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Lil Kesh’s Ibile or Reekado’s Oluwa Ni, who truly deserves to be Next Rated?

Posted by Jim Donnett on January 25, 2016 in Editorial, Social Views · 311 Comments


Taking after the epic happenings from the simply closed Headies awards which Reekado Banks of Mavin records was awarded the ‘Next Rated Artiste’ over YBNL’s artiste Lil Kesh which prompted a lot of tirades and beef by the two mark CEOs Don Jazzy and Olamide Baddo.

A lot of fans were in backing of Lil Kesh while Mavins too had their own particular fans in backing of Reekado Banks. After all rantings and beef which did not surpass 24 hours (what was the need for the beef in the first case *sigh*), both sides accommodate and issues an expression of apology to their fans.

YBNL artiste Lil Kesh acknowledged defeat and released a new single titled Ibile which was started to trend immediately and alot of YBNL fans adored and lauded Kesh’s endeavors on always producing hits and took after by solid backing from the Mavin team. Lil Kesh’s Ibile enjoyed a large number of downloads in couple of hours.


Mavins’ next rated Reekado Banks likewise turned out solid with his very own single and video directed by Clarence Peters (boy no wan dull, lol!) Reekado released Oluwa Ni which is a hit, Reekado not baffling his fans again has possessed the capacity to win their hearts even though some wanted floating Kesh’s direction ‘cos of the beef which came through on the platform of the Headies awards.


After clearly listening to the two singles from both teams it seems there is a lowkey competition in the air between Mavins and YBNL by trying to prove who really deserves to be the next rated artiste.

Listen to both singles, judge for yourself and let us know who you think truly should be next rated.

Written by Bandie Spells
Twitter/IG: @Bandiespells

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  1. U can’t compare ibile and oluwa ni. ibile is far beta dan oluwa ni. Lilkesh is beta dan reekado banks. No doubt.

    • you should be transferred to psychiatric hospital…

  2. Lil kesh is my man, but on dis one I tink its a tie

  3. See Tooxclusive sha…IBILE na baba any time any day!!!..gbagbe fuckin…..though Oluwa Ni is also a Jam bt give it Up to LIL KESH..Our Next Rated niyen Ooo

  4. Tooxclusive u guys are stupid, why are u trying to bring back d beef that we have all forgotten ?

  5. ibile na confirm not to compare with oluwa ni actually reekado tried but not as keshi

  6. People should leave sentiments and judge based th two songs not what they have released before.

  7. People should leave sentiments and judge based th two songs not what they have released before.

  8. trash

  9. no lyrics

  10. I expected lil kesh to win d next rated,no doubt…. but on dis one, oluwa is far beta Dan ibile

    • true talk!!!

      • Fuck dat shit you guys are not serious @ all u did not know what u are saying becus how can u compare kesh wit dat ugly thing. Reekado or what is he called is good on his own,but he never drop hit song take it or leave it, kesh na still be dis boy baba, not even broda bt in baba. industry now is not all about vocal,every body want bang song, reekado fit get lyrics pass kesh but dis guy hold street pass am, who be reekado for where kesh dey. D next rated belong to lil kesh or kiss Daniel .reekado no worth am @all, dat award no go last for in hand becus na buy dem buy am. lil kesh no shaking try help us re-concern wit reekado so dat u go fit help in career, abeg give am song, make u let am no say lil kesh na baba.

    • U Guyz that say oluwa ni beat ibile are mad lil kesh kill am dieeeeeee

      • u ar so foolish 2 call people mad all becos of li kesh am very sure u av not see dat li kesh face 2 face

  11. (Mavins’ next rated Reekado) bandie spells are u trying to side one party or your just a news caster? Pls bot guys are good don’t cause More problems withing them. Listing to ur comment (*YBNL artiste Lil Kesh acknowledged defeat
    and released a new single titled ‘Ibile ‘ *)
    (*Mavins’ next rated Reekado Banks likewise
    turned out solid with his very own single and
    video directed by Clarence Peters (boy no
    wan dull, lol!) Reekado released ‘Oluwa Ni‘*)

  12. Lil kash is just over rated just shouting on his song no message u can’t compare ibile and oluwa ni, oluwa ni is far better becos God big pass

    • Bro you are daft… lil Keshi standfit ibilÉ to the fullest.. Emi omo Igbo sha..

