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2 Major Lessons Learnt From The Dammy Krane/Wizkid ‘IZZUE’

Posted by Jim Donnett on January 15, 2016 in Editorial, Social Views · 66 Comments


2016 barely just got started, but the way the music industry colleagues have picked on each other ehn! They are tales that should perhaps never be retold from my mouth. Many many thanks to Olamide’s feud with Don Jazzy which hatched itself out on the Headies award stage and continued with a series of fatal tweet-disses. Although it seems they have buried the hatchet, now Dammy Krane has gone to dig it up from where they let it lay and swung it viciously at Wizkid with careless disregard.

While Quilox happened to be the battle ground where Wizkid was alleged to have attacked Dammy Krane perhaps to teach him a lesson on how not to mess with his person, I’ve examined a few other lessons to learn from this izzue.

See what I did there? Lol.

1. Wizkid Is Indeed A Grown Man Now

It is not news that the Starboy lord literally has no chill. Unlike before when he is called out on social media, he doesn’t hesitate to slam his opposition as evidenced from previous twit-banter with colleagues including Davido, Skales, Saeon, Samklef and even his fans. But this time, despite how the Gbetiti crooner maligned the person of Wizkid, going far as to label him a ‘b*tch nigga’ amongst other accusations, he remained mute up until the wee hours of this morning when he officially handed Dammy Krane his response and in person too… like a MAN!

2. Dammy Krane Is A Terrible Songwriter

The bone of contention here is songwriting credit. Dammy Krane claims to have written the hook to Kcee’s award-winning song, Pull Over, on which Wizkid got featured to sing. It takes really less than simple or common sense to decipher the hook to that song, especially if we’re to strip it down to the lyrics. So don’t you wonder what Krane’s hullabaloo is all about?

Secondly, he also claims ownership of Wizkid’s most recent recording Final (Baba Nla). Now here’s the thing about this. I really cannot place Dammy on Kcee’s song, but on Baba Nla? Abeg, leave story! DK would have owned that song to the last vocal sound. And it most certainly would have been the song to advance his artiste prowess. I mean, it takes just one song to do that giving the success stories of Korede Bello, Yemi Alade, Skales and even Kiss Daniel. It still doesn’t make the song less crappy because he might have been better off singing it than Wiz.

Regardless, it sure is painful! But then again, aren’t most trending songs by the industry acts full of crap? Thus, it is not an ill common to him alone. And that’s why it really hurts.

So can you tell me what other thing (lesson or fact) that you’ve picked from this feud?
Comment please.

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  1. Tchww what if dk does babanla nd its end up to be crap…or how sure re u wizzy stole d song or sumn?

  2. Tooxclusive ix d worst ever website ever known nd dammy ix only trying 2 mke hix new hit blow @F O G nd its nt going 2

  3. yall keep riding wizkid’s dick like motherfucka

  4. DK should go and sleep joor wiz kid Na BABA NLA

  5. See dk wn use wizkid shine ooooh…..

  6. Last last wizkid na thief..

  7. dk is trying to blackmail wiZkid name jawe, DK is just saying trash.

  8. dk no fit compose baba nla nw ,so dunt lie.
    Anyway , sorry for d injury u sustained as a result of wizzy’s attack.

  9. What I feel is that, DK is juz trynna pull the public stunt because of the new single is bout to release. DK really need to grow up this time!!!

  10. Fuck tht bitch, n to hell wit dammy… Now I hate dammy krane n ill neva download his song eva agn!!!! His a pussy that doesn’t want to work hard!

    • like you are important

  11. …And DammyKrane just got the attention He was looking for! Wiz is King????

