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David Adeleke popularly known as Davido impacted the Nigerian music arena with his first major single and became a household name in less than a year. This feat is anything but easy to accomplish; arguably the not so fantastic singer has his music deeply rooted in hearts of fans and critics alike and the plot thickens with the release of his suggestive titled debut LP “Omo Baba Olowo: The Genesis” a.k.a “O.B.O: The Genesis”.

Unlike the Bible, ‘All of You’ make up for the opening minutes of the book. Conceivably packed with subliminal messages as the artiste sings “…My manger is bigger than… HKN is is better than… All of you”; yet David still found a way to hit a commendable score. The second chapter is the self-produced debut single of the singer with a guest appearance from Naeto C where David rants about ‘Back When’ he was broke and it is arguably my favourite track of the LP.

I cannot endorse this as the new school music nevertheless Davido, Sina Rambo & B-Red teams up for the disappointing ‘New School Things’. Davido makes up for the slack time with the suggestive ‘Video’ enriched with a groovy mid-tempo production credited to Maleek Berry, still the lyrics of the song is conflicting. On ‘Sade’ Davido tries to flex with weak vocal chords and the adjective ‘weak’ sums up the track but shines on ‘Ekuro’. HKN’s gang Sina Rambo appearances in ‘No Visa’ and ‘Overseas’ are also a let down, you find the duo ranting about riches et al and not doing a good job at it; also B-Red surfaces on ‘Enter The Red’. With money comes fake friends, we are happy that Davido and Kay Switch realize that in ‘Dollars in the Bank’.


It is safe to say he saved the best for last as the final moments of Davido’s O.B.O showed promise and possible climax of the tale with numbers like the 2Face assisted ‘For You’, the J-Sleek produced winner ‘Mary Jane’, the Dokta Frabz produced ‘Feel Alright’ with vocal credits to Ice Prince as they talk about the rollercoaster nature of their relationship with weed and the smash hit ‘Dami Duro’ which propelled the singer’s career to another level. The last chapter is ‘Bless You’ which features May-D, and sees the rich boy assisted by the dark-skinned vocalist appreciating and expressing gratitude to God for his blessings, well everyone loves a song with a hint of spirituality.

The tale of the song of a rich man fails to match up the momentum built before it hereby we are faced with a bunch of so-so mid-tempo tunes degraded by sub-standard vocal technique notwithstanding currency notes ensured that the production is stellar still the O.B.O: The Genesis falls short of expectation but there is room for improvement.

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Artiste- Davido
Album- Omo Baba Olowo: The Genesis
Features – Naeto C, B-Red, Sina Rambo, May D, 2Face
Idibia, Kay Switch and Ice Prince Zamani
Producers- Shizzi, Jay Sleek, Maleek Berry, Gospel, Spellz, Dokta Frabz, Davido and Theory Soundz
Label – HKN Music (2012)




Posted by on July 24, 2012.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Me na lykam cuz ov e O.B.O stuff….e muzik qan get GBEDU…enoff inspiration….RESPECT…HKN GANG!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute.. Did some1 said weak voice or weak lyrics… Gosh… Dat person most b high on somthing….. Jesus.. Dis song dope… i play it every minute.. i so much love dis song.. Davido.. And a guy and not gay.. But the truth is i love you …… Ukay noni

  3. olobi says:

    2.5 star for dis album? Shame on d reviewer,shame on haterz, shame on all of you wy deyy beef…thank God man ???? b God..

  4. ff @Bapsy01 says:

    Was in Uk.last week. Nd was so amazed on how white girls were dancing 2 dami duro menn david ur beats re Dope…

  5. ff Bapsy01 says:

    In. Every tin a person does dere must alys be heaters. Guys if una dae ask if na only hin papa get moni make una also go show d moni wai una papa get na …. Una poor but na una make mouth pass ..

  6. Bukola Yusuf says:

    lol………… all I do is laugh out loud ahhhhhhhahahahhahahahahha.

