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Who Had The Best Verse on “Ladi” – Olamide, Phyno or Lil Kesh?

Posted by Jim Donnett on June 24, 2015 in Editorial, Social Views · 545 Comments


#SlayWednesday is a new concept that spotlights on any trending musical collabo. The rationale behind is basically to find out who you thought ‘killed’ the track best from all the vocal features on it.

For example, today’s spotlight is cast on the popular street jam Ladi off Olamide and Phyno’s collaborative rap album, 2 Kings which featured Lil Kesh. We’d like you to tell us who slayed… (who served the best verse) on the track. Olamide, Phyno or Lil Kesh?

Listen below and let us know your thoughts.

Click HERE to download “Ladi”

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  1. lil kesh.

    • Lil kesh

  2. Kesshh

  3. baba obago

  4. Phyno

  5. King kesh!

  6. phyno

  7. Kesh

  8. Little kesh’s verse ????§ the best

  9. Little kesh’s verse

  10. Lil Kesh simply bcos the beat follow is usual way of singing so he was able to deliver wella

  11. kesh

  12. Emi phyno baba obago

  13. Baba shoki wa wa

  14. Keshi

  15. Skibo.. Lil keshii

  16. Every body who listen to good music knows it lil kesh that killed it….listen to is verse and understand his story line

  17. skiborobo skibo skiborobo ehba.. oshe KESHI#baddest

  18. Olorun jeje mi mo joko sita moba romo kun ton pani kemi
    Nigba ti moridi kemi mo pa ri wo haa mo ni kemi wa sho ma femi
    She say kesh so u want to sample me
    Are u sure u can handle me
    Skibo wait are u kidding me
    So u mean u want to RiDI MI
    Ogbe di soke mo de fa porun jade
    Nigba ti mo ko fun o wa ki mi kare
    She say this ur thing is big o jere
    Ejor mi ko oluwalodamilare
    Leyin to je banana
    Me I want I now want to yarsh am
    She say lik my plate
    I say kai abacha

    • Spycon omo site I dey feel ur lyrics here….thumbs up man….. iya ofili GaGa shey mo te Yin lo yon yaks gnats oju ee ma WA RA eyedrop fun nee.. skibo

      • Skibo

    • Kesh i dey feel you die,no be small thing,i wish you goodluck, i m coming to you long life to you all,ybnl nation …. Skiborobo skibo oshe kesh o baddest.

  19. Skibo robo skibo skibo skibo robo skibo yeba oshe lon
    #emi keshi baba shokeyy

  20. Li keshi on point

  21. Emi kesh ehn baba shoki..? Everybody knows that lil kesh kill d song olamide gan feel eee

  22. Lil keshii

    • Phyno the boss#

  23. Lil Kesh killed it

    • lyricglly him no dey fear he beat the 2 rapping gods(lil kesh)

  24. Lil kesh

  25. Baddest lil kesh

  26. Kesh

  27. na kesh thou I gbadun olamide but kesh kill d song

  28. Keshi

  29. Lil keshi baba shoki

  30. Kesh

  31. lilkesh

  32. Lil kesh killed that song..even tho am nt a fan ov dropping on sites buh I jst av to drop dis comment er

  33. Lil kesh toh bad

  34. Lil kesh nailed it


  35. Nawo, na Kesh na skibo boro!

    • The only baba shoki

  36. phyno fino

  37. baba obago,phyno on point..

    • Wel,am name.i love phyno fino buh i must say dat lil kesh killed it cox hx part of song was amazing and he x young boy.talented-kisses

      • Na phone the play maker

  38. Emi phyno…Baba Ibo…baba obago

  39. Phyno fino

  40. King KESH!!!!!

  41. Keshy

  42. Lil Kesh!!

    • Phino u na bos, I d feel ur lyrics die. Wu pass Baba Obago

  43. #lilKesh

  44. Phyno

  45. lil keshi keshi..a.k.a i no well

  46. And the winner is LiL King KESH ….. this e ur thing is big o jere

  47. kesh

    • Kesh killed the beat

  48. YBNL first born lil kesh

  49. wen olamide is ready to kill a song we all kwn, since u guys are gvin it to kesh, I go gv am too cos he madt for that song gon, big thump up to Badoo for the up bring

    • Na KEsh chop am na…..bigup to baDD0 for LIL KESh!

  50. Kheshinro

  51. Keshi is dat dopest…. dats d only guy dat can challenge King baddo streetwisely…..baddest boy with dat baddest lyrics

  52. am a phyno fan but lil mesh Rilly killed it

  53. Keshy

  54. phyno killed it

    • Isn’t easy at all,my regards to all people in YBNL from A to Z lil modern d beat and d lyrics right wit d chorus nice flows nice swag wit concept I give lil kesh d first love u all @djrhotty nation jah bless all..!

