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Heavy Shots Fired! Wizkid & Skales Call Each Other Out Over ‘Azonto’ Song

Posted by Jim Donnett on February 23, 2015 in News · 85 Comments


Okay. So this just happened on Twitter and I’m sure it’s on it’s way to becoming one of the jaw dropping gists of the Industry as former EME label brothers and respected acts Wizkid and Skales shade themselves on Twitter over ownership of the familiar ‘Azonto’ song.

It might be that someone thought to set the records straight but we’ll never know for sure. Speaking of which, why hasn’t Banky W cleared the ruckus seeing as he was their team lead at the time? He’s probably in best position to say whose tent we should be pitching although Legendury Beatz has pointed out that they made the beats and was “fully paid for” by Starboy Wizzy.

As the drama unfolds, please join the conversation by commenting if you’re #TeamWizkid or #TeamSkales.

See their tweets below (read from bottom up).







Read Skales below.




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  1. Wizkid u too react though u guys ar all gud life is turn by turn skales is cumin out soon

  2. Young children…ranting

  3. Wizkid is just an idiot….He beta remove dat kid from his name,seems like e dey affect am…

  4. Wizkid number one in Africa leave them there just trying they no fit. God will continue blessing u my nigga… u are the best

  5. Dem no suppose show themselves na

  6. Fuck wizkid. .i never knew he was a clotpole. . Frm davido to skales. Couldn’t believe this.

  7. All this fake beef is to promote skales new album, these niggas know wah they’re doing

  8. All this bullshii z fake, these dudes know wah they are doing, it’s all part of promoting skales new album

  9. Wetin social medial go cos ‘hen’. Well Kay cee don talk say na turn by turn. And I don’t believe wizzy tweet this coz I knw he’s not that kind of guy. wizkid good, skale self good.

  10. skale is out already I like obi with dray beat and others everything in life is turn plantaishun boiz were on throne was tu face take over MI came many others came and many other will come and the present will go down go ask Niko gravity

  11. U guys shud put tinz rite shales dnt bite d finger dt feed u dnt 4gt wiskid feed u wit is songs if not so u won’t av last longer in EME Fuck wiskid haters#

  12. when baba God grant u success in life, fake friends will multiply…wizzy my man carry go Jere oluwa don bless u excess!!!!

  13. I can sense hate for wizkid by tooxclusive managers. skales started it, therefore all his tweets should go first. So many wizkid tweets ??? they just pick 5 out skales tweets, wia is the tweet wia he said he is d owner of azonto song ??? the one he said he wrote d superstar album for wizkid, wia is d tweet wia legendary beat cleared d air by saying wizkid paid in full for d beat. D are just making wizkid look like d bad guy.
    Think abt it wizkid tweeted “come at me, i come at u” dats proves he didn’t start it. I rep team wizzy jare.

    • only person dat has made sense here today.

    • #True talk

    • Maybe ur forgetting legendury beats is signed to star boi label ….he should now bite the hand that feeds him ……..u knw if wetin skales dey talk na tru

  14. No mater wu u r or wat u do u ve go 2 ve 1 or 2 pros wit close associates but u shldnt c it as an opportunity 2 use abusive wrds on each other in public or start digging out some secret within u 2. Like u sed skales wat goes up must surely come down u both must surely come 2geda someday I wonder Hw u will both luk after all dis social media beef 2 me it’s rubbish u guys shld b api 4 ur sef instead of hating nd beef. It’s not everybody dat wil live a record label wu made dem wu de r nd still do well like dis @ list I thnk u guys shld even get more closer sef. Big up 2 guys am a cool fan of d both parties. 1 love

  15. Nigga u a fucking punk@wizkid ayo, U aint singing shit so shut ur trap nd stop blabbing about who u are nd who u aint ……….. Do ur tin and let him do his, life aint a Race, U Fucking ingrate

  16. Both of ’em are stupid as fvck.. Can’t believe they are both in this kinda shit together #Pussies

  17. From samklef to Davido and from Davido to skales .yu going insane boy stop being a dog everyone despise . I think money and fame is getting into your head@wizzy

  18. Wizkid yhu b cow!!.. 4 ur mind yhu dey feel like d sun shines always… Yhu rong table can turn anytime.. jez b ghud wen yhu ruling!!!

