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Davido’s Skelewu Video Saga, Who Won?

Posted by Tyler on October 24, 2013 in News · 129 Comments


Despite the criticism and heat thrown at Davido because he was born with a silver spoon, the young man’s talent, worth ethic, perseverance and God’s favour has turned him into a mega hit making machine, spawning hits (Gobe, Dami Duro, One of a Kind, Back When, All of You, Skelewu, Gbon Gbon etc.) more than most of his contemporaries with one studio album to his credit not-forgetting the lucrative endorsement deals and high grossing world-wide tours. Davido is not the first artiste with money as one of his strengths to hit the music scene, many have come and failed while some managed to bag one hit and go into oblivion, so please let us not say that money is his saving grace because his music possesses that magic and he has the star quality.

Back to matter that inspired me to put pen to paper – the Skelewu debacle fuelled by its music video. Just like last year Davido arguably has the biggest song of the calendar to his credit, talking about his Shizzi produced ‘Skelewu’ which broke records and topped charts across the globe without an official music video. If you have deep ears in the music scene you will know that Davido hired D’banj’s go-to guy ‘Sesan’ to shoot and direct an accompanying music video for the song days after its official release before the song turned out to be what it is; obviously amazed by the success of the song he felt that the video that he had created before was not worthy of a song of that caliber, so he decided to re-shoot with Mr. Moe Musa without making any fuss or noise about it.

After a concert in Sierra Leone, he excitedly tweeted that he was off to London to shoot ‘Skelewu (The Movie)’ treated by Mr. Musa only to arrive in London to find out that the degrading visual which he did not approve to be released had been leaked to the internet. Like every emotional person he took to Twitter to air out his frustrations; and everyone labels him the ‘immature bad guy’. Did he leak his video himself? Did he mention any names? Did he use any insulting word? Just because he has money which he worked for by the way, everyone is against the winner. If I am correct this is not the first time a music video is shot again, for instance the visuals for Iyanya’s smash hit ‘Kukere’ was treated twice because he was not impressed by the first video.

As he promised his fans he released his official video on the promised date and as usual everyone was there to scrutinize, criticize and bash the video, Davido and Mr. Moe Musa without knowledge or insight labeling it a theft of LMFAO’s ‘Party Rock Anthem’ while some said it was inspired by AMC hit series ‘The Walking Dead’. There is no way a sober individual will say that Sesan’s treatment was better than Musa’s concept, quality, execution and so on. I agree that the controversy increased expectations and the video did not highlight the dance and choreography as much I would have loved, nonetheless Davido and Mr. Moe Musa delivered a solid video clip worthy of the song.

An article on TheNetNg which carried the headline; “Davido – The new ‘Skelewu’ video sucks + director Moe Musa is a creative thief“, emphasized that Mr. Moe Musa should be visited by LMFAO’S label Interscope with a lawsuit for unacceptable creative plagiarism of ‘Party Rock Anthem’ which was conceptualized as a parody of the 2002 horror film ‘28 Days Later’; a movie which Mr. Moe Musa credited as the inspiration for his treatment of ‘Skelewu (The Movie). Let us not forget the fact that music video directors both Nigerian and international have been jacking concept and remaking videos since the before I was born; even Beyonce and Rihanna have been accused of it.

The very music video which we are bashing left, right and centre was said to exclusively premiered yesterday by MTV U.K, so who is winning in this so-called war? If a disc jockey plays the said song in a club or party; you will jump and spill your drink, so who is winning? The said song has topped charts in Africa and is already climbing up charts in Europe, so who is winning? Why the hate and spite at Davido? Please let us love and celebrate our own and go look for something to eat today.

Authored by Ogaga Sakpaide @Ogagus 

Photo Credit – TCD

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  1. I don't even kn y we kp hating our own celebs..frankly speakin davido is nt singin as if he's frm a rich home…even some artist that are nt frm rich home are nt even living upto xpectatn..pls let the young lad be

  2. Moe Musa LOL

  3. Fuck Ogagus. Am sure you are a friend to Davido

  4. You're a bitch ass nigga! What the fuck is this shit all about?

  5. Couldn't say much, but all the rest Davido is one of a kind and io see no reason why u guys have to critisize him. It was this same dude many of you accuse of stealing someone else music wigthout a thorough finding and here he is doing what he knows how to do best and instead of crediting him u keep on saying trash about him. If a disc jockey plays the said song in a club or party; you will jump and spill your drink, so who is winning? The said song has topped charts in Africa and is already climbing up charts in Europe, so who is winning? Why the hate and spite at Davido and if Y'all critisizer think u got something better pls do come up.

