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‘Only M.I And I Make Quality Music In Nigeria’ – Jesse Jagz

Posted by Temitope Delano on August 11, 2016 in News · 130 Comments


Chocolate City act, Jesse Jagz, says, no musician in Nigerian makes better music than himself and brother M.I Abaga, this was disclosed during an  interview with

The ‘Jargo’ crooner, who is highly regarded in the music industry for his creativity, did not mince words when he was asked about the Nigerian music industry. Not caring whose ox is gored, he declared that the Abaga brothers, are the best in the country.

Me and M.I combined, there’s no bloody musician, I don’t care who your father is, that can be better combined and artistically

He further added that himself and brother M.I are; “probably the most artistic and forward thinking musicians” in the country.

On their style of music, he said:

How we rap is very different. M.I is very witty on a different level. You want to hear somebody rhyme with eight rhyme patterns, that’s why I’m here. Jagz is the person.

Jesse Jagz, also weighed in on few other artistes, he believes are good and have his respect. The likes of ; Ice Prince, Brymo and Falz, made his list, further speaking in glowing terms about Falz.

On Falz, he said:

Above the jokes I’ve listened to some of his tracks and I think  there’s a further idea or concept beyond the joke


What do you guys think? Is Jesse Jagz right about this declaration? Let’s discuss.




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  1. Talk is cheap

    • Talk is cheap my brother.

    • Really talk is very cheap Bro

  2. True talk…….factz only

  3. Rubbish

  4. False…where is vector

    • Lol.. .i can stand behind hus comment. Nobody makes music like M.I abaga in thus country. His Artistry is on another level. Some minds are just too shallow to get him. And then, Jagz is the greatest. Brymo is too beautiful. Newbies….include Adekunle, Falz, Ycee….Their sound is unique, not to forget Patoranking. But about rappers, you can’t touch the Abaga brothers.

      • Facts! tell them.

      • U’ve said it all bro…jagz broda none compare. I use to say this everytime to my friends. Those who don’t know av never listen closely. Jesse jagz MI toh bahd…

  5. You are good, no doubt, but MI is just a non-ambitious rapper. always running around a particular circle claiming to be a Legend when he’s done nothing to worth it. Can’t break boundaries and export the Nigerian Rap Music.

    • True that

    • True that. MI is always hating and proclaiming King without a crown.

    • Jagz is by far the best rapper in Nigeria. Quality music for sure. The combination is MI and Jagz is 30 for MI and 70 for Jagz honestly.

    • nice comment

    • you are highly mentally deficient of common sense. God will see you through

  6. They let their works do d boasting

  7. Rubbish talk

  8. Yes true talk am a M.I fan but am dissapionted with his ambition he dint take his career to the next Level!as for Jagz that’s his opinion so let’s live it at that!

  9. if i slap ur brain u wil wake up jagzs

  10. only me & m I makes quality music in Nigeria ko Nigeria ni, if I hear am nice time, na only Kom kom dey make noise

  11. One does not blown his own trumpet…let ur works and achievment do the talking

  12. Lol…i realy lyk musicians dah make serious mouth. d jesse jagz wey dy talk no dy amonq top ten nigerian artistes of 2k16 hm con dy make mouth…let ur musik do the talkin nt u sha as dy say empty vessels make d loudest noise #smh

    • You just a empty vessel, tell me who do it better than Mi and jagz?, forget abouh top ten artist, that’s just a medium of promotion,

      • Jagz song dry abeg, not even near

      • Mode 9 does it better than both

    • ya the only empty vessel here fam. The Lord will fill you up. Amen

  13. So you dey talk say Jagga na “Empty Vessel” ohh??? Go hear his previous albums abeg

  14. What of vector…That Nigga is the best!!

  15. true talk…he said combined…they are d best…who is talkin abt M.I here nt exportin african rap nd not been a legend…he’s d best

  16. True talk man,, if you listen to thier song very well,, you will know that JAGA and MI Abaga, are the best,, truth as been revealed.. No doubt.. .

