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Milli Finally Reveals Real Reason He Left Chocolate City

Posted by Temitope Delano on June 4, 2016 in News · 66 Comments


Recall early this year, Rapper Milli, was rumored to have left Chocolate City, headed b fellow rapper, M.I. The label eventually did come out to confirm the exit, putting a rest to the rumors.

However, a couple of days back, Milli, took to social media to share some cryptic messages on the reason for his exit before finally coming forth with the details.

This letter, however, is not an official statement form Milli’s camp as it was shared in a closed Facebook group majorly dominated by fans of the talented act.

The letter which detailed how the entire saga which eventually led to his exit from the label, was broken into five different parts.


Read what he wrote:

Part 1/5: Breaking The Silence
It’s no longer news that the time has come for me to move on from Chocolate City, but until now, no one has heard my side of the story.

It’s been a long journey – one year in 2014 with M.I. writing and co-producing the Chairman album, and another year in 2015 being signed with Loopy and Choc City, writing and co-producing the TICBN album, and working on individual Choc City artist projects.

I have a lot of love for my CC family, especially for Koker and Dice, but for me, things didn’t turn out how I thought they would at all… I was getting held back all the time, I wasn’t allowed to put out music like I wanted to, and it was getting really hard to be myself…

I’m not going to say much out there, about what really happened, that’s why I created this private Facebook group. I don’t want to do interviews and talk about what happened, I wouldn’t even want to write all of it down because it’s quite painful.
But I haven’t told anyone what’s been happening, and you guys have been showing me love all this time, even in my absence, so it’s only fair that you know more than everyone else… What I want to share with you will come in five parts and this is Part 1.

I really love you guys and feel so blessed

Part 2/5: The Childish EP

I started working on the Childish EP in 2014, and all the tracks on the EP were ready by the end of 2014, but when I got signed to Loopy in January 2015, M.I asked me to go back and re-record the entire EP.

When Mr Audu left in February 2015 and handed over to M.I, I automatically became a Choc City artist. I was told dropping my EP under CC was going to be great for me so I was really excited. But there was a lot going on at that time, so attention shifted from my EP and I was told I couldn’t drop it for the next few months after the handover because I had to wait for the label to reorganise itself. In March, I figured out a way to drop music though, that’s how I started #FreeMusicFridays. But after three Fridays, they pulled the plug on it and said I couldn’t continue putting out free music…

When the handover was completed, we were asked to start putting together the TICBN album in order to promote the Choc City brand, so again I was told to be patient, and I was… I came up with the idea to drop the Childish EP on Children’s Day (May 27th, which is also my birthday), but no one at the label paid attention and M.I didn’t want me to drop it at the end of May because the TICBN Album would still being promoted around that time, so I had to be patient again. Once the TICBN album that I was also working on was recorded and dropped, I still wasn’t allowed to drop the Childish EP, but instead I was asked to pay attention to the TICBN album and promote it, which I did…

Around August, after the TICBN promo, it was time for individual artists to drop projects they had been working on before the TICBN album, so I was excited and thought I could finally put out Childish. But then a new rule was invented: New music could only be dropped if it came with a music video… Sigh. More patience.

The music video for Unlooking was shot in September last year but turned out a disaster, a lot of things that were supposed to happen didn’t and it just didn’t look right. I wasn’t proud of it, and you wouldn’t have liked it at all, but I couldn’t afford to shoot another one, and I couldn’t drop Childish unless I dropped a video, so I was willing to live with it. I just wanted to drop my EP… But when M.I saw the footage, he said I couldn’t drop the video yet, because we had to shoot additional scenes. The next shoot was set for January 2016 (four months after the first shoot!), which meant Childish wouldn’t drop till then. One year of waiting, and more patience…

Part 3/5: Unlooking

In November last year, I realised the year was almost over and I hadn’t put out any single yet. It bothered me, because people were waiting, and with all my frustrations I had to ask that the rule be waived in my case for Unlooking because my video was already shot, but not yet ready. Luckly it was approved but M.I wasn’t fully behind my decision, so I wasn’t very confident. But I knew I had to drop something with or without his support…

