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TooXclusive Awards 2017 – VOTE NOW!!

Voting for the nominees of the #TXAwards17 is officially on!

Get your fingers busy and cast your votes for your favorite nominees in their respective categories for free!

Simply scroll to each category and click the button adjacent to your preferred choice to vote. Voting can also be exercised on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other associated mobile applications. Links will be made available.

Please note that the polls will close a month from now.

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I have magic in my hands and I'm excited to be sharin' it with the world.
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  1. I’m not much more a music listener but let me vote for the king of music #Davido

    let me watch for others let see what will dey vote mine is watching ?

    • Am here to vote for my king Eddy kenzo

      Though heart broken for radio

      • I vote the best in Afica KENZO

      • I vote the best in Afica KENZO

      • ximbaaaah diamond plantnumz kings of africa lazima ailete nyumban tz

        • Simbaaaaa @diamond platnumz the boy from tandale lazm kombe alete nyumban
          We appreciate his work
          Mash up kwake

    • Can’t wait to vote ma stress killer, Fashion killer Eddy Kenzo

      • Is daimond plutnumz baby is going to win

        • Diamond ninomaaaaaaa @wcb4life

          • DIAMOND PLATNUMZ, simba, chibu denga….. Aka been laden huyu mtuuu ni hatar mnoo kauli mbiu yetu tuna sema huu mwaka ni #MALENGO

          • Diamond ni chata ingine namkubali hadi sio vizuri unatisha sana mzee baba

          • Nikwanini diamond wamemuweka category Moja tu

          • Lion diamond to win

        • Fire

          • I vote Diamond platnumz

        • Simbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • Simbaaa kula kwako

          • Nakukubali sana brother nakuelewaga

        • Isha Allah Our Lion must shine bright like Diamonds .

          • simbaaaaaaaa number one always

        • Simbaaaa ????

        • Diamondplatnumz all day

    • Fuck Diamond Team .STOP hacking and reporting our comments as spam

      • Fuck you too

      • Hahaaaaa fuck you too

        • Chibu platnumz all the way from tandale tz to worldwide …….simbaaaaa no one to stop …….

      • ???lemmi just laugh at you. there are these fans you never wanna play with here in E.A. team mond issa real killa.

    • Diamond is the best on me love you bro one love daima mbele nyuma mwiko

      • Simba bin laden ni fire

      • More fireee

      • simba deserves this guys

    • diamond platnumz

      • Only Simba, Diamond Platnumz

    • Eddy kenzo has done a lot last year ,The previous year and 2018.His zero to Hero ALBUM and BIOLOGY ALBUM are breathtaking. TO APPRECIATE THOSE ALBUMS Eddy kenzo deserves to win this award

      • Kenzo all the way up

    • Im here to vote papa Eddy kenzo he will bring this home
      Team EK we gat this..

    • EK iz my number one

    • Eddy Kenzo all the best

    • Diamond Platnumz the best artist I have never seen before

    • Diamond kwisha abar yake
      Davido wakimbize

      • Just imagine diamond amekosa hy tuzo ya artist bora afrika mbn htreee na ingebidi aingizwe kwenye kipengele cha artist of the year akimbizane na akina wizkid cy davido.

        • wangepigwa chini wote wanaogopa kumpambanisha diamond na hao

      • Namtaka kiba

    • eddy kenzo best African artist

    • For real no one gonna win this apart from Eddy Kenzo trust me let’s wait for your votes keep voting his name u wont be disappointed

      • you are talking non sense no one like mond platnumz there

    • King of bongo Flava Simba lion of Africa @diamond platnams is the wina!

    • Diamondplatnumz is the king of pop/afro beats ?????????????

    • Diamondplatnumz is the king of pop/afro beats ?????????????

  2. Nice one … nice listing under category

  3. Davido all the way

  4. Davido come and take your awards

  5. U guys should bless vote Cassper Nyovest for African artist of the year.

    • Nasty C all the way

    • That’s belongs to Diamond ? dude

      • Yes I’m here to vote for simbaa#diamond a boy from tandale

        • Iam here to vote simba from tandale

          • Always dee(Diamond on top guys

          • Always dee(Diamond) on top guys

          • Always dee(Diamond) on top guys…..