  17. Lol.. .i can stand behind hIs comment. Nobody makes music like M.I abaga in thus country. His Artistry is on another level. Some minds are just too shallow to get him. And then, Jagz is the greatest. Brymo is too beautiful. Newbies….include Adekunle, Falz, Ycee….Their sound is unique, not to forget Patoranking. But about rappers, you can’t touch the Abaga brothers.

    • Ycee no dey there at all you don’t need to include him wetin he dey sing
      You don’t need to compare him with those legend

  18. top 30 in naija u r not there and u r making stupid noise, ur song is quality only to u but not the audience

    • Jude abaga is d bomb

  19. one love


  20. Yea

  21. Yea i agree! Forget abt all dos top ten or top wateva, dats jst a means of promoting demselves. Bt whn u talking music, not dos cheap sh*ts we here everyday whc i don wanna mention, The Abaga brothers are d best especially Jagz. Dat guy is over-talented and creative, he can be anything u want from an artiste!

  22. for funny jokes and riddles that will make you laugh mad visit w w w . laughkillme . w a p k a . m o b i

  23. Yagga

  24. yea he is right

  25. Fact wack ass be talking vector mtchew 2008 vector was still a barber #True Yan Jagz. Make vector drop 3dope albums and mixtapes right now am listening to vec IDGAF song dope but M.i more Legendary baba shhhhhhhhh

  26. most of u talking seriously dont knw what rap is. pls can i break it down for y’all? RAP means rhythm and poet. and pls ask yourselves, whose done it better? hav u listened to jargo?
    if u hear a poet wil u recognize it?

    lol, pls stop all dis hating and conglomerate with d best.

    i am Mr G1

  27. He is really wrong
    How can he said no one can sing like him and his brothers
    that is nonsense.
    He don forget Eedris abdulkareem be that or Mode9
    please help me pass this question to him Can he
    #DefineRap What is rap and what is rapping and what is rapper
    just dey talk rubbish mtcheew
    oooshi ni gbo gbo eee

  28. Seriously I totally agree with him( Jesse jagz) if you listen to his music you will understand better, he is quite unique

  29. jagz z xayin sh*t

  30. Truth be told the Abaga brother have all it takes to stand that claim.. M is busy running his entire Label and that’s not a small job. He’s is a legend “even kanye west no do hip hip M.I” naija4life

  31. Truth be told the Abaga brother have all it takes to stand that claim.. M is busy running his entire Label and that’s not a small job. He’s is a legend “even kanye west no do hip hip like M.I” naija4life

  32. Yo own point of view but yo muzik hasn’t gone out of Naija as fela did in his time so how good are yo and your brother is it in your father’s parlour or yo mother’s kitchen regconition is given through awards won home and abroad that is y u c odas signed by Sunny ROC nation it is to let u know DAT those guys are way above you and yo brother

    • and how many of the people signed to roc nation and sony have you seen releasing good songs from America, all that is just bullshit, those so called foreign acts are just too proud to associate themselves with we Africans that is why they don’t want to come this way for collaborations rather they are wetin for huge some of money for collaborations and you’re condemning MI. Maybe you should ask those foreign artist to drop their pride and come over here for collaboration cos afropop is what is trending now……..Mi tank you for blessing us bro, you are the best

  33. Gat respect for u bro….BT u f**kup wiff dis comment like seriously. So likes of mode 9,vector ar playing abi
    …. Reminiscent, olamide ,phyno that let us knw rap can also be translated to our mother’s tongue nko. U n m.I make quality music yet on m.I album he feature the likes of olamide n co. ….blow u no blow, hit track u no get. Na only mouth

  34. jagz is the best thing that happened to Nigerian music… the guy is a genius, u won’t know this when u use to wizkid and Davido’s wack lyrical songs.