I know some of y’all have been asking about the Wizkid feature and if it that was even true. Well, it did exist, and still exists. I did have a song with Wiz, which was also supposed to have M.I on it, but unfortunately he took it from me. M.I gave me a choice – if I wanted to put out Unlooking, I would have to give up the Wizkid feature. I guess nobody in their right mind would give up a feature with Wiz, but I did believe in Unlooking, and everybody around me wanted me to release it. Also, I didn’t want my first release to be a feature, and I knew I could always find him again, so I gave up the Wizkid track and prepared the release of Unlooking.

I created Unlooking in a really unique way. When I first wrote it, the verses were different, not Pidgin, but M.I asked me to rewrite the song, and had me change it from English into Pidgin, to be more “street”… so I did, even though I never enjoyed remaking the song. But I wanted to make him happy so I would get all the support I needed by the time Unlooking was coming out. Unfortunately, after so much time rewriting it, when I finally dropped the song, he didn’t support me and Unlooking wasn’t pushed.

He didn’t put much effort into promoting it, I could tell, and after Unlooking, all these new dab songs started coming out and the move that I had started was jacked from me… I saw M.I supporting Olamide’s dab and it really hurt me.

I thought M.I was ashamed of me. He was telling people that Unlooking was just 60% of what it could have been, and that the only reason people liked it was because it was in Pidgin. There was no budget for promotion, so I had to hustle by myself, but I am just one person and I can’t win if my own people don’t believe in me…

And all this while, M.I told me to be more like this or that artist, be more “street”, and people told me that he kept saying that my music wasn’t gonna fly in Naij… It’s like they had decided my sound wasn’t going to work before they even gave it a chance. It made me really, really sad…

Part 4/5: The Transition

In December last year, I met some cool and serious people that not only believe in me and my music, but they also want to see me shine. My new team wanted to work with Choc City but Choc City didn’t want that. All this while, all CC artists were told to build their own teams. And here I was, with a dope team that wanted nothing from the label but the opportunity to invest in me, and work on my promo and branding together with the label, and CC said no. They said “Either all us or nothing”. So what choice did I have? Sit and wait some more, or work with people who actually believe in me? I didn’t want to leave the label, but they didn’t really leave me a choice… So as much as it pained me to leave my fam behind, we started the release process in January…

Right after the meeting with M.I, my new team and I travelled abroad for four weeks to shoot two music videos. The change of environment was good for me as I was really down at the time, I felt abandoned because after all the hard work I had put into the various CC projects and the Chairman album, the label was ready to just give up on me like that…

Then things started picking up and I did more work with my new team in one month than with Choc City in an entire year, and I’m grateful. They get me and my music. They wanna make me succeed the way I am, not change my sound. They see the big picture, and way beyond Nigeria.

Not everyone is happy about my departure from CC though, and even for me, it wasn’t easy to make that decision… In “Everything” M.I. really went deep, calling me disloyal for leaving the family and so on. People in the label office stopped talking to me. It became difficult for me to work with Reinhard, my producer that I introduced to M.I. at the time we produced Chairman. They talked to radio OAPs and other media people and told them their side of the story, making me look bad and as if I don’t care about anyone.

And then it took almost five months to release me from the label, so I was stuck. Choc City was delaying me and crushed my vibe… My new team said I shouldn’t be on social media until things are settled with Choc City, so that they don’t change their mind about releasing me or delay us some more when they see how well things are going for me. That’s why I went quiet at some point. I didn’t even know what to say or post anyway, I was just really, really sad…

Part 5/5: A New Beginning

Being signed to Choc City was a big opportunity in my life that I will forever be grateful for. I’ve learned a lot, the good and the bad. But to keep following my dream, I needed to let go, even if it hurts and it still does…

But I’ve got my own label now, Up Next, a dope team, and I’ve got you guys, and that’s all I need. But I can’t lie, it’s gonna be tough. I already know that he and his people have been talking to the media, and I don’t know how that will affect what the blogs will write, and how much radio and TV airplay I will get for my music… Maybe they will shut me out, he has people everywhere, so its possible for him to do things his way… Some of the social media influencers even told me they don’t want to promote my new projects, for fear of upsetting M.I or Choc City…

It’s scary and I don’t know what will happen but I’m ready for the challenge, and as long as you guys have my back and help me post, RT, Regram and spread the word about the #UpNextMovement and my new music to your people, we don’t even need all the fake hype!