  6. Davido is winning…!!!

    You can choose whichever one you like btw the video.

  7. how much did u get? You meant to say we fans are wasting our time for sharing deep thoughts, ask many artists who are afraid to organize tours/concerts, they will surely tell you what fan base meant, or ask wizkid what it means to perform for almost empty seats(you goats think its all about money?fuck it!…..who's winning what?…simply share ur thoughts. Your views are one sidded! You did not recognize the fact that there is what's called intergrity and diplomacy, music is business and so should be treated. Imagine you happened to be Sesan, and ur work was rubbished like that…I bet you would hang your sorry self. I am a huge fan of davido, infact, I have passion for him, young and talented, but he should have asked for advice or sue the producer of the earlier video, didn't they have agreement? Contract?….maybe everyone should go back to drawing board and have a rethink. Who orders release of videos? Who has the sole power to release works?. First class in session, get your game right boys!-Ludacris

    • Truth! Word!

  8. Ogagus you are a fool

  9. davido na big fool

    • Davido all da way

  10. Suleiman realone u b dead…. Pple lyk u are always broke…. 8tez are like ma dick at times dey get hard

  11. ogagus duznt hav an idea of wat hez sayin,,,,he shud go n fuck himself,,,y wud davido shoot a vid wit d renownd sesan,,,,d same guy dbanj wrks wit,,,,n say its nt gud enuf 4 his sng???pple critisizin vidz duznt mean d director izz foolish,or he duznt knw

  12. beefers dnt live long,stop hating on a successful niccur.

  13. Dahs really true…..buh 4 me…i fink the Sesan own is much bera

  14. Y do pple always critisize wahs gud, donno ur problem, d guy's got talent nd deres moni 2 unleash it,so sit down dere nd kip critisizin…jus helpin him to kno his weak part! Thanks @ yo haters..

  15. Yo got it man..@jay…..haters be like ma shit, dey stink bad sumtyms!

  16. Davido dis, davido dat,u guyz should look for beta work 2do instead of wasting ur time n energy 2 criticize some1 already making money,Pls davido show dem you ar beta dan all of dem.

  17. Good job davido keep it up_what so ever davido is winning

  18. I prefer MMM's Shot!

  19. lemme laff pls…..hahahahahahahahahaha….som are still lik d handy toy use by jnr jay….as we write d hype keeps spreadin d boiz fame gets even bigger dat translates 2mo money,I mean fat wallet 4d young boy.dis is d reason why d fuse was created as sha

  20. Datz D real fact people nid too know Davido Kip It Up"Let dem Talk

  21. Lolsasss don't even know what to say bout this..but I fink u guys should go do wat u sabi do…all diz mumu wey dey talk nonscence and trash bout Mr. Davido, they are never succesful or have sumfin tangible accredited to thereself…that idiot named kunle is just a hater…if you can get to his house I'm sure he's a pauper and the rats in dat aren't available in my church is better of him….why can't you go do sumfin meaniful with your life@kunle….kudos mR. David adeleke aka davido…d both video are the joe american accent guy..its I trully skelewu the movie…waiting for your next show @ catfield davido…I love you davido…u are my man..kip it up and turn deaf ears to haterz like numskull called kunle

  22. ogagus got the rep of riding the next available dick, he's consistent….he's on davido's dick now

  23. 4maly I don't play many of naija song,but I stand 2b proven wrong by a few carts now..I may not buy dr songs but I dance 2it wheneva I'm in a club….if we know d hate,d level of hard work,prejudice,presure,devils and demons dat surounds music makin bot home and abroad…many would hav trown in d towel den run back 2eat dr fathers money…..I love d bois courage and mental strength 2stand against all odds.despite som human demons workin so hard 2send his GAME 2 early grave.some day soon,som'll hit fame lik him and we'll all fight our own demons all by our self.

  24. Well as for me the two video didn't match the song type or feel, I expect something much better as for the quality Mr Moe wins over Sesan on that, but the dance step was seen more on Sesan version. Davido tried on this one, but personally I think he should get the video reshoot with serious thought on the song and the dance step than any other thing. And to the writter stop taking sides its not good for business trust me.

