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I Have Proof That Wizkid Stole From Dammy Krane – Kwam 1’s Daughter

Posted by Temitope Delano on January 15, 2016 in News · 85 Comments

Dami Marshal, daughter of Fuji King, Kwam 1, has weighed in on the whole Dammy Krane/Wizkid issue.

According to Dami, she is fully in support of Dammy Krane who is allegedly saying the truth about Wizkid being a material  thief.


The brilliant lady, who was recently called to bar said she has proof that Dammy Krane was indeed invited to sing in Wizkid’s studio but was later taken of the track by the time the song was released.

Dami, who revealed that she is at the moment running her masters degree in intellectual property law which will be used,  in dealing with anyone who plagiarizes in the music industry, also accused Iyanya of being a material thief.

dami m

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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. I don’t get it, is this a joke or what?

    • Nawa o

  2. Is it just me, or is her english scattered

    • Bros, the thing tire me oh. And she said she’s doing her masters. May God help her. B*tch is just looking for fame.

  3. Let’s watch and see the proof you have. As far as I am concerned there is no expression from Dami Crane and if you have not forgotten your elementary Intellectual Property modules, what you are saying goes to no issue. Be careful learned colleague because you can sued for Defamation. Fingers crossed!!!

    • I would warn her in the same manner, be careful of what you start madam, its obvious you have a close relationship with #DK, but if you want to be subjective about it, its in your best interest to keep mute until you can release a proof as you call it your story about a phone call is stupid and dumb without an amr or mp3 file to prove it. We all know the lonely and frustrated dammykraner as he calls himself needs attention from the media at large. The boy lacks talent and he is so confused of himself, one minute he wants to be wande coal, next minute dbanj and the following minute fela or even kwam1 oh your father, i see. The boy was rejected by the judges of a teen choir audition in rccg overcomers assembly’. He cant deny. Not one of dammy krane’s idea/material can ever be useful to wizkid. So Barrister Dammy Marshal, quit making a fool of yourself, and making yourself an object of mockery.

      • Aren’t u d most stupid mothafucka around..

  4. Foolish Ashewo that can’t speak current English.

    • see u wey sabi type current english, current koo, voltage nii. #Oloshi !!! Cant even spell correct and u dey abuse person

      • sharrap fool!

    • Lollz I see how u nd ur English tke #Current @Ashewo

      • am sure she is studying dami crane and wizzy in skool…why not tell her to change course

  5. Stupid & Foolish Lagos Ashewo that can’t speak a current English. Law my foot! #shamelessfool

    • see u wey sabi type current english, current koo, voltage nii. #Oloshi !!! Cant even spell correct and u dey abuse person

    • Hahahaha so what are you speaking??? Pot wey dey call kettle black hahaha chaii

  6. You are a fool your head like tea bread,cant you just tell us the song he stoles from dammy stop hating the boy his talented,gift from God,Bless up wizkid Yaga fuck you haters

  7. Dis girl is a foolish girl oh…dammy don fuck her finish she come here da talk rubbish… wat does she know… is it by given dammy pusy dat makes her a lawyer?

    • Baba NLA wizzy wizzy… RESPECT

  8. Is nat wizkid’s fault dat dammy fool z nat talented..steal’n z allowed jhoor! See yhu call yhur self a barrister nd yhu dont have good eloquence of english… Well tell dammyfool dat if is d fame dat he wants let em cum collect it #streettitakeover!

  9. My people no get eye differenciate between pidgin nd pure English.. She was using d former, nd there was nothing wrong with her expressions.. I may not endorse all she said, but I wouldn’t condemn her language when there’s nothing wrong with it.. #Balu!

    • Your head correct joor!

  10. This barrister should have her certificate returned to where ever she got it from. Dont give us dumb fallacies . We are learned enough to know if she has any recording she would have shared the amr or mp3 on tooxclusive not her horrible face and grammar assasinations. Talking about plagiarism, dammy krane’s lyrics/song Cant even be used for project fame auditions let alone wizkid stealing his meaningless ideas/material. As a matter of fact, dammy krane was rejected by the teens choir of rccg overcomers assembly cause he lacked and still lacks real talent. Dammy krane should please call that a lie. Barrister Dammy sue me please for stating the obvious. Be objective barrister subjectivity is bad for your career as a young barrister. Brush your grammar up too. Buy yourself a copy of brighter grammar its neccessary. Be sensible next time before showing up on social media with fallacies.

    • Bros see I swear you will not die young

    • Broda ur mind dey

    • Barrister its seem u dy craze,come make I fuck u make u knw waitin dy xup

    • Some dump heads here that are insulting barrister dami are like some dummy heads in the jungle.