  7. ola Gee says:

    Davido u b baba,nice 1,try 2 work 4 d nxt album by u again.No DULLING.ola gee am also an artist,pls hlp.07032794945 dat my numba my guy.

  8. @YomiBlack says:

    Ok guys, I get where most of you are coming from, if anyone cares to here my opinion, the truth is Davido album get a pass mark, but Wizzy did a far better job…..

  9. Dapo says:

    D akbum worths a 4 star

  10. Bob says:

    People pls let appriciate dis guy called davido,4get abt d money his father ve he realy tryed.there re so many people richer dan his father nd their also in d game but they not make wave.david u try,no be say u 2 much but u try

  11. Agboola Abiola says:

    The O.B.O album is greater than All O’ You critics..infact anytime I see @too exclusive blog I will never read again, this is such a comment from a lowlife and hopeless person, the boy is just 19 what more do you expect. To me, the album wasn’t a dissapointment. And God bless DAVIDO.

  12. Chinko says:

    Who d tok say davido no try? If en no try enta studio go sing ur own

  13. fasan oluwatosin aka G12 says:

    Davido continue u r good Is just dat I sense a little of jealousy and envyness. Just continue doing ur tin and ignore dose shit nigro who can’t achieve quarter of wat u ve achieved. Enemy of progress I think u shuld make home for ur self. Davido u do gud they will surely talk and bad ko dey will fuck off hatred

  14. AcetuneYNC says:

    This Album is commendable i must say. Though the expectation was high due to the hype and erethang. Bhu never the less, this critic was unprofessional by judging the album. If you haven’t bought the album and you read this, sure you’l never bye t. Anyway O.B.O is just the Genesis. More grace to your elbow. As an artiste, i dey tell you say to sing no easy especially when you don’t have good vocals.

  15. bayobrown says:

    please lets always learn to appreciate …..when someone is at the top…..where your families and your next generation cant gets to…please appreciate.

  16. bye says:

    Download new hit single 4rm Martini fear reminisce…

  17. bye says:

    Download new hit single 4rm Martini fear reminisce…ori odo

  18. lucas says:

    Why are u guys beefing davido I guest he worth 3stars keep it up guy u are mouthed

  19. prince says:

    Men the dude is so wack abeg sings rubbish like say music ??????a to come make your stupid family name go and get a life man the album aint shit ??????A ONLY YOUR PAPA GET MONEY

  20. david says:

    @kingbeejay abi oooooo ; his album deserves 2 be a 3start album

  21. Kingbeejay says:

    @David I support you 100%…..3 star for d album

  22. Kingbeejay says:

    Hmmm……I think I sense jealousy for the guy… one is perfect..
    ……nice work Davido but you should try and improve on ur lyrics and ur voice

  23. tunji1986 says:

    I naagod

  24. david says:

    I keep wonderin why y’all hate ; d album ws Good even Davido himself sed ” my album cn be sed 2 be good nd manageable” so u critics cn criticise bt remember ; if u dnt buy his album or if u do ; it aDds nun 2 him ; btw if y’all broke ass niggaz had money ; u wud all flunt it lyk bastards ; I’ll grade his album a 3star album ; nd it ws up2 ma expectation

  25. Perry says:

    Why did Tooxclusive give 3 stars and half after rating the album poor? He deserves 2 stars most. Don’t be soft on a nigga who is too proud of his silver spoon status

  26. perry says:

    He thinks money buys talent huh? With an album as mediocre as this, he would realised that even though the industry is filled with wanksters he sure can not reap where he did not sow. Bring on another album definitely not dis one.

  27. swag boss says:

    For rich sugar mommy and rich sugar daddy call me on 08157348257

  28. Audrey says:

    This review is soooo explicit! I like!

  29. NoOne says:

    This review, in my opinion, is not analytic enough. It simply towed the line of social public rants and inuendos. No doubt Davido didn’t live up to expectation but I expect a sincere critic of the album, not a judgement.

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