      • An omo Igbo that doesn’t have sense? That’s surprising how’s can you possibly compare those two songs if they were done by two complete strangers you’ll probably have Oluwa Ni on repeat

        • Lil kesh good boy how many times dem don interview reekado for hip tv bt lil kesh I no fit count. Bt no be dat one bring us com here reekado gba fhun oga eee

    • E dat has ear let him hear…u ar a madman…wu tell u say kesh song no get massage

    • maybe you dont understand the lyrics because its a club banger that dos not mean the song lack lyrical content no only slow songs they get lyrics

    • Am blessed listening 2 dis reekado banks hit I can tell u its so inspirational…….fact I dare anybody….

      • I bet u were also pretty blessed whilst listening to reekabo banks’s #belle .. “Hmm she go carry belle” . Sey he wan give her belle … And he was calling himself longest .
        Omo oni blessing .
        Lil kesh keeps #FSU … Fucking shit up

  13. its oluwa ni for me…great title,great lyrics,great hook and great chorus

    • Nd gud beat

      • oluwani is dopest cool zone wen u wanna slip u tone it on wen u wanna u ball u tone it on mehhhhn banks respect …keshy ibele is good buh mehnn oluwa ni rockz if u no good u no wat em sayin go to instagram nd see as people dey dance to oluwa no forget God big pass

  14. wemi u dey,wen juice no dey to mix my gin….oluwa in all d way

  15. Both songs are good, ibile is a song that only the Yoruba’s and the lagosians would like, but taking sentiments away and looking at good music Oluwani is just the song cos of the simplicity and creativity in it. Ibile is the kinda song that would just last for a month buh Oluwani is the type of song that will stand the taste of time.

    • Last time i check nobody even knows of oluwa ni, but trust me almost everybody i know has ibile on their phone, my dear stop decievin urself even if lil kesh sings with yoruba he is more popular dan reekado. #facts even with all the promo don jazzy did on him

      • Diffrent people are coming with diffrent opinion…to the useless ones who are saying lil kesh fans always side him just bcos they are youruba’s… really lack manners..come to think of it in the industry the youruba musicians are the ones having upper hands.for example we av Wizkid,Olamide,Davido,D’banj,banky W and many more so get the fuck off about saying trach about youruba’s…..everybody knows lil kesh deserve the Award cos he has been coming up with Hit tracks….forget oluwani everybody do serve God or does lil kesh told you he worship idols ?????

        • Mumu, what do you know about good music? ethnic bigotry yoROBBER scum always displaying their level of stupidity since 1900

      • is not abt who is more popular….we are talking abt talent broda…listen to lyrics bro not beat…wat do u expect more from a beat been produce by young john and pheelz……the lyrics of banks beats kesh by far and dats wat i call talent…

  16. Am kesh’s fan on a very gud note but Oluwani is the song, take sentiments aside. I love kesh coz he does what is in trend but reekado is one of a kind musician just as we have wande coal and tu baba..fact

  17. Reeeee

  18. I’m a supporter of good music. Ibile is a good track and a club jam. But guys let’s be honest. with our judgments. Oluwa ni is better. The guy is very composed. Weather u like it or not he deserves the award and he got it. #salute #peace

    • God bless you

    • its really not shocking to me sha?buh comparing oluwa no to ibile bro only d title does it all

    • Guy na true be that. Oluwa ni is the song. That has inspiration on it leave ibile na everybody the go club?

  19. Talk about real R n B, reekado is the real ish, talk about afro pop he is on top of his game as well, Kesh is just a one sided musician who is good in his lane. Truth be told kesh has more hits than reek, reekado has more features than kesh. Kesh is our musician ( Yoruba’s) while reekado is for the Yoruba’s as well as a contemporary musician who will still be there after kesh’s career is on retirement…no be so?

    • Try talk

    • Brodaly… Reekado neva see features reach kesh oooo…. No go dull am oo

      • Kesh is a noise maker,rekado is dy real deal.u say who never see features,tell me who is beter btwn rekado,s producer and kesh producers,pls try to talk wit ur sense mood on.