  12. All of u against dammy krane are fools and d person who wrote diz article is a bastard and a bitch nigga or a hoe…dammy has all d rights to speak his mind….una father …idiots….#dammy for life

  13. D person who posted dis lesson’s is a big fool..real one

  14. The person wey post this thing dey seek attention.

  15. 9ja with stupid brains.una go see truth. Stil una go digest lies till he ruine una belle. Make wizzy try am wif foerign artist weda dem nogo shoot em foolish dumb head. Naxo he steall holla@ ur boi dat year. Dami nor get fault. Wen u pushed to d wall na to bounce back…. Like dey say d truth z bitter.igbo no master dat kid make e drop am get pure sense. Baba nla na freestyle yall should listen wel….. Olodo head drop person freestyle as proper song. fuck peron wey ryt dix shit join. B like wizzy don by u alomo 4 joint b4

    • Hiting a broda to d xtent dat we saw blood is not d best way to defend ur self. Forgetting he is an ambbasedor to some brands. Somepipu er half dead in d body.dey might go down nd die in dat proccess.. Mr wizzy be careful money cant save u if kill sm1.

      Mr writer dk no sabi ryt but ur wizzy sang nd droped is freeestyle baba nla as an official single. Now dat kudos to dk… He no sabi write still d song pull over was a massive hit nation wild. Donjazi was on a remix*
      Ya’ll should get sense small biko

      • Egbon, how sure are you that ’twas DK that wrote the ‘baba nla’ and how sure are yhu dah ’twas DK dah made PULLOVER’s hook? And even tho’ na DK make am, sheybe na KCEE get the single? Na KCEE DK for face for that PULLOVER ish nah, cuz na feature them feature wizkid #ImShaNotTakingSidesOh

      • this d only guy dat made real sense here

  16. wetin want happn don wuna leave matta

  17. Fuck u TX… Wizkid even used dammy krane’s pattern 2 do that song, check out the chorus!!!.. Na dammy krane style

    • U be fool trust a big one,dk getstyle.fuck day sheet and leave the trash for lawma

  18. DamyK wants his name viral on the Internet so u guys will download his new music favour of God FOG”…. him and wizkid no get any beef, u go still see weezy on his upcoming album…. him and wizkid na friend he just wanna use weezy get enough downloads for his new musics….if dem get beef 2face for don put mouth cos he’s dammy’s boss

  19. The person wey post this thing dey seek attention. I guess u have gotten it.

  20. This article is trash I dnt see y DK shud kip quiet this isn’t the first time an artist has cum up to accuse Wizzy of stealing their stuff, I rilil tink the guy who wrote this article is a wizzy fan frm ya write up u hate DK well I dnt; so nw u want to check the lyrics of pull over??? Bcos DK claimed to hav written it, u shud also check the lyrics of IN MY BED,OPEN ND CLOSE,EXPENSIVE SHIT,; wat wizzy did was absurb if he was charged to court seriously he will be jailed for attempt murder, wizzy neva thief b4? Skales no accuse am? His old student association no accuse am?? Abegi kip ya love of him to ya self jor

  21. D pesin wey post dis thing na full time mumu…as in original 1…I’ve not seen any lesson learnt 4m d trash u v just posted…
    Industry is full of dirty laundry n ppl don’t know what’s really going on under g..

  22. Wu write dis post na big fool sha,,aw una go say DK no go fit write baba nla,,na DK real style of singing na hin b dat baba Nla,,d song even sound lyk DK song “Izzue”,,,,idiot ppl,,I b Wizkid fan,,but if wizzy fuck up mak we dey talk abeg

  23. Give your life to JESUS.

  24. tooxclusive stop making your support 4 wiz so clear

  25. you all will side wizkid cos he is more popular and richer…. but Dammy krane is a fucking Humble, loyal and playful person….am sure wizkid was at fault(that arrogant bitch) … tooxclusive Una don fuck up big time by saying dammy krane is a terrible song writer…. this nigga is good and has varieties of songs unlike WizKids that his songs are based on woman our money…. destiny differs doesn’t mean one is better than the other….

  26. wizkid don release baba nla since last year November and pull over since 2013 why he no talk since den….why now……Dk naa fool jare

  27. D person wey write dis tin na ode!

    B lyk say u dey suck wizkid balls everynight.