Much more happened than what I’ve told you, a lot of personal things that really disappointed and hurt me deeply, coming from a person I admire and respect so much. I won’t speak about details because I don’t want this to be about any of those personal things. That’s between him and me. #DontAskMeWhatHappened.

But I will never forget how I was put down again and again, how my confidence in my sound was broken, and how it was impossible for me to put out my music. I even stopped believing in myself at some point… Your messages all this while really helped me a lot and gave me new motivation. I felt your love and I’m grateful for that.

What I’m going to drop this week is daring, but it’s my way of overcoming my fear, stand up for the Art I believe in and move on. I hope I can count on you to have my back and get others to join the #UpNextMovement. The Movement is about the art of good music, and about giving other artists that make “different” sound the courage and strength to BE different, instead of getting frustrated by the industry.

I’m sure many people will say I’m ungrateful and I want to cause drama but what I really want to do is to leave the old structures behind that suppressed my art and my sound, follow my dream and #SetArtFree! That’s my mission with the #UpNextMovement.

We need to allow Art to exist in Nigeria and I’m not shutting up no more. And if that upsets some people, so be it.

Bless u all & thanks for being with me.


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  1. I hot yo back son. Any day any time. Yo sound is unique. First time I heard u on a feature I put d track on replay. I’ve surfed d web searching for yo own stuffs but all I see is yo feature. Now I know why. God will help u son.

  2. as long as you drop dope songs, the people got you back! don’t fail us, just hold on

  3. Everything happened for a reason u have to move on brother a road without obstacles lead to no were

  4. Such is life

  5. Milliiiii that boy good!

  6. I remember when I first heard “back to the future by Milli ft MI… All I can say is keep your head up milli, nobody can shut you out.

    • & M.I did messed up d song with his weak voice & awful vocals

      • Rubbish, M.I. saved that song cos Milli’s verse was weak. That being stated, the song didn’t go anywhere.

  7. Roll out by Drey Beatz ft milli, m.i

  8. Her by Milli ft Victoria Kimani… The boy is good!

  9. Unlooking never felt like something I know belongs to Milli

  10. Lemme be an adviser for your team. Don’t under rate! About how do I drop my contact public!!! Hope we meet someday and u give me a chance…

  11. Bruh I hope you read this,Milli always know that Art has no boundaries and subject to no one,no limit can be placed on art and art is appreciated in every part of the world, believe your music is bigger than Nigeria and no one can kill your Art no matter what position that person holds in this temporary realm,Art can’t be killed because it’s everlasting, I believe in your art and you should too,doing something different makes your art unique with value…realize that the other person is you then you become unstoppable

  12. milli truth be told… m. I is my mentor but you gats to move and believe in your sef bcos I know that you are gonna be celebrated and call blessed one day… another that want to pull u down… shall never see the light of the following day… not a curse but a prayer to God… to any body that thinks if evil to his fellow human being…MILLI u shall grow

  13. MI is one of ny best rappers while I also level his songs with foreign great e.gMeek,drake and if none of their songs give no MI. fantansy, then I’m totally out but seriously, I’m beginning to hate Mi and it is for nothing else than just the one he kills any young artist hw finds out could be a menace to hi not to his songs but their development, which he thinks will stop them working for CBN once achieve star. Same mistake he made to for Ice prince and no longer wanting that to happen probably.

    If anyone remembers Brymo, checking out blogs where they put out screenshot of his tweets and Instagram posts about how Abaga wanted to kill his career.

