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Artiste – Vector

Album: The Second Coming

Features – Muno, Mavado, Sound Sultan, Jazzy, Mode 9, Shank, Emmsong, Bad Man Floss, Rocksteady & 9ice

Producers – Tryone, Del B, Tee Y Mix, Da Piano, LiciousCrackitt, DASECA Productions, SAGZY Productions, DollaShogon & Mr Smith

Label – YSG Entertainment (2012)

Awarding winning rapper and YSG recording artiste Vector has released his sopohmore album titled ‘The Second Coming’. The tall rapper is known for his lyrical abilities and has being dubbed the wordplay king by many yet two LPs can be harvested from his second coming which boasts a guest appearance from international dancehall artiste Mavado, Shank, Sound Sultan coupled with quite a number of relatively unknown names and production credits from masters in that field. Despite its shortcoming, some roses in the bunch still blossoms check out our track to track review;


Generally ‘The Second Coming’ feels like ‘The Hobbit’ if you have not seen any of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies and have never heard of the name ‘J. R. R. Tolkien’.

Reviewed by Ogaga Sakpaide [ @Ogagus_ ]

vector rating ALBUM REVIEW: VECTOR – THE SECOND COMINGvector The Second Coming

pixel ALBUM REVIEW: VECTOR – THE SECOND COMINGvector The Second Coming

Posted by on January 6, 2013.

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  1. Ivan says:

    I think you’re being negative about a number of the songs just to keep up the persona of a “tough critic”. It’s not working, so stop it, because it doesn’t make you any more credible than you already AREN’T. You just wrote off two of the best hidden gems of the album, You Bad, and Shaye. For what? And you used a lame pun about the song being like its title? Please review your reviewing skills. Do better next time Ogaga, because this one just didn’t work.

  2. sheezy says:

    U bad is a veri good song,donno y u want it axed

  3. Anonymous says:

    I Love T2C

  4. Dafoma says:

    if hate vector album.that mean u can hate urself listen very well to the guy
    u go see am say e good.from he first album STATE OF SURPRISE, and check
    dis SECOND COMING.if u still complain that mean ur musical hear no dy work
    for me vector is the BEST

  5. hmm says:

    let me be frank and sincere here, Vector’s album is one of the best out there, i bought it sometimes early this year and i never knew vector is as good as this. i give it a 4.5/5, please you guys should go get it, very few albums can stand up to it i tell you, despite the fact that vector is a rapper, the beats are awesome, the featuring ones where he featured artists were killers, the guy is just too good….ogagus, i dont agree with your rating AT ALL.

  6. cool bukson says:

    Ogaga if you were to be reviewed as a music critique you will be 0.3/5, even non hip hop heads are feeling this LP. This is not just the best hip hop album I’ve heard in a while but also the best music album I’ve heard this year. Go and be properly schooled on music, so you can comment better than this lame one liners you dropped on this review.

  7. kingben says:

    Wtf ar u saying about “u bad”dat track has been stuckd on ma replay 4 lyk 5days nw

  8. Olusesi Weloveyou says:

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  9. Kemi Donald says:

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  10. that ratings is kinda low now…at 3star would av been ok…To me sha he is a Five star rapper.

  11. VEC, D??????????? best outtA 9ja. Dnt care wot Ogaga says. Vector'S always onpoint.

  12. Pressplay says:

    This is a really beautiful and seemingly unbiased review coz as a rap fan, I think vector can be inconsistent on some tracks. All in all sounds like an interesting buy… I’m out to cop that asap! Kudos to the writer/editor.

  13. Tolu((G)) says:

    Stupid review….. Similar review was mad about timayas’ tracks… I doubt if the ‘reviewer’ z got proper lisetening ears… Mtcheeewww. #t2c #dope.

  14. I don't give a damn weather or not u rate it as †??? best, this Album I§ †??? best.

  15. Me says:

    The way u review dis album, i thought u’re going to drop the rating…ogaga! Nice review,bt abt the ‘you bad’ u made a mistake cuz is one of d best in the album,and dnt try to condemn ‘muno’ cuz u see him has an upcumin. D guy is talented and am sure u’ll be d one to cum and say gud abt him wen he’ll be a star….Any1 hatting,go and do ur album and let see ur REVEIWS and say hw whack u all…YSG ON TOP,VECTOR THE BEST RAPPER EVER AND THE BEST LYRICIST…i’m out!

  16. shevMillz says:

    Vector alwayz dope

  17. StreetMic says:

    I love d songs I aff heard..until I hear d oda songs d album remains dope!

  18. toyin says:

    Dis album is dope, I dnt agree wif d dis reviewer, dos he kn hip hop at all?….all d songz ar tight, I giv d album 3 n half over 5…cos dere is still room for improvement…

  19. vee says:

    The 2nd Coming is by a million miles one of the best rap album outta 9ja!!! If u dnt lyk VEC den u re a learner!!!

  20. SHiKI says:

    EXACTLY the way di album is! a 2.5/5 album…Vec would hav done better tho *Shrugs*…his 1st album was even better!

  21. @don_berba_jay says:

    Haven’t bought the album but Ogagus sounds like its pretty average, anywaiz heard a couple of songs frm d LP and I luv d ones I’ve heard, but cmon it vector and we all luv him.

    • Mohit says:

      Thanks for the downloads this year Oddisee. Just a quiteson though, will you be pressing any of the albums from last year on wax, including the 2010 wrap up?? Was really after the Odd series on vinyl…that would be a treat.Cheers

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