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“Something Is Fishy, Burna Boy & Manager’s Name Not Included In Court Documents” – Mr. 2Kay

In a recent interview with Pulse NG, Mr 2kay gave a detailed narrative of what transpired in his hotel room on the day he was attacked by unmasked robbers who have since been linked to Burna Boy. Mr 2kay narrated how he was tricked to open up for the robbers and how they almost killed him and his female friend.

“…One of them with the gun then insisted that they should just waste me but luckily for me another said I like this guy and told me to be calm. They threw me on the bed and kept on hitting my right eyes over and over and over again. They came without a mask, that’s to say these are the last faces you will see before you die. Then they opened the balcony and I thought they were going to throw me from the 8th floor. They asked for my phone which I showed them, then I heard a bang on the door, didn’t hear any voice for almost 10 minutes. I know it was the time I screamed JESUS that saved my life.”

The singer revealed that after receiving several hits, he lost consciousness for about 10 minutes before he woke up to free himself and his friend who had passed out in the toilet where she was tied. Mr 2kay further spoke about how he reported the case and how the investigation linked Burna Boy as the sponsor of the attack on him.

During the interview, the singer spoke on the ongoing police investigation. He said he is not satisfied with how the police is handling the case.

“I am not satisfied even though I believe in the police because they’ve done so much for this case. Even when I spoke to my boss he said he doesn’t know who is responsible for this but God will expose that person because I pay my tithes and I’m a good person. I’m not really OK at the moment with the police because I believe they can do better,” he said.

The singer also expressed fears that the investigation could have been compromised, citing that Burna Boy and his road manager’s name did not appear on the court documents.

“You can’t parade four people including Burna Boy’s manager and on the court documents have his name excluded. They have not given any good reason as to why they did that. At the end, they are making us think something is fishy about this,” he told Pulse.

When asked if he has conversed with Burna Boy since the investigation commenced, Mr 2kay revealed that Burna called him denying being behind the incident and at the same time apologising for what happened.

“Yes, they have tried to get across to us, speaking to people from our families back in Rivers state, people who know us, even people who haven’t spoken to us in years. Burna Boy called me with a UK  number. I picked the call and he said it was Burna and he said to me, apologising and denying that he was not the one, apologising, so its a bit funny. I don’t feel okay with that.

“If I got a threat from you and then something happens to me like this because on your threat you said I should have the same energy that I have when I meet you or your people and in not too long after two weeks this happens and your manager was part of it, your manager was in my room. I never thought about it that way, I was so angry with the hotel people about how they can be so loose. He has spoken to me saying it didn’t know it would go this far, saying it was the manager who took it upon himself,” he concluded.

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  1. Mr 2kay make too much noise, always ranting

  2. He is struggling for relivance..

  3. You call this struggling for relevance? And another person is saying Mr 2kay makes lotta noise right ? Someone’s life is in jeopardy and y’all couldn’t even be considerate. If it were you or any of your family member I’m certain you would feel worse than Mr 2kay. Pls fear God if you wan judge o. Peace !!?

  4. A brother’s life is in jeopardy and all you can say is that he’s struggling for relevance and he makes too much noise? Why can’t y’all be considerate a little? I’m certain if it were you or any member of you family you’ll act worse than Mr2kay. Abeg make una dey fear God before judging a man o. Peace !!!

  5. Henrichie and Emachi…shut the fuck up..

    Thank you.

  6. You shut your gutter of a mouth. Suppose you get beaten by hoodlums who carted away your valuables, won’t you want them to be apprehended. What has he done badly?

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