  35. all does pipo hating mi and jagz….. una fada well well…… who be vector…. if i hear una talk again…. mi and jagz best for real mehnn

  36. Talk so cheap…

  37. mi is good and jagz is also good but how can u say only both of u makes good rap music# vector flows better than you… vector is the king of rap in Nigeria cos he flows plain and pure#reminisce is also a good rapper… Jesse jagz please do not cause or start war that u won’t be able to stand the pressure… when choc boiz is hot, nobody test me is no doubt the hottest rap track and mi current everything is a good rap track but bro… na only stories of Gods u rap about… vector is far better than you… so please just stick to ur weed and watch Thor… for next stories line

    • Lol balls!!!! Vector is good but don’t compare him to M.I Abaga! Jesse jags maybe buh M.I?? Naaah! M.I is King

  38. shai no be stories jagz dey tell us for his rap tracks in…. stories of gods that fall from heaven to earth… vector is far better than u… how many tracks for it album hit or won any I individual… vector raps and far better than you…. reminisce is even better than u#my three rapper of all time is namely: m. I /vector/reminisce…. jagz please stick to it weed and watch comic film like Thor for ur next story linea

  39. I’d say you re either high or sick!! Where has you quality music gotten you to?? Ganja planter!

  40. Stories that touch in Falz voice.

  41. MI still remain a mentor though a distracted one but i love him, but for u Jags go sleep, since u switch from ur old style “i’m a typical Naija boi, original comfirm Hajia toy” u have lost it.. Forget 8 rhymes i can do dat truout a track with meaningful rhymes so park well #scarface

  42. All this yoruba boys that always manipulate the truth to favor their own… You’ll all eat your hatred and puke…. M.I and Jesse Jagz combined is definitely the best… Jesse didn’t lie…. It’s not all about selling songs…. It’s about creativity and informative piece of work…. I salute you Jesse… Haters should lick my dog’s balls…LOL

    • Tro am 4 dm mah man

  43. I guess he don’t know the name called 2 face idibia aka 2 baba

  44. All I know z…rappin wit to much stil rapin under instructions. ..abeg how when rhythms lil wayne…eminem kayne ….and drake gt….and dia at top of dia game…wen raping do the …undoable…jess jags wey dy talk…e can’t compete wt dremo….and for mi…d man …na mumu…z brain z level wit z shortness…4 headies e said e want a good album dat will be listen 2 fr life…dat e z nt like arstist dat drop songs everytime wt no good content…whch means e z talking to olamide..and olamide was on z album…well dy all hate in dia family…no moved!!

  45. Damn right.. The Nigerian industry is filled with noise makers right now

  46. You guys always like to beef olamide because he always try to be consistent, but Mr jagz, forget the continous song dropping ish and think about people that haf taken over! Like vector, dremo and ycee……..they don’t talk shut like u and ya bro!!!
    Let your music talk for u Mr jagz……… Even in the next 30 years, if my children ask me about music during my time, I would be glad to talk about olamide, reminisce, vector,king wiz, and Davido…… I don’t think I will remember u gan self

  47. jagz be saying trash… what happened to asha, Milli, ozone,mojeed, ycee, tekno, tay, Ozzy b, adenkule gold… plus some others!

  48. He wants to be relevant cuz small boiz have overtaken him

  49. hmmm…nawaoo

  50. hmmmm….dope

  51. Who is jesse jagz ? An actor or dancer ? Abeg make we hear

  52. Abeq why sony musiq an d roc nation and RCA no dy run to siqn people lyk d jesse jagz and im broda buh dy run 2 siqn piple lyk davido, wizkid and tiwa savaqe…cos THEIR MUSIQ SUCKS!! TRUTH B TOLD!! Even jesse cn nt cmpete wit DREMO #AVSAIDMYOWN

    • Dremo? Wey begin Rap 2days ago? Bitch please

  53. Jesse let d truth b known 2 dem abeg, d abaga’s family owns rap when it comes in africa. B4 vector nd ice prince comes through. Rap is nt al abt ur fastnexx bt al abt ur rythmz nd punchlinex brothers. People lik yung6ix are tryin b4 dremo nd ycee. Bt 2 olamide nd phyno are jst busy doin local muxik 4 d street.

  54. if you know more about good rap music, you will know jags is saying nofin bt the truth, so u guys stop what ur doing and stand up for the Abagas family.