  55. Lil kesh

  56. Lil kesh joor ooO

  57. phyno killed it…

  58. skiborobo skibo? Keshi baba shoki of coz

  59. For me @lil kesh murdered d song

    • It’s lil kesh, love dat dude cuz of d…skiboroboskio stuf

  60. majority carry d vote ….Lil Kesh thumb up.

  61. Lil kesh baba

    • common phyno Ezeh nunu gt it all

  62. Baba obago

  63. Emi keshy baba awon shoki ki n maa ladi ki n maa jedi ki n maa budi , WHAT, WHAT, definately kesh killed d song I mean the story is very clear . Skiborobo skibooo osheee badest

  64. OLAMIDE #Shakiti-BoBo

  65. Of coz kesh murderd it

  66. keshy killed t

  67. nonsense i n-aracha gi i bu ube

  68. Phyno; This is nonsense it is obvious na e nwero conscience……….. everyday m na churari gi are you dough, ne zie nu condition nawa for u tho

  69. Am olamide’s fan….but to be frank keshinro mudered d song

  70. Keshi Baddest.. “YBNL forever thou.. King Baddo is the only Kind of Hip Hop”

  71. Kesh fuckingly killed it

    • Olamide badoo baddest guy ever liveth baddosha kill d beat

  72. She said kesh so u want to sample, are u sure dat u can handle me, skibo wait are u kidding me, so u mean u want to reading me… Kesh killed it no doubt.

  73. kesh must be related to Bihari coz he’s winning the election even in my soul.

  74. sorry why d big quest wen we all know its lil kesh , I even tot he is the owner of the song with his line baba shoki

  75. phyno

  76. sorry why d big quest wen we all know its lil kesh , I even tot he is the owner of the song with his line baba shoki

  77. Naaa lilkesh ooooooooooo

  78. King badoo

  79. phyno baba igbo

  80. KesssssH

  81. Walai jejemi jejemi mobajokosita, mabaromoge kan tan pe ni ke, nigbati mope kemi moni kemi se omafemi, na lil kesh kill d song oooom..thumb up

  82. emi keshi

    • Ladies and gentle men make wil talk true nah lil kesh (a k a baba shoki)

  83. It is obvious unu weru conscience
    No doubt Kesh killed it with raw words, but y’all should try nd understand phyno’s lyrics den una go no say phyno tu no wel’lio jare….Abeg shiaba puor osisor #Iranuuuu #Abasha

  84. Lil Kesh murdered the song

  85. But phyno de mad ooo

  86. Phyno fino idi…………anyway dis is nonsense
    It is obvious iweru consciene

  87. Make me sef add my own…Na Lil kesh all d way oooo!!!

  88. Lil Kesh murdered it

  89. Keshiiii AkA i no well

  90. KeSh ChuCk phyno nd Olamide knife o……can’t campare mehn..d difference is clear mehn!

  91. Lil kesh, I no well

  92. Its lilkesh tht kill it most

  93. lil Kesh murdered d song.

  94. Na lil kesh

  95. Kesh murdered d song.bigs up to u guys@phyno_fino@kesh official @olamide_ybnl

  96. “thiz iz nonsens” Phyno woo na d best

  97. phyno killed it becouse he was vibing according to the meaning of LADI

  98. king kesh killd d fuckin song

  99. phyno did.check his Yoruba out, phyno really killed d jam

  100. Definately lil kesh…..little kilishi….lol


  102. Skibo robo skibo…. skibo robo skibo…. eybaa!!___ oshee!!__ baddest!!___. Keshi___

  103. Phyno killed it. If u really hear igbo u will undstand how gud his lyrics is

  104. Keshi!!!!… Oshey Baddest!

  105. olamide badoo ni jare

  106. Lil murdered it

  107. Lil kesh killed it.

  108. Kesh .. skibo robo skibo oshey badest. .. thumb up?bro

  109. Mi guys leave al diz wn na kishe kill dha beat followed by phynofino dn baDdo abeq

  110. Lil kesh

  111. Dnt b sentimental cux olamide has entered ur spirit m his fan thoo buh lilkesh make everytfin lively ther he killed it buh dah doesnt mean he can rap better dan phyno or olamide so make tfinx clear..lilkesh killed it…

  112. lil-kesh bad pass

  113. phyno killed that song

  114. Phyno Obago Omo Igbo murdered it jawe

  115. keshiiiiiiiiiiii Murdered it.

  116. Diz is nonsenc Obvious dat dos way put kesh as first no get concence….

    BaBa ibo al d way

  117. Diz is nonsenc Obvious dat dos way put kesh as first no get concence….

    BaBa ibo al d way

  118. Lil kesh killed it

  119. Keshiii

  120. Phyno bad pass…bt baba shoki kil d beat all

  121. nobody buy keshi

  122. Lil kesh……aka dem no well

  123. Lil kesh

  124. na lil kesh make we forget who rap pass or not na simple question day ask who kill d song every one no it lil kesh.but if not DAT urs but 4 me and every one DAT no about song and people DAT listen 2 d song and heard wat day was only lil kesh DAT explain d song 2 urs.

