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”Forget Koko Garri, You’re Going Down Fast” – Earth to D’banj

Posted by Tyler on April 15, 2014 in News · 143 Comments

D’banj may still be raking in millions of naira, but the quality of his music is giving fans and pundits cause for concern. 
Let’s start with a simple question: When was the last time D’banj released a hit?
In the past two years of ‘silence’, the kokomaster has in fact released song after song. The problem? All have been uniformly dreadful.
A music manager who has worked with D’banj in the past, and asks to remain unnamed, puts it succinctly: “You know that there is a big problem when a musician begins to be known more for ‘kpo-kpo garri’ and his relationship with Genevieve or some desperate housewife in Atlanta, than for his music.”
Mr. Endowed
In February 2011, the remix of music superstar D’banj’s hit, Mr. Endowed burst onto the collective consciousness of Nigerians. In the accompanying video was his longtime collaborator, partner and friend, Don Jazzy, gently nodding and swaying, true to his style. Also present was ageless rap veteran and lackadaisical charmer, Snoop Dogg – who was christened OluwaSnoop – and who professed love for “my nephew D’banj from Nigeria”. Eja Nla (Yoruba for ‘big fish’), as the Nigerian would come to be known later, had landed himself a really big fish.
Everyone gushed about the alluring video vixen, the wad of dollar bills used as rolls of toilet paper and how good the trio looked together. It would go on to be the definitive moment for D’banj’s international career which blossomed after the release of Oliver Twist, the single that would go on to become a UK Top Ten hit the next summer.
D’banj eventually became the first home-based superstar. His success was a deviation from the model adopted by artistes such Asa and Nneka who migrated abroad to flourish, having been empowered by the enabling atmosphere of their new base. Here was a made-in-Naija boy who had grown in leaps and bounds, his success fuelled by the tenacity to survive the jungle that is the Nigerian music industry.
In June 2011, after months of speculations and rumours, rapper and agent provocateur Kanye West signed both Don Jazzy & D’banj to G.O.O.D Music. The latter featured in the label’s compilation EP, Cruel Summer, making a cameo appearance even in the video for Mercy, alongside fellow label mates Pusha T, Big Sean and of course West. Furthermore, fans were treated to a surprise appearance from Yeezy at the Koko concert in London. With the unprecedented success of the Oliver Twist single and the announcement of international deals, first with Mercury Island Records and then Sony Music, it seemed like D’banj had finally struck gold. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Or could it?
A G.O.O.D man’s worth
The kokomaster’s success had an expiry date, it seems. The magic that truly captivated everyone – from designer Giuseppe Zanotti who once sent him a custom-built pair of sneakers, to reality TV star Kenya Moore who allegedly paid $40,000 to have D’banj pose as her boyfriend – is withering away. His recent singles have not been as infectious as their predecessors were and since Oliver Twist, not one has been as big a hit as any of those released in the era of the defunct Mo’Hits. Even G.O.O.D Music, it seems, has parted ways with the flamboyant entertainer.
In his two years’ with the label, there was neither a tour with Kanye nor a major collaboration. There was the forgettable track with Big Sean and Pusha T who performed in Nigeria, the sub-par verses from Yeezy himself on the Scapegoat remix and vocal credits of a line or less on the Cruel Summer EP. Save for those and the Yeezy cameos – at the London Koko concert and in the Oliver Twist video – D’banj seemed to be on the label’s roster only in name.
Was the deal worth the hype? Should D’banj have listened to advice from partner Don Jazzy and strengthened his hold on the home front before attempting to break new grounds in the US?
“Looking back, it almost seems like it was a huge publicity stunt because there is really nothing to show for it”, argues Arinze Obikili, US-based blogger and founder of “When you compare it with 2face who collaborated with T-Pain, and featured on another song with him and Akon,” explains Arinze who is known in Nigerian social media circles as Aribaba, “and Wizkid who is rumored to be on a song with Young Jeezy and The Game, you see that D’banj pretty much wasted two good years with Kanye, going for something that he could have attempted by himself”.
After all the fanfare that greeted his G.O.O.D signing, what might have informed Kanye’s decision to drop him from the label; so soon and without any recognizable impact? Aribaba theorizes: “I think it was a business decision. Perhaps he thought that the US wasn’t ready for mainstream African music or that he had overestimated D’banj’s value. Seeing as most of the artistes signed to G.O.O.D Music have great singing or rapping skills, and D’banj has neither, he probably thought it wasn’t worth the effort trying to force him down the US audience’s throat or figure out what to do with him. What would’ve been ideal is if Don Jazzy stayed. In that case, Don Jazzy would’ve worked with D’banj, and the G.O.O.D Music brand would have been the package around what they would have done to sell to the US market”.
Foladele Falana, an entertainment journalist with TV Continental, questions the motive for the signing. “Our excitement about the whole deal was in vain,” she muses. “I don’t see that he was noticeably more successful with them than when he wasn’t. It shows that you don’t even need to be signed to an international record label to make it”.
Nothing more for Oliver Twist
His away form has trailed him back home, as the story is no different; a number of mediocre singles have been released under his newly established DB Records since his marriage to Kanye and the end of the defunct Mo’Hits. D’Kings Men, a compilation album on his new label got a mention in the New York Times, but was nevertheless less than stellar. Furthermore, his usually high performance ratings have been inconsistent – there was the lacklustre performance in Zimbabwe where he was booed off stage as he ran out of popular songs to perform. Raise Your Glasses, the Hennessy Artistry song has not fared well. His single, Bother You, for the soundtrack of the film adaptation of Half of a Yellow Sun is as cheesy as it is unspectacular, with ThisDay writer, Ayodeji Rotinwa commenting: “Were I not judging it per its mesh with the movie, I’d call it a fine piece of sonic rubbish. I daresay it even falls under D’banj’s customarily low standards.” Indeed, save for that octane-level verse on the groovy remix of Naeto C’s Tony Montana, nothing new from the kokomaster has really stuck.
The Koko Music Empire is on the verge of disintegration and its head honcho has turned to his business ventures to save face, launching products as random and diverse as garri and mobile phones. It doesn’t end there, however. According to a reliable industry source, D’banj literally begged to be featured on songs by KCee and up-comer Burna Boy (Emmah and Won Da Mo respectively) to ‘stay relevant’ in the industry. Both acts established themselves as A-list stars in the three years in which Eja Nla bustled back and forth between Nigeria, the UK and the US.
When begging did not work, he resorted to other means, as was the case with Blame It on the Money, a track which was supposedly ‘bought’ from Durella. Both men released their versions successively, confusing the public and causing fans to debate on ownership of the song. Furthermore, he unsuccessfully attempted to sign Durella, Olamide and other artistes, going as far as authorizing misleading press releases. Eventually, he ended up with DeeVee and 2Kriss, who are yet to release official singles on the label, and his brother Kayswitch.
