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Lil Kesh Had Back To Back Hits, So Did Reekado Banks…He Deserves Everything He Gets – Korede Bello

Posted by Temitope Delano on January 20, 2016 in News · 43 Comments

Mavin artiste, Korede Bello, recently sat down for an interview with Punch newspaper, where he addressed a lot of topics. From his career to the Headies controversy.

The ‘Godwin’ crooner, also revealed that he and his team have recorded new songs that will blow the mind of all and sundry.

Read the interview below.

How do you feel being a recipient of the Headies award?

It shows that God answers prayers and He proved that He was right when He said that we shall always be the head and not the tail. God’s word is beginning to manifest in my life. I feel greatly honoured because I was placed in a category that had other industry heavyweights and musicians that I revere.

It is a great privilege and accomplishment to win the Headies and it means that I am on a path to greatness like my boss, Don Jazzy.

Honestly I did not think I would win because my song, Godwin, was put against some of my favourite songs of 2015 but then again, I expected God to win in the situation. I did not plan for it and I was short of words when I was called on the stage.

I did not even get to appreciate all the people I wanted to acknowledge. It was when I got off stage that I began to remember some names I should have acknowledged. I appreciate everyone who has been and would be blessed by my songs.

You were also in the category for the contentious Next Rated category that sprang up some controversy. What is your opinion on the drama that happened over that award?

The next rated category is one that is highly rated among singers and being nominated alone is a big deal to me because past winners have done very well for themselves after the awards. However, winning does not guarantee your success or showmanship as a musician.

Firstly, I am grateful to the organisers of the award for nominating me and I I’m extremely happy.

Regarding the controversy, Reekado Banks had a good year in 2015 and he is a hard worker. He deserves everything he gets. Kiss Daniel also did very well last year; he had three hit songs last year and some of the songs are my favourite.

Lil Kesh, my brother, also had back to back hits last year. It should be a big deal for anyone who was nominated, but it is only one person that would take home the prize. It is a voting category and I guess the fans chose their favourite.

Lil KeshReekado-Banks

Do you think the whole rancor that sprang up as a result of that award was necessary?

Certain situations spark up spontaneous reactions. I am sure the parties involved in the controversy would be remorseful after the event because nobody wants to be associated with something negative.

It was a spur of the moment reaction because we are humans and we have blood running through our veins. We have opinions to express; it is just the way that we pass our opinion that matters.

People have a right to be angry and they have a right to express their opinion. They have a right to defend themselves, their friends, and their songs. I think everybody just wants to be better and they want what is best for their team. That is all I can say.

How come you did not tweet about the incident like some of your label mates?

I am studying Mass Communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. I know better than to speak while a controversy is at its peak.

It is better to just keep quiet and let everything play out. I actually tweeted before the event where I wrote that, ‘tonight we celebrate together’, and we actually celebrated together. The best thing to do in moments like that is just to remain at the background and not react to criticism immediately.

What is your reaction to Etcetera’s negative article about your song with Asa?

I don’t think the article was objective. I read the article and Etcetera is a freelance writer who does not speak the opinion of the people. He says what he feels.

I have read some of his past articles and they are the same, he says what he thinks and feels is right and I feel everyone has a right to their opinion. Etcetera, being a musician, might feel that there are some certain elements missing in a song, but I see tweets from fans, I hear my song being played across radio stations in Africa and people tell me that they love the song and feel blessed by it.

That is all that matters to me. I am not doing music for it to be anaylsed, I am doing music for people to feel blessed and inspired to do great things. I do music for my message to impact on people’s lives and not for people to say that I did not sing a particular note properly or spell a word right.

That is not my goal. My goal is to make people happy and as long as people are being blessed by my songs, that is all that matters.

Do you think you can do a song that would be as impactful as Godwin again?

Godwin is a very powerful song but I want to assure my fans that we have recorded some very fantastic songs. We even had song that were ‘Godwin worthy’ before we recorded Godwin.

But you can’t deny the fact that there are some elements in Godwin that cuts across all demography. Everyone can relate to the song and you don’t get those kinds of songs easily. Even if you do a song that is better than it, just because some segments of people cannot relate to it, they might feel it is not like Godwin.

Godwin was divinely inspired and it was a God project and I pray God blesses my other projects too.

You tried inventing a dance step for Godwin which many people believe was a flop. Do you agree with them?

It was not a flop and to set the record straight, I did not invent the dance step. I saw a little boy do the dance step on Youtube so I incorporated the dance step.

I felt it was a funny dance step and a hilarious way to express oneself.

I also wanted people to talk because it took us a while to release the video. It was a risk that we took because people already had in their mind what they wanted the video to look like.

I needed them to talk about something and take their minds away from the fact that we released the video late. I did not invent the dance and I would love to meet the kid someday.

I found the memes on the internet hilarious and that meant that more people went to watch the video online. People actually do the dance step especially when I am performing the song. They can relate with it.