  11. Your toe toe. So a lawyer that cant put in a better english online. This girl de find fame. Bring your pusy make me self fuck. Ashawo

  12. all y’all commenting on her English are fools…….her English sounds correct,its her abbreviations… am a law student also,so ain’t I allowed to abbreviate my words…as if y’all don’t type this way

    • what about “carry this one on my head” or “the boy called wizzy on phone” Confirm before spilling and you are also a law student. SMH

      • isn’t “Carry this one on my head” a common phrase we Nigerians in general use? Or she is not allowed to use it because she is a lawyer? and you should please state what’s wrong in the second sentence because personally i can’t find it.

        The truth is even if her use of english language was impeccable, most of you would still have had something horrible to say about her which i find really sad. Not for her but for you.

  13. Story

  14. See this idiot wey her neck be like Longthroat bottle… nah your type dem dey find for here ? Better go face your studies and learn good English.. mstcheew B*tch..#TeamStarBoy

    • Lol.. Idiot.. Shey u no dy read wetin u dy type ni… U go jux comment nonsense

  15. Mrs. Barrister…I hail o!
    I for like know ur age o…!!
    E b like sey u don dey crex o…!!!

  16. She no even fine self…. I wonder watin dammy krane see for her body

  17. Don’t be wizkids sycophants please.. Criticise objectively .. Yall just sucking on wizzys cock.. She’s making clean accusations with debatable proofs, yall just picking on d language (which is not bad anyway) nd forgeting the main issue at hand, which is wizkid taking advantage of a fellow artiste.. Yall don’t know if d accusations are true, but if they are, then know you’re hyping a snitch.. Stop attacking a lady shabbily cos she knows whatsup with d case better dn yall nd making valid points, Deal with it!

    • Na thunder go finally faya you shaa.. Oloshi

    • If she has proof let her bring it out or better still shortup

  18. Stupid bitch!!!

  19. B**CH watch ur foolish tongue….stop hating on wizzy…Fuck yhu bitch…whore….. #haterz

  20. B**CH…shut ur trap….better stop hating on wizzy… and concentrate on sucking dammys d**k b**CH….whore…. #haterz

  21. Dammy think before u tweet,cus dat ur so called ashawo barrister done deceive u.fool u know u can’t be fame like baba wiz so dammy get lost go fuck ur ugly bitch.

  22. keep on fighting so that you can give us chance

  23. Make una leave dat lady alone maybe she needed a star to fuck her that’s why she’s siding but she wasn’t suppose to be bring up Shit on

  24. I’ve gat nothing to say than to say you’re an ugly ***bitch**

  25. I’ve gat nothing to say than to call you an ugly **bitch**

  26. Which kind barrister be this self anyway she look like dammy self like boyfriend like girlfriend long necks


  28. see dami if you are looking a long fat d*cm to ride on……. go to the zoo and look for a horse cos a real n*gga like me can’t f*ck an ostrich. Tell your Damizulu to go take a pew coz Wizzy Wizzle ain’t seeing a mo’f*cka like him.

  29. see dami if you are looking for a long fat d*ck to ride on……. go to the zoo and look for a horse cos a real n*gga like me can’t f*ck an ostrich. Tell your Damizulu to go take a pew coz Wizzy Wizzle ain’t seeing a mo’f*cka like him.

  30. Sha is not her fault, All lawyers are liers, with her useless proof, infact proof ma ass… LAWYER KE. Mtswee. dirty girl..

  31. wona dey hear d make noise dk n wizzy go settle d run dia tinz 2geda wetin b wona own inside d matta

  32. See her Face like Eba wey don spoil.. Foolish Barrister, that’s how u’ll end up opening legs for fake pple like DammyKrane 2 screw ur dirty pussy n try to cover trash 4 dem. Olosho seff dey claim barrister, Coman sue me na, with ur bad English, Hatin on a star doesn’t and canneva make DammyKrane a Star, He’s killing His career, Tellim that! Now i hate DammyKrane pass shit
    mtcheeeww!!! #WIZKIDtiTakeOver

  33. Nigerians haha… This is really what they call star pass star
    U guys are supporting wizz bcuz he has more fame than dami
    The lady said she has proof and u guyz are still condemning her , she no fine na una create am….
    Her typing doesnt matter this is social media it not necessary u spell ur words correctly as long as pple understand
    Omo star pass star …..