Mo’Hits to No Hits
It stings to think that things were not always like this. Once, D’banj was the undisputed king in an arena where his touch was the major and telling contribution, rather than the minor one. After returning to Nigeria from a sojourn to the UK in the 2000s, he began a joint effort which was named Mo’Hits Records. It was one of the first modern labels around, challenging the monopoly of Kennis Records, with D’banj as the lead act.
Not since Fela Kuti had another performer so wonderfully captivated fans with his energetic performances on stage. While both men weren’t abundantly blessed in the vocals department, their dexterity with instruments was a common denominator. Fela was a saxophonist who could play other instruments, while D’banj brought fame to the harmonica. And while the one had Tony Allen, the other had Don Jazzy.
He branded himself as the quintessential showman with major input from his partner who was styled in the manner of a Sicilian mafia don; getting credit and loyalty, but speaking only when necessary. They were an instant hit with fans across Nigeria and soon enough, the rest of the African continent.
“They were like 5 and 6,” reminisces Nkem Okafor, another blogger. “It was a partnership like never before and they complemented each other so well, they could almost pass for brothers”. This chemistry was reflected in songs like Tongolo, Why Me and in the Curriculum Vitae and Entertainer albums which showcased them at the peak of their partnership. Among those also signed to the label were their siblings, KaySwitch and D’Prince, who would remain at the periphery for years, as the crew rotated around the two henchmen and another signing, Wande Coal.
Good things don’t last forever however, and so their partnership and by extension, friendship came to a poignant end. As with everyone who gets a whiff of success, D’banj was thirsty for more. After the initial frenzy that greeted the duo’s international signing, the cracks began to appear. Eventually, they split, citing irreconcilable differences and betrayals. That may have signaled the descent of D’banj’s creativity, because while Don Jazzy has since set up Mavin Records and begun lending his beats and those lovable hoarse vocals to various hits, all his estranged partner has is a list of near-misses.
 The life and times of Daniel Anderson
What went wrong? “Looking back, one is tempted to say that maybe D’banj should never have rushed to sign with Kanye West,” says Aribaba. “Musically, he hasn’t been the same since he jumped ship to G.O.O.D Music”.
D’banj also fired his longtime manager, Bankuli over an internal disagreement and signed on Mr. Tony Nwakalor, former manager of both Olamide and Tonto Dikeh. With a reputation for being overly arrogant, perhaps it was a perfect alignment.
Arrogance is widely known as one of the former Mo’Hits front man’s traits, and in the period after his G.O.O.D Music deal, his ego grew accordingly. In the grand scheme of things, D’banj’s personal quirks may not count for much, but it disenfranchised the public and was likely one of the factors that caused the change in his music fortunes soon after his G.O.O.D Music deal. First, the name on his social media accounts was changed in May 2012 to Daniel Banjo Anderson, a name he confirmed during an interview at Choice FM, London. It was immediately assumed that he had acquired a superiority complex and the new identity was an attempt to distance himself from his Nigerian roots. The bashing on Twitter only increased when his Nigerian name returned to his bio and he claimed that he had been hacked.
Tempers rose again in December of that year, when he apologized, albeit sarcastically, for making fans walk several kilometers through the sands of Eko Atlantic Beach to attend his Koko Concert (lightheartedly nicknamed the Koko Trek). He was forced to apologize again on Twitter, properly this time, citing overwhelming logistical failures as the reason for the trek.
His lack of a producer has also been advanced as the main reason for his musical misfortunes. Since losing Don Jazzy, the kokomaster’s usual coordination and delivery has been missing. The Jay Sleek-produced Oyato came surprisingly close, but still lacked the production genius the singer has been used to. He employed the services of DeeVee, a young producer signed onto his label, but the formula is still lacking the ‘magic’ element.
An Abuja-based DJ speaking on condition of anonymity expressed his view: “That guy is finished without a producer like Don Baba J. Most of those who call themselves producers today are just beat makers. Don Jazzy tailors the beat to your strength and even he can’t blend with some artistes.”
Falana agrees. “I don’t think D’banj will ever be as great an artist without Don Jazzy or Mo’Hits as he was with them. I’ve never thought he really had much substance as an artist, but being the beast that he is, Don Jazzy was able to make him look good. Plus they had good chemistry so they were a powerful duo. They were made for each other,” she concludes.
Reunion & Rebirth
The general notion is that if they were made for each other, then they can find each other again. Last year, both men were pictured working in the studio, alongside Maybach Music artiste, Wale and Olamide. It prompted speculations that a reunion which would be mutually beneficial for both parties could be underway. Popular OAP and brother-in-law to D’banj, Dotun Orekoya alluded to this in a recent interview, saying “I believe that something might happen. The love is still there, no doubt about it, and they have done music together regardless of whatever they are doing. They are actually good in their own different industries. It is entertainment and there is nothing we can’t see.”
Falana, obviously disappointed with the split, says, “D’banj is just everywhere. Homie should just come back home. Mo’Hits is the answer to whatever he’s looking for up and down. And frankly, I think the Mavins might be missing some D’banj flavour”.
Others flat out disagree.
“People keep speaking of this false equivalence,” says music critic Emmanuel Osanedum. “But it’s nonsense really. This is the truth: in the same period within which D’banj released the ironically titled Don’t tell me nonsense and others, all flops, Don Jazzy has owned the market.”
Indeed, Osanedum may have a point. From Tiwa Savage’s ‘Eminado’ to ‘Surulere’, the single which has become a viral sensation, there is no gainsaying that when it comes to music D’banj is no match for his former producer.
Getting back together?
Critics have argued that it might be hard for the ‘ailing’ superstar to survive for the next decade in the music business without descending into the dredges of obscurity. An A&R for a popular Nigerian music label posits that this may not be the case. “Even though I’ve questioned his relevance as an artiste a lot lately, I realize that we Nigerian listeners love ‘unserious’ music and D’banj is just that. He is no conscious artiste trying to save the world through music, so for that reason, he’ll probably last – if he has the right team behind him”.
“What keeps a musician famous and relevant is not all these celebrity moves – it is the hit songs that keep the engine of fame running. Ask 2face, ask Psquare,” said John Okonedo, a self-confessed audiophile and student at the University of Lagos. “Unfortunately, D’banj’s head is so far up his arse that he might not even see how fast he has gone into darkness”.
That, we think, is the real tragedy, because the kokomaster’s talent, well managed, is truly in a class of its own.
Written By Eromo Egbejule.