          • Eddy Kenzo will win this and bring it home

        • Simbaaaaaaaasaa bin diamond platnumz is the best one

          • Simbaaaaaa kimbiza diamond mzigo hom boy

        • Same guy me too vote for diamond platinum

        • Exactly @diamondplantnmz
          a.k.a chibu dangote
          Many votes for him

      • am here to vote for this dude #simbaaa

      • Diamond platnumz #artisteoftheyear vote for him plz….

        • Simbaaaaaaaa

    • It’s Our Platnumz”s award plzz

      • Yes ,diamond

        • ??

        • Platinum WCB4LIFE

        • Hallelujahby diamond pratinams

      • Much love en respect diamondplutnumz all de time en forever

    • noooo Diamond is the best artist of the year whether you like or not

      • Diamond ndo anachukua c mumpe hata leo tu kwan hamzioni percent hzo kaa!


          • Artist of the year…. Diamond platinum ?

          • Tumpigie kula za kutosha Boy 4rom Tanzania

      • THE JOB TEAM DIAMOND KNOWS is hacking and reporting people’s comments to the spam .

        • Simba ,Diamondplatnumz he make africa proud

    • #Team_KENZO?????

      • #Eddy kenzo deserves it,,

  6. guys should bless vote Cassper Nyovest for African artist of the year.

    • Team Nasty all the way

    • I Go With Phyno Ft Olamide-agument,as The Best Collaboo

  7. U guys should plz vote Cassper Nyovest for African artist of the year.

    • For diamond

      • eddy kenzo

      • Diamond ni simba,,,,,he is the king

        • This award is there for diamond simbaaaaa

          • Simbaaa plantinum the winner

      • Please vote for diamomond platnumz

      • No one like diamond you always put smile on us with higher vibes

    • It’s for eddy Kenzo…wake up guys

      • Diamond forever

        • I think no one else more tha the king of Bongofleva in Tanzania .. Diamondplatnumz……. Hope he will become the winner??

      • Eddy Kenzo the Young Mandela One Humble Gentleman ?

      • Eddy Kenzo the Young Mandela One Humble Gentleman ?

    • Diamond all the way

  8. U guys should plz vote Cassper Nyovest for African artist of the year.

    • Keep it up aw cm

  9. King davido

  10. wizkid is really good.davido beats him in awards coz he is fuly established in networkig.

  11. wizkid 4 life

  12. You need to start checking on Nigerian guy in Norway called SMOKEY. The guy is already coming with fire

  13. my wizzy is leading


  15. WizKid is the boss of all boss Starboy Wiz

  16. Starboy for life

  17. Starboy dey so

  18. Starboy murder it, slash it and burn it. Celebration time

  19. Starboy wizkid for life

    • Diamond platinumz big up

      • Keep it up aw cmbaaaa

  20. international flexing starboy owns it

  21. Demmie Vee is the best new Act..let’s leave it for him…the boy never do any trash song..Awesome God ft 2baba… Love me tender remix ft 9ice….now Figure 8…omo he even pass some NEXT RATED…

  22. Plz guys vote for demmie vee… God bless


    • Zlatan Ibile for new act all the way consistency and persistency #MAPOCONNECT.

  24. Demmie Vee is the future of afro pop.Quote me anywhere…better u know this..

  25. Dey call me Demmie Vee…she too fine need for make up…The boy is hot abeg..haters leave it for him..

  26. Demmie Vee is the successor..i dey shrine when 2baba call the boy for stage..Omo,the boy burst my brain..even 2baba dance like baby..he deserve am….AWESOME GOD IS THE BEST SONG IN NIGERIA 2017…Demmie sound is legendary and too heavy..atimes,the boy no sound upcoming at all..

  27. awesome god my best track..Best new act..Demmie Vee

  28. Starboy

  29. Leave it for the successor DEMMIE VEE ! Afrocentric Voice! TopBoy! I would have love him to be the next rated cos he droped three hits back to back with the living legends

  30. DEMMIE VEE! Afrocentric Voice of Africa! O sha pra pra! It would have been lovely if he his the next rated cos he dropped three hits back to back and also featured 2 living legends! I give it to him i swear down

  31. DEMMIE VEE! Afrocentric Voice of Africa! O sha pra pra

  32. I love africa music

  33. Obo divido

  34. Davido all the way…support him for me

  35. Wizzi all the way

  36. Starboy wizman! Fire

  37. Wizkid all the way

  38. Daddy yo 4 sure bag all for me

  39. Ibo for sure

  40. Dennie vee is a good singer. And I vote for him after listening to his album…..keep it up man.

  41. #Davido come pack ur award ,..
    he has been doing great and painting the town with his Frog Voice ..
    God Bless you Davido

  42. rubbish
    no Emtee??? una well so???
    Yung6ix album was sicker

  43. scam.