    • how many of the pop or rnb really blow lil kesh and he sings he is an entertainer

      • Nor mind that mumu .lil kesh na noise maker even viktoh better pass am

    • Tooxclusive and reekado banks fans una get chicken brain one tooxclusive want cos wahala so dat dem go sell. Two some people dey compare rapper with singer well that is to show u that lil kesh is talented. Lil kesh is only working with the market how many people know reekado ogbeni leave trash 4 lawma ybnl for life any how u want it dey will deliver.

  20. Club banger kesh get am, hits back to back kesh get am, good music reekado get am, contents reekado get am, lyrics reekado na baba for that one. Hey please both are good but looking from a view of a real musician reekado is just the bomb…legout!!!

  21. I support My man Reekado on this one…Oluwa ni is better…can’t get to like ibile…

  22. I can see ppl are bin sentimental, dis is a easy as ABC. They are both good songs, but oluwa ni is way better. Even a deaf man wud no dat. Reekado deserved d award. Peace

  23. all this mumu people sha,ibile is for yoruba people..i laFf u in egba..havee u forgotten music has no language?hope u know people win Grammy without singing in English? nt sayinn kesh will win Grammy sha o cos u mit think that’s what I mean.and back to the two songs..bfor I eveen forget someone also said.ibile has no message..smh maybe u should listen again…both songs are good songs..the choice is yours..i like OluwaNi better anyway only bcos it’s inspirational simple

  24. Headies brought about this shit lil kesh and reekado banks don’t do the same type of music so stop comparing them abeg its wack if you wanna compare compare reekado with kiss daniel or korede bello not lil kesh its so off comparing a rapper with a vocalist naija illiteracy am so pissed

    • U spoke well…

    • define wack

    • is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf,oluwani according to the meaning make sense,but when we want to talk abt what people want forget is ibile. we can’t even compare lil kesh with rekaado. kesh better by far. every single was a hit back to back

  25. Itz juxt a shame dt most of these Nigerians don’t listen 2 lyrical content of music, all they wanna do is dance n dance, itz only a few that knws good music. Most of these songs we are dancing to now will fade off so soon. Reekado’s Oluwa ni is far better.

    • My dear quite the opposite, within 2 month oluwa will just fade and ibile will be everywhere and more popular especially in d club. It seem u don’t the music industry

      • God bless u.
        Dis is naija, mak d vid drop finish, na den dem go knw scores..oluwa ni is nt God win, reekado too wan sing for church too abi

    • wats do you mean by content u dont understand music content is wat you can decode from music i decode ibile is a way of our indigenous content which i understand stop talking about content

      • those boys are there making money …and sum bastard are here making nois®©¶°

  26. Both muzik are OK but still rep….YBNL

  27. ibile is more better than oluwa ni

  28. YBNL is the best. Dont ever compare YBNL with any nonsense music group again o. YBNL it’s just in our blood

  29. Na oluwa Ni by reekado……..cuz d sonq qet meaninq

  30. Reekado’s oluwa Ni dope so na oluwa Ni

  31. No doubt no hate, Oluwa Ni far better than Ibile and headies give the award to who they think deserves it + fans vote

  32. No doubt, No hate….Oluwa Ni is far better than Ibile and headies give the award to the artist they think it deserves it + fans vote

    • Who voted for him? So in ur right senses u will give reekado next rated over kiss daniel. Trust me he will be the last on dat list, Headies is just trash

  33. Lil kesh joor

  34. na kesh

  35. Despite the fact that oluwa ni gt additional video promotion, ibile gt more downloads and will still rock more more in d next months, numbers dnt lie..

    • Datz only on dis blog….go to naijaloaded oluwa ni is d song of d month…..600,000+ downloads…..rep lil kesh tho

  36. Guys pls let’s jst forget abt d next rated shit! I guess both of dm have moved on nd I wish dm both a fulfilled year

  37. Rekky is doing a good music Oluwa Ni is far better than Ibile

  38. let be truthful for it reekado banks.although lil kes is my man but i believe oluwa ni is d banger here

  39. Oluwa ni!

  40. ibile ni jow!!!!!