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  1. You’re simply crazy.

    • In life we all have our thought toward situations_Nigrian music as gone from dark to darker till the moment d’banj drop his hit singles both Mr endowed and oliver twist..D’banj has well help nigerian artists to be recognised in the whole african as number-one in the production of good music for the listener..D’banj help to makes nigerian music to be recognised globally_but mr writer his far from seeing all this_I know very well that he wrote this artical to dise and tarnish the image d’banj has build in both bitterness and sweetness for many years back_But mr writer I want you to know that this d’banj we’re talking about has contributed to the development of nigerian both in music and also in industrious development,but mr writer I think you are far from seeing all this…when yu talk about the success 2face has got in music and in life generally,pls as all is success up to d’banj success(both in wealth and fame)pls sir you can compare them,they both good musician but d’banj has done better than 2face,bcuz 2face only releases Africa queen and nothing more(pls is’t enter d place yu wanna tlk about,pls just back down,cuz I won’t take it) D’banj has done better than any other african base musician_yes I mean it..p-square,2face are enjoying the work they have done not the one they are doin(p-square only goes for do me song that was release back then,and also because of its video)but d’banj has not just help us but has help yu also mr writer to be recognised,because if is not because of d’banj nobody will know your name or read you artical,please go and thanks d’banj before things goes wrong,we’re talking about the d’banj that perform in african nation cup(he was the superstar on stage) something which any nigerian musician has not been able to do before,this d’banj we’re talking about is the d’banj that perform in our president daughter wedding ceremony_d’banj has done so well then any other nigerian musician_his simply our best artist in term of recognition for now_and also saying d’banj was begging for collaboration from kcee and burna,something you know very well that yu yurslf his the biggest lier nigeria will ever produce_please reader d’banj no dey beg for collaboration oh,this jobless writer just want to make d’banj the lover of development a bad man in our view ni oh,please don’t support this writer oh_it seem he doesn’t know what he was writing when developing this hypocrisy artical_God bless nigeria…meet me at the top!!!

      • Dat guy dat said dat d’banji performd @ d african nation cup in SA** is a big fool!!! 2face idibia performd @d world cup 2010 in SA** so wat re u sayin ni! D guy is no more gud again *so pls dnt compare him wth p-square or 2baba abi wizkid or olamide dat re consistent in d past 2 year dat d’banji signd 2 GOOD music *** evn in wealth d’banji no rch p-square or 2face abi Don jazzy ***d’banji is nt a musicial bt a entertainer so stop d famz bcos he is nt gud @all!!! God bless 9ja Nd 2baba nd p-square dem

        • God Bless team Dbanj….. God spared d writer cos my total reply to him could make him stop writing s**t about someone or even go for a rehab!!! But his(Dbanj) efforts nd selfless service to this Generation has said it all here. As for tooxclusive be warned d writer could force ur site down d drain… And let me foretell you d future of Dbanj he’s going to be a minister in Nigeria or possibly be a commissioner take it or leave it yu goofed again naughty blogger…… I LOVE DBANJ

      • Wen u talk abt hit n talent, pls dnt eva compare d banj with 2face, if d banj is mor popula, it cuz ov d good music deal

        • Wat I notice is, people hate successful Dbanj caus he aspires more dan an average African like Don j… Read d article again nd assume Dbanj was a relative of urz, m sure u won’t be hapy.

      • You are mad for comparing D’banj with , how can you stupidly compare the two? 2face has done more than any Frican rtiste in this generation. Record speaks for itself. 2face has touched every part of human life with his music (love, politics, education, morals, children, sex. ) Just name it. All that D’banj has to his credit are noise making. You better don’t mention TUBABA because he is unstopable. And finally moneywise…did you get to any of the twos account and value their asset to know how much they worth?

    • Tyler and any1 antagonising d’banj must be sick bastards evn frm their mothers womb…he’s dining with kings,and u are here spending so much time writing sh**….ko ni da fun yin,hii no go better for una and anybdy related to u..fools…he’s bn thru it all,d feels,d falls,d pains,d gains…love u d’banj forever

  2. Dis is rubbish..u r a crazy bloger.u lack wat it takes 2 b d best..u writing dis wats ur own achievement?..who recognise u in Nigeria talk more of international..very silly human being beta stop hating nd pray u achieve..#MOFO…I rep Eja nla..I dnt mean 2 bother u I jst wnt 2tel u..u r useless

    • Hey take it or not Dbanj is no more what he use 2 be.

  3. Shey ibadi e no hit abi na FINALLY no hit no talk shit for here oo

    • Guy yu nid to check yur dico nd understand d meanin of hit(s)

  4. This write-up is very nice and very correct…simply to the fact that Dbanj is very arrogant and dropping singles that can’t even make a drunk man dance, but the writer is also Bias due to the fact that the writer fail to understand he knows not everything about Dbanj…The exaggeration was much sir.

  5. Moderation on ma comment abi…lolz

  6. Hit or no hit, dbanj is a success. He has made more money than you would ever made in your entire career and life why hating and writing rubbish

    • Guy

    • Ogbeni, abegi… Se na money mata d writer dey talk about ni. Una no do ‘read the passage carefully’ (comprehension) 4 d primary skool wey yu go ni

  7. D banj Parting ways with don jazzy was a wrong and stupid move, he is the only producer that understands his flow, both of them had good chemistry together, he better go back to Don jazzy if he wants to still be relevant in d music industry

    • If he want to be relevant? hahahaha… U n**** keeps talking about him.

  8. Hard truth! This is what have been saying, his songs don’t hit like before, competition has gone 3 steps high. Dude needs to calm down and re evaluate, he can still be THE entertainer

  9. Dbang end time for u. U r tooooo proud nd u make a lot of noise frm GOO MUSIC TO. BAD MUSIC safe trip.

  10. Lol! Diz is wat we call BULLSHIT. Go fuck ur self

  11. The person that even worte this article or whatever is even very stupid sef. How can you in your right senses say D’banj has gone into darkness? Isn’t that the height of abysmal ignorance? Your stupid don jazzy hasn’t blown any artiste since the split, how many hits have come out of the mavin? Did any of their albums blow? D’banj that brought sony to Africa and is still doing major things. You guys are just biased and that mohits issue is really annoying tbh. Cuz d’banj is better without Jazzy and mavin na very dead label. Your psquare and 2face what major moves have they done this year? D’banj has died abi why did they call him to perform at jonathan’s daughter’s wedding una go just dey talk nonsense! So you guys expect d’banj to be there forever? Then how would new guys come up? You lot need to reason that life is all about changes that’s the problem we are having in naija! People are so ignorant these days! Nonsense

    • thanks man. the writer is surely a hater. And it saddens me to see the website put it online. D’banj, Don jazzy, P square and 2face….those guys have made so much money and fame …they dont fucking need hits anymore..they drop songs for their love of music.

  12. D’banj has brought the most international artiste’s to naij which one have the rest brought?
    D’banj that can buy Donjazzy and Mavin if he wants to! Please think before you say nonsense

    • Word ur points are baselles I tink u r jzt a foolish creation

  13. Well all I cud say is koko master shud try other producers like jessy jags n bring out sumtin differnt to suprise dem haters …..

