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Album Review Wizkid’s “SUPERSTAR” by Jazz

Posted by 00-Babs on June 18, 2011 in Album reviews, Feature, Social Views · 40 Comments

LABEL: Empire Mates Entertainment
Release Date: June 2011

It’s Wizzy Baby!!!

In 2009 we were introduced to Wizkid in M.I’s “Fast Money Fast Cars”. 6months into 2011 one of the most anticipated albums of the year was released. Fans, Critics and Pundits awaited the release of Wizkid’s Debut Album “SUPERSTAR”. Some might say this is a very ambitious title for a debut offering but with a gazillion features and several Hit Singles, this EME boy is not one to shy away from the spotlight.

I rushed to the CD Store the day after its official release as I was not prepared to *Dull*. I expected a SuperStar performance and as God is my witness I readied my Ak-47 just in case Wizkid failed to deliver one.

Superstar begins with the infectious “Say My Name”. The hook to the album’s opening track is reminiscent of a lullaby with its catchy lines that have you singing along after just one listen. As we’ve come to expect Wizkid keeps it simple and to the point. Produced by E’kelly it is a feel good song and yes I said his name.

Track two titled “No Lele” kicks off with Wizkid yelling “Ojuelegba Shitta” for a moment there I imagined I was in a stuffy molue bus somewhere in the heart of Lagos. “Ask/Axe my sister my music travel long distance no visa, oya ask/axe your sister she no fit say she no know me”. Of note is the distinctly Fuji sound in this song. Masterkraft delivers on this Fuji inspired number. Fuji meets HipHop, Surulere meets VGC.

“Scatter the Floor”, no doubt the first official club banger is next. Wizkid in his signature style breezes through this song. In it he urges his female companion to “Follow me and scatter the floor”. Just in case his partner is worried about her 6-inch heels, Wizkid says “I will buy you new shoes to dance and scatter the floor”, who can resist? Production is on point and our thanks go to“Jay Sleeky Sleeky”.

“Oya Funke Pakuromo, pakuromo ko jo da da, Halima Pakuromo, pakuromo ko jo da da, Bolarin Pakuromo, pakuromo ko jo da da Folake Pakuromo, pakuromo ko jo da da”. Usually except an album is of the Dancehall genre you’d expect two at most three dance tracks, Wizkid is the exception to this rule. If No Lele was fuji inspired, “Pakuromo” is Fuji Themed. Samklef makes the first of several appearances on this album but strictly in a producing capacity. Not the usual techno feel we’ve come to know him for it was nice to hear a different sound. “Oya Pakuromo pakuromo ko jo da da”

“Slow whine” ft Label mate/C.E.O Banky W doesn’t quite do it for me at 1st Listen. This track will require a little perseverance from the listener. While it is not an Instant classic after 3 glasses of Hennessey and a full night of clubbing it could qualify as a baby making song. However with clear senses it is the 1st Average track on the Superstar Album. Banky W has been better.

“Love My Baby” produced by Shizzy is certain to be on the playlist of every female that owns a copy of this Album. There is always that one “Love song” on any decent album and Track 6 is it. “I will treat my baby right, hold my baby tight, baby no be lie”. Another Catchy hook by Wizkid it is certainly becoming a habit, all the tracks so far leave you with hooks that stick. Up next is “Gidi Girl”. This song is a tad bit ancient and I don’t think it should have made the cut. A remix or perhaps a tweaked beat would have been refreshing. No surprises here.

“Oluwa Lo Ni” welcomes back Jay Sleek. The slow tempo beat complements Wizkid to perfection in this semi-deep track. Wizkid tells off the Bad Men who want to run his race and also attempts to inspire listeners to “count their blessings”. I call this track the “Break time song” of the album, it is a welcome breather from a very “Groove filled Album” I have no complaints.

The song that inspired the intensely popular slang “Axe your Mummy” occupies the number 9 spot on the album. Ladies and gents it’s time to party! “Don’t Dull” is a crowd pleaser and probably everyone’s favorite Wizkid song right now. You Love it I Love it. I’ll rate this song a 9/10 it gets me every time.