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  1. Which hit? Sorry but he is the first Artiste to win the Next Rated Award without a Hit Song…

    • Its true he did nt deserve it

  2. God bless you #Godwin

  3. Divin Idaco : guy u gud to go!

  4. Bello!!! You are not my problem. Infact I love the mavin crew. But y some old fat big head cargo nor wan get respect for #demself? What really concerns me is why shud the beef between f**k don faggy or whatever is his name and my dude, brother and bobo master OLAMIDE end just like that? Who send the ajebotas wey talk 4 the matter? E concern them?
    Atleast they shud have let the beefing continue… make OLAMIDE finish that E fat yhash with a gud beefing music. I’m sure don Faggy fans would have loved d music. Una know say OLAMIDE nor dey dull. Also, I guess the so-called Don Faggy knew what would have hit Him if the beef had continued. jazzy my foot.
    Mainland be dey wait 4 you. Well take some advise from me. You still have to be careful cos 4cup nor dey soar..LOL

    • I swear you ar the most stupid,idiotic,animal have ever see…you dont even knw what you ar saying….your comment is pointless…mumu…u so dull…

      • Srzly the guy is really dull and obsessed wiv his one styled yoruba bobo dude. Di** head

    • Mumu

    • U are right my brother d idiot himself knows what will happen if d beef did not end like that

    • u guys dat say Reekado bank did not deserve d next rated are fool am sure u ar just listing to music u don’t go wit d words dy say hun lilkesh or so is just shouting in his songs der is no sensible word in dem hun bt for Reekado song he thinks b4 releasing any song dat is y he deserves d next rated hun

  5. Lil Kesh over reekado banks anyday!

  6. Reekado is good but dnt derserve the next rated and if you say he does means u’re being very bias , love Reekado but wen person see truth make e talk am. Woju was a monster hit an lil Kesh was way hotter. Fuck the headies

  7. U are a foll I love the Marvin’s abeg

    • I hate mavins

  8. With the way bello answered every question, its easy to say he his intelligent. Swift and brilliant way to answer questions.

  9. Rekaado banks did not deserv it because he did not no hw to sing i love lilkesh

    • ybnl for life

      • Ybnl 4 life no matter wat dey say

  10. 50years time,many of u upcoming will still be in d studio wasting ur time and money,cos u don’t and will never know a good artiste…(Lil kesh is just a lucky dude,he definitely won’t make sense in some time soon 2 come)….

    • My brother God really blessed yhu nd u should knw dat…..dat has been my point ever since.people fail to differentiate common things in music.

  11. If u don’t mavins y are u making saying it a loud, pls say it within u, ok

    • all of una no get sence the best musician is olamide an lilkesh

  12. Wonderful interview. I wish People can learn to talk like you.

  13. Reekado they try but lilkesh be baba I love ybnl

  14. Guyz cool down all way na way lil kesh o reekado banks o. No probs but mai own is that they should have given it to tecno. Cuz he tried

    • My man u are 100% right Tekno is de only one deserved

    • My man u are 100% right Tekno is de only one deserved

  15. baddo na baba ybnl u ar too much

  16. Am a ybnl family and am a fans of all good music. Reekado is a great artist but I think he deserve another award not the next rated because kiss daniel is in the same category with him. Every single he release was a heat from woju to laye to good time as for lilkesh I think he deserve the award because he killed everytime he release from lyrically to shoki to efejoku to is because I love you to gbese to okamfo he is the next rated artist for real

  17. Jymmie

  18. U guys argue like kids. Kesh is a small boy n sings lyk d small boy tht he is. Sensless lyrics. Can ur parents listen 2 Lil Kesh? But evry parent can listen 2 Rekadoo

  19. U are a fool 4 saying dat ooo so ur parent can listen 2 sugarbaby den dey are nt real parent okay or u have nt listen 2 lilkesh music when u are relax b4 my friend stop saying what u dont no

  20. I think Rekado only makes sense with his choruses…other wordies na meaningless….e.g Katapult….I dn’t know kesh though buh u got 2 watch Olamide live in concert…tell me abt d crowd when kesh sang Igbese…d dude got hits!!!!! No offence meant.

  21. Rekaddo Sings and every one understands who’s that local rapper?

    • I think reminiscence his d one dat sing local rapper, but if u called kesh a local rapper, listen to cause trouble 1 and 2 and use DAT ur mouth to call him number one

  22. korede if truely d award was given base on vote, kesh would av received next rated and 4 more awards is very obvious, any body DAT as not dance shoki b4 sud b d first person 2 say kesh didn’t deserve d award, even governors, our President, senators know shoki dance step. let b sincere.

  23. korede if truely d award was given base on vote, kesh would av received next rated and 4 more awards or kiss Daniel, is very obvious, any body DAT as not dance shoki b4 sud b d first person 2 say kesh didn’t deserve d award, even governors, our President, senators know shoki dance step. let b sincere

  24. Korede, I so much feel you guys’ crew (SMD)… Yeah, I enjoy all your songs but….. To be candid and sincere, the award was meant for the one and only shoki master- Lilkesh! I dey feel diz guy like huh!…. Fuck reekado’s Oluwa ni…. I so much hate dat song ( only d chorus I give 20%)… 2 korede my bro.. Keep it up!

  25. Lil kesh is the best

  26. YBNL no sabi rap 4 english, so make their boss go teach them english rapping, as 4 reekado i give him go ahead HE IS DE ONLY ONE DESERVE

  27. Mhizz Haywhy

  28. Ure stupid…hit song keh??

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