    • Nigga has nothing to proof man…..he’s made already…Don Jazzy also tried to make bigger songs with other artistes and it didnt work out….even with the new artistes..not to talk of the prince who’s got no talent and the whack album by Sid.. apart from Surulere and the co-owned Tiwa Savage and the departed but talented Wande.

  14. Who ever u re, u re a freaking daft, don’t u read news or watch interviews of the koko master. U must have sth fishing in yur damn brain u fucking stupid freak. Go watch his interview wit tim westwood u will have everything solve, MUMU blogger.

  15. u sha wan see this guy downfall… people wicked oh

  16. na another man life u fit write about, go face ur own life. useless people.

  17. For the first I’m disappointed in tooxclusive…I thought it was meant to be a blog solely to download music…so you guys now make news too ?…Good for you..but whoever paid you to put this up has eventually led you to your downfall rather than D’’ve been ill-advised same way wenger was when he added 1 pound to the suarez initial bid.

  18. If wee see the truth let’s say it d’banj is good no doubt bt since oliver twist d’banj can’t boost of any hit songs he has be dropping average songs. Take a look at p-square or 2face they are still relevant in d industry unlike our loved d’banj he needs to sit down and try and upgrade

    • Has 2face made a bigger song than African Queen ? And tell me one really big song that P Square dropped that gave them the kind of international recognition that D Banj and 2face got….get over it mahn…Nothing was the same

      • It crazy ask urself were is psych ganam style..after kukere whic other hit surpasses it after africa queen tell mi d track dat surpasses it dbanj is doin fyn no mata wat his kind of music has nt change foolish man sayin dbanj begs 4 featur,,mak any artist go feat kanye.ashawo u won sell market so far so good dbanj is a powerful rolemodel 50yrs 2 cum

      • DO ME is Bigger dan all D banj Song

  19. I partially agree with this writer

  20. For the first I’m disappointed in tooxclusive…I thought it was meant to be a blog solely to download music…so you guys now make news too ?…Good for you..but whoever paid you to put this up has eventually led you to your downfall rather than D’’ve been ill-advised same way wenger was when he added 1 pound to the suarez initial bid. To start with…after Don Jazzy, D Banj has made several hits…..Top of the World, Dont tell me Nonsense , Bother You , Finally, why you love me like that , Cash Flow, Bachelor just to name a few are good songs and hits…played in all clubs and radio stations and even make various charts with good videos to go with it….not to talk of the various endorsements and innovations…you want to know why D Banj hasn’t made a bigger song after oliver twist ? Same reason Don Jazzy hasn’t produced a bigger song after Oliver Twist…and 2Face hasnt made a bigger song after African Queen….they are both better off together but they are both making it separately….Don Jazzy also has made some good ones like eminado and Surulere….but you can bet he also misses D’banj the way D’banj misses him…Don Jazzy is still the biggest producer in Nigeria if not Africa and D’banj is still one the best in Nigeria if not Africa …they both put Nigerian music on the map after the foundation laid by Eedris and Tuface and the rest can build on it…whoever the former manager is…he’s surely missing the big bucks he would have earned is obviously pained…move over their separation and enjoy their productions…they are both awesome…you want D’banj to sing an “African Queen” ? Never that ! You want Don Jazzy to produce another Oliver Twist ? Never that ! Things will never be the way it was for them both….so enjoy what they both have to offer separately and dont be surprised …they both might release a joint work soon..and you Don Jazzy haters and D’banj’s haters will be left to lick your sorry wounds when they both tell you to “FUCK OFF ” They are made men !

    • well said!!! +10

  21. Why attack your own? I’m disappointed with this write up.. Too exclusive just lost a loyal downloader and I will take my friends with me… I might even influence others.

    • Lmao.. Yu gat 2 b kiddin me. Yu r going and takin yur friends wit yu?? Wat a very juvenile statement. Yu r 1 out of a million pple. A big fuck yu 4rm d whole world nigga!!


  23. Point your fingers @ the writer .. nt tooxclusive , we saw an interesting article for our readers to debate about thats all ..

    • Hi Tyler…this article isnt meant to be debated it rather painted a clear picture….are you saying you never got an article criticising Don Jazzy, or encouraging D banj or castigating them both or acknowledged them both ?.. you decided to post what you’re interested in…for the development of your blog…think about the aftermath of your articles before posting them…you’re doing a good job and I come here every morning but dont go into sensitive issues with bias….????

    • Hey Mark .. We all have our opinions about issues that’s why we are human .. am nt in support or against the article , have a good read and choose sides if you want . We cant all be on the same lane .

  24. Please dont tell me nonsence…
    Ive been in this game for so long and i still dey make sense!

  25. Bunch of kids commentin here. Dy’v got such small unobjective,unanalytical minds,dts y dy cnt comprehend d points d writer made. Talkin abt d banj havin more money dan d writer(m guessin dy learnt dt 4rm dr big bro,wizKID),like dts d issue here…D banj hmslf knos he’s losin hs musical touch.No major hit song in d last two years.Psquare’s had alingo,unlimited n personally. 2face ddnt exactly drop any new song all thru last year,bt Ihe Neme 4rm his 2012 album ws a banger n a street anthem.Evn songs like My rainbow,spiritual healing,blood on d dance floor etc dt were nt party tracks were hits in dr own way. If u knew d wave songs lyk suddenly,fall in love,igwe n d odas created back den,u’d undstnd dt d banj hs hd ‘NO HIT’ dese past years. So y’all shld quit d sentiments n d money talk,n c tins 4 wat dy are. #Ok,bye.

  26. Dopest !!! No doubt 2 face had hits…were they like African Queen ? Thats the point…everyone has a BEST ! And for P square they always had hits but not as successful as African queen and Oliver twist …Nothing was thesame my man…enjoy music and be happy…dont castigate…and as for Wizkid …I think every Nigerian should be proud of him…..

    • Have been following your comment since and I love your word, someone talk about Psquare hit alingo, personally and soon, just tell me the one that makes hit than Top of the world that rocks Africa and use for nations cup. And which was perform by koko master on the day nigeria won it. Stop hating and go make money.. Stupid people.

  27. Abeg which one ur papa dey do………guy u too exagerate tins ooo….u d writer need to sit down and av something better to doo

  28. Well-written, but what is the point?

  29. Let’s face it he is a nt a singer jez an entertainer?he has few hit track compare 2 wande coal….evry tracks of his its a bang????go back 2 ur root blooda

  30. Whether D’banj is good or not Plz don’t compare him to 2face. 2baba is up there…the very best!!!

  31. in life there has to be changes, first of all d’banj going into the agricultural industry and investing in it, isn’t it a wise decision? you started by criticizing him because of the koko garri, dbanj is an entrepreneur and enetrpenurs use the slightest business opportunities and convert them into marketable ideas, it’s an act of investment.

    dbanj left don jazzy and he has made hits for the fact that you don’t like those songs doesn’t mean that other people or the general music audience doesn’t like it, you are just simply writing from your own view and perspective.

    dbanj has various endorsements and has put Africa in brighter colours through his music and represented Nigeria as a whole, the theme some for the nation’s cup and his performance on it was a scene to remember.

    dbanj is not just an entertRainer but a business man, imagine him throwing or lavishing his money in the gloom, imagine how his future would be, I see u writing from a jealous angle of your mind, it’s very poor.

