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Yung6ix Blast Headies, Accuses Them Of Tribalism

Posted by Temitope Delano on November 11, 2016 in News · 78 Comments


Singer Yung6ix, is the latest celebrity to react to the 2016 HEADIES nominees list.

He took to twitter to blast and accuse the organizers of tribalism writing:

Headies and tribalism though


Continuing with his tweet, he made it known that his song, ‘Respek On My Name‘ is the biggest Hip Hop song this year.




Yung6ix, dropped the song, ‘Respek on my name’ in June, 2016.

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  1. This is so true. Yung6ix is arguably of the greatest hip hop record artists in Nigeria yet he’s constantly being cheated. #FuckTheHeadies #FuckNigeriaMusicIndustry

    • josh dont u think u are being too harsh? lol

  2. yes fuck this years headies awards they are grand fool

  3. the one that gets me so pissed off is how Olamide’s wack album and Lil Kesh’s album were nominated as Album of the year just to appease the YBNL Crew forgetting that those Albums cannot even be found in the top 50 Albums currently on Itunes in Nigeria. Shame to the Headies… They lost their credibility a long time ago… we Nigerians would rather prefer to watch NTA News than tune in for that stupid show..

    • ode somebody.. so you want to compare Eyan Mayweather.. to Billionaire Ambition…….. nothing to compare self.. if YAGI and eyan Mayweather get nominated as album of the year is it bad.. Yung6ix. is good tho.. but you must respect the fact that olamide is better than him.. dont compare again.. and watch NTA.. nobody business.. you are the owner of your t.v….

      • Its funny how we categorize a Yoruba rapper and someone that raps with English as doing dsame music

      • You are a bigger ode, olamide n lilkesh album is rubbish… Fuck u

        • do not compare olamide with other rappers………e kill dem all baddo of life

      • Eyan mayweather iS BETTER THAN BILLIONAIRE AMBITION . WTF . too many Yoruba punnies in the industry. Fake ass rapper

      • My guy you be fool, i like olamide too, but dont you ever say he is better dan my yung6ix abeg

  4. Ev3n m.i named him the king of the south.

  5. I just think 6 is good but he’s not doing enough too be at that top level..cus we all no we have seen different artist from diff tribes winning the Headies..I rest my Case!

    • Thunder fire you there! Yung6ix has worked his ass so hard and deserves more than Headies

  6. headies is fucked and so is 6

  7. Have noticed it a long time agob it should just be renamed from headies to yoruba music award……this is trash..tekno next rated.hmmmmm!

    • True, very very true

  8. I swear

  9. I swear her shud

  10. headies is fucking cheating this guy..hw can we c local Yoruba rappers nominated for lyrics on the roll or best hip hop…yung6ix has tried his best ..he gat some of d best lyrics in Nigeria…n he steady delivers dope hip hop songs… if anybody should b crowned best hip hop act in Nigeria it should b yung6ix or dremo…am even surprise ojere was not nominated..yes I no lil kesh n dem olamide drop gwd n nice songs n i really love dier song BT let’s be sincere does ain’t hip hop nt atall . dis is fucking not fair… fuck headies .u dot need them to knw u d best…yung6ix u Nigeria best hip hop artist …

    • Eyan mayweather deserves lyrics on the roll n it’s by far better than any of 6’s song this year,I’m a big 6 fan from even b4 the 6 o clock album yes he has been cheated but in the nigeria music industry you have too push n publicize your song,6 is one of the top 5 best rappers in the country but is record label n team is nothing to write home about..

      • Slap yourself on the cheek for posting that shit ,eyan mayweather is a flop and nothing to write home about …that album is not even close to falz album ..headies is a Yoruba award and I doubt if fans even vote cos vote don’t count. Fuck y’all

  11. Fck headies. 6ix is d man

  12. Yung6ix My Favourite Rapper in Nigeria! This Dude has done a lot for Nigeria Hip hop music, dropping Good Videos Back2Back! #f*ck Headies

  13. Nor mind dem… Trash award

  14. Leave trash 4 dem yung6ix,na dem sabi

  15. Fuck heddies mhen fuck them

  16. True talk …..

  17. Eyan mayweather deserves lyrics on the roll n it’s by far better than any of 6’s song this year,I’m a big 6 fan from even b4 the 6 o clock album yes he has been cheated but in the nigeria music industry you have too push n publicize your song,6 is one of the top 5 best rappers in the country but is record label n team is nothing to write home about..