    Well, there is something running there we don’t know about.
    Brymo is here to stay, milli coming up with Fire. Shame on MI and his yeye bones..

  14. I first made this milli post eeeh! 😀 CLICK HERE!!!

  15. Milli,am ur no 1 fan,I believe in u.break dat fuckkkkkkkkkkin mic on mi’s head.

  16. The plan was to surpress your ideas so as to make you feel that you need more improvement, thereby using you. Knowing fully well your stuff would have gone far if promoted well. Move on, destiny can only delayedM.I uses English when he raps tho…

  17. Destiny can only be delayed… besides u had no room to quit, so fly bro!

  18. Fuck mi ad choc city ride on milli u gat all it takes

  19. milli i swear down i love your sound from day 1, but when u stop droping i felt like “dis guy is nt serious or what?” but now i know…am also a rapper with similar story…but i know one day naija will start supporting good hip hop & trap music…middle finger 2 all fake rappers & sided medias…i always tell my team everything in this world was started by one person…#TeamDreamBig

  20. Be strong bro. I see success ahead. Just do you.

  21. Be strong bro, bro I want u to meet one of the badest producer Doka he can give u ur kind of sound he is cool and I believe in him 08161569426

  22. U r a Talented guy, but pls read d clause of your contract properly, to make sure u r nt walking into a record label trap.

  23. Unlooking, back to the future, roll up, her, yours . .. Milli, They can only try.. . Good music would always sell itself.

  24. MI really has this other odd side to sure thats the same experience that made brymo go too…He invests his time and resources more on ICE,Jagz and Loose who are not as talented as MILLI AND am inspired thus..I hAVE NEVER DOUBTED YOUR TALENT BRO..and please do release the Unlooking complete English version and more materials that we didnt know about b4 the very new ones biko! #UPNEXT

    • Ice and Jagz not as talented as Milli and Brymo? Are you just nuts or seriously stupid?

      • he must be……his imaginations are playing tricks on his mind

  25. Every story have a two side

  26. No wonder Ice is beginning to isolate himself from the choc boi stuff, is obvious dat MI is self centred if nt ppl like milli, ice would hav bin d ones reppin Nigerian/African hiphop music.. Kip ur head up

  27. #UPNEXT

  28. #UPNEXT

  29. #UpnextMovement

  30. I like both Milli and M.I.
    In this situation, it probably was best for Milli to move on. He’s young, hungry for success, raw, talented, versatile, and full of zeal. With a team that believes in him, he’s bound to succeed. Time will tell and if it works out for him, then CC would learn a costly lesson. CC drags their feet when it comes to releasing materials for their artists. Osagie had some excellent points. CC management need to wake up and open their eye.

    • True talk

  31. Milli we gat U

  32. I have to tell you Milli! You are super talented. It is going to be hard for sometime but you will definitely rise. You made the right decision for yourself. I see no reason being with people who are holding you down and have no regards for your work. See you at the top. I believe in you.

  33. I always suspected dis MI don’t promote young stars in chocolate city look at lives of mili BRYMO and pyrse theirs is notin to right home about FUCK MI

  34. And for someone as Moti Cates too! To still be on a lowkey…even as talented as he is?! Makes me wonder if M.I is really handling d affairs of CC. I’m happy I can now get new materials frm Emperor Jagz now since his outta that CC cave 😀

  35. Sad story, Mili, God is gonna be ur strength as long as u stand firm in him and trust him, for he’s there behind your back to uplift u and raise u higher than ur enemies

  36. A great m.I fan, BUT..a greater milli fan…aonno.. Bt m.I is tryna use 1 of robert greene’s 49 laws of power on u…not only on u,but to run the affairs of C.B.N ….but this is a warnin to m.I cus aon want either of the two fail or shamed…karma iza bitch,nemesis is real..

  37. A great m.I fan, BUT..a greater milli fan…aonno.. Bt m.I is tryna use 1 of robert greene’s 49 laws of power on u…not only on u,but to run the affairs of C.B.N ….but this is a warnin to m.I cus aon want either of the two fail or shamed…karma iza bitch,nemesis is real..