  41. na only Lagos touts like YBNL…..oluwa ni is d best out of d two

    • God bless you… see the caliber of people shouting Lil Kesh. .. baba sings absolute rubbish to catchy beats. I like the Bros no doubt but Reekado deserves it plus all of u making mumu noise here… did you vote? Oniranu oshi

  42. Reek

  43. Oluwa Ni

  44. I rep oluwani here

  45. Li kesh

  46. Team lol kesh’s

  47. Reekado Banks all the way… Oluwa ni is just a hit

  48. Lil kash

  49. Lil iz here street here,na kash

  50. Fact is oluwa ni sounds better and well arranged

  51. Rekadoo all d way. Lil kesh dont deserve any award. He’s jst like terry g dat makes only club meaningless songs.. yorubas will always b sentimental dats wat av noticed.. Good music frm Mavins hit man

    • U niggaz r just dumb ….. Who would hv knwn bout oluwa ni if not for this argument …… Come I fit slap person ohhhh nd dat is how 1 bastard will b saying reekado banks deserves next rated ( do u hv sense at all)

  52. They’re both great songs… No need to take sides and cause unnecessary controversy.. I’m jamming both songs back to back to back…

  53. Give it to IBILE by LIL KESH is more better Dan REEKADO BANK OLUWA NI

  54. IBILE by LIL KESH is more better Dan REEKADO BANK OLUWA NI

  55. Am not reeky fan dat song no get enemy real music

  56. You keep saying lagos this lagos that, Yoruba this yoruba that, LAGOS(yoruba)- go back and read again. Rules ya all, we determine the songs you listen to and both lil kesh and Reeky are our products. So say something else. Ibile good and massive banger. Oluwa ni marvelous. Thank you… #Ybln

  57. Pheelz & Young Jonn Vs Altims and Babyfresh…….who sabi pass?

    • Pheelz all d way……d great drummer

  58. lil kesh

  59. Y u wan use one music mtcheew kesh na baba ok go use chop am and shoki

  60. pls lets be sentimental n nt bias at all…dj jimmy jat said it all, we’re nt talking abt RnB or Pop music here..
    we mean hit songs(artiste we can vow to make more hits in d nxt coming years)..Reekado is good so as kesh
    buh d truth wont be left unsaid
    *in terms of hit goes to kesh while while reekado has it as well buh nt as kesh
    *in terms of liberal thinking..we all say its reeky n feels kesh is juz a tout (even me as well)
    **buh we’re nt rating dem according to da level…just music

  61. Cee diz 2 guyz ar ma niggaz,dey bth deserved d NxtRated award(buh I wnted KissDaniel 2 hv won it tho)..Kesh dropz club bangerz evrytym,nd datz hw we nigerianz lyk it(evrybodi wnt 2 dey club nah) buh truth be told Lil’kesh’s lyricz ar sumtym stupid,childish nd itz az if he shoutz while singin Lol! We lyk em lyk dat tho
    Reeky at d oda hnd drops gud songz,nt alwayz club bangerz buh songz wit tight lyricz nd cool rythm..hiz singin style iz beta dan Kesh’s.
    In diz case Ibile iz a gud song,funny lyricz buh Oluwa Ni iz a kindda song put on repeat 4 lyk 2hrz! Itz creativ,vry tight lyricz,nd reeky’z voice jst rides nycly tru d beat..Xo no thought Oluwa Ni iz beta dan Ibile

  62. Lil kesh ix far more better than all d guyz in marvin not even reekado

  63. Stop sleeping reekado is calling OLUWA NA NI no dispute

  64. yoruba’s make una 4 once tlk true na.. Even kesh no say banks better pass am jst like olamide no say phyno pass am #basedonfack. #BOF

    • You r a fool. hope you know that ? Comparing Olamide to Phyno ? You need rehab

    • And you have just won the award for the dumbest comment here.