  125. Olamide kill it

  126. Lil Kesh

  127. NA lil kesh

  128. Na lil kesh o…..ybnl noni

  129. Omo na keshi o

  130. A”K”A ah no well be the badest””” lil kesh baba shoki skibo robo skibo osheeeh badest”””. #EAT OfADA

  131. Skibo ro bo skibo oshe keshi….

  132. Skibo ro bo skibo oshe keshi…. Li lkesh killed it

  133. Thanks to you all…..#teamybnl4eva…exclusive osshey baddest….

  134. little man

  135. Baba shoki kesh omo ogbo

  136. I sware lil kesh murder them

  137. Hearing both languages…phyno than lil kesh,badoo

  138. Olamide baddo.oya takoko meme b4 kesh

  139. Olamide baddo …oya takoko meme b4 kesh

  140. To,me it was lil kesh

  141. Nah lil kesh o

  142. phyno obago

  143. dis ur tin it is big oshere. Omo na lil kesh finish d song

  144. Lil kesh thumps

  145. Keshi 4sure

  146. Nah lil Keshi jor

  147. Keshi 4sure

  148. Lil kesh

  149. I’m a real phyno fan.. But Lil keshi murdered that song.. I can’t stop loving his verse on that song.. Although I don’t hear/understands Yorouba Lang. But I still love his rhymes..

  150. Guys like us that hear igbo and yoruba would understand who made the trap dope. Kudos to Phynofino,lil kesh and Baddo.
    Phyno killed the track cuz I understand all what 3 artiste said on it,if many of u guys understand igbo nd yoruba u would knw wat I mean.
    These is nonsense it’s obvious ewuru concience,Baba obago na dope guy

  151. Baba badoo

  152. Baba badoo

  153. emi phyno baba obago kimoo ladi kimo jedi mike isi mba? emi phyno baba ibo

  154. end of discussion….I killed it, aka i nor wel

  155. end of discussion… I killed if, aka i nor well

  156. Olamide is be best

  157. kesh

  158. Twas kesh .that’s wah he’s best at

  159. LIL KESH

  160. Na kesh ooo…o gbedi soke mode fa koro jade owa kimi pe mo kare

  161. lil Kesh a.k.a I no welll…..leyin to je banana….

  162. I don’t understand wot Phyno z saying bt I will choose him for d way his voice n d way managed to speak anoda man’s language.

  163. kesh

  164. Baba Shoki..

  165. am badoo fanz…..buh I cnt lie u guys…..lil kesh deliver iz track welawela

  166. She say kesh so u want to sample me are u sure dat u can handle me skibo wait are u kiddin me so u mean u want to readdin me

  167. I go for #Keshi baba #shoki

  168. I really dont understand Phyno’s lyrics cuz I don’t understand Igbo so I think Lil kesh killed it better. Put me on a dope track with Jessy JJ. We gonna pass d mic nd puff puff pass d kush too. …….#don’t Dull

  169. Lil Kesh killed it… Emi keshi even, baba shoki eehn, ki n ma ladi eehn, whaa! Whaa!!

  170. I b olamide fan buh nah Lil Kesh gud pass

  171. Kesh

  172. Na Kesh. ….e killed it

  173. nah li kesh b,cus z kesh dat let us undestand d music…buh sum wil tink dat z olamide…cuz dey ar olamide fans…buh if u knw abt music u wil knw dat z li kesh…tans

  174. Kesh baba. #Skiborobo

  175. Phyno Fan……let the truth be told,it was lil kesh

  176. Phyno killed the track

  177. Kesh baba killed it

  178. i be olamide fans bt phyno cook ladi wella o

  179. collaborative rap album, 2 Kings which featured Lil
    Kesh. We’d like you to tell us who slayed… (who
    served the best verse) on the track. Olamide, Phyno
    or Lil Kesh?
    Listen below and let us know your thoughts.

  180. phyno

  181. phyno

  182. emi baddo baba feeling…….

  183. Emi Phyno ehnn baba Igbo, ehnn baba obago. Haa! o na ewu kwa gi, ibughi bore-hole mana m n’echu kwa gi. E sie m racha gi ka oroma nkilisi so, in the hood anyi ebido kwa n’isi, mara na agbali go m O buru na ichoghi carry go. Every day m n’ achu ha ri gi are u dough ? Lezie condition Nawa 4u though. Mtchew! Nonsense m n’aracha gi I bu ube? See Eba puo osiso!