  19. Fuck.u.both

  20. Wizzy u Be idiot…..

  21. Niggas pls stop all dis,I luv u both…S to d k(young Skales) all d way

  22. i love the both off sholuld soult things out buy understanding each other….big up to wizkid.&s.k….sheak boddy master

  23. No beef oo. But d way wizzy dey tweet ehn. Tweetin like his God. So so fuckin proud. We knw real nigga. OBO

    • Na wizkid n skales, where OBO comot for the matter na?? OBO na God?? I boy shift

  24. Wizkid ur time don dey go,wait and see new up coming artist named DESSY,he’s gonna replace you cus ur time don go like that of GEJ we need change in d industry,and d change don land go watch LEWOLE by Dessy

    • Shut up joor broke nigga lyk u

    • lolzzzz….kia pple reason from d anus….fool

  25. Kids!!!

  26. Even me wey cool down dey read dia tweet no even get sense sef, mumu children dem wey no know how to handle fame…

  27. Is high tym our artist grow up, young nigerian look up to u guyz as a role model, all u guyz could do is coming online to wash ur dirty pants. Diz z a complete disgrace 2 both skale n Wizkid. U both ar great disappointment and a disgrace……

  28. team #star-boi

  29. It’s so disappointing to see These guys come at each other in such a manner. We upcoming artistes are looking up to them . They should have found other means of settling their beef, instead of this public barbaric act . I gat love of both of em still.

  30. U guys ar jst makin tinz worse by doin dis. U two, does dissin urslvs makes u feel dat gud? Pls U????? guys shld stop dis. U’ve been 2geda 4 once, dnt let a little stuff come btwn u. #So frustratin

  31. abeg der is sometin more to dis message. it is skales dat startd dis. if u dnt come at me, i wnt come at u, already knw dis will happen wen hiptv dn interview skales abt his album nd he did nt put wizkid or banky. skales u be mumu, if u dy beef bcos eme fuckd u up. wizkid resemble eme?

  32. That guy is just a beef,,,aint gat time for his,he started it all….thanks fans….me love you all..#starboye

    • He be like say you no wise up abi? If you need pin to go pin share or pin naija to get pin over there not here na only you be lil kesh now wizkid two of other don’t even. Know Wether someone like existing in this fucking life so change ur way. Its just an Advice….Smellos

  33. First it was samklef,saeon,sarz then nw skales all complainin abt d same tin..lst lst Wizkid has stupid pride!! Him keep alll dz tin fr him mind since…

    • Watin make skales self talk nonsence

  34. Wizzy baby and skales y na???

  35. well funny tho coming from both sides wizkid your not God all your saying about helping skales its true but do you feel its right putting it out there at one point skales would have said thank you bro i love you both you had your time now its skales turn atleast when he left your umbrella he started having hit songs all over wizkid your my guy but money dey make you fuck up same shit you said about saeon too bro your good star boy but dont be a bitch about it…….

  36. Wizkid is always a fool. The name wiz and kid. Is affecting him lik a kid… Small boy how much u don make for industry… Since wen 2face was in industry no beef.. Dats a legend for u.. Wizkid and his song is a floop. Baby baby baby,, girl girl girl.. In every song.. Small idiot.. Cmon stand and shake body.. Ur type don dey pass away@wizkid

    • Wizkid all d way, fuck dem haters.

    • Who talk say 2baba never geh beef for industry?
      All those shots to faze that year no reach?

    • Emmis ur father left balls

  37. Everyone calling wizkid proud is daft because he is just saying the truth about life even if he went too far about it. So you wizkid haters go fuck yourself and relax.

  38. Lies lies lies…..

  39. They both made money.. So y shuld I care tho

  40. Skales hate wizkid right from time so am not surprise dis is happening Skales is just jealous and Skales has being abusing banky in all of his song life is not like dat bro

  41. Money miss road..what a shocking revelation for dem kids…

  42. plz u guyz commenting shud nt get tinz wrong cos we dnt really knw if dose guyz are really beefing each oher

  43. Lol ion o what to say …love them both but skales shud av calld wizkid to talk to him bou its personaly or ignore instead of thrown first shade.wizzy over reacted totally proven that skales was rigth about him ignoring .this issue just about maturity.they both fucked up.but skales pushed it first

  44. Na so

  45. skales dai jelouse wiz baba ..
    because get money pass am..
    star boy ..things

  46. c skales o no b wizkid make una life shine…

  47. @charles u r one sided what does his name have to do with what is going on..why cant u hit back at skales for saying that he wrote most of the songs on f album..even if naso so say nah im write am..its in d past atleast he chop out of the money

  48. Can’t believe such childish act could rise from both of you again . U are both making it forget abt the rank. EME is going well,wizkid is going well,skales is going well._____________——important lesson for u both—————-
    @ wizkidayo its high time u remove “kid” from your name may b den your maturity level will b clear. Bro u still act like a’ kid’ thou u have a kid.
    @ skales. Stop braging abt the past. Continue the good work and tell ur girlfriend should stop putting her mouth in your business she is still a “girl’ for real.