  65. Over the year LiL kesh did wonderfully well and expecially his last hit jam………IBILE……I think lil kesh should be d next rated artist……..infact he is…….although reekado did try bt not as lil kesh of the one and only YBNL…….so it a big cheat in givin reekado the award…

  66. see this idiot ooo..they carry tribe they come music,yoruba song,tout whatever..u don’t know music,in ur east,i repeat in ur east,they dance all YBNL songs like say tomao no they hear what they say?music has no language if e don enter u e don enter u bee dat..i listeen to Phyno well and I love him but I don’t understand what he says that’s stop saying one song is for yoruba people and mind u…if u wanna tell me kesh and Olamide sing like tout then here is my question how pyhno they sing? mumu people..there is notin like yoruba in this abeg.

  67. Oluwani makes me sorrowful and who ever wants to feel sorry I rather dance so ibile all the way ….

  68. Oluwa Ni is catchie than Ibile by Kesh….. and to be honest the lyrics is more mature compare to Kesh’s lyric, but both guys are dope… and my advice to Kesh is to change pattern

    • What What very bad advice. He should change the pattern that makes him and Hit songs?????? OMG did you think before talking?

  69. Mehnn to be honest with you guys I think ibile has it all even though I don’t understand Yoruba cos am 4rm Igbo buh keshy’s ibile has it all

  70. Every man has a pattern of music if you should tell keshy to change pattern just as sum1 mentioned hia z just lyk telling Lil Wayne to leave rap nd join reggae. F**k dat sh*t Ibile all d way.

  71. Lil kesh is the best….reekado NO Shoroniye??

  72. lilkesh na baba nla everybody knows dat, ibile one… shara to YBNL fuck MARVIN.

  73. people find it hard to believe the truth,Oluwa ni is the best song of the year so far

  74. is it because I love u is even better Dan Ibile,#ybnl knows dat oluwa ni beat ibile

  75. Well I don’t care about what you guys say about lil kesh that my guy is good so fuck you all…street already take over

  76. skiborobo skibo osheeee baddest na u b baba… i dey feel ur hit die… fuck oluwa ni….

  77. #oluwa ni….

  78. If u na want the award..teamybnl..come and take to wizzy oluwa lo ni..

  79. I challenge lil kesh to try come up with something more different from his known for to know his ability in the game, put more english to garnish the song a bit and some good lyrics, wetin be emi mu ra fanta, emi mu coki, it is just the beat nothing more..thouh i love the ybnl but this one can’t compare oluwa ni..No beef..

  80. lil keshi ibile na confirm

  81. lil keshi ibile na confirm

  82. Let says d real fact li kesh deserve d next rate,bcos music base on how last d music last on d street. Li kesh has more hit dan reekado for example if u go to a party or club even show when dj is playing music,if he/she forget to play reekado musics nobody will go out to complain but if d dj mistakenly forget to play kesh music dat means trouble..

  83. This shii is crystal clear, ya all check Tooxclusive on desktop you’ll see Ibile on their popular post. And it has been there since the song was released. #Peace&Blessings GUYS

  84. I support my bro reekado on dis 1 oluwa ni is much better

  85. every lil kesh song was a hit from back to back

  86. Reekado tried on his song than kesh so rekado deserved it

  87. this is bullshit, tooxclusive why huna dey
    bring up matter wey don die…na wa for u people o

  88. Lil kesh ibile

  89. People here compare songs played in clubs, ask yourself how many people go to clubss and how many ppl play. Kesh songs in their quiet tym aside when u want to dance, music with lyrics to get u thinking… both are good but with awards coming from fans voting rekee will always have it…we re here shouting street take over how many of us really voted? And take it or leave it with ladies Reekee will always be ontop

    • God will continue to bless you my brother. *knuckles *

  90. Fuck dat shiit…fuck composure are we his family members gve us songs that are mind blowing and lericaly ok…..evrybody loves reekado but omo kesh is more that an artest wen he is compared to reekado…(terrel 4 kina)

  91. You have said it all

  92. Mune mu ke son lil kesh ubanku ibile ne sauti yau da na gobe..fuck dat shiit

  93. Keshy is ma niccur bt oluwa Ni deserve d nxt rated jhoor

  94. Both ar gud,lil kesh as been killing so far bt d katapot reekado fires is murder,as 4 me lil kesh is d nxt rated bt as 4 ibile to compare 0LUWA NI aah aah reekados kills abeg OLUWA NI

  95. please stop waking the dead case. Lil kesh or Rekw both all good but better went with the car. please drop this and come up with a better article. abi una want “it was hit back to back” or “egbon olamide, if na the car u want, come take am”.