  32. Am disappointed in some dat even comment wht else do u want d koko master to do. Name d show dat big artistes ar going dat he his nt dere nd he sign endorsement deal than those name u mentioned dis year. Haterz go hug transformer, D fact is ur whole generation can neva make what he has made.kokomaster iyi e po jo.fuck u haterz

  33. To me Dbanj is Good but just need don jazzy to Produce a nice track again

  34. The writer was very correct. To those stupid fellas asking if 2face had made any hit since the release of African queen,I just a freaking fool. Can’t you see that evrything dbanj left Nigeria for is comin to meet 2face @ home,d ching ft,even dou it wasn’t a hit,d rainbow remix which was sensational and if I gat it ft akom and our 2face by Tpain,plus d soon to be song ‘let sombody love you.ft bridget kelly. If we are talking about music let no freaking fool compare 2face wit dbanj,he is far beta than dbanj. As to d donjazzy aspect,I won’t say he hasn’t missed dbanj,he was able to do well without him. As for dbanj he had been a failure witut donjazzy. For me dbanj is more of

  35. oga tooxclusive you are fools for posting this you don’t have too cos you are just fooling yourself someone that top in africa and you are saying nonsense omo make ena hug transformer and die go to hell omo big fish na big fish nothing can change it thank you

  36. See noise……..very senseless. Dbanj songs mak brain ooo omg. Badbelle no de allow person see good things

  37. All I could say is dat both parties are both gud @ deir own area of specialization….U guyz shouldn’t pass aggression to Tooxclusive. The writter was too bias. Finally, D’banj is gud n Don baba J is also gud on his own syd. Dey both make n produce gud musics at dier own best. Love u both! U guyz sud stop hating…..One love my people. Jah bless you all. Don’t tell me nonsense cos D’banj and Donjazzy still dey make sense *Lol*

  38. to some point i actually agree buh dis nigga dey vex oh…yhu jus sit down dey analyse dbanj life all in d name of bloggin…mehn na wa oh

  39. Y do we always have too many grammatical blunders? is dis how bad Nigerians are with English?

  40. alingo, personally and soon, just tell me the one that makes hit than Top of the world that rocks Africa and use for nations cup. And which was perform by koko master on the day nigeria won it. Stop hating and go make money.. Stupid people.

  41. Dis is a bad post….the personn wey write dis thing foolish gan I love Dbanj nani

  42. This so called writer is obviously a broke illiterate..Doesn’t evn know d meaning of ‘HIT’.. Cannor evn think well, how much more get facts correctly.. Make una free tooxclusv tho. Prolly he tot d writer was ok upstairs. Dbanj he’s an entertainer, and an entrepreneur! He’s doin very good at both!

  43. Guyz… dbanj ddnt left donjazzy… donjazzy left wat dd u expect him 2 do..fuck donjazzy joor..don’t tell me non-sense..

    • Choi Yemi!!! That’s a very bad english na. Yu close yur eyes wen yu dey write comment?? “Dbanj didn’t left don jazzy.. ” Guy face yur book o nd be a good boy.

      • Jay I think u’re one of don j’s stooges, don jazzy released solar plexus, ?o single hit from the album, heavens did not fall. Mavin records brought out a theme song for nations’ cup titled passion for africa, it was thrown inside d thrash, heavens did not fall. Don j has featured I?????n????? more collabo than ever b4, ranging from modenine, kcee, tiwa etc, nobody said he was begging ???? feature. The prob with dbanj is not his music but rather d biased mindset of Nigerians cos most people were sympathetic ???? don j during d split saga. Dkm wasn’t a flop album @ all, virtually all d songs are tite. And for d unknown blogger seeking popularity by tongue thrashing dbanj I have a word for u, nobody blows by pulling other @ d top down, ruggedman did it, where is he today? He’s down d drain. There’s room for improvement for dbanj, ?o doubt but slandering him is not the way forward.

  44. “Dnt tell me nonsense” is a hit…. despite d criticz!!
    Both d old & young sing along 2 dah song….. Moreova, he cnt b dere 4eva. Luk @ all d peepz he started wiv, most of ’em r gne… Even 2face & P-square no get hit anymore. Despite d collabo wiv T-pain!! Bother You still recievin’ massive response & dere’z no day u wnt hear a D’banj song on radio. Even if d wryta claimz he has no hit song, he’z @ least doin’ big thingz!!

  45. Who droped d write up hope u richer dan D’banj……..cox his makin his money u hating on him………..his drinking champagne,y ull drinking Panaldo…….D’banj thumbs up

  46. Top of the world na u sing am

  47. U guys are hillarious DKM Album is d worst album out of all dbanj’s album. Even dbanj knws wen he was in mohit he dosent collaborate anyhow but now he is doing dat 4 cryin out lound koKo garri wats d different between his garri and Chinedu’s garri my costumer u guys should be realistic here he is done. Also d writer is doing his work and Dbanj is a super star 4 dose who is critising d writer y he is analysing dbanj’s life is worth it

    • u r an idiot stupid fool

  48. The writer of this article is looking for cheap publicity u said dbanj as nt released any hit since leaving mohit so u mean hennesy, Africa cup of nations, half a yellow sun. Are all deaf even one campaign. Its pointless replyin u

  49. The person that wrote this article must be a mad man…Dbanj is on top of his game and u can just shot up and deal with that…stop hating…embrace and encourage niaja artists especially dbanj…he has made us proud..

  50. Hits songs from dbanj after leaving mohits—-oyato,don’t tell me nonsense, why did u like dat, and dis year bother you cool music

  51. People can be so jobless sha…. well his koko garri is selling far more than you can expect

  52. Actually I’ve noticed dis site is not a Dbanj friendly one since I’ve been a fan here. What I see is, Dbanj is brilliant, gorgeous, talented and Vibrant… If d blogger thinks he’s wiser dan african committee dat made top of d world the African nations cup theme song,Hennessy drink dat made Dbanj solely produce deir song, chimamanda adichie that made him release botherr you, for her Novel-Video, Africa as A whole… Making dbanj d one campaign Ambassador… Den I bliv tooxclusive group is the wisest collection of individuals. Well, I’m sure d grace God gave me, and some other Nigerians, both young musicians and People aspiring for success to be proud of Dbanj as a good mentor, God will give d blogger too. Its a shame, u are not worthy of emulation Ynaija nd dis blogger

  53. well TeamDbanj has sid it all, he’s forever a Legend hence Africa is concern. Everything about him will still be an update for his hater 2 read!