  184. lil kesh

  185. Jeje mi jeje mi month joko sita month de ri omo ton pe ni kemi nigba ti month ri idi kemi mo pariwo ahhhhhhhh (kesh killed it

  186. I no sabi lie —- lil kesh kill the beat

  187. lil kesh’s rap was completely raw…olamide was better,may b phyno’s rap might b d best if I cud hear his language

  188. Lil kesk…skibo…Ar u kidding me?

  189. Lil kesh…skibo…Ar u kidding me?

  190. Phyno showed up, but lil kesh murdered the somg

  191. Phyno showed up, but lil kesh murdered the somg

  192. Lil kesh….baba shoki…”””””

  193. Na lil kesh #SKIBO# make d song gat meaning í ?í¿?Ì?o fans meeeeeeeeee@GBAYII’kesh$

  194. Na lil kesh #SKIBO# make d song gat meaning í ?í¿?Ì?o fans meeeeeeeeee@GBAYII’kesh$

  195. i b phyno fan bt lil kesh(i no well)murdered d track,obago did wel than olamide

    • Gud I hear both languages well… Lil Kesh murdered the song followed by phyno den baddo came 3rd… Kesh it is!

  196. keshi kil d music jawe…#SKIBO,A.K.A I NO WELL.

  197. na lil kEsh kill de song (she say Kesh so u want to handle me are u sure u can handle me skido wait are u killing me) Lil Kesh na de baba for de song follow by phyno

  198. na keshi….baba shoki……ehn…… la ladi………..he raly killed d beat wela

  199. Skido. Lil kesh murder d track men u need to listin 2 it a million times kesh d hot die

  200. Lil kesh make the song look mature

  201. kesh so u wnt to sample me….r u sure u can handle me …..kesh killed it

  202. Lil kesh make the song mature

  203. Menh u guyz don’t knw wat iz music oh. U matter any language,wat matters iz hw it moves u. NT because u don’t understand another person language he is NT d best.. Kesh did well bt PHYNO murder it! Ozi efere cum first??

  204. 26564B44 Add to knw who kill the track

  205. Omo na keshy oooo

  206. Na keshi so u 1 to ridimi

  207. KESHI

  208. Lil kesh joor

  209. I would definitely go for olamide cause I don’t know what phyno was saying but he shot the track well done lil kesh keep it up

  210. Emi Keshi ehnn baba shoki ehnn
    kima ladi, kima Jedi ehnn kima mudi ehn.. wah wah
    Emi Keshi ehnn baba shoki ehnn
    kima ladi, kima Jedi ehnn kima mudi ehn.. Kima ehn ehn
    Iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha
    iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha
    Na ija lyrics zone dot com
    Olurun… jeje mi jeje mi mo joko si’ta
    mo bari omo kan to’n pe ni kemi
    nigba ti mo ri idi kemi Mo pariwo ahhh!
    Mo ni Kemi wa se o ma femi.. ehh
    She say kesh so you want to sample me [Sample me]
    Are you sure that you can handle me [handle me]
    Skibo, wait are you kidding me?
    So you mean you want to ri idi mi
    O gbe idi soke mo de fa poran jade
    Nigba to mo ko fun owa ki mi kare
    She say this your thing it is big o jawe
    Ejo mi ko, oluwa lo da mi lare
    Leyin to je banana nana
    Me i now want yash her yash her
    She say lick my pulet pulet i say kai abasha basha

  211. Lil kesh


  213. Read the Lyrics on N.a.i.j.a.L.y.r.i.c.s.z.o.n.e.c.o.m

  214. Na kesh na

  215. ami keshi baba Shoki ki maa ladies Kii maa jedi…iranu abasha. Lil’ Kesh killed it followed by Olamide

  216. emi phyno ehn baba igbo ehn baba obago murdered d whole jam infact if ah hear e part finish i dey start d jam again eranu abasha hmmmmm

  217. Itz keshi oooooooooooooo

  218. Lil kesh baba shoki

  219. na phyno

  220. phynokill the song

  221. my name sake killed it
    Lil kash

  222. omo na kesh kill am o

  223. Its lil kesh,everybody knows that,olamide and phyno did well but kesh killed the beat more

  224. Lil kesh

  225. make una no do ojoro na. Lill kesi o

  226. Lil kesh killed d jam

  227. Lil kesh

  228. Obviously its Lil Kesh….She said lick ma pullet kia ABASHA

  229. I think dis person dat posted dis needs a medical check up how can u post dis kind of wack and rubbish song tooxclusive he be like say una get touch rubbish���

  230. emi keshi joor

  231. keshi…..emi keshi baba shoki…I love dat line

  232. Ar u sure dat u can handle me. Lil kesh noniiii

  233. guys. I b badoo fanz buh I swear down…lil kesh deliver hin track walawala

  234. Lil kesh is a mad goat he ate the song without looking at baddo,phyno banged it olamide didn’t drop it hot but lil kesh all the way

  235. baba obago

  236. Phyno fino ……Emi phyno….baba ibo

  237. nah kesh ooo….skibo wait ar u kiddin me?