  96. Lil kesh na ni

  97. NA Lil kesh be d next rated oooooo back to back for were reekado just dey try na Lil kesh na baba love u my man don’t give to shit

  98. Lilkesh nah baba fuck dem who b reekaanonsence for where lilkesh dey sey he wan die by Abayomi shadat to Y B N NATION BADO IS OUR DADDY

  99. the two songs are bang. but let us dance to ibile

  100. Oluwa ni all the way

  101. I don’t know when Nigerians would start appreciating good songs and good talents. Everything about Oluwa ni was a dope back to back. From the lyrics to the beat, even the artist himself is so so talented. All Lil Kesh’s songs was nothing but rubbish. Not everybody goes to club. what would be your reaction if a child below 10years starts singing any of Keshi’s song?

  102. Oluwa ni!!!

  103. Peepz go on social media to insult peepz over an issue they are just to make their opinion known wit facts and they ll b claiming that they are educated, oga/madam, change as u don’t know who is reading…

  104. Ibile

    • You guyz supporting ibile as a good song are not really crious, don’t u know music is not by saying rubbish but by saying reality, Oluwa ni is a good song dat came out wid gud lyrics , or u wonna tell me d lyric is not okay, reekado cool down his brain to get d lyrics done , not dat rubbish lil kesh wey dey sing rubbish. Holy wear ankara kon . se dat one na music?.. Abeg make una sit down if u no sabi dis tin. Or what do will need to talk about 2face and wizkid, u tink say wizkid fit defeat 2face. If not because watin Music don turn to. Wey be say every body dey do voodoo to rein. Who dey dance 2face now but 2face na baba all over the world cos niggah still dey listen to d hit song love is a crime.

  105. Egbon Jim Donnet, they are both good songs

  106. Abegi nah waytin Lil kesh dey sing gan sef…… ibile radarado wo…… Oluwa ni is far beta dan ibile nah…..Reekado Banks u are boss jawe …..More blessing

  107. Reek gbedu wey dey bust brain u are d man can’t compare u with dat guy singin rubbish jare

  108. Comparing these guys is lyk comparing Ronaldo and Messi. Both are good. But have different styles. Kesh is good at entertaining. Reekado is good with lyrics.

  109. I don’t know wat is wrong with us nigerians, we all are respomsponsible for our respective opinions, so I don’t see any reason why we have to rain curses and abuses on each others. Don’t forget one man’s food is another man’s poison so its not compulsory u like wat I like or vice versa. And for those of u tarnishing headies’ image, am very sure say una no even vote in d next rated category which was a voting category. Whoever gets d award is thanks to the fans and whoeva doesn’t is also thanks to d fans who failed to vote for them. Am out

  110. anybody who hates the street has no life. everybody has a thing or two to be grateful for about the streets. reekado banks is a good artiste, my best in mavins records but undisputedly(pardon my English) I say there is no point of comparison between both artists. kesh it is and kesh it will always be.

  111. Oluwa Ni make sence pass

  112. Please my snr bros and sist, let’s not make this more harder then it has been,every one has the person the love,for me everyone is cool,Big bro Kesh is good and Big bro Ricky is also good,Let’s just love them both and keep the bad words away okay,please am an upcoming artist and i am planing on working with both artist my single,The are both good and nice that’s what i have to say,Up bro Kesh Up bro Ricky

  113. to be honest…truly when I heard about ibile infact I was like mehn kesh is our next rated not until I hear oluwa ni by reekado…see I swear dat guy deserves d award

  114. Abeg reeky na baba y una dey compare am wit dat small boy sef

  115. Lil kesh is far beta than rekeedo bankz~

  116. Oluwa ni sound childish,i do not see constructive lyrics there,they are just mere words a lam man can use,though i dont speak yoruba,i heard the pidgin ==
    kilode na only you waka come,it captures the heart of the listener abeg lil kesh