  44. Demmie Vee All The Way (HND)

  45. Demmie big brother your the next and I believe you with your magic voice

  46. east africa artist is DIAMOND PLUTNUMZ??

    • tu nakutakia kila la kheri DIAMOND a.k.a chibu denga kweny iyo tuzo

    • Diamond team stop hacking

  47. In the category of african artist of the year

    Guys you should not separate from Nigers and Non should put all best african artist in one category as African artist of the year and let the best win
    #See now Nigerians are Afraiding Tanzania ni voting????,what happened in sound city mvp award in #African best male artist of the year Mvp made you guys mad of #Diamond platnumz..Mayb you should stop putting the guy in one category with your wiz and davido other wise they will never win over diamond platnumz unless no voting???#Vote power#Tanzania power#Magufuli power#african music#

    • Diamond is the best in every corner

      • He’s Damn best,

    • A boy from tandale katoto kadogo tu ila kasumbufu sana

  48. Come on, why diamond platnumz found in only one category, dis nat fair, wat is ur plan to him, sure dis can’t be possible.

  49. Diamond platnumz has no challage best African artist

  50. very interested with this competition jimmy Ramadhan from TANZANIA


  52. Nigeria artist of the year is DAVIDO

  53. EP of the year is Sugacane -tiwa savage

  54. Alburm o the Year ACCA To LAGOS – MR EAZI

  55. sutisfied BANGER OF THE YEAR wo!-Olamide

  56. Female atist of the YEAR TIWA SAVAGE
    Jimmy Ramadhan From TAnzania

  57. Diamond Platnumz?????

  58. Diamond platnumz

  59. Dplatnumz a boy from tandale take ur award artist of the year they already know we the best tz

  60. Diamond platnumz gonna kill dem all, he’s on fire……..

  61. Vote for Diamond Platnumz

    • vote

      • Diamond Platnumz you de kill them

  62. diamond platnumz for life

  63. Diamond platnumz take the key to open the sword box

  64. diamond platinumz

  65. diamond platinumz

    • Were to vote for diamond platnumz

  66. Diamond platnumz come collect your award here, we now know that Nigerians are afraid of putting you in the same category with them coz they know the consequences, but we also tired of proving to them how good your music is. So come pick it peacefully and leave bro, diamond is a Legend!!!

  67. Diamond platnum let you Shine ?

  68. Diamond all the way, Platinum bring it home, East Africa

  69. Team wizkid for life

  70. Haha big up Diamond platnum..

  71. Diamond platnumz African artist of the year like it or not

  72. all stars ils power in african son amezing

  73. Diamond platinum fire

  74. why diamond only category and his big artists in the world


  76. Eddy deserves it 4ril

  77. Eddy kenzo z da best 4sure

  78. Eddy Kenzo the man him self is the best ever.

  79. Diamond??

    • Diamond platnumz

  80. Best African artist of the year

  81. Eddy kenzo come n we jubilate

  82. Diamond platnumz????

  83. Diamondplatnumz is the king

  84. Diamond platinum you Huck, me I will never vote in category ur in, much love from Kenya

    • Hey guys diamond platnumz king ? of East Africa

  85. Diamond is nothing he just bring website hacker and do that, I will go with Kenzo, follow work not poll Kenzo he made it

  86. Kenzo Uganda

    • I like eddy kenzo

  87. Diamoooond platnumz

  88. Diamond platinums #Simba is always the best even if is in one category

  89. Team Wizkid FC

  90. Male artist of the year is David he has more credible sounds of his own not collaboration ooo wiz kid did very well too but a fair vote should go to David