  238. Skiborobo skibo LiL kesh deserve a long time in jail for mudering that song

  239. lil

  240. lil Kesh kill it

  241. Na badoo nw

  242. lil kesh NI ooo

  243. All credits goes to Kesh. Olamide delivered nothing…

  244. Keshi oooo baddest

  245. Skibo! Wait are u kidding me? Olamide cari last 4 d track, Phyno nah number 2…. Are u guys sure u can handle him? Lil kesh z gonna rock d industry wit his baba hafusa nd baba miliano flow mode(gragra nd sick tlk) I so love d broda. #Gbese!!!

  246. omo liv am for baba baddo he his king of it all. ..He murder d whole song and album…

  247. omo liv am for baba baddo he his king of it all

  248. For the first time majority of the readers are standing by the truth and as for those being sentimental, I pray you start seeing the truth soon. Lil Keshi finished the song, immediately he entered everything wrong about the song started to make sense, nobody could have done better on a jonzing song like that. Keshiiiii

  249. lil kesh killed…. skibowait are you kidding me.

    • Olamide na him

  250. Olamide

  251. lil kesh killed it

  252. Lil kesh na d best… Keshi is d man

  253. Phyno Fino killed it… BABa phyno BAba Igbo Baba ogbago Kimoladi Kimojedi Ekisimba ! IRanu Abacha !!!

  254. Phyno Fino killed it… BABa phyno BAba Igbo Baba ogbago Kimoladi Kimojedi Ekisimba ! IRanu Abacha !!!

  255. Skibo wait are you kidding…
    So you meAn you wnt to sample me…

    Me no go lie lil_kesh., na im get am

  256. Kesh, all day! All of them were good verses, but Kesh’s stood out the most.

  257. Lil kesh. Baddest

  258. Skibo finish work, no doubt. Skiboroboskibo…..

  259. omo na Keshinro oooo…..#aburo mi#

  260. Baba Baddo killed it

  261. Baba Shoki…skibo

  262. skibo robo keshi oooo,he murdered d song mehn

  263. BaBa Igbo… Killed it all 🙂

  264. Skiboroboskibo, kesh murder am

  265. Sure phyno..
    This is nonesense
    It is obvious na inwero conciense
    Anti abanye go ka iweputaya isim SAA GI afele
    Anti abiara Adele contest…

  266. undisputed…lil kesh was the deal on that track #osebaddest

    • Skiborobo skibo skiborobo skibo jeje mi ni mo joko sita mo ba ri omo kan tan pe ni kemi

  267. [Phyno Verse] Emi Phyno ehnn baba Igbo ehnn baba obago kimo ladi ehnn kimo Jedi ehnn eghi simba Emi Phyno ehnn baba Igbo ehnn baba obago kimo0Akimo ladi ehnn kimo Jedi ehnn maghi simba Iranu abasha irasha iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha iranu abasha This is Nonsense It’s obvious na enwelu conscience Anyi aba nye sie go ka enwe futalam ya E sie m saa efele ka anyi biara efele contest Ihe i bu n’ukwu Nwata bia check,m bu kwa the book o And ima na m ihe m choro is a chucku So,cool down and taste what i cook oo what i cook oo. Haa! O na ewu kwa gi Ibughi bore-hole mana m n’echu kwa gi E sie m racha gi ka oroma nkilisi so, in the hood anyi ebedo kwa n’isi Mara na agbari go m O buru na ichoghi carry go Everyday m n’achu ha ri gi are you dough? Lezie condition nawa for you though. Mtchew!… nonsense M n’aracha gi,i bu ube? See Eba puo osiso!

    • phyno fino

      • PHYNO; Man of the Year, this Guy Murder/father the Song

  268. Leyin to je banana nana me and i want to yansh am yansh am she say like my p**** i say kai Abasha abasha

  269. phyno fino…d man of d year killed it oooo

    • This is nonsence it is obvious n’inweru consience anyi abata si go ki weputaru’m ya isim saga efere……….phyno is still de man

  270. #Osheybaddest

  271. #Osheybaddest

  272. phyno kill it al

  273. u guys don’t listen to song, ,,lil kesh

  274. keshi

  275. Lil kesh Noni #Baddest ?

  276. ashiiiiiiiiii,its baba ibo -bab milli_baaaba shoki

  277. Phyno was the best..but 2 analyze the song,phyno startd very well then kesh continued d pace and olamide jst went off