  54. Ooohhhh!!! Please spare me this shitty write up,most of your points are baseless.Finally was a hit,he doesn’t need don jazzy,he’s still very much a force to reckon with in Africa,how would you say bother you was below par,I’m sure errone has that song on his or her playlist,he’s said it times without number that he’s an entertainer.if you’re not a fan of D’banj shut the fuck up.when last did 2 face drop a do you people classify keep refering to comments from d’banj at when he signed with Good music,he was the biggest brand iin Africa,so what do you mean by he should have had a stronger hold in Africa.Abeg jare

  55. U gettin taya eja nla is just gettin started.. Fuck haters

  56. A ? 4 u my writer if going into darkness is get a major deal like one8 don’t u tink its worth going we got pple in d suppose limelight yet dey didn’t get it…… Wish I could c u physically so I could skul u on 1 or 2 tings…. And about donjazzy I tink dey should locate dem self’s cos dey r both losing pls remind me d last artiste dat went on tour 4rm mavin ?

  57. u r a vry foolish n most dum ass writter i hav ever seen .same way u wrote about olamide,fool can u go near him now fool

  58. Hello mr blogger,dbanj would feed ur 4th generations 2 come,if u don’t ve any news,can’t u write a story abt urself and stop hating on som1’s success.

    • Yur comment shows hw far yu’ve developed yurself in stupidity over d yrs. One dnt just get stupid overnite so I believe yu probably have been stupid 4 a long tym. The blogger ddnt talk about dbanj gettin deteriorated in wealth so y insultin d fellow up 2 is 4th gene’!? In btw, d work of a blogger is to observe nd criticize. Yu nid 2 acquire wisdom b4 yu clock 40. Rememba wat they say about a fool at 40. After all as been said nd done, I’ll lyk 2 say a big Screw yu bruh!

      • U need to read d post once more… @people comparing 2face with Dbanj… Wat me, as a reasonable being see is totally assasination of dis great man xter. Dey said he is arrrogant…. With all his wealth, he doesn’t tatoo, always on suit, No rumour of infidelity leading to Kids, e.t.c. U must read nd understand b4 u comment… We knw 2face is good. I not knw wat western world refer to as BLACK… Well not evri1, caus majorrity of people here are not as stupid as d blogger

  59. Get a life please and this is your analysis. please isnt bangalee’s latest album a hit? with songs like “dont tell me nonsense, why you love me like that etc” hits? like it or not dbanj has created a niche for himself in nigeria. and i think he is better off without mo’hits which is now mavin. all mavin does is limit people eg when kayswitch was there noone thought he had it in him because they never allowed him to show himself. dbanj has good endorsement deals that has and will continue to favour him and the industry as whole so what are you saying? please you people should learn to see the good in people instead of wasting precious time writing articles just to discredit someone. bless

  60. You will love him(dbanj)finally. Rep Eja nla

  61. I just read comments here and I laf. Some people should go back to primary school,I am sure you know there differences between business and music. Comparing dbanj and tuface is an insult on 2baba and d whole music arena, 2face has proven to be better than… The writer perhaps giving dbanj an insight to knowing what he gat to do to get himself back on track. Some sh*t people were talking about don’t tell me nonsense,compare and contrast,even my bother whom is not a music lover knew that’s a low standard from dbanj. Evrything dbanj left Nigeria for I gradually coming to meet 2face at home,start from the rainbow remix ft tpain,to tpain ft him and Akon on ‘if I gat it’,and to him ft bridget kelly in his soon to be released song let sombody love you. To all those supporting dbanj saying there is noting wrong you his no1 enemy cos you are not telling him the truth and am sure you’d be amongst those that would still call him names in future

  62. Some Nigerians could be so stupid abusing the writer,we are talking about music you are talking about wealth. Don’t ever compare 2face and dbanj cos 2face is far!far! Better than him. You dbanj didn’t belive in your home so u left and I am sure Kanye has done what you think donjazzy can’t. whether you like it or not dbanj is sinking even if he make trillions in business,this is music… He is not d only musician business man,jay z is 1,and he make good music.

  63. whether y’all like it or not, whether y’all believe it or not, D’banj is going down musically, his last hit was Oliver Twist. I’m a big fan of D’banj, A lot of u are just being sentimental and blindly refusing to accept d reality. D truth be told, he’s going down! insult me if u like, it doesn’t change reality.

  64. Wat is ya all probs?dbanj can’t b dere forever. Even if he’s not making it in d industry like he use 2,@least he is doing well in his buis. Can u guys just stop?who paid dis stupid blogger 2 write dis nonsense or are u trying to make name 4 urself?

  65. @ Eromo Egbejule sorry to say this but u are just a fool think abt ur career b4 u think abt d’banj’s one he has done good in is career and he can’t always be on top, Cuz I don’t understand what u are on abt u are just 23 year old, let’s see what u will achieve when u get to is age, i didn’t see u winning anything in ur field.

    • Oloriburuku ni gbogbo yin… Dbanj is still the wisest out of all the artiste in nigeria.. He has his own record label, he also has other investments which he earns from imagine him trying to boost agriculture again no be small tin that guy will always be on the top

  66. Mr Eromo Egbejule sorry to say this but u are just a fool think abt ur career b4 u think abt d’banj’s one he has done good in is career and he can’t always be on top, Cuz I don’t understand what u are on abt u are just 23 year old, let’s see what u will achieve when u get to is age, i didn’t see u winning anything in ur field.

  67. …..check out that interview..once again ….nigga told y’all that he is an entertainer…doesn’t he entertain y’all ….and i never compared 2baba with D’Banj..Obviously he is bigger, more talented and a better act…..i just talked about their music…..

  68. Dbanj is going down musically…. Ohhh, I see.. D reason for him representing Nigeria musicians in major events Right?
    . Dbanj is d best in Africa… Even though u think he isn’t in Nigeria… To d blogger, re-read ur blog nd see d reason y not evribody is worthy of emulation… While Dbanj is d mentor of most young Musicians, I can see dbanj is bothering dem nd now dey ar telln him nonsense

  69. D Songs Dbanj do are good songs only dat hatred 4rm pple like dis makes it difficult to b appreciated… Ask Don Jazzy mayb he is d same without Dbanj 1st…. Deevee co-produced cocoa na chocolate fr ur info

  70. I rlly don’t tink some ppl understand wat hit track is… this writter is jobless… U’r sayin all diz rubbish abt sm1 who his muzik career has increased, putin him on a high profile… D’banj dsn’t want all to love him…is obvious that his duin fine in naija music industry… He’s made wen talkin abt muzik… U av once said lotz of rubbish abt olamide… Nw olamide is increasin but u’r reducing… Colaboratn btwn kcee and burna boy is not promotin or increasin d’banj anymore is just to increase kcee and burna boy… D banj has done it well 4 himsef… All his track since last year till date has bin btful… Infact his songz are evergreen…
    Too xclusive shld b kieful of wat dey post here, they shldn’t allw one good for notin writter to kill thier reputatn… am sure diz writter want d’banj to recognize and consider him… This writter is Fckin Bad ass hole.