  18. Headies has lost there value, is now called yoruba award.

  19. Olamide album is rubbish, na only noice the guy they make.

    • Olamide= gab…

  20. first appeared here

  21. Abeg Yung6ix is not a Singer but a rapper check ur article @txt

  22. I carefully read these comments. Honestly speaking, Yung6ix is a very very good rapper! Highly talented King of the south, but alot of you are adding emotions to this. Someone was actually talking about iTunes. YAGI AND EYANMAYWEATHER are both stayed on chart for weeeekkkksss! Just know its all about what the people want! Billionaire ambition was very good but how long did it stay on the charts? Judge not an album by one track. every other song in the “BEST RAP SINGLE” apart from these two,
    were bigger hits and better songs than respeck on my name #fact. Headies drama has started anyway, thats y we love it anyways and hey keep making more money. lol

  23. goood and i like it

  24. i love you naija music artish

  25. 6ix is one of the best rappers in Nigeria currently like it or not and has got a lot of gud songs,currently and before,not nominating an act lik him simply means headies Award is fucked sideways.#6ix d king#

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  27. Yung6ix Wetin you dey sing sef stupid artist. your songs are so dead, better go continue G

    • You can’t understand his songs bcos is not for empty brain like u….go kil yourself idiot

      • thanks dare… tell that fool 4 me

  28. headies is so fucked…. cant blive yungsix is nt on dat useless list… last year we witness same tin wen his song Blessings featuring Oritse femi was nt not nominated. we luv u bro

  29. FUCK the headies,i knew their shit has long lost credibility.
    they are fucking bias.bring a rapper as dope and who has more international standard songs like yung6ix in Nigeria.
    yung6ix deserve a spot at every hiphop category,he keeps it real.
    we’ve got your back bruh,our love for you is more important than the fucked award @team6ix @kingofthesouth.

  30. Headies shit #yung6ix has the best hip hop song this year. Headies trash award.

  31. Headies is jst full of bribery organization dey are not been truthful dey need “changes begin with me tag” on dere door post

  32. truthfully yung6ix respek on my name is d best hipop song for d last 2yrs in naija no be all doz yorouba tins we dey hear

  33. You guys making a case for 6..lemme give a quick reminder this guy started whn the likes of Wizkid,olamide,Ice,Davido etc started..but how many hit tracks can we boost of him having in the industry even now he’s no where close to Falz in the industry..I just think he’s good but he’s not doing enough to be advocating for not winning awards..only Timaya has the full right too advocate for not winning awards and not 6!

    • is timaya a rapper ? all the people you have mentioned are not rappers and only davido and wizkid make his class of music, that being said they are pop stars and not rappers and for the past two years i doubt if Ice prince can match Yung6ix Blessings or For example or respek on my name or his song with you which wizkid eventually jumped on or his recenetly released single with davido which we will all be signing come decemeber and what the songs mean to people as a body of work you should see the way poeple sing blessinsg if yung6ix should drop that song again tomorrow it will still blow up as a new song. Yung6ix is clearly being robbed by the headies but he his clearly the greatest since m.i has being missing in the music scene.

  34. True talk

  35. True talk

  36. lemme Ask YOU quys a questions, do we have music industry ?
    headies are hustlers
    EVERY business man want profit and good relationship with his customers…
    thats y they please who they likes to please
    don jazzy & OLAMIDE DRAMA

    • and why is Kanye West career not over since he pull “Kayne” at Grammy?

  37. 4uk d award everi billionaire ambition track was back 2 back, 6 kind of musik is nt 4 yoruba people, itz 4 real niqaz who can relate 2 his wordz play. Nd respek on my name deserves some respect 4uk nigerian headies put 2gether.#swagalommo.