  34. It’s a big shame. Take one quick scan at the string of those speaking against her…two common things that will forever plague nigerians is paramount: proud sentimentality and very bad illiteracy. those who think they have opinions can’t see the difference between angry stupidity and common sense. and is this suppose to reflect good judgement or justify the argument or perhaps promote a healthy image of themselves or the artiste they support? And to think that they will still carry on after this chills my very inside!

  35. Not is wrong with her English, she just used pidgin and lack of punctuation marks.

  36. omo this girl na ostrich tru tru ooo…she just be like Pepsi long throat size….#wizzyTiTakeOver jooor

  37. who be dis 1 self way be like masquerade, very ugly fin so you want to attach you self to the industry for pple to knw you but not this way. mumu.

  38. Dis girl na real MUMU, ugly tin! If she be ashawo sef,i no go f**k her even if na for free

  39. Leave thrash for lawma jawe. U loose gaurd them street u u begin vex. De dere shey u carry lawyer

  40. Hey guys, as for all the goats that are making speculations about her english, u all fools, all u do is comment without brains, am not sure you guys understands english , she hasn’t typed anything wrong up there, she’s making the dough , looking for fame that might be her start , while some of ur dumb asses are as poor as A church rat, make una find work instead of beefing, and it really confirmed that the sole idiot called wiz stole from that guy, so shut up if you not updated, barrister miss, carry on , want to see him sued to court …#shit happens

  41. she wants to b notince babe dat dat 1 na story 4 d gods oooo lyf no wan knw……lyf goes generating legacy$$$$$$$$ 4ck dat shit

  42. On which song?? stop being dumb and be realistic

  43. C her neck like pepsi extra head. Oponu omo

  44. Chai see english..nawa oo

  45. Did Wizkid also steal Ojuelegba lyrics from u? Wat rubbish… Even if he stole Baba nla lyrics how on earth would u av made it a hit song?

  46. I swear all of u wey dey abuse barr. Damilola una be #Weyrey …… Do u think she’s d one who typed it on tooxclusive? No she’s not, tooxclusive saw it somewhere n they put it here for u to see, so I dnt think d blunder is frm her! Mumu idiots

  47. Y’all shud find something better to do, Dis is still January oo…..stop waisting ur time doing #Gbeborun for hia…… Chai diaris God ooooooooooooooooooooo

  48. Whc music dammy crane get make wizkid wan thief

  49. well it’s not bad if your hating a great young fella like wizzy, egbon dammy krane if you want the fame go and make good music hommie, Lol he stole your music???? if e sure for u sing another 1make we hear

  50. E agbo oo sugar cane, u want to get fame, make it on ur own nd stop using this silly accusation as a stepping stone. Wizzy na confirm lagos guy. “skeske robo ske”

  51. shey music industry n law get business together,…………. lawyer go find beta issue settle jawe

  52. Ahu ruggd to all fuckland in da aouz…..nd tew you mss krane if u ask wizkid out nd he did nt accpt u dat doesnt mean u shld go around nd defame him in all ramificatn nd if u knw u wnt a gewd relatnshp wif damikrane diz nt hw tew plai ur game try nd be clm dnt b loquaciouz nd knw hw u run finz dat ma advic tew u stil a kid bae dnt leth ur blood clot in ur vein datz ma advic tew u….u may be goodz in ur field dat nt hw tew gt fame perhapz dat nt nw dea run finz….nid ma hlp 08098801269…..always BDB

  53. All diz haters of wizkid .. Fuck y’all..

  54. Heeeeeeee. nawoo, see dat #fuckin fella

  55. Dammy krane ave apologise let 4give him buh d barrister am highly disappointed in u 4 been born by oluaye fuji kwam1

  56. Omo who b dis one wey dey call herslf Barrister,see omo go find beta work do o,small person lyk u wan dey insult boss(wizkid),omo u get luck say ur papa na good and a respectable man for industry,if not u for chop curse,see babe i get respect oh,but if u say a word again i will make sure u see what in dis world,well dammy krane,just tnk ur God say u apologize,if not,u too for see d world,well no1 in dis music industry should ever again accuse wizkid okay?,and barrister u beta go and meet ur palz to teach u how to tlk and how to mind ur business,and not to take panadol on someone else’s headache

  57. You this dump heads that are insulting barrister dami are just like some dummy heads in the jungle.

  58. You this dump heads that are insulting barrister dami are just like some dummy heads in the jungle. BY DANIBLINKZ

  59. Good day.Am from Naija..but living in Guyana.Am not a starboy fan nor Blackface fan.
    But make Naija people call a spade a spade.
    I have listened to the song “since you have gone” in which Blackface accuses Wizkid of stealing his melody.
    Truly…wizkid sampled the song !
    Please,try to listen very well.

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