tufresh…xo dope, na 9ja person??

  175. Whi be this gboof sef? See chords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. DimeX ???

  177. Dimex all the way

  178. Listened to all the beat…spyke has it for me.

  179. Na spyke I vote.

  180. Empaya beatz killed it entirely
    No more comment

  181. I wish Nami the best

  182. Empaya I cast my vote for you
    No body else can do it like you

    • I think gboof

  183. Baba imma do a shutout lol @rockyrhymez d badest too
    Good bruh. #dab

  184. Jisooooos…. this nami guy na monster…. I’m in love with Nami… no homo things… but the nigga is wicked with beats

  185. I think nigeria should try and change there way in listenin to song they…they listen to beat and not the song is fuck well gboof kill the beat

  186. I think nigeria should try and change there way in listenin to song they…they listen to beat and not the song is fuck well gboof kill the beat

  187. NAMI u are good 2go.. u can do it better than d rest.

  188. Can believe m6dproducer entry did not make it.

    Check it out here

  189. Gboof for real

  190. Usually I don’t comment on things like this. A friend of mine shared the link and I voted even before listening to his entry. Today I decided to read comments and download according to recommendations but alas, I was disappointed. Even if he wasn’t a friend, I would vote for Young Willis over and again had I the chance to.

  191. The sound master NAMI deserve it all mhen….he is a boom

  192. dis remixes are better than the original version …feeling tufresh version tho

  193. Kudos King SPYKE!



  196. I vote for the best and that’S ROCKYRHYMEZ

  197. Everybody did their best on this song but if really u’re a good producer u could make the slowest song in the world a song anybody could feel in the club,marriage ceremony or birthday party…..seyi shay asked y’all to do your type of song to see how creative u’re not just here to listen to your beats….listened to all the covers here but u people still missed something….NAMI did a nice job but still it wasn’t 100% professional….nice beat but the voice was still coming late no good producer ever makes that mistake but this nigga@ ROCKYRHYMEZ did a perfect job he played with the song his way and finished it well like a real producer….i don’t know you but i hope u see this….Am really impressed with your work

    • Rock rhymes did try but I listened to Nami and Empaya too and found dat d best is Nami followed by Rock before Empaya. RockRhymes made it too predictable but Nami fucking shocked me at d end it was some maddddddd shit I was like what’s by kudos I hope rock rhymes or Nami or Empaya wins dis

  198. Nami on the beats…….!!!!!!!!!!

  199. fried fish, beans and bread, water melon.

    • Gboof beat is mad

    • No one esle kill it like gboof

  200. I love it gboof i like the beat

  201. Que beats killed it!!!

  202. Gboof u the best

  203. Rockyrhymez deserves it! Just know, I’m in America and i am supporting you. I know God has amazing things in store for you! You will soon be famous, you already got fans from America

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