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Simi Is In Trouble For Stealing ‘Joromi’ – Sir Victor Uwaifo || WATCH

Simi is in a hot mess according to legendary singer, Sir Victor Uwaifo. The 77 year old singer accused the X3M music singer of using elements of his 90s’ classic, Joromi, to make her 2017 hit song which bears a similar title. Sir Uwaifo threatened to legal actions against Simi over the issue.

During an interview with Sahara TV, Sir Victor Uwaifo explained that he owns the right to the name ‘Joromi’ because he created it. He stated that Joromi is his original idea, contrary to the popular opinion that it was extracted from the cultural books of Edo natives. He described it as a ‘franchise’ that has been trademarked.

Sir Uwaifo stated that Simi committed a punishable offence by using the name and some of the elements of his song without seeking his permission. He said, ‘Simi is in trouble’ and went on to hint that he is planning to take legal actions against the songstress.

Watch video below.

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  1. Simi is a certified thief. Tekno is also a certified thief for stealing Jogodo from Danfo Drivers. Don’t these young dudes know the protocol or they just don’t care. It is copyright infringement and intellectual property theft when you sing or sample another person’s song or music without give credit and/or obtaining permission to use another person’s material. This is legal and international practice. Unfortunately recent events have shown that It may not be applicable to Nigeria, the world headquarters of 419ers. When you start stealing it means you are running out of ideas. Simple courtesy demands that you ask someone before you use their intellectual property and convention demands that whenever you use someone’s property that person is legally entitled to royalties (i.e. payment of money) from such use. Even though Nigeria is the land of thieves we cannot just destroy an international and legal framework by impunity that is granted to those that steal intellectual property. In fact, this is the big deal between Trump and China. It should be a big deal too in Nigeria between musicians who steal other peoples property and refuse to credit or pay them for such use. Nigerians need to grow up and educate themselves and not reinvent rules to suit their own selfish and greedy interests. And that goes for Simi too, because no matter how good, a thief is still a thief.

  2. Mr writer, Mr lecturer? what are you saying are you okay at all! Please be factual. Your own name gan sef are you the only person bearing the name ? The fact Simi used joromi doesn’t mean she copied or sampled sir Victor uwaifo’s song. The both songs don’t even sound alike just the names only. Track title/ song title can never be trademarked or copyrightable because it’s a general word and as such general words are never protected. It’s only ideas that are copyrightable please know ur law let nobody intimidate you.

  3. Please my write up above is a reply to Mr Jay Johnson

  4. Am I the only that think this man is Jealously Sick

  5. are you dreaming

  6. The tune, the chorus is similar to Victor’s joromi….all this children who never heard of Victor’s joromi are here saying shit… Anyway it’s ur phone, type anytin you want.

  7. Baba black hope your brain is not coloured. Think please. I am an advocate that intellectual property rights should be highly protected. So don’t get me wrong Song titles are not patented. Are they saying they coined the words – joromi??? Jogodo???
    These words they got from the streets so it is not their original idea.

    Na accolade they want jor

  8. for those of us labeling simi as a thief pls add wizkid and davido also

  9. Any song can bear same title,I think our fathers of music are coming out so loud because simi has made a huge success at the Headies by winning three awards. As for the song “Joromi” please there is no single resemblance,only the title will want to make you reflect back to victor uwaifo,no resemblance aspa song. If its Tekno’s Jogodo on Danfo Drivers song I can say there is resemblance,not this simi’s own,not at all. But if the man his demanding for respect simi should pay him a visit as father and daughter and sought it out. My advice

  10. She b Ole, she no see Dat about herself na yahoo boy she go dey see. Maybe 1 G.boy Don fuck her con live her because of her act of ole

  11. MR-victor’s you don’t need to shout that simi steal (JOROMI)from you jealous because when you sing your owe maybe is not good,A good girl sing you de talk because your’s is not good abi?everybody has freedom of spreeh just like simi so e don’t need to ask you before sinning joromi,i beg you don’t have every point, SIMI just at your back o!!

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