  91. Diamond platinumz is on fire

    • Tunakupenda ila badiri tabia yako ndoita shusha wazima wa kazi zako

  92. Wizkid forever

  93. Waiting for the final results,

  94. Diamond platnumz simbaaa??
    A boy form tandale

  95. Diamond platnumz simbaaa??
    A boy form tandale

  96. And the winner is diamonddddddd

  97. King Eddy Kenzo is number one

  98. Eddy Kenzo is number one East African artist better than diamond platinumz so that he should win

    • Kenzo is nothing ,Diamond here Diamond there let’s vote for him

  99. King of Africa Lion…. Diamond platnumz

  100. Diamond platinum the king of East Africa is winner ???

  101. Huuuh me i arleady vote so waiting for total votes
    #diamondplatnumz #win

    • Priority first ;diamond platnumz win

  102. Starboy wizkid for life

  103. This musician has the best music in Africa

  104. Diamond platnumz nxhiidah

  105. Diamond fire

  106. Diamond platnumz king of East African at all the time

  107. Simbaaaaaaa

  108. Dangote wa east Africa

  109. Dangoteee

  110. Mond bin Laden a.k.a simba nomasananaaa

  111. Eddy Kenzo the best

  112. His just perfect # eddy kenzo

  113. Diamond Platnumz

    • I love yu Diamond platinum

  114. Diamond playnumz

  115. Veemony and wizkid

  116. Diamond here diamond there diamond everywhere
    Diamond all the way up

  117. African lion

  118. Diamond platinum

  119. Diamond platinum is the best musician ever love you Niger we call him Simbaaaa in Tz

  120. It’s diamond again


  122. SimbAaaa

  123. SimbAaaa

  124. Vote diamond platinum

    • diamond platnumz

  125. Simbaaaaaaaaaa diamond platnumz

  126. I’m here for diamond

  127. say simbaaaaaaaaa chibu dii chibu dee simba young siyozeee

  128. Big Yes for Diamond Platnumz aka Simbaaaaa

  129. All deserve but only a rep is needed

  130. Simbaaaaaaaaa????
    King of East Africa

  131. Diamond platnumz ????
    WCB for life??
    King of East Africa

  132. Starboy all the way. Kill them, you are king

  133. Yes, Diamond platnumz deserve this award?

    • Daimond

  134. team diamond platnumz

  135. Simbaaaaa

  136. eddy kenzo on top

  137. eddy kenzo on top

  138. team eddy Kenzo for life let come may that Award is for Uganda

  139. Simbaaa

  140. Simbaaaaaa

  141. Dangote

  142. Chibu

  143. Diamond is the king

  144. Diamond anajua xana

  145. Mond on top

  146. Sanaaa simbaaa

  147. Dangote ni next level

  148. East Africa king

  149. Mond zaid

  150. Tanzanian icon diamond

  151. Diamond on fire

  152. Chibudenga

  153. Much respect diamond

  154. Respect diamond

  155. Wcb for life

  156. Chibude nomaaa

  157. King of mziki diamond platnumz

  158. Diamond platnumz is a badest

  159. Wcb Wcb Wcb

  160. Chibu wee next level

  161. Diamond platnum

  162. Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamod WCB for life votevotevote

  163. Diamond is the king as usual

    • Diamond platnam always the best




  167. Diamond you lov mmmmmmm ximbaaaAaaaaa

    • Diamond yupo juu tunakuombea uzidi kuwakalisha

  168. Here’s UR vote Vmoney

  169. I do support mah superpower eddy kenzo

  170. Mzee baba simba kachukue nyingune @simbaaaa

  171. Vee award

  172. I do support much lion

  173. Starboy wizkid for life????

  174. Wizlion

  175. Eddy Kenzo deserves

  176. I vote Eddy Kenzo

  177. Eddy Kenzo

  178. Eddy Kenzo

  179. #TXAwards17 #EddyKenzo #AfricanArtisteOfTheYear

  180. #TXAwards17 #EddyKenzo #AfricanArtisteOfTheYear

  181. #TXAwards17 #EddyKenzo #AfricanArtisteOfTheYear

  182. #TXAwards17 #EddyKenzo #AfricanArtisteOfTheYear

  183. #TXAwards17 #EddyKenzo #AfricanArtisteOfTheYear

  184. Let me vote for diamond platnum a king from East africa a boy from tandale uswahilini huko anaturepresent good

  185. Diamond ur da best

  186. kenzo de african prince rules

  187. We love Diamond

  188. I love to vote for Diamond Platnumz, na Tanzanian artist

    • Diamond platinums for ever.