  117. Fuck dat shit!!!

  118. Fuck dat shit!!!

  119. I wonder ooh! They are both cool!

  120. Oluwa ni beat ibile die lil kesh sabi singe:p:D:p

  121. huh listen up guys bout this whole thing ehn you just arguing about tiwa savage their very own first lady said the Next rated award belongs to Kesh they all know they’ve made a wrong decision bout that so let’s just let peace reign and leave tribe matter out of this had it been the 2 acts we’re yorubas iuonno what y’all niggaz would say huh Oluwa ni a good song ibile a nice track too

  122. Kesh abeg

  123. Reakado banks is good but I give it to lil kesh. Look at all d songs he has feature and sang by himself. Fuck u don jazzy 4 fighting my real man badoo sneh

  124. I can see a lot of fucked up niqqas here…..even if u say oluwani is better Dan ibile….I will laff @ yhu cos the fact is REEKADO BANKS can never drop a HIT TRACK in his ENTIRE MUSIC CAREER

  125. how dat One change d price of garri 4 market ni’

  126. Kesh, u are d man i dey d paro…badoo thanks for d work.YBNL all cotonu dey feel mater

  127. some pple dont even knw what winning of awards takes,,, based on this two songs,, oluwa ni is better than ibile anytime,. lyrically oluwa ni is more likely to get an award than ibile

  128. Small doctor #gbera

  129. Omo 4get ooooo lil kesh na uuuu oooo@ibilesneh

  130. the 2 singers are very tight. i like them badly

  131. i think the two songs are good.but my opinion, lil kesh is far far far better than Reekado banks. its obvious. just that lil kesh might be the Great Jayjay okocha of music industry. you what am saying…

  132. Lil kesh ibile is one billion time better than oluwa ni or what do you call it, and Lil kesh is also a trillion times better than reakardo banks let be sincere and (STOP COMPARING A LIZARD TO A CROCRODIE

  133. If am to go strictly by this 2 songs, then it’s Rhekado Banks. Oluwa ni is a far better song compared to Ibile but generally Lil Kesh is a better entertainer Rhekado Banks is a better artist.

  134. pls y d noise you pple know dat reekado is much more dan lil-kesh, y is it dat pple ar nt tired of shooting catapult of envy, reekado deserves it nd it has been given to him case close.

  135. u can’t compare oluwa ni with ibile

  136. Lil kesh is the best artist but Recardo stil they try but GOD NO THE BEST

  137. Oluwa Ni !!!! Banks is Reekado. Feeling this joint from Zambia……………………. He surely is the next rated thing!

  138. Mehn. Diz is damn shit. Ibile beats dat Oluwa ni lyk die. 2 mii dat Oluwa ni is just trash. Abeg LTFL. Ibile beats Oluwa ni flawless.

  139. Talking of the better artiste it’s Lil Kesh hands down!!! but I believe that fact is clouding our judgement… Ibile is a club banger with a message for the street… no fronting… oluwa ni is a slow song with lyrics for hustlers… they’re both hits…

  140. If you really wanna know the Best, come to Universities and other higher institutions, listen to what they are hearing. I never recognized Oluwa ni but as for Kesh,ibile has been banging all around the Campuses. Kesh deserved it.Rekado is just trying and very annoying.
    And to Headies- You just dey fuck up.How would you give a wrong person Next Rated?

  141. nice one

  142. Jesu! so rekafdooro don release another rubbish ,abeg anytime wen I get free mb I go download, I no fit waste my meg 4 rubbish , tiwa even confirm am lil kesh pass rekarfdooro abi una no check am #i do it 4 street and d ghetto you know #ibile all d way.

  143. OluwaNi is better by far. Why should one even compare?

  144. Dat song ibile is a smash hit,Lil kesh is indeed amazing.Ibile has been on countless replay on my PC,i feel u dude.Reekado on d other side is good too i like his music but he still need to step up his game.In terms of rating i will give oluwa ni 40% while Ibile 100%.#Truth

  145. for get hatred OLUWA NI is one of d best. ALL li kesh songs has no meaningful mssg but pple like it 4 personality

  146. 4get hatred OLUWA NI is d best pple jux d like li ksh bcoz of personality his songs has no meaning

  147. Mine cum d last hello d boss here REEKADO banks fools OLuwa ni still on rpt

  148. Djes as for me lil kesh is mine. . .ibile (twan_twan) is beta dan oluwa ni. Buh oluwa ni make sense love it. Next rated awards shud be givin to lil.kesh oh

  149. skibo robo skibo……..yeba osheyyy baddest….#Ibile on repeat…..