  25. nice song,nice videos buh personally I think sesan's video show's much of d dance step's dan moe's,so thumbs up 2 sesan.locoto coas finite I rest ma case

  26. nice 1 ogagus tumbs up 2 davido,seasn n my main man mr moe musssaaa still d best man

  27. U r here wastin ur time,davido is dere collectin his money,stay dere and keep critcising,ogagus u r sayin trash,d 2 videos r gud but davido shld ave showed less enthuasim 2 sesan's version of d video #PEACE# so whos is winning?

  28. Ogagus u r nt saying trash though u r still ryt,davido is winning criozly

  29. Weda sesan's video is beta than moe musa's or not, e no too mata…think abt ursef 1st, you don chop?

  30. Haters have u eating today

  31. y hating some1 whom has already maid his moni u guyz should go n make fame if dat will make u feel better cos their is ntin 1 will do dat will pull davido down

  32. I'm nt beefin davido buh he got 2kno 4 himself and igberaga, sesan's video is berra. sharp!!!

  33. shut d fuck up Bitch Ass Niggaz, see dem bad belle pple talking and u aint gat Penny in ur Bank account! OBO doin wot he knows best n u bad ass niggas keep talking trash…..If e pain u too much go sink and shoot Video, if only u gat d voice and money to

  34. i don't see nothing wrong with what he did both videos are good but i prefer the one from SESAN

  35. Mr skelewu tin do u nao goiing on top omo mummy video?

  36. Its simple Davido should promote the dance on another track cuz personally I haven't ssen enough of it yet but d SESAN's Video is on point

  37. money speakin anyway

  38. all i can say is SKELEWU!!!

  39. Davido Ride on

  40. everyone to his/her own opinion,I will say Sesan's video was better. See the energy in the video,the dance step and I like the concept Sesan used,taking everybody along the street,the student and even the man at the market that was enjoying his meal and also nodding his head,I love the video. Good job Davido

  41. Ohh plzzz hw much did u get 2 write diz rubbish u want to tell mi dat davido didn't knw abut dat video bin released yet he waz redy 2 premier it mtchheeww davido fukup big tym.even if he didn't lyk sesan wrk he shuld ve @last STFU rada dan sayin shit tryna spoil d guyz name if he lykz let him do 100 of d videos mtchheeeww.ah persnali lyk hiz songz buh trut be told he messed up. hiz jus a kid dat nidz to grow up

  42. Davido!!! I'll advice you do a reshoot of the video with Sesan,the fault I found in the previous video was just the quality.nice one bro

  43. Mehn who the Fuck is Ogagus! That nigga aint straight…who said Davido isn't still a winner? We're all saying why will he boast of another video, condemn Sesans hardwork and expect pple to just accept this Trash Skelewu the Movie? Like a comment above Ogagus is currently on Davido's Dick so he has no choice…abegi for others who said bad stuff about the Criticism are fucking idiots…If you don't have critics how will u progress? That's why Nigeria is like this coz some mumu will not go straight…ok so Ogagus, Davido has read this post! How much entered ur Account? #Smellos

  44. Life is 2 fast for some guys 2 seat around hateing successfully people……davido has money like shit….some of this haters go dey wander wating they wan chop 2nite sef….and nigerian music is going out nw like shit….so sesan or moe musa….money or no money…if u got the money he got and even if u nt go a sing and u wanna blow won't u blow….but I like davido cause he got the money and he got the skills…..we suld support our own and stop criticizing becos it sure as wen u dis boko haram and blow 2 u won't want them 2 criticize u like this rite? ABI!!!!

  45. See all this stupid fellows,I supported Davido about how Unique the video is and they insulted me,Well now y'all are saying positive tinz abt him now,HATERS dnt live long.Support ur fellow human if u want to be successful in this LIFE #YOLO.

  46. whoever wrote dis… stfu.. dnt sweet mouth d whole p…. shior!!! niccur jacked.. two videos shii.. sure dey paid ur ass off

  47. That nigga(ogagus) is daft, he aint straight. Btw @guy u deh gbagaun no be small. E sure me say ur mouth deh gba(smell). I just wonder how u take pass common entrance #yaga

  48. Have never had my comment on here…this will b my first time,cos I have 2 reply 2 d shit message by ogaga..u can't just come here and start telling us rubbish,d video was ntin but an absolute nonsense,just because he has given you a token of shit to write up for him on this site does not mean you will b able to change our view about him or the video. I wonder where the music industry is going to…

  49. As eLDee the don wud say.. "IS IT YOUR MONEY???" Play me skelewu & I will dance. Next year another song will become a hit & I will still dance to it. Life goes on. It's entertainment, not your grandfather's will. There are more serious things to bother about…