  38. Hmm.

  39. I’m really starting to hate M.I He us becoming really selfish and bossy, soo much talent in CC is going to waste, Loose, Vicky, Pryse, Dice… This guys should wake up before it’s too late. Milli brov I can feel ur pain, to be honest the type of music u do is top notch, but unfortunately Nigerian music industry doesn’t hype it that much, ur type can be felt in SA trust me. Doo a collabo with Nasty C or Emtee them. U will blow up the whole of Africa,

  40. Am a super fan of M.I and choc city label but business wise I think jude is lacking behind in the way he handling choc, the first time I hear Milli am like who tha hell is this guy where is he from; honestly speaking this dude has make a right decision what’s the point of staying with boss that don’t blv in your materials, if am in your shoe I will probably make the same decision, we all want to be successful in life… Milli go shine like a diamond; we do blv in you. #UpNextMovement

  41. m.i is a good rapper tho but he’s a hater and easily jealous… thats how how it is. if you study him carefully, you’ll see when he finds some one as good or better as he is, he’s try to talk them down..i believe thats same reason ice prince wasnt bothered about his departure from choc city in the first place.

    • well, nobody is perfect just like he said..we all got our flaws. that must be m.i’s flaw. i wish both teams good luck. forever love m.i’s songs.

  42. Milli can en will make it with or without Jude Abaga (MI)

  43. Whodafuck is dis kelvin Gudluk? It is not only Kelvin Gudluk u wil see nw, u strt seein ‘kein badluk’ U r very stupid for sayin his career shuld RIP. It is ur career n M.I’s career dat wil RIP. As u guyz r enemies of progress. Dat stupid shrt dwarf is jst a wicked human being, Choc city wil begin to fall as milli alrdy left. Jst watch n see hw God wil put d haters of Milli to shame. Nigerians got ur bck @Milli even Africa got ur bck.. u a man! Strive on d sky ur limit. U are far better Dan d fuck corupt n bias minded M.I and cohort. @milli u not Nigerians spec, do not allow choco City to dull u wif their useless ideology. #UpNextMovement I’m a Dj n I wil push u to d last. Godbless ur hustle n strengthen u for greater height. Luv bruh..

    • Wow I never knew this all this while till now
      I think milli Is a talented Mc, first time I heard him was at the Lagos countdown on the island, my goodness he got my friends n I asking ourselves, who be this new rap king, twas unlooking he performed. He’s dope
      Be you bro, like we say in business there will always be customers for whatever you are selling. Do your Thang, F wat dey looking at

  44. #upnextmovement…milli all the way..#big time crush..luv u milli

  45. Millie, itz me @#hyce_age#. Remember when we met @ the white house, club.. I told you how much we started, how i love ur style of music, and i finally said. # bepatient# Now is the time. Burst out Exceedingly @Millie

  46. Millie, itz me @#hyce_age#. Remember when we met @ the white house, club.. I told you how much we started, how i love ur style of music, and i finally said. # bepatient# Now is the time. Burst out Exceedingly @Millie

  47. God bless you

  48. Milli I gat you and just do your music you have more fans that you imagine and as you put out the music the list gonna grow and grow. I support your decision is time yo build your career with your own team that truly believes in you

  49. Wow I never knew this all this while till now
    I think milli Is a talented Mc, first time I heard him was at the Lagos countdown on the island, my goodness he got my friends n I asking ourselves, who be this new rap king, twas unlooking he performed. He’s dope
    Be you bro, like we say in business there will always be customers for whatever you are selling. Do your Thang, F wat dey looking at

  50. Wow I never knew this all this while till now
    I think milli Is a talented Mc, first time I heard him was at the Lagos countdown on the island, my goodness he got my friends n I asking ourselves, who be this new rap king, twas unlooking he performed. He’s dope
    Be you bro, like we say in business there will always be customers for whatever you are selling. Do your Thang, F wat dey looking at

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