  71. Well in my own opinion & Print media field, I fink d writer is writing 4rm his own opinion & is very much allowed due to d fact dt evry human on earth is entitled 2his/her own opinions! To me asfar as am concern wen it comes to music D’banj has really done well likewise evry other ACT mentioned in his article. Music apart 4rm d Love or Passionate angle is Business to these artist & wicheva way they tink de can make more money 4rm it shudn’t b questioned. On d part of Oliver Twist as his last hit yeah I agree to dt based on d international audience it gat, Top of d World wuz anoda great Hit in my own opinion & wuz very much accepted globally & in our African continent. One tin I wud also like evrybdy to knw is dis, dt Asfar as am concern Don Jazzy has nt excelled individually himself cos evry oda artist he has been producing hasn’t given him dt recognition D’banj has given him why de were 2geda. He’s a great producer no doubt buh d greatness in him only shone while he worked wit D’banj! Remb he produced Ijoya by Weird Mc buh refuse 2 put his signature on it finkin dt it wuzn’t gona b a success. One way or d other evry artist had made mistakes buh d ability 4 dem 2 correct der mistakes is wot matters! Remb d issue btw our own 2baba & R kelly, wen d American superstar denied doing any song wit 2baba as he claimed de made a song 2geda in one of his albums! If d’banj, 2baba & d rest continually monopolize d musical scene I bet we all wud someday get tired like someone said these men ar legends & shud occasionally drop singles 4 der loved once cos asfar as am concerned de have paid der dues, weda we like it or no! Itz time 4 Wizkid, Davido et al 2 make a mark & luk up 2 artist like D’banj & 2baba 4 inspiration cos de have been ever consistent 4 more than decades!! I rest my case. God bless Naija Music God bless our MCs…. Tnx

  72. I’m very sure your family or ur xtended family or ur generation or u gan gan av not goten to where d’banj has goten to. so if u continue to criticize someone dat u dint know his secret/biography u and your family or ur xtended family or ur generation myt not get to where is has goten to, so sad, na from hatred boko aram start from,

  73. I’m very sure your family or ur xtended family or ur generation or u gan gan av not goten to where d’banj has goten to. so if u continue to criticize someone dat u dint know his secret/biography u and your family or ur xtended family or ur generation myt not get to where is has goten to, so sad, na from hatred boko aram start from,

  74. Make u dey there they hate me, while am making my money, no com near me mista talku talku. Olori buruku, poor writer, u dey luk 4 fame? No b my bro u go use catch fame, go work harder and tryna criticize politician just lyk the way fela did to gain military and civilian awarenes, I won’t swear 4 u, I wil pray 4 u dat u wil neva get to quarter of were dbanj has goten to. I’m so pissed off

  75. In my opinion, dbanj’s album the kings men is a lot better than solar plexus the mavins relased. Bother you is a hit song. Dbanj is still very much relevant. Regardless, there’s not doubt that his standards have dropped. It is absurd to say dbanj’s career is dying.

  76. Am sure. The writer. Bite more than he can chew, cus u hv touched the tail of a snake, if dis was written last year not now ppl knws a lot of fact, dbanj is far n berra than wat u feel he is, he has alion heart, he can take risk, he has open doors ppl like psuare n tuface can open n b ridge the gap btw africa n western word, while doin dat he was chance to make music as it stand today dbanj is the most popular n has the biggest hit in africa till tomrw. His song has not change let’s just leave hatre n embrace wat the young man is doin make we leave beef dbanj is good in wateever his doin n he has hit n hit plus inspiration. Hit n his very smart too, he understand d biznesss of music n stufff. He move anyshow he attend

  77. When last did i play dbanj’s track? Its been awhile not that it aint okay… i still listened to tuface this morning.y? Am never bored neither do i skip a track. Listening to dbanj those days always gave ?? joy buh its different now. Don jazzy hmmmm that producer is just levelling up ?? more ?? less. Psquare *smh. Dbanj pushed to far in many ways (got things to do) buh couldn’t just imagine not saying sth @ all. Dbanj needs a good Manager, good Producer(s).

  78. The writer should just get a life, every Dbanj song is a hit!!

  79. U guys just gave tooxclusive wat dey wanted from all d comments up here.they knw dat not all wat d writer wrote is true infact they are far frm the a business corporation not to the multinational company dat endorses dbanj I won’t endorse a musician whose career is sinking or dwindling.burna himself said eja nla was suppose to be on his album bt was busy at that tym that was why dey lata came 2geda for a collabo and kaycee wasn’t helpin dbanj careeer its d oda way round.kaycee can’t help banga lee’s just bcos his limpopo was a hit.dbanj was given a special recogniton legendary channel o,performed@ d hackney weekend wc was headlined by jayz and rihanna in london wc was a show for d 2012 summer olympics all this was after mohit split

  80. 2face no doubt is a legend bt I wud count many 2face song dat are below or above average.that’s just how d game works u can’t be ontop of ur game all the tym and if we want to face d fact like y’all saying d writer said d fact 2face career is also sinking cos 2face last album was 2yrs ago and oliver twist was still a hit 2years ago and there are many artiste that makin waves nw.2baba is a living legend so is dbanj that’s a fact if y’all believe it or not.and to those shoutin abt DKM for God sake its not dbanj album its a compilation from four different artist.the truth here is dat this is d dbanj we’ve always knw with is carefree music frm tongolo,funk e up,why me,mr endowed,igwe,suddenly,oliver twist,oyato,don’t tell me nonsense,finally and so on we all jst hv to get over d fact dat him and don jazzy hv both gone their separate ways and are reasonably doing well on their own

  81. Foolssssssss + Bastards that calls themself bloggers.. Pls go get a life and stop beating on someones life.. U know we all need more money and we also want fast money.. U fucking bloger Dbanj has got his fame from all part ?f the world.. Dbanj needs to slow with music so his farm + Garri industry can grow fast…. Pls get it to ???? fucking brain Nigerian music industry ain’t paying shit like what Dbanj will get from his farm and garri industry, so pls free Dbanj and let him make more money cos he oready gat all the farm he needs…. We all think about more profitable things and not less….. So for ???? notice Dbanj money they swell… And the fucking blogger was asking when last Dbanj drop a hit song, since Dbanj won’t have time to answer you. Lemme answer that question…. Bother is still my number Hit + Don’t tell me nonsense + Finally + Raise ???? glasses, i hope you know when those Bombs were Drop?. So pls brother abeg mind ???? business cos i know Dbanj ain’t gat time for this shiiit….. He oready told you ‘Don’t Tell ?i? Nonsense’ we all know this aticle ain’t gat sense….. Good night.