  50. Cherous

  51. RIP 2 D HATERS

  52. EmmYoung

  53. These pple knw what they are doíng, all has bin staged. First of all check skelewu tutorial they were just jonzn. Secondly Davido is nt an artist that can dance on a normal, he jumps so where did the concept come from. To show he didn't research well. He tot he could get steps from the competition bt couldn't cos the dance steps used by competitors were mostly asonto,galala etc. So on the matter of the video that's the best they can come up with. You just can shot a video like skelewu with only one dance move. To me dis is d réason why ð video is below expectation

  54. Dosent realy mean becos sesan works wit dbanj DAT all is work are gwud wat we looking @ is who did it beta Mr musa or sesan 4 me sesan did a gwud job but Mr musa did beta buy telin us wat skelewu is . Is not all about dance d massage is more important Mr musa gave us d story of skelewu it was a nyc delivery.

  55. Moe musa killed it man. Kudos to davido

  56. haters stop hating,if u say u get sense and u dey hear and understand,y not go listen to d song well,get d lyriks and watch d video but let help u foolish hatters of DAVIDO and mr MOE MUSA get out of ur missary, here is d 1st 4 lines dat has d song,"all d

  57. Seriously, we have to consider ourselves in these case,everyone has a right to their opinion, I feel Davido also have his own right to say what ever he wanna say but he should have consider what his fans will say, there are better ways of handling issues like this,i dont blame Davido for all dis saga, i blame his management. I dont want to say much but pls lets forget about this and move on. Mr Davido, its one of those tgings, i bet you have learn lesson with this saga, management, pls do your work. Peace

  58. You Guys shld stp hatinq,music aint Easy if yo hatinq on sum1s success just bcus he has money how will u suceed in life,if we are happy abt pipo success definitely pipo wld be happy abt ouRs.Wat goes around cums around,Let's give the guy sum credits for his former videos.I no skelewu is ? banger we wre expectn ? very classy video but we didn't,so let's just 4get abt evrtn. Aftall D boy dun mke money tire @ dis him age mke we find our own 2 instead of mch tlk.Love the 2 videos….especially moe musa's,Big ups 2 all Naija artists

  59. I think the 2 videos r ok. Davido is a human and not all his works r expected to be perfect. But for me I expected him to come out with a video dat would shut all these critics up. @ Davido keep doing the good work; u can't please everybody all the time. But for me both video r nice.

  60. DV

  61. Davido come ????? kiss ??????? ,, infact hug ??????? tight.. Skelewu all d way

  62. I will always L??e U????? honey.. Do ???? things ???? way… ?ø matter how U????? do it man men must wag their mouth

  63. Davido or no davido….all i know is dat Wizkid is the best……#datsall

  64. Nice piece of Write Up Ogagu or watever, this articles is full of LIES

    Davido was in Nigeria wen Sesan's video was released, go check Davido,s tweets

  65. Watin richness de do 4 dis mata Davido sabi sing an moe musa murder d video,Davido carry go

  66. I Fink Sesan's Own is better than Moe Musa… Buh anyway. Thumb Up 2 Davido & his Hkn Gang.

  67. Davido got it all wrong @ frist when he tort sesan own was nt good enuff 4 his hit track,but anywayz yu kwn all dis smellos n ow dey act….

  68. Both videos re good. I prefer sesan video cos it brot d dance out more. Aside d dance which d song is all about, I would ve chosen Moe Musa's version. The issue Davido shud ve sorted out is wu leaked the video out wen he did nt ask dem too. Any which way, d two re out so me just enjoy both videos depend on d mood. Love em both. Thumbs up for Davido, Moe Musa n Sesan. Creativity is not a job for dumb asses.

  69. well it aint all bout money.we expected more 4rm davido cuz d song was a hit.well if i hear d song aniwhere i will still go cray tho.thumbs up 2 d Davido

  70. Davido is wining and moe musa video is of more international standard than Sesan video… People jus wanna bif… Haters go and hug the transformer… Davido on top

  71. Mk ona let ma bio chop keep plate o wetin com b ona business,I like d video nd d dance who nor like am mk d person go hug transformer•jst de grove life de go nor mind bad bele people davido wil alawys b ma favourite no mata wat

  72. The person that composed dis article is a Big BITCH! Only bitches praise Bitches! Dazzal!

  73. Mehn! See comments. This kain blog/news dey attract comments. I'll keep this in mind in case I wanna be a blogger in ma next world.