    • Yet your stilling votes

  189. Diamond is a best

  190. All the best diamond platinums may God be with you, all the way from Tandale. Love u more.

  191. Vote for Diamond ..

  192. Diamondplatnumz is no one

  193. ????????? Diamond

    • Team Diamond forever, the winning team

  194. the Guinè Bissau people love u man Eddyafrikenzo u r the best blessing only just to vote 4 u…Hustle Young Mandela Africa in yr hand

  195. We are voting massively for Diamond 24/7 nothing can stop us

  196. We are voting massively for Diamond 24/7 nothing can stop us

  197. We are voting 4 Diamond

  198. Vote for Diamond Platnumz he is the Best

    • We are voting Diamond platinumz

  199. wcb forever

  200. Diamond

  201. I’m here to support TANZANIAN MUSIC much votes for Diamond Platinumz

  202. Diamond

  203. Eddy Kenzo

  204. mond???

    • Fuck Diamond’s Team is hacking other people,s votes

      • They are hack ur a*s

  205. Supporting diamond platnumz

    • Daimond simbaaaa kutoka mbuga ya tandale daima nipo nawe bega kwa bega mungu akubaliki xnaaaaaaa

  206. Diamond platnumz the king

  207. Diamond platnumz

  208. Eddy kenzo deserves the awards because his BIOLOGY ALBUM is extraordinary exquisite

  209. Eddy Kenzo the winner

  210. Simbaaaaa diamondplatnumz

  211. Diamond

  212. Diamond platinumz

  213. Diamond platnumz

  214. Toka mbuga ya tandale

  215. The nominee EDDY KENZO is a great feature in the iconic music industry WORLD WIDE
    together with all those that believe in best and good music HE deserve this category’s AWARD

    • big up papa eddy kenzo number one

  216. Diamond platinum one of the great king lion in Africa untouchable good luck brother

  217. i hope yall also vote for me when i blow up

  218. Diamond platnumz supporting you hakika unaweza

  219. Diamond platnumz Good luck

  220. All da best diamond platinum! We in noma xana mze baba

  221. All da best diamond platinum! We in noma xana mze baba

  222. Diamond platnumz gonna win this please

  223. Siiiimbaaaaaaaaaaa%%

  224. Siiiiimba%$

  225. Diamond platnumz are forever

  226. Diamond platnumz

  227. Simba toka mbuga ya Tandale huu mwaka ni wetyuuuuu

  228. Hahahaaaaaaha plattnumz ni pia schezi mbali saaaana cos a love yew kinoma nouma bloddy i wish kila kitu kipo sawa hakuna wa kupinga atakae leta jeuri lazima akalie

  229. And the winner is Diomond Platnumz

  230. persantage shows so no way out diamond is a winner

  231. Wapende,wasipende… ma vote goes to diamond platnumz??

  232. One love. ##EDDY KENZO

  233. Diamond

  234. Simba nomaaa

  235. Hii Sasa itakuwa ya pili 2_18%%
    Skill in has a Siiiiimbaaaaa chi De%%

  236. Namkubali Sana’a simbaaa chibuu dee

  237. Naoma team wasafi wengn tumekuja kujua 2zo kubwa kwaxabab ya diamond yaan tanzania kimziki na east africa kwa ujumla diamond ndo msanii anaeongoza kwa kuchukua tuzo nying na kuwa nominated kwny tuzo nying na hii tuzo lzm chibu achukue maan kaz zake za 2017 ndo znazoongea kafanya kaz nying nzur xn hi tuzo lzm achukue kama hii ya juzi ya #bestmalemvp #soundcityafrica big shout out to @diamondplatinumz

  238. Diamond platnumz simbaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Ndoo baba yao

  239. eddy kenzo ontop

  240. diamond vaayo vamukubo gwe gambye kenzo ayingide anti eddy kenzo. african prince

  241. banange team kenzo tetupowa mo fire

  242. Team Veemoney.All the way.Vanessamdee is my best Artiste Ever,Let’s keep those voting people.

  243. eddy kenzo dada my bestie and ma african artist of the year

  244. Platnumz for life wenye wivu mjinyonge ????

  245. Diamond all the way

    • Diamond all de way

  246. Diamond, we still hope tunzo ni kwako goodluck

  247. team diamond we are going to give you shock of the year watch the space. team Kenzo we can do ir

  248. yaaaah nigeria no cameroon artist nomined???