  38. All of huna insulting yoruba artists are idiots.

    Which hit song is 6 having dat guarantee him an award. I base north, and many pple here dont knw who d fuck 6 is.

    Hahaha. He is painted because him no dey get shows. Hahaha

  39. OJO ABINI [Part 2] | Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 Starring Odunlade Adekola @

  40. Yung6ix is arguably the most successful non-indigenous rapper since M.i and Ice prince endorsed him but yet these headies people cheat him every year, as a fan of young 6ix i used to be disappointed when i don’t see him nominated for awards he deserves but this just made it obvious why they ignore him just because of his tribe it is so sad.

  41. This just made me realize. Iyanya Timaya Yung6ix Wizboy Phyno Flavour Naeto C Ikechuku Tekno and lots of all these other southern and eastern stars hardly get recognition from the headies and i recently found out Lil kesh is an Edo boy thats why he was robbed at headies 2015. he was clearly our next rated

  42. J.I shut up ur mouth and go and wank in one dumpster for all I care….yung 6ix have been bringing hits songs back to back from follow me ft wizkid,notice,before I got broke with olamide,heart break swag,addicted ft da’les,blessings,too late,for example and now respek on my name,so stop posting nonsense here

  43. 6ix is a professional and constructive music maker/lyricist……I don’t understand why Olamide or Kesh could be compared to him. This the same reason we don’t have international labels like UNIVERSAL Records, SONY BMG, VIRGIN Records invest in our industry, just because we’re all jokers and politicking unnecessarily. How do you expect an industry to grow when the biggest indigenous awards cant categorize genre….or choose winners? after we’ll shout “Buhari!!!” when the major problem is US!!! Do you know how big Hiphop in South Africa is growing? cos they’re doing the right thing……all we do is praise a local unconstructive Yoruba rapper (Only God knows his genre), if he was that good I DARE him to get awards outside the country like BET, MOBO etc like his colleagues M.I, Ice Prince, Falz etc…….we praise local artiste that hardly have gigs abroad, all they do is collaborate with a Yoruba show organizer in London and do a show and 99.7% of the audience will all be Yoruba…….is that what King Egbami Eda taught us? Tekno is everywhere round the world cause he’s music is unarguably the real deal. I will simply advice YUNG 6ix to ignore Headies cause it’s obvious they ain’t got a brain their HEAD….focus on what you do, keep dropping mad hits and promoting them worldwide. It’s better for God to reward a man, than some silly animated dude to give you a worthless sculpture. MC Galaxy wasn’t given any award for his monster hit “SEKEM” but Disney called him, used his track and he’s being paid mechanical royalties from the proceeds of the movie…..the dude is made for LIFE! He’s always in the states striking deals and doing shows while Nigeria is belittling his songs. Yung 6ix you’re good……..ignore trash for LAWMA, the same fools that deprived you of the awards will praise you……AMEN!

  44. Yung6ix raps better than any rapper in Nigeria.

  45. respek on my name is thr doppest song i heard this year. bro dey don cheat u. industry night headies and the rest are bullshitz. keep pushing on bro

  46. Don’t get me wrong guys 6 is good but Whether you guys like it or not..the fact is that 6 have not meet up to expectation since he’s 1st track with wizkid..period!

  47. Respect on my name was not the biggest but fuck em. illbliss that sounds like an old pervert I dunno what stinking nomination he carry

  48. swagger look all the way put some respeck on his name

  49. #billionaire_ambitions
    The only reason I love yung6ix is that he raps in English tunes, I love his vibes but his voice is a bit tiny for a rapper wish he had a tone like Rick Ross or the game, but I still love him unlike olamide who sings all type of songs and says insultive and sexual stuffs tru Yoruba#i love them all but headies should try and leave Hip Hop for rappers not shakiti bobo niggahz
    Piss out.

  50. lol

  51. he is right that song content is great

  52. king 0f the south…n0 Be lie.. d heading shld put some respect on ur name…

  53. yung 6is is a dope rapper…………keep flowing

  54. hmmmm Yung 6ix is really dope is song is kul not bad or red perhaps for me one of d best rapper we hv now is bin snubbed so many times but I believe beta days ahead of him one luv bro

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