  55. Ah don hear! JESSE JAGZ’s MUSIC SUCKS! At least M.I Is far betah! me d songz dat jesse jagz has sanq dat has bin reiqnin 4 d past fw mnthz ycee is even beta dan him

  56. Yea d abaga brothers are kul but some rappers are close too like yung6ix is also intelligent

  57. It is what it is..My Top 3 MCs in Nigeria are Jesse Jagz, Vector n M.I.

  58. Jagz Vector M.I.

  59. I believe Jago die…

  60. well dis is just another publicity stunt. but didn’t expect dis from jagz. For him to pull dis means his career is going down the drain. u can’t claim d only ones making quality music wen u have d likes of adekunle, asa, falz n so many odaz

  61. No rapper of vector calibre in naija but jagz is also one of the finest rapper naija have

  62. I look at the comments here and i smh,most of ya’ll dunno what music or being creative. Preach Jargo!

  63. Well to me, what he said is right but I want him to realise that in Nigeria today if you are still singing song that make sense to ppl some ppl will buy it while some won’t
    Let me say out of 100% of Nigerians may 30% will buy while other 70% wont buy that’s why you see some artist that doesn’t worth it at all they will come out and be bragging
    Nigeria situation self doesn’t want quality cos everybody want to make money fast,
    All musician I respect most in this country are mode nine , mi, jesse jags, asa , bez, dare art alade and brymo

  64. Guys black face is noe a legend, jessy is following black face one did this wen his not getting famous they need something to keep there name moving. but no shirt, we no d boss

  65. All of una nid flog#losers are commenting where is jagz in d latest top rap ranking??????u will just be using m.I to cover up,if I slap u ehn,ur scar face go heal 1ce….abeg anybody fit bold tok say e beta pass v.e.c????#be warned#lolz

  66. Abeg who get small pin charger for Nokia 331O?

  67. Be won of what yhu say, 9ja does not hear song but the beat for notice, abagaz are they I love this guyz. If riters no rite them no mean say them no de do good music, we de listeners no what we get 4rom dey lyric

  68. Confused country.. We know the truth but we keep following trends.. One comment, different options, no conclusion.. Even my realest is confused.
    May Almighty God help my country Nigeria!

  69. Vector Da Viper Is Stil D King Of D Cypher Wen It Comz To Gud Rap…

  70. Smh, serzly , this is one of the most dumbest shit have read on this platform… Even this average rapper (jagz) dey claim levelz….. No worry, Rubick go soon bench yhu….. Since yhu no wan get sense :v

  71. This is very funny because
    1. MI ABAGA himself called VECTOR king of freestyle after the 2hours+ freestyle… VECTOR did on rhythm freestyle fury
    3. VECTOR won HENNESSY ARTISTRY, whereby JESSE JAGZ participated and nearly all the MC’S IN NIGERIA, where the fuck was M.I ???


  72. Oh yeah Jesse jags, he’s actually a good musician just that we don’t really hear do good music. Well if he doesn’t mind he can tell tooxclusive too update his songs when he drops them

  73. most of you guys don’t know anything about music……when it comes to good rap music in d industry
    nobody do it better Dan d Ababa family
    yah vector is good

  74. if u dont blive wat jadz sais den u mst be a #yorubaholic… Al hail d abaga’s

  75. yeah no doubt
    why diz yoruba pple alwayz hatin on pple doin gud muzik all dey knw is to do wack songs and pack dirty awards wit it
    i like Vector but Jesse do it better dan him if you listen to his very well u will knw his rap style is unique but Abagaz are not only the good lyricist
    we have A.Q ,Boogey,Poe,Kursor,i wont drop yung6ix name coz he is completely into wack am lookin up to diz pple i mentiond abt MI he is gud ……
    Lets just forget abt favoritism and watch mind u Jesse won lyricist on d roll b4 VEC

  76. If he’s the let him go to Grammy and claim the price…
    Audience has to give him credit and not him crediting him self… He may be right but I hate d fact Dat he said it pridefully… Where is asa,vector,cohbams,simi etc if he is talking about rap music no doubt but saying music in general, hmm I fink he needs weed to wake him up from sleep ?

  77. do they really know what good music is all about, nice album gongo aso keep sounding new anytime i listen, 2face oldest album sounds new anytime, dagrin asa etc MI NOR his brother are good but not as they think… i dont sing but good music specks for itself conpredi


    Cueten Speaks!