  82. You can change d frame but the picture remains the same,let’s face reality! I’m a die hard fan of d’banj and I share d same bday with him…..but think of it which other song has raised d’banjs belt higher since he left don jazzy? I never saw d talent in d’banj d moment I heard tongolo in d last 3yrs d’banj has gone down musically!!! I SAID MUSICALLY NOT FINANCIALLY. As far as I am concerned,Wizkid has been more relevant and respected more internationally than D’banj.People loved him for his mouth organ,but as a big boy, he has stopped playing it.his verses are empty to me. Truth be told, D’banj and Don Jazzy are not performing at their best in the last 2years,they both do not look happy in their recent videos, They both need each other!!!! Ask your self this,when MO’Hits splitted,why did the whole team follow Don Jazzy? Except K-switch,who we know is his brother……….

    • Fools….mind ur gaddam biz…..dbanj is d best…so shut it

  83. obviously, this writer needs help. like i used to say, the brain is few inches away from the hands, but when some people write, you will think they are several miles apart. the whole article is arrant nonsense.

  84. The writer finally gt d attention he needed……..I’m glad he did bt dbanj remain to top the game no matter wot… Y dbanj all d tym ???? Let dis dude be abeg

  85. Why do nigerians have problems with the truth. If you don’t know shit. Then keep ur opinion to ur self. A writer can write he feels like besides, all that he mentioned are facts. No hating, just fact. He set a standard and the music he s been dropping have been below that standard. Its something only a deaf person wouldn’t notice. If you re so in love with him. Listen to those oliver twist and mr endowed songs carefully, the beats, the wordings, the clearity, every detail, then compare with his recent trials. Definately way off! Thumbs up to d writer. Nice one tooxclusive you re trending! And to those who take opinions personal you need help. If someone says something there is no need for swearing/cursing. You can simply just state ur own opinion. Its a fucking civilized world for fuck sake! #NigeriansAndThierUniqueProblemsSha

    • One of d major problem most Nigerians have is we don’t like facing facts,u don’t av to heap insult on the blogger he/she is merely doing his/her job, personally I love this article , let him ‘d’banj’ read it and make amendments, I cited his downfall wen he tried changing his name and Eva since he left mo’hit no song of his tickle my fancy cos along d line he lists it and he’ll soon become irrelevant if care is not taken. Articles like these are just a wake up call to whom it may concern and Nigerians should curb raining insult on journalists/bloggers its uncivilized and stupid.

    • One of d major problem most Nigerians have is we don’t like facing facts,u don’t av to heap insult on the blogger he/she is merely doing his/her job, personally I love this article , let him ‘d’banj’ read it and make amendments, I cited his downfall wen he tried changing his name and Eva since he left mo’hit no song of his tickle my fancy cos along d line he lists it and he’ll soon become irrelevant if care is not taken. Articles like these are just a wake up call to whom it may concern and Nigerians should curb raining insult on journalists/bloggers its uncivilized and stupid.

  86. D writer of ds article and those antagonising d’banj must be sick bastards frm d mothers womb,how culd any1 dedicate so much time writing bout a made man’s GOD go punish una,ko ni da fun yin,hii no go better for una…thumbs up my d’banj,love u forever…ur really representing in a way no artist as ever done us in u plenty.for d haters,if u hating,keep hating and watch d money pile upppp

  87. i checked out the blogger,i cant see an actual achievement he had made for himself and his after a already made man, his either an attention seeker or his paid to do this,he managed to put himself on wikipedia trying to create a name for him self am not shocked to see what wiki had put on their headline about his profile,keep up the criticism you may actually get somewhere with it,you said it you did well creating some name for yourself before the election begin proper before President Goodluck was elected as the president,you might get something with dbanj too keep it up sucker

  88. I no blame who write this writeup… Nah tooxclusve disappoint me… Wiseup bro…ar a big name in d entertainment industry… Noo let ds kind writeup bring u down…
    ….Dbanj wey dey go show, we dem dey play him songs for club… Which. Kinda hit una dey expct again.. Mak e b only him song for d top 10 countdown….. All of una wey sopot ds write-up nah fool…

  89. @Jay I think u’re one of don j’s stooges, don jazzy released solar plexus, ?o single hit from the album, heavens did not fall. Mavin records brought out a theme song for nations’ cup titled passion for africa, it was thrown inside d thrash, heavens did not fall. Don j has featured I?????n????? more collabo than ever b4, ranging from modenine, kcee, tiwa etc, nobody said he was begging ???? feature. The prob with dbanj is not his music but rather d biased mindset of Nigerians cos most people were sympathetic ???? don j during d split saga. Dkm wasn’t a flop album @ all, virtually all d songs are tite. And for d unknown blogger seeking popularity by tongue thrashing dbanj I have a word for u, nobody blows by pulling others @ d top down, ruggedman did it, where is he today? He’s down d drain. I’m not not saying Dbanj is @ d top of his game,there’s obvious room for improvement.

  90. Jealousy fools that will never progress,dbang is progressing heavily and you guys have the time to talk shit about him or maybe don jazz send you guy..jobless fools

  91. This is the first time am seeing tooxclusive posting this type of trash and I think there a lot of things involve,its either u r working for don jazzy or against….fuck u and d useless blogger dat wasted his time writing shit

  92. This is absolutely rubbish….not happy with this post at all….and to y’all commenting trash,even though you don’t love dbanj that doesn’t mean you should stop keep hating….like cwiouzly why would dbanj beg artist like burna or kcee just to be on there track

  93. But do u av to insult or curse pple to state out ur own points or facts #smh its really annoying when I see pple cursing or taking other pple’s opinion personal, Y not state out ur own points/views and clear it out. If u can’t stand other pple’s opinions or argument wivout taking it P den STFU. State ur facts in a civilized way!!!

  94. Hit or no hit, dbanj is a success.

  95. Eromo Egbejule you are mad

  96. Life Is Just A Journey.. Let’s Wait And See If Man Is God…D’banj And Don…Two Men With Different Destiny,Living What They’ve Planned From Heaven..So Why Are You here Hating On What Your Grand Parents Never Achieved.

    • Good one, you are right.

  97. Dbanj as impertinently invest in African Music..! FACT : he as made an different..! We only look up to Dbanj before the others now Dbanj is trying to quit Music but he is an giant LEGEND… No record can be compare with he’s

  98. Haters keep hating and die there, what is good is good Dbanj already as an impact in the WORLD

  99. Dis writer is a capital fool…dbanj is what I will describe as MR dout dat in life u wil av haters n lovers so its not suprisin readin sm stupid post dat is directed 2 tanish image..let me say dis as final note here in dis room::::::::::::::::D KOKO MASTER IS ENDOWED so haters go fuck ur selfz.

  100. Both d writer and poster of dis article are mad gan ni. Cos I can imagine someone thinking of a fellow downfal, dis is pure nonesense. Dbang, ever d best. Kokomaster where ever u are now don’t give a fuck of haters, u are dere and nothingh’ll bring u down .

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