  74. Saw the comments… Went to watch the 2 videos and… Believe me…. Non is better… Davido is repping naija very well… Kip it up…

  75. Hmmmmm get a job haters, u guys should fuck off. Kudos 2 davido nar man u be, when u see sm1 progressing celebrate with him or her instead of saying some nagative things.

  76. These motherfucking so called fans that are saying the 1st video was better than d second 1 where d ones that made Davido shoot another just to please em…now they are saying that the first 1 is better…fuck all of you!!!!….skelewu is a hit!!!…and the Skelewu video y'all don't like is one of the best videos ever to come outta Africa!!!

  77. Abeg who go give me 1 cup of garri make I drink here? I neva chop since morning ooo.

  78. Anonymous.

  79. Ogun kill you ogagus or what is that your name …. How can a boi of yesterday talk and think his wolrds can be stamp in the music industry ,but all dsame make davido or wat should come up with a love and emotional song like my blood WIZKID check out no one but you by WIZKID

  80. Beefers dnt last,abeg davido ride on.

    Una all wey dey beaf Davido no dey dance to his songs niii. To hell with u pple, nd abt his background, nah him talk say unna papa no get money niiii! Or nah him make una papa poor nii. The guy is a product compare with Wizkid. Davido Ride on nd remain blessed. I sight you Humble guy

  81. D skelewu dance competition no evin get use …sesan did a beta job …sesan 50% Mr Moe 30% …d video was actuily nt meant 2 b cwit lol bcz dis directors are both equal 2 d task ov making skelewu world clas buh wha did dey du? …let's jez c it as a neva meant 2 b cwit video …

  82. Ogagus, this your article ehn..

    Total ass kissing..

    Abeg pull your skirt up nd check if u still have a weeiner oh… This some bitch move right here..

  83. Its was u guys dat said sesan vid was rubbish Davido listened to u guys and dicided to reshoot the vid still u didn't apreciate it tell me who is comfused among u guys and Davido I can remember vividly well all ur commet on sesan vid some said Davido should go and collect his money back,the fat is that u guys are helpin him get more famus and is beta u stop hatin so u 2 go progress..thanks 2 u Davido.

  84. The two videos are good bt the Moe Musa reshoot was just so off the mark, the video doesn't suit the song (skelewu is a movement nt some sick contagion, skelewu z a dope "swagger" dance nt some trance-like hypnotic movements shown in MM's vid) but a good attempt nonetheless. Sesan's vid z quite good bt come on, the scenes and shots were repeated so often it looked like one godawful low budget flick! it doesn't matter if a video z shot in London or Perth, once the idea behind it is off… Its a no no! Creativity is the key not your high end Red camera!

  85. Plsssssss allow davido,he s making his cool cash.lolz

    • you guys are all bastards if you want to say anything about him just first of all go and produce your own music

  86. Omo baba lowo ¥???u nail it irep ¥???u till foul grow teeth!haterz KIU

  87. O-whatever your name is, you don't have sense oh. This is rubbish.

  88. haters be happy wit his progress so dat good things can come on you pple's way..

  89. @steelz am sure ur mother is a fucker!! It sure me die say ur mouth dey ur mama pussy wen u dey type that rubbish….see guy just couple ur sef if u no want wahala… ass motherfucker!!! #yaga!!

  90. Yeah stop the hating and go get something to eat. Shout out to you ogagus. David Adeleke is born to be a winner n he's gonna keep winning till thy kingdom come.

  91. Bia, all these pipo sayn davido's making his money, remember all he's doing z t please fans, n wen d fans stop loving u coz f sm irrational decisions, oops! Then he's definitely headed for d rocks, fans are very important in d entertainment industry, financial bckground n depth f pocket f a fan doesn't count, wht counts is d ability to appreciate a piece, so all this pipo talkn 'bout hw much z in 'our' pockets, jux zip it!!!!!

  92. The guy is making d money, u guys here making d noise n still dancing to d hit! Davido tell una say 3 vids is out choose one to watch or u watch d three n if don't like any of dem kiss his ass!