  278. keshi

  279. too be honest its…keshi baddest

    • Phyno

  280. lil kesh killed it men… emi keshi ehn baba shoki…

  281. keshi killed it bad

  282. 4 me is king badooo

  283. Wat skibo are yhu kiddind #lil kesh skibo

  284. skibo! r u kidding me its lil keshiiiiiiiii aahhhhhhhhh waa waaaaa

  285. skibo! r u kidding me its lil keshiiiiiiiii aahhhhhhhhh waa waaaaa

  286. she sa dis e ur tin s big e o jere

  287. some people are just saying nonsense here cause they dont know what to write if music is not one of ur hobie u will never say anything good about it so for those of u dat is talking rubbish the person dat killed dat song is phyno if u are saying lil kesh killed the song why didnt him satrt first and u will see what the song will look like if u are confused pls go and listen to d song again then u can cum and drop ur comment BABA OBAGO

  288. LIL KESH!!!

  289. Disputing d fact dat I am a Hard die Fan of YBNL CEO, King Baddo, I must b frank in analyzing this, Lil Kesh killed the Jam, Baddo, den phyno but olamide draft d way d song should go

  290. To me , phyno killed the song………. His rhymes….I can hear yoruba and ibo and I heard all dey said and i think ……. Phyno is the best………….. EMI phyno ….. Baba ibo Baba obago

    • To me d person o ad the best verse was look at the way he sang is ,je mi je mi mo joko mowa ro mo kon ton pe ni kemi

  291. skibo wait ar u kiddin soo u mean kesh did nt kil it

    • Kesshi.skibo ro bo,s

  292. Phyno has the best verse oba

  293. I am Die hard of Badoo fans… But sincerely… Keshi murder d Song follow by Phyno 4get say i no hear him language… Bt d Rhyme’s is jst accurate… If na only Baddo sing dat song i fit no lyk am…

  294. Phyno had the best verse, he started the song and made so interesting

  295. The part anyone who loves the song likes most Is lil kesh line so I say wen we talk abt rhymes kesh slay the beat

  296. SkiborOroskibo skibororoskibo oshey baddest…….lil kesh

  297. kima ladi kima Jedi wah wah lil kesh

  298. Lilkesh skiborobo ehhh baddest he Lilkesh song then go with phyno baba yibo

  299. lil,kesh kill it emi keshi en baba shoki en is d best she say dis he ur tin it is big ee ojere dat mins say na big dick na he min and he sabi rap is d ril badoo hear not olamide fuck phyno nd olamide dey sucks

  300. Lil kesh

  301. emi phyno, baba igbo, baba obago…
    this is nonsense, it is obvious na I nwero conscience

  302. na king badoo. Baba maximiliano

  303. Kesh made the song blow. followed by phyno then olamide. baddo was just singing anyhow. lil kesh composed a better verse that the two of them.

    • Yep, that’z absolutely right.

  304. lil kesh killed it

  305. Omo na Lil kesh(Skiborobo skibo) tinz. Aldo I b Ibo dey learn Yoruba smal smal I cn stil feel d Lyrics 4rm I no wel. E sweet Oo

  306. omo na likesh ooooo

  307. phyno kill that song follow by lil kesh den olamide, OBAGO I feel u.

  308. Na baddo o oya dakuku meme

  309. Although am a hard fan of phyno,ahe is even my god father,but i must confess lil kesh too much(sorry to say dis)neva jons like dis before in my life

  310. Tz baba mili…… Badoo dey don kwn

  311. Olamide kill it and lilkesh really tired a lot because he is under olamide YBNL nation I respect you ooooo baba milli

  312. bado and bado

  313. Firstly…this iz a collabo album track from two established acts(phyno n olamide) n a fast rising act(Lil kesh..won’t call him an upcoming)If u guys really know wats music iz all about,u will get to know that the intro of any song really matters…it literally gives birth to the foundation n probably the success of the track….Lil kesh(aka I nor well) is without doubt lyrically potent but I tell u Phyno was the only one on the track doin wat he’s not used to(singin in yoruba dialect before rapping)..though he wasn’t perfect in his intonations,he really tried…the difference wasn’t much….Ask urself wat if Lil kesh or Badoo started the song with ibo hook or chorus..wat would have happened?????

  314. The title of the song is “LADI”….ask urself wats the meaning????Phyno was the only one vibing to the meaning….doin a yoruba chorus/hook so perfectly…..lil kesh nd badoo should just go and do an ibo chorus,let’s see wat they will sound like…..Eze Nnunu killed it….BaBa ObaGo…CHIBUZOR… into music productions nd I know wat am talking abt…intro to any song really matters………..+234 703 131 8205

    • You’re saying rubish boy, how many yoruba did phyno speak??? Hasn’t olamide been speaking little bits of igbo in his songs? Kesh nailed it tho

  315. Honey

  316. They are all good but kesh is the best gosh!! That kesh is good

  317. Nwanne chelu ka mgwa gi oo na phyno kill y re u pple talkin lyk say una no get concience phyno no mind dem anyi na lacha fa fa bu ube getout une

  318. Baba phyno kill dat song

  319. Phyno

  320. Phyno baba igbo…u re rili tOo good..ur intro was so so fantastic..phyno did a very great job..but I won’t 4get to remember lil kesh dat made the song more interesting by breaking it down to the understanding of every for rhyme, am inlove with phyno rhyme…baba igbo nd baba shoki I dnt even know who killed the beat..but definitely nt olamide but he tried

  321. Lil kesh I see u jawe…….aka I knw well.

  322. Lil kesh killed it d jam

  323. phyno killed it jare his first two lines of the song were very mad

  324. phyno egwu gi abago, i love you, i wish i will see u one day,i rap like u,i copy your stall.

