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TRENDING: Your Top 5 D’Banj Songs?

Posted by Jim Donnett on November 17, 2014 in Editorial, Social Views · 47 Comments


If one begins to count the things that could (or should) be said about firebrand music entertainer, D’Banj, we might run out of allotted time and even resources to. ‘Dapo Oyebanjo aka D’Banj is a pace setter, having dictated the trends that many of the industry’s new school acts have subscribed to and still abide by. Those trends have formed the basis (to a large extent) upon which career paths in the industry are being built in order to succeed.

D’Banj’s biography might not exactly be rid of topsy turvy feats but he’s always come out on top re-energized and re-fortified, plus he’s never ever willing to stop, always seeking out yet another means to doing more. He’s a celebrated and award-winning musician, a global ambassador, world recognized activist and a philanthropist just to mention a few things he’s all too known for.

His music especially has become a force with a magnitude that has shaken all of Africa and broken into the international scene. Yes, he’s bad like that. And as we reminisce today on all the danceable hits he’s blessed this life with, it’ll be pretty unfair to do up a shortlist considering that he’s one artist with a collection of hits that could produce an entire LP. Regardless, we’re constrained to picking out the 5 that does it for us any day, anytime, anywhere.

Jim Donnett’s Top 5

1. Mobolowowon
2. Scape Goat
3. Igwe
4. Mr Endowed
5. Why Me

Funke’s Top 5

1. Tongolo
2. Why Me
3. Suddenly
4. Fall In Love
5. Oliver Twist

aL Yhusuff’s Top 5

1. Suddenly
2. Why Me
3. Fall In Love
4. Oliver Twist
5. Mr Endowed

What are you still waiting for? Drop your top 5 and let’s know which song(s) trended the most.

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46 total comments on this postSubmit yours
  1. Expensive•dk top 5 dbanj songs. 1.bachelor 2.alaye of the world 4.omini 5.border you

  2. Lol..who noticed toox was aiidy gettin borin..dey sure knw ow 2 bring d heat nd traffic..nd wat does it better dan a d’banj topic…baba will alwas b baba


    Oyato, rundown, fall in love, suddenly,mobolowowon

  3. Alaye,top of the world,bother you,why me,mobolowo won

  4. Oliver twist,Suddenly,Loke,rundown,why me

  5. 1 why me 2 suddenly 3 oliver twist 4 top of the world 5 fall in love

  6. 1. Suddenly
    2.bother you
    3. Fall In Love
    4 igwe
    5. Mr Endowed

  7. 1. Tongolo
    2. Top of the world
    3. Oliver twist
    4. Mobolowonwo
    5. Mr. endowed remix

  8. 1. Tongolo, 2. Why Me, 3. Suddenly, 4. Mr Endowed and 5. Oliver Twist.

  9. 1.Tongolo
    2.Why me

  10. 1 why me
    2 Fall in love
    3 mr endowed remix
    4 Top of the world
    5 Oliver twist

  11. 1.Suddenly 2.soco 3.why me of the world 5.igwe

  12. Oliver twist, fall in love,tongolo, igwe, sunddenly

  13. 1- Tongolo
    2- why me
    3- Fall in love
    4- suddenly
    5- mr endowed………but men them many oooooo

  14. None!

  15. Omini
    Why me
    Mr endowed
    Scape goat

  16. 1. why me
    2. Fall in love
    3. oliver twist
    4. mr endowned
    5. suddenly.

    Anytin apart from dis my onederful list is trash, bliv it or not!!

  17. 1.Suddenly
    5. F**k u up

    The rest of his songs have been wack…ok bye

  18. i don’t like the muhFvcker at all!

    • Don jazzy is dt u?

    • No song as good as d ones Don jazzy produced.

  19. he s irrelevant now….hw much did he pay u to write dis? he should make hits nt worshipping americans n carrying earpiece about. he is finished. no don jazzy, no hit 4 dbanj

  20. 1 oliver twist 2 why me? 3 tongolo 4 soco 5 fall in love

  21. why me
    oliver twist
    top of the world
    blame it on the money

  22. why me
    oliver twist
    top of the world
    blame it on the moneyy

  23. Men mine is top 10 ooo 1,Suddenly, 2 Bother you, Why me, funkie up,fall in love, omini, finally, top of the world, oliver twist, bachelor,… There are so many ooo EJA-NLA, BANGER-LEE, THE Eagle as landed.. Ma pin 3230466C

  24. 4 me D banj is wack from day 1, I swear na just hype n don jazzy!

  25. I av neva lykd dis guy…he s jst over hyped….wack

  26. Dbanj is coming back massively with some new songs u haven’t even heard…just watch out..

  27. Unbelivable toox wrote good article abt d banj anyway some NIG don’t understant the business of music lik d banj do.artist lik jay z. K west. p diddy.and dr Dre the richest,they do not need to die in the studio to become relevant in industry.av u watch TED presntation by d banj ok

  28. 1 Oliver Twist
    2 Mr Endowed
    3 Fall in Love
    4 Tongolo

  29. 1. Scape Goat
    2. Fall in Love
    3. Bother you
    4. Oliver Twist
    5. Igwe

  30. 1.Mobolowowon
    3.Why me
    5.Oliver twist

    He is missing Don Jazzy in his career,they need to “let it go” that thing they have even if we know its a big thing in there heart tho thsy make it look like ‘Naa we’re kool,I’m happy for u,” its all camouflage but let it go anyway and feed us with great tunes.

  31. 1. Suddenly, 2. Why me, 3. Gbono feli feli, 4. Oliver Twist, 5. Tongolo Rmx

  32. Guyz stop beefin…D’banj is d pacesetter for all upcomin artist and incase u don’t know Don’t bother u wasn’t produced by don jazzy n peepz loves it,cash flow wasn’t don jazzy, jus stop beefin… top 5
    2.Oliver twist
    4.Bother you

  33. 1. Mogbono feli feli
    2. Fall in love
    3. Top of the world
    4. Suddenly
    5. why me

  34. 1.Tongolo
    2.Mr. Endowered
    3.Fall in love
    4.On top of the world
    5.Oliver twist

  35. Mr endowed
    Oliver twist
    Bother u
    Top of the world
    Fallin in love

  36. Bother You,top of the world,oliver twist,mobolowon,fall in love….

  37. god punish uu….. na donjazzy hype feeling d nigga 2……or na donjazzy dae sing d songs….bastard!!!
    dbanj is a legend admit dat fact……or any of una family member don see kanye. west picture???…..No!!!!!……but dbanj had a deal with him…….so wat are u saying???

    • Venom… God bless you ooooo… Dem no knw D’banj.. Dem no knw music… D’banj is gifted and smart

  38. 1.SAlute 2.why me 3.oliver twist of the world 5.bachelor

  39. My Top 5

    1. If you dey craze
    2. Olorun maje
    3. Celebrate
    4. Kimon
    5. Entertainer

  40. I make hit banging tracks. #OzbiBeatz Bb pin: 285D0A05

  41. Igwe, olorun maje, suddenly, top of the world and monolowowon

  42. After giving an amazing performance at the just held Glo CAF Awards 2015, D banj is out with a new single a song he performed for the first time last night.

  43. 1Top of the World
    2 Fall in love
    3 Suddenly
    4 Bother U
    5 Oliver twist

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