  78. Jargon n M.I surely the most creative. The they are other very fun acts. Yung6 , vector , iceprince. So don’t hate if u truly know what rap means.

  79. a lot listen to music but only few understand good music. i will choose mi and his broda, brymo, 9ice, banky w, 2face, black magic asa , tiwa, maybe if you know some hausa that sing correct music you can add. those are the good artist we get for naija, people you can listen to their music in 10 yrs to come and still feel good

  80. You guys are really good but bro….this is new era
    Ycee panda …Lil kesh… Me sef……thunder
    So plenty coded tinz.
    Ajansare gbera

  81. M.I didn’t take it to the next level because he knows the prize to pay no sexy…. And Jesse Jagz + M.I combined are by far the best in Africa when it comes to rap, followed by Vector if we talking naija

  82. Hmm dia is no music here wen u nat talkin about my big bro/boss Phyno nd Olamide nd d likes of Ycee and Cdq….dey are d best

  83. I should be the one to say it for Jagz. He is the Greatest and beyond is M.I. U say works should speak, it does speak Yáll just too deaf too hear. Jaga Rap Professor and to prove it @the mo I’m bumping After Party with Brymo and M.I is just too notorious to be put in any box of categorization and I believe Naija is still not close to appreciate their level of professionalism. I mean this brothers make me wish Naija was a bit more improved, that way their fans can help take their rap offshore. Its not the artists that promote music, its the fans and if Yáll dont understand the energy and intellectual prowess they engage in they music, just eat a dick and quit hating. Vector is good but its like putting French Montana beside Jcole and B.O.B. And u better watch out for T.O.B. out…

  84. Gold you are the best

  85. STOP saying shit boy .who sabi u

  86. Gerrat, Swallow ur pride.u knw music? Hissssssssssss.

  87. I smeel diz dudes r beefing on ice prince….MI cnt let go ice…still stricking 2 maintain d boss..Boss let go, Ice prince z gotten some choices 2 make….Jaz z still der coz he cnt stand alone…..xo u capioned it well”You nd jaz make d best ov music”…..bro focus nd watch coz i knw my ice z going 2 reply that msg…”everything i have”…bye

  88. that’s somehow true buh na Qualified rapper na A1 he qet for rap if to examine

  89. i knw that Mi makes quality rap but u have to put mr zamani there,I swear Mr zamani na king ooo

  90. my name is Roczeal….plz help me tell jago…Dat am baddar Dan him

  91. truest of all talk bro keep the fire burning

  92. oomo na lie dem day talk na erriga and falz be d best for Nigeria

  93. M.I is d best rapper in 9ja,as 4 Jesse,maybe he’s also on another level…. Olamide used to b good but did days his lyrics use to b very very wack….king M.I!!!! haters try and download songs like ‘everything’ , ‘king James’ and so many oda wch I cnt recall d title

  94. Chop knuckle
    U r d best ehn weldone

  95. Wht abt d bst of d bst Ice prince Zamani

  96. Ice is above all……… I guess!

  97. Respect them I believe him

  98. Respect them I believe him Jesse jagz

  99. I came 2 undastnd dt al dz heatrz dnt kwn muzik. Jargo z talking abt RAP u guyz r talkin abt R&B Folz

  100. Please if there is anyone still doubting M.I Abaga is the king of hip-hop in Africa should please go download “Everything” drop everything you are doing and just listen to that song.If u still doubting after that then trust me u have poor taste for music.yh vector is good, Jagz too! Comparing These other Emcee to M.I is like comparing lilwayne to Kendrick! They are both good but we know who is better in terms of “content” . M.I is King .He might not be too consistent but we all still know he is sitting that throne! Know takes his place yet not even Vector or Mode9 .before u crucify me yes Mode9 is baba but M.I is the king! How did I forget phenom o.m.g Phenom got hot bars meeehn.that guy is fire!!!!!! His flows are so on point! Yung6ix is good, ice prince too.For the Femcees Sasha has done her part Big ups! Eva Alordia is amazing also weird MC. Am also a Femcee and one of the best rappers in Nigeria buh not established yet. Lol Nigeria ain’t ready for me yet!

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