  93. the best arts we have in Nigerian are dbanj, ice prince, de prince, davido, olamide, timaya,terryg,2baba and idris abdulkarim they are the best arts in niger bcause all of them do things with there friends and do not lk down on people but wizkid do is it

  94. Sesans video was trash 4get d fact he does video 4 dbanj don't we all see d sort of video he makes 4 wande rotten video 9jeria appreciate ur own when dt sesan video came out all ur fingers where itching 2 comment rubbish d guy tried 2 please us his fans and u haters wanna start again I personally hated sesan's job by d way jaiye jaiye video is out nobody wld talk abt d fact dt d bush swag in dt video is mayd nd dbanj concept ya'all go and look 4 what 2 eat aside beefing sumone dt is made even wiv out music…. Insulting reply is allowed I dnt mind

  95. This article is so biased I couldn't read through.

  96. Awon omo ale jatijati, na amadioha go rape all of ona wey dey talk say davido get sense, the guy na dog wey no fit think straight, no ever compare am with STARBOI oo!! Say wetin na…..ogun go kill anybody wey mention ma name for here….AWON OLORIBURUKU

  97. You are an idiot, why you confusing yourself? Why write about peoples encroachment to green pasture, who knows you? Davido the kid is confused and that is the simple truth, shut the fuck up and advice him and stiop writing trash.

  98. Suffering from PREMATURE EJACULATION, Visit

  99. I prefare the second vid more cause that's what we call concept,the first vid was jst as if children are being gathered in a play ground to dance, no formation no concept.I believe that video is going to change the mentality of nigerian your thing mr dave

  100. D both videos are for d dude nd he's paid everitin for d video I don't knw y all of u won't let dis dube b pls davido if u like shoot a third video I dey urside shine on bro

  101. You hating him cos of his wealth I fink..una go tey thr.Gbayi jare Davido

  102. All I can say now is OYA FIJO GBOWO.??????

  103. sam plenty says U really tride wit dis you did INPRESSIVE it Ur Boy Omo Baba Olowo.??

  104. Harold Mikes

  105. @ogagus or what ur name ist called I personally don't hav probs wif d video or davido himself, buh @ogagu what u just did just for u to be celebrated is absolute nonsense. you now came onboard wif ur critque, who are you criticising all the way?, asuu str

  106. @least d boi is still beta dan sum "arrogant bastard"…………funny enuff danny krane claims 2 own d steps nd pple ar still cryin over d videos………d true is watch both videos u'll see dat moe musa's version is more content…….b4 u tuk trash plz put urslf in his shoes nd see hw it hurts

  107. What is a scale Used in measuring goats called? SKELEWU!

  108. @ogagus, how much were u paid for this rubbish. U shouldve managed to use ur brain rather than this. I'm sure davido's cam mailed this article to u. Ur creativity on tooxclusive is shitty No wonder notjustok keeps killing u guys. Think before u post. The money u got for the post can't paint this dented personality of urs. Get a life

  109. Life is too short for me too start downloading 3 skelewu video

  110. The write up looks more like d writer wants some dollars off Davido… u been real either!

  111. Mint

  112. Oluwa mide fwesh

  113. nigga why you drinking panadol for davido or shey he paid you to,abeg plz drink extra for ham.who cares

  114. Ananimous

  115. stephanie nice one davido i love u.i want to be in ur nex video. O8138518667

  116. 8ters he cant even c ur ur illegal hands typing about him.kip h8ting while he kips making money.dats y dey say d rich gets richer.Alot of poor pple its mentality palava.its beta 2 emul8t dan 2 envy.wat do u ve 2 offer pple wt ds ur second hand mouths?

  117. Opinion is diff frm insult.Davido even d bilbe says thou preparest a table b4 me even in d presence of my enemies. 2 b famous even wt a silver spoon aint easy.some of us stl love u.And dose pple dat said deir money makes him richer.u dont go 4 his shows,u buy pirated cds so hw come?u beta luk 4 d pussy were u ve been dumping ur small notes.

  118. It’s his video oooo
    Guck urself, you don stand for front of camera before. Nonsense.
    If you don’t like it, $hot yours and make ur popular so we get to watch. #%* aproko. Your tire dey move back o, Yøú need wedge. Nonsense. Una give am money ?? Abi you think sey him go every sabi you. Fucking haters Suck yourselves.

    Good one Sesan, good one More Musa

  119. @puff money wat is u people business is it ur moni dat obo is spend y re u people complainin nw wat is u people own nw

  120. Download Skelewu Video

  121. Even if Davido decides to release 5 videos for his Skelewu song, it is his!! so just Stop dis beefing..I know mostly dat d poor are the most Haters…leave dat rich Dude so Loving dat dude

  122. Stella Gift

  123. All of you who re saying davido video is bad all of you are junky.. If you no is easily go and produce ur own video.. OBO I believe you in anything you do.

  124. N’a wow oo some pple make de talk never show 4 MTA télévision b4 ooo

  125. Nice one bro…..make u pple go download skelewu video ooooooooooo…

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