  249. Diamond is the best big up to my favorite musician in the world I love you broo and your going to win it

  250. My man Eddy kenzo

  251. Diamond platnumz big up sana lazma uchukue Tz hatuwez kkuacha upoteee

  252. Diamond platnumz big up sana lazma uchukue Tz hatuwez kkuacha upoteee

  253. Eddy kenzo deserves to win because of his excellent work on his BIOLOGY ALBUM and Zero to Hero ALBUM last year and this year are fantastic. EDDY Kenzo bro you deserve every blessings and the judges should take in consideration to honor your work.God bless your work.

  254. Eddy kenzo came from Zero to Hero.From rags to grace .He deserves this award for his hard work .He has given us excellent tunes year after year yet he remains very polite and caring

  255. Eddy Kenzo deserves this award because of his two ALBUMS
    1..Zero To Hero ALBUM
    They got stamina and are listed all over the world.Kindly reward his work because that will motivate him to work hard more .Thank you

  256. I hope Davido and Tiwa will carry the day.all the best!!

  257. diamond nomaa sana

  258. Team diamond? plantnumz #boyAboyFromTandale #simba?????????????

  259. Voting Eddy Kenzo??..

  260. Diamond,sibanduki hapa hadi upate hilo tuzo!yaani sikomi!hard work pays!

  261. Team eddy kenzo

  262. Diamond will be the best!!!!

  263. ????????????????

  264. ????????????????

  265. Diamond is the one who should which sweet song Eddykenzo havin more dan diamond?? Answer Iz no so Diamond take it we are votting

  266. Diamond is the one who should which sweet song Eddykenzo havin more dan diamond?? Answer Iz no so Diamond take it we are votting

    • Yes days true #dimond take it. DAT award%

  267. Wasenge xana hawa wanajua Simba lazima achukue ndo maana wamemweka ktk kipengele kimoja but lazima tuchukue iyo kitu ????

  268. Wasenge xana hawa wanajua Simba lazima achukue ndo maana wamemweka ktk kipengele kimoja but lazima tuchukue iyo kitu ???? #Diamond_plutnum_forever


  270. Jamani inakuaje king of Africa anakaribiana hata kidogo na eddy kenzo?
    Tuondoeni hii aibu????????

    I’m sorry eddy is the best but not as much as diamond!!!??????

  271. Diamond for life

  272. diamond platinumz deserve the win . he has showed the world that he has talent . wewe kosa kutunuku hili tuzo ndio utajua ukali wa simba

  273. Diamond? platnumz n ????

  274. Diamond platnumz

  275. I like diamond platinum African ? I wish all de best for him in this competition

  276. Am tanzanian its time for diamond to win this award

  277. Its time for duamond platnumz

  278. Diamond platinum is the best big up to my favourite musician ?

  279. Eddy kenzo diserve the award. I vote Eddy Kenzo (me Prince K)

  280. I vote Eddy Kenzo in our Africa


  282. Eddy Kenzo is the best

  283. Simbaaaaaaaaa ndo kila kitu

  284. Eddy Kenzo is the best ever!

  285. Diamond the king of African music

  286. help us with the links to watsapp voting anf facebook

  287. Simba of Africa diamond to win

  288. Simba of Africa diamond to win

  289. lion of africa for few time take something in tooxclusive awared .diamond plutnumz never stop

  290. Diamond a Boy from Tandale

    • boy from tandareeee lazimaaa aileteee

  291. Diamond platnumz de badest …one love bro

  292. Mr Flavour king of Africa the best musician,he deserve the award

  293. Mr flavour man of music he deserve the best award

  294. Am here to vote for my king ,mr flavour

  295. Am once again voting for my king,someone like mr flavour,he always kills the beat he deserve the best award and also deserve more than that

  296. Simba kutoka buga ya tandale appreciate your talent unajua bro salout


  298. Hahahaha boy from tandale appreciate you talent una jua mzeee baba @simbaaa

  299. Diamond platnumz ni noumaaa

  300. Diamond platnumz nyakua hiyo tuzo

  301. Diamond platnumz ni hatareee

  302. My vote is for diamond

  303. #tooexclusiveAwards2017

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