  150. D both songs were nyc…oluwa ni made sense…ibile made sense…i listen to songs for d meaning and d slangs…oluwa ni-wen sum1 says:which day will i becum a blessing to my family…u can give a reply u dn see oluwa ni….while Ibile-wen u go to a restaurant everi1 is eating rice…nd sum1 says:Bro oh mehn see frosh gals we no go chop garri ooo…u can give a reply..Me i no de form it is not in my blood…D two songs…na surep…de both deserved to be d nxt rated…Headies would av made a 1st runner nd 2nd runner

  151. Oro na sooo si ni lenu…..Ootun bu yosi…For me I tink d two guyz ar GOOD….

  152. Lil kesh is jst making noise let us stop been sentiment here ibile is a song dat will last for jst some months..talking of reekado banks dey bahd like seriously dey guy is dope he has dey lyrics, dey massage… Oluwani is a song dat will last for all time, in a brief summary reekado banks is far better than dat lil kesh…simple! Take it or leave it… OLUWANI IS ALWAYS ON REPLAY•••••••• @iam MR_Successful and i believe in destiny

  153. All I can say is that those who are supporting lilkesh are dullards,how will u compare ‘Oluwani’ to ‘Ibile.Let be sincere, Can u ever allow ur young ones to sing ibile when oluwa is involved. Don’t compare thrash to a meaningful song. Ema lo wa o.

  154. all I gat 2 say… fuck yo all

  155. oluwani all the way… reeky is the future here. dont u kesh fans get? you are just fans by mouth not by heart… all of u say u love lil kesh, pls did u vote when yall to broke to do the right thing.. awon smellos group oshii… check out the fans page, reekado get am plenty. even the beat of the song will catch ur attention. wat are u saying sef… i hardly hear ibile anywhere buh check oluwani, its everywhere… even on radio, they play oluwani everyday. on tv nko, endless oo….. i love reekadobanks all day.. The talent z just too much

  156. Reekado, tu baba’s replacement in makinq! Oluwa ni on repeat

  157. Those people compare oluwa ni to ibile were insane…wot a very great foolishness are the people compare lil kesh to reekado banks suffering from..lil kesh na baba

  158. reekadoo baba…although kesh get mouth and knws the taste of the street buh reeky knws the taste of sensible pple

  159. ibile is a hit and oluwa ni is a good music… but ojoro dey dat headies awards ooo d last time i check stats kesh was leading with a wide margin (na later we see african magic called cheating) the organizers giving the award to reeky was a fraud at the highest level any ways life goes on…. kesh all the way!

  160. but seriously lil kesh deserve the next rated artist. l really like dat his ibile. olorun keshinro na baba shoki ibile lawon eleyi

  161. Anonymous, U suppose dey Psychiatric hospital Cuz U don’t knw whom to Support

  162. Anonymous, U suppose dey Psychiatric hospital Cuz U don’t knw whom to Support

  163. Lil kesh #Ibile is our next rated artiste

  164. my main man is Lil kesh king of d street efile fun

  165. Reekado Banks

    • Reekado is the best.oluwa ni is far better than ibile

  166. I love d rhythm of Oluwa ni




  168. Hey gys OLUWA NI is far better than IBILE cos d lyrics of dat song gat meaning……..

  169. We want ibile lest go lil kesh

  170. Ibile pass joor.lil kesh baba

  171. Honestly…without sentiments…its a tie on dis one…even if I feel reekado banks worths d next rated award..cos am a lover of music with content.

  172. fuck u all …lil kesh ibile and album na rubbish go listen 2 oluwa ni

  173. I love this track so badly especially that “small boy turn biggie man ” part. Banks Keep it up

  174. ibile’s got beat, as usual. Oluwa ni, mehn, is CLASS. that song will win something Even Cause Trouble can’t win

  175. Oluwa ni got it all.

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