“Tease Me/Bad guys” is another popular single off this album, thanks to a very steamy video Wizkid became the object of most women’s fantasies. This is allegedly a freestyle and the names of bad/sharp/other guys Wizkid closes this song with lends credence to this fact. I would have preferred that last bit be taken out. Tease Me is a pretty decent effort but the naming of all those guys still leaves me confused.

“EME Boyz” ft Banky W and Skales. Well every label needs a theme song and this was EME’s attempt to invent one. Asides Skales the other EME boys didn’t exactly deliver an Award winning performance. Thankfully the fantastic beat and catchy hook ensures that this song is not a total bust. After a few listens it graduates from Tolerable to Average.

“What You Wanna Do” is one of my favorite songs off this Album. Everything about this song is simply perfect. After 30seconds I’m dancing and singing at the top of my lungs “What You Wanna Do Tonight/ Me I wanna celebrate/ What You Wanna Do Tonight/ Me I wanna jubilate/ What You Wanna Do Tonight. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

“For Me” ft Wande Coal maintains the Tempo set by What you wanna do. I was extremely excited to hear the Mushin To Mohits Maestro we all know it has been ages. Wande Coal came correct and this duet with Wizkid is a certified home run, two words “Sleeky Sleeky”

“When you see me drive by Holla at your boy”. It would have been a travesty if this song didn’t make the cut. There is nothing to say about this song well except “Thank you Wizkid for an amazing joint”. “Holla At Your Boy” produced by the Knighthouse clan comes in at number 14.

If for any reason you skipped your childhood D’Prince of Mohits is happy to take you down memory lane. He kicks off his rap on Track 15 “Wad Up” with a very famous nursery rhyme. Not even that could put a damper on this fantastic song. This is another Hit song off this album. Welldone to Wizkid and Wad Up to D’prince.

“Shoutout” is the “Thank you song” of this album. Wizkid pays homage to the peoplein his life. I love this song and this is why: “Shout out to my real niggas God go make you bigger, I pray that you get bigger”. Amen Wizkid, God will make you bigger too”

There is a bonus track on this Album, the leaked freestyle “Wiz Party” it isn’t half bad and as soon as it ends I feel like I was at a really fun party and the Cops came to shut it down.

Outstanding Tracks: Don’t dull, What you wanna do, For Me, Wad Up, Pakuromo, love my baby
Disappointing Tracks: Slow Whine, EME boyz


I expected a Wizkid Album and SuperStar did not disappoint. With the amount of pressure heaped on his shoulders to deliver a newsworthy album I’m happy to say he has given us an amazing debut. Young Wizkid is no Tuface and while lyrical depth is not his strong point, party joints and dance inspiring tracks are. Djays may soon go out of fashion if Wizkid continues to release albums where every track is a Club banger as all you’ll need is the “Repeat Button” on your regular CD Player.

I was however not impressed with the Track arrangement as most of the Fantastic songs on the album came last. That does not take anything away from this album. It is a very decent first effort and one that will have fans grooving for a very long time. SuperStar is a fun Album that will lift the spirits of even the most depressed beings. The album comes with hooks that you can sing to and beats that will drive you crazy. Unarguably WIZKID is a SUPERSTAR!!!!

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What is your Favorite Track from the Album ?

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  1. Wooow love the review !!! Pakurumo is my favorite track !!! wad up is not that cool thanks to dprince and his lazy rhymes

  2. If you Judge this Album with the 30 secs previews on blogs you are a big fool ..Buy the album listen to it and i bet you are going to take my side on the fact that this bro needs song writers and he just wasted my time .

    • u ar mad@hayourmide

  3. men lik tu si u 1 on 1 on a deal,lol fel ur swagz wit olamide kep it up dont doll

  4. Well definition of wackness for me, after all the buzz and fuzz!!!! Mad beats, too much autotunes!!! I call it fuji hip hop!!! EME should focus on skales rather than the good loking wizkid! i rate it 3/10. i love that song "I Love My Baby" tho

  5. Dis one dey exclusive

  6. I expected more from d album after all d hype. I rate it 3/10.

  7. 4 me the album is ok .I love wizkid no matter wat this fools say he is sure a superstar!!! Nice article

  8. Nice. I like the review, and the special attention payed to ‘pakuromo’. That’s my song.

    Good choice of words, but then its JAZZ.