  325. Eme phyno and baba shoki

  326. Cool sonq phyno had a nice start olamide ma mentor also tried alot… Buht fact remains fact in LADI lilkesh finished et d styles d cuttinq of his verse… She say Liv ma kulet kulet I say Kia Abacha Abacha looz cul sonq I lavv u plenty YBNL Ma family…Lavv dem oo

  327. phyno will always remain d b local rapper…….emi phyno …….baba igbo…….baba obago ………u guys just shut d 4k up phyno killed it,murdered it,and buried it…….I LOVE YOU PHYNO

  328. phyno will always remain d best local rapper…….emi phyno …….baba igbo…….baba obago ………u guys just shut d 4k up phyno killed it,murdered it,and buried it…….I LOVE YOU PHYNO

  329. Keshi killed it man

  330. Am silva cleva i no dat one day i will b lyk phyno bt as a rapper na kesh kill am

  331. Na phyno wey kill d beat bcos if i was to judge it to my own memory i would like to choose phyno as d winner bcose i feel hiz roll in d song ladi u knw. d way he started and d way he finished it infact dat makes d song more interesting dan hw lil kesh start and finished iz own in fact i wish phyno d best o4 all

  332. phyno killed d beat phyno na oga at d top infact i love phyno

  333. emi phyno baba igbo rock on bro

  334. lil kesh.. emi keshy

  335. Olamide badoo

    • What u guyz dnt understand is dah word,s is nt music buh beat and d way u follw d beat. For instance look at uzobu by small doctor, he sang rubbish in d music buh pple lov listening to it
      Jex becuz is rubbish word’s followed d interestin beat. As for me Olamide sang well dan lil kesh cuz he sings and rap maturely. Non of dem is my fans buh Olamide killed d beat. Cuz lil kesh verse is jex like some one dahz jex growing up. Lil kesh tried oo if u asked who killed d beat in Da yan mo Wud say lil kesh buh for Ladi Laye kojo

  336. phyno kill the beat Ladi and secondly lil kesh

  337. nah my guy kesh.. ehn skibo,make yu nah 4get o nah d guy suppose collect best Raper of d year

  338. Keshi on point. He murdered the song men

  339. kesh joor

  340. keshi baddest

  341. Na lil kesh killed am

  342. C diz an argue mater every body knw dat z king baddo kil d beat u no. U don’t ear wat he said, emi baddo enh baba mili enh miliano kin ma ladi kin ma jedi enh kin ma enh (2x) ah!!! Iranu abasha (7x) kini won mo egbaan semi yawolowo ni egbaan iwa buruku kun owo yin ebgaan ti eba sora ma ja fun egbaan oya takokomeme egbon wa o fe a ta kokomeme sugbon emi takokomeme egbon wa o fe a takokomeme takokomeme she say make we day sali o make i eat her sali o mo den ni am sori o ase be n ybnli o, o pe ke elete o fi sim cetel sinu akatel emi o se kris daneli o emi ma kill santelio ko gbe de o gbeke o tun rojo mi fun gbemileke o ni emi ni mo ma’n fun oni ni ireke on emi mo ko fo oun ni ke (2x) fo oun ni ke pe dikeke no u read diz u wil c dat wit diz king badooO!!!! Baba miliano kil d beat

  343. na phyno aka chibuzor na him kill pass. lil kesh kill am too buh na rubish him jux dey dey tlk but phyno murder am. tanks fan

  344. Phyno killed it. Based on the chorus meaning. A brother of phyno from another mother am here with my featured track to share with you Download, and enjoy always stay tuned. Anyi ga na enwe ego na abundant. Ana ma kele ndi nkem no eba.. Unu nwe way. Ndewonu. Download link•»»

  345. elete ofi sim airtel sinu acatel

  346. Olorun jeje mi mo joko sita moba
    romo kun ton pani kemi
    Nigba ti moridi kemi mo pa ri wo haa
    mo ni kemi wa sho ma femi
    She say kesh so u want to sample me
    Are u sure u can handle me
    Skibo wait are u kidding me
    So u mean u want to RiDI MI
    Ogbe di soke mo de fa porun jade
    Nigba ti mo ko fun o wa ki mi kare
    She say this ur thing is big o jere
    Ejor mi ko oluwalodamilare
    Leyin to je banana
    Me I want I now want to yarsh am
    She say lik my plate
    I say kai abacha…keshi iranu ABACHA joooo