    Make I com break ur head too! Ode oshi

  28. Well you guys should take things easy,these music idols are just friends,they never had izzues,but we ain’t knows what’s going on underneath the music industry,so let’s watch what we posting

  29. Wizkid na fool joor.,…that song has all the elements that has proved that the song wos writtn by dk……..fuck dat shiit…good voice is all he has (ole)

  30. Tooxclusive dey always show surport 4 wiz evryday…your name don dey spoil oh(tx) if you kno dk you wil kno that he is the brain behind baban la… Fuck dat shiit (amna dugus jazzy).

  31. you guys should stop using foul words on anybody. the issue is that overtaking is allowed, and if one doesn’t really know what to do in the music industry, someone else can do to keep the music spirit high mehhhnn. steal or no steal, that’s una business but all I want r more good songs to download jorrr…..

  32. you guys should stop using foul words on anybody. the issue is that overtaking is allowed, and if one doesn’t really know what to do in the music industry, someone else can do to keep the music spirit high mehhhnn. steal or no steal, that’s una business but all I want r more good songs to download jorrr…..

  33. Wizkid is a talet boy nd sum pple want to blackmail him…luk at his track joy nd mummy..u will see d chorus ah all dsame

  34. I can’t laugh….hu is dammy Krane….and who made him a “baba” . saying he wrote “baba NLA” is the biggest joke of the century,…not that he can’t write.more like why would he want to ridicule himself by referring to himself as boss…hez too way below d ladder…wizkid try jawe…facing him off…reminds me of Nicki minaj and Mikey Cyrus at BETexperience last year….

  35. Dk is not that an awsome musician buh 4 d 1st tym I heard that (baba nla) I knew that was not wiz creation,fuck wiz aniway dis not his first time being accuse of such a thing,nd it won’t b d last bcuz his fund of using odas motivation to inspire his.FUCK 2 me dats not talent is CHEATING.

  36. Omoh my gbedu is final.. Dammy krane ur fadaaaa… Dammy krane is so weak compared to wizkid… Ur writing examz exams nd u copied from ur friend nd added sumfin to it.. Nd u made good grades more dan whom u copied.. That’s smartness nd creativeness

  37. I’m a wizkid fan but in truth..
    I think DK is right…
    Up till now, Wizzy hasn’t made an official statement that it was a lie…
    Just that DK should have handled matters maturedly…
    Wizzy sef dey fall hand these days..

    That baba nla shit is no different from izzue…

    • u re a fucking idiot 4 saying u be wizzy fan y accusing wizkid hw re u sure he actuallz stole d song. Smellos commenting rubbish

  38. Stupidity dk since when dammy krane blow have you ever seen a single of that makes sense like ordinary don’t dull talk less of babanla so what are you saying but why Nigeria guys are fool like this if an artist want to blow those it necessary to blackmail superstar name because of your own success, son of a bitch big fool you and your family, wizzy you are on top fuck the haters

  39. Its so funny dat ppl are not reali getin d sauce,pullover was released about 1 nd half year ago DK said nothin since den,Babanla was also released last year he Didn’t also talk.A day after he tweeted those trash 2 wiz he released F.O.G.Dis whole saga is just a plan work btw wiz and dammykrane 2 mke Dk more popular.I saw a pics which DK took with wiz immediatel afta d fight nd dere was no sign of injury on Dk’s face.ABA abeg mke we leave trash for lawma.

  40. All of una mad GOD PUNISh wiz&DK,make any of dem try dat trash wid olamide….dem go hear deir own#4K wiz&DK#eyan baddo lawa ooooo

  41. Well, this beefs are just to promote themselve. Make una no mind them, thats just the game in the industry.

  42. Well, this beefs are just to promote themselve. Make una no mind them, thats just the game in the industry.

  43. All of u against dammy krane are fools and d person who wrote diz article is a bastard and a bitch nigga or a hoe…dammy has all d rights to speak his mind….una father …idiots….#dammy for life…………..

  44. Soro

  45. Fuck dat shit,y do everbody like to fight wit wizkid,na only wizkid be musician,wizzy baby for life


  47. f*ck that shit. baba yayeh…#to the muderfucking….act

  48. Wizkid na sure baba-nla…… Make DK go sleep .

  49. You guys always support stupid ass wizkid. is it strange to think Dammy krane is a ghost writer.

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