  9. Mad beats no content. 4/10

  10. looks like the same review that's on 360nobs by oyeAKD …even the same format …well sha Jazz writes for them too. Album is 7/10

  11. mehn i love every single tracks on the Album……………………..
    wizzy….. Nice one there kip it up…… d sky is ur limit

  12. When i heard d song,i felt sorry 4him.
    Am a young writer(RnB,RAP,CHRISTIAN songs).tell wizkid to follow @saucekiz.
    I won’t say am a gud writer now.when he hears them.WOW will be is 1st word.
    BEAT:7/10,CONTENT:3/10.No beef.just the truth.try my song PLEASE u won’t regret it.

    • ur name sef is not wats d assurance u aint a fakeass as well

  13. Lolaade,u r mad……wizkid no sabi sing gbabe

    • U????? be mumu kaydoll

  14. I just got the CD from Nigeria this week. I have never heard about him until now. I love his style. I will rate him 8/10. There were two song that were kind below average (Track 10 and Track 5) others were good and many were great! Creative! About content, this guy is still young and he can only talk about what he knows and what he is feeling right now. Every time I listen to his CD, he makes me laugh (happy) he is just real and funny to me. I search for some of his interviews and I got the same vibe! This is a FUN!! Album, not for you to be THINKING AND CRYING AND THINKING AND THINKING! If you don't like this CD maybe you are just getting older and boring! or you are just Jealous of this young man. I wish he was into Gospel Rap; I would have liked him even more. WHIZKID! The name is even funny to me. The dude just makes me laugh! Very talented!

    • Loved this comment.and LOL @ THINKING AND CRYING AND THINKING AND THINKING!” Abi oh? Its a fun album, for dance and for laughs, not much else, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It has its place among all the angsty songs too. Great album, love it!

  15. I luv d song pakurumo bcos 3 of my ex-girlfrwnd were mention in d song…ONE LOVE

    • hahahaha! Joker!

  16. Go wizzy…….. Go! u too much! make haterz go romance transformer! i love my baby, pakuromo, gidi gurl, wiz party re all my best on d album! he make me happy wen i listen to him! 6/10

  17. i love thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  18. Its fun album I listen to it on my way from work and it lightens me up.I’m loving whizzy most of his songs are not deep nd soulful. But who needs deep nd soulful. Life has enuf of that

  19. wizzy…….u da best
    let d haterz die.
    moi favourite is ‘dont dull’ cos me aint gonna dull.

  20. Wizkids stop caling yu a name weazy yo contino cal yu a name wizkids ov you tell the razin yu cal yu a nan wzy

  21. wizkid u ‘ve got great potentials d sky 2 me is ur startin on cos u r meant 2 a superstar!

  22. lmaooo…so fuji is surulere and hip-hop is getting you

  23. Love wiz -kid.
    Play the song all day long even in my car, the only cd in my car stero.

  24. I luv wizkid and i think no one is perfect all wat’s doing i love every single of it and he’s my mentor.

  25. Hello! ebakkaa interesting ebakkaa site! I’m really like it! Very, very ebakkaa good!

  26. To GOD…wizkid is my yhu…d sky is just ur startin point…Yahiii!

  27. To GOD…wizkid is my yhu…d sky is just ur startin point…Yahiii!

  28. Jst gud on hiz own nd GOD has also blessed hm wich u d best » keep it on everydy anywear one LUV

  29. Davi

  30. i like him but as a christian, i hate his work

  31. Nawa for ppl o
    If u can’t give wat u av, den let does wu wanna do do wetin dey wan do o
    A finger to wizzy, four fingers back to u
    Wizzy wizkid,my broda u head dey der, abeg make d haters go fall inside canal

  32. I really loved all of his songs,,keep it up bcz of smellows people’s….big hails 2 u broda.

  33. i love wizkid…love his song……dis album is dope
    i rate it 10/10

  34. Haters hang 4 wire wizzy baba

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