  347. Fino Phyno

  348. Fino Phyno

  349. emi keshy baba shoki……lil kesh baba ooo keep it up👍👍

  350. After kesh den phyno b4 Ola sneh

  351. Diva

  352. Assycherry. A.k.a Diva

  353. Lil kesh anybody that support phyno or olamide is an enemy of king kesh

  354. Na phyno aka Eze nnunu

  355. Phyno fino try to kill it, but kesh killed it all.

  356. Lil Kech has it

  357. U guys don’t understand igbo if u do u will agree with me that phyno is the best dia

  358. Non-sense ana arachaghi
    I bu ube,
    sheebaah! Fooor! Osiso

  359. na lil kesh plus sey na him let us undastand d song beta….thumbs up for lil kesh

  360. Lil kesh you are d badest….I dy feel u

  361. Kesh killed it better followed by Phyno_fino den Badoo

  362. I think Kesh nd phyno has a tie in dt song

  363. kesh phyno badoo

  364. Na kesh ooo bt smtin 2 worn u guyz u guyz shud stop using yeruba or ibo here

  365. phyno omo Igbo ……………………,………………… common shinga puo nna alachagi IBU ube

  366. Lil kesh ni oooo

  367. emi keshi….ehn….baba shoki

  368. LIL KESH

  369. phyno kiled the damn track…….boom salutation to baba obago

  370. phyno killed the damn track…….boom salutation to baba obago

  371. Lil kesh killed it wella

  372. na kesh

  373. Lil kesh verse is the best. Follow by Olamide

  374. Am olamide fans lil kesh kill it

  375. na my great grand father kill am pass, listen to ‘ram’ air-gain. jaydie madt joor…. lol!!! expect me soon in the industry, a na m abia!

  376. Lyrically king Lil kesh

  377. Lil kesh roll it all…..

  378. Althought am olamide fans na also YBNL NATION fans….. 2 say d fact LIL KESH (1st born of YBNL) burn Everytin up

  379. Althought am olamide fans nd also YBNL NATION fans….. 2 say d fact LIL KESH (1st born of YBNL) burn Everytin up

  380. Althought am olamide fans nd also YBNL NATION fans….. 2 say d fact LIL KESH (1st born of YBNL) burn Everytin up

  381. olamide lil kesh then pyhno

  382. skibo, wait are you kidding me_ lil_kesh jare.

  383. Lil kesh ni jare……

  384. If phyno doesnt hu will?……………. Phyno is always a boOs

  385. Elyon Remiez

  386. Lil Kesh Of Course

  387. 4 me ooh… kesh did it all

  388. Ahn Ahn…. guys na badoo na

  389. An I no well , keshi

  390. Ak I no well , keshi

  391. Lil kesh

  392. Lil kesh

  393. everything is rubbish,a music u can’t play in d presence of ur junior ones,a music u can’t use as ur ringing tone,kudos to mavin record, beta music dey mavin record, oluwa ni,awww,my darling and so on,muaaah to mavin

  394. #lil kish#killer omg

  395. Skibo skibo

  396. Keshi!!

  397. Itz Olamide Baddooski.

  398. De only shoki master “SKIBO”

  399. YBNL last born na de only one wey naked de beat

  400. na phyno ana ama aka

  401. You guys don’t know what you are talking… Kesh was only repeating what phyno said in Igbo. As a senior man in the game, Phyno said everything Kesh repeated in a coded way and with that, NBC or any other body can’t ban the song, but kesh was saying his own raw. In music there is what we producers call rendition and style… Phyno dropped his verse in various and different rap style but Olamide and Kesh did the same rap style all through. If you understand Phyno lyrics, you won’t even consider Olamide and Kesh. Phyno killed to beat and the song, that’s why he started 1st. This is Deavmann A.K.A Tight Beatz.

  402. Keshinro… widowt any boubt… kesh Dnt just kill dah beat BT he murdered dah beat

  403. hmmm……I fink its olamide dah wrote d verse for him……_#fact

  404. lil kesh nailed it

  405. love Lil keshi part d most…….won ni keshi ur excellency too much talk o necessary

  406. NA phyno win it all

  407. Phyno for sure

  408. Phyno fino

  409. olamide ^ lil kesh

  410. Kesh tried….. But Phyno part sweet pass Pusey… No be lie

  411. dem don’t know••• olamide bahddo

  412. Olamide Baddoo sneh

  413. Connect by phyno is the most popular everything, u guys should be realistic.

  414. gegemi gegemi mo joko si ta moba romokan ton pe ni kemi nigba ti mori idi kemi mo pariwo haaa moni kemi wa sho ma femi she say kech so u wnt too sample me ar u sure dat u can andle me skibo wait are u kidding me so u mean u wnt ridi me…… lil kech try pass make we no lie

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