  49. If skales claimed he owns azonto,y didn’t he go ahead to sing d song.skales I hate u more…y u de beef our star boy? Go get a life fool…busy composin tweets witout a better hit track.skales wil remain a fool 4 life.evrytin in life has its own position…wizzy is no 1,skales might be no 222 in d game

  50. Una dey mad for here sha what kind unfair public display did u jus do… Fuck m u

  51. See hu is talkin abt heat songs, YES uv got lots of heat songs b4 dat toped chats 4 months, bt as of nw wizz u re grajualy falling out of place, in one year u burst ur fuckin ass trice as hard as any oda artist of ur level has to, u relize mayb 20 songs a year to remain ontop, bt davido jst av to one or two nd he’s everywer, xo dnt waste ur tym on beefing a hustler like skales instead tink abt ur dieing career… I really loved ur songs bt u fuckin wasted, u don wash, u talk like a God, pray make God no vex wit u bcoz u go see ur sef de do conductor for ojuwelegba ass whole, TEAM SKALES

    • Glitterz ur father must be an ilitrate. One of wizzys jamz go feed ur generations. See skales ooo. Fool how many times u dea play shake body for ur phone. Wizkid maturely dusted skales. Eme’s number one since wizy left how many eme dudes u dea hear of banky’s career is on its death bed right now. Wizkid has been on top and life nah turn by turn so dint say his falling if u climbing a ladder theres always some where on top. Wizy is there waiting fir others to meet him davido is almost there but skales still needs to find that ladder.

    • U fool u even have mouth to abuse wizkid

  52. Who sabi skales no wizzy bring una out…..wizkid to hell with anybody way dey disturb u

  53. Wizzy nah dem baba u be

  54. Wizzy na bros for street for where skales dey make in just calm in nerves in no need all dis shii mehn cos life na turn by turn bro don’t hate on your fellow nigg that’s making it with time e go reach your turn so stop hating man..make skales go listen to dope dealer make in know say na just 3 types of niggas we get for dis life..make wizzy just free am na I’m boy be skales for this industry how much skales don see for in life wey in dey brag omo make sharr stop to dey wear fake gold chain make rashes no go kee am for me o lol..wizzy dey live life like in live twice God dey in back so make haters no dey wish for in down fall Jah bless @wizzy I like your music and you are great singer you sef don hustle before u reach where u dey today so no mind dem jorh..u don kuku ma talk am for in my bed say some people think dem bad pass you but nobody badder gan so na small world make we enjoy am while it last bro.peace..

  55. U both r bigger dan dis u just fooling ya self on social network..shit nigga’s

  56. Choi wizkid u too get mawt.. said skales can only compose tweets buh cnt compose a hit song hahahaha..buh wizkid is blessd n talented he dosnt need to steal songs…so I don’t believe dat shiii..they both my guys

  57. Omo wizkid na baba even afta all d diss he still recognises skales as blood still..U! Fit do am?

  58. They are tranna fool the public skales is about to drop his album, he also need media stunt by making beef so who is the best person to make it with, if not wizzy. When you follow the trend of their tweets you should know it is all planned I learnt this long time ago even with Wizzy and Davido beef so guys should stop all this comment and be use to it.

  59. #youngcruz#skales#wizzy yu guyz should make tinz up #god blss yu guyz!!!! Amen

  60. I’m so jobless to have read all this shii, how does this change the Economy situation in Naija…Fuck black N*ggaz, all they know iz beef beef beef.. Biggy small & Pac started it way back, now its a f*cking traditions for N*ggaz esp. Industry N*ggaz!.. If skales isn’t satisfied, he should Hug transformer, If wiz can’t shut up most times, he should f*ck him self… I don’t blame them nw, when small money don dey small pikin hand dem must misbehave nw…! you no fit hear Jay-Z or Dre for all this kind nonsense!!

  61. Wizkid is a boss and will always be a boss fools like Skales should not come at him, he should know that Wizkid is not on he’s level Wizkid is he’s daddy! He’s Lord! Sef and stupid and foolish girlfriends or should I call her a hoe like Skales’s hoe should not be saying trach to they fadas! Because she just wants to get to Wizkid’s pants, she’s a big fool. Wizzy! Boss of life God bless and Jah bless!

  62. wizkid u rant too much. u ain’t a real nigga.

  63. Huh!!! Wizzy Nah Bad Man Ooo!! De Guy Finish Skales Hands Down!!! As In Use Skales As Rag!!! Buh Abeg #wizzy #skales Try To Clear De Beef Up!! Yhu Guyz Are Real Niggaz Who Supose To Be Givin Us Hit!! Buh Yhu Are Beefing!!Biko!!!Mke Una Stop Buh #starboi.. Abeg Smal Smal

  64. rakelle says:

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