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TRENDING: Your Top 5 Wizkid Songs

Posted by funke on September 16, 2014 in Editorial, Social Views · 156 Comments


Ayo Ibrahim Balogun who goes by the stage name Wizkid has without a doubt carved a niche for himself within our music industry. From his single Holla at Your Boy which shot him to limelight way back, the young chap has gone on to churn out tracks upon tracks of hit songs to the pleasure of his fans both young and young at heart.

With numerous awards and mouth watering endorsements, Wizkid is without a doubt one of the younger ones who have contributed immensely to the growth of the Nigerian music industry. Since the release of his debut album Superstar, he hasn’t released any other album save the Empire Mates State of Mind Compilation to the consternation of his large fan base.

Alas Wizkid recently unveiled the album art and tracklisting  for his long-awaited second album titled AYO. As we anticipate its release, here’s our top 5 tracks EVER  from the Starboy himself;

Jim Donnett’s Top5

  1. Tease Me/Bad Guys
  2. Pakurumo
  3. Jaiye Jaiye
  4. On Top Your Matter
  5. Joy

Funke’s Top5

  1. Pakurumo
  2. Jaiye Jaiye
  3. Holla at Your Boy
  4. On Top Your Matter
  5. Scatter the Floor

JimmyKing’s Top5

  1. Holla at Your Boy
  2. Azonto
  3. Pakurumo
  4. Jaiye Jaiye
  5. Caro

However, these are our opinions, feel free to drop yours in the comments box.

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  1. 1.On top ur matter
    2.Love you
    3.New bounce
    5.Love my baby

  2. 1 love my baby
    2 superstar
    3 scatter the floor
    4 jaiye jaiye
    5 on top your matter

  3. 1. love my baby
    2. Sisi neene
    3. Jaiye jaiye
    4. On top your matter
    5. Joy

  4. 1. Jaiye jaiye
    2. Show you my money
    3. On top your matter
    4. Superstar
    5. Joy

  5. 1. I love my baby 2.slow wine 3.matter 4.say my name 5.sisi nene

  6. 1.Holla at ur boy
    2.On top your matter
    3.Jaiye jaiye
    5.Thank you

    • yours is the best

  7. Oluwa loni
    Shout out
    Jaiye jaiye
    Show u d money

  8. 1. love my baby
    2. gidi girl
    3. pakurumo
    4. show you the money
    5. on top your matter

  9. 1. show u d money 2. Jaiye jaiye 3. Joy 4. Pakurumo 5. Holla at ur boy

  10. Xame

  11. 1-The matter. 2-jaiye jaiye. 3-show u the money. 4-caro. 5-holla @ ur boy

  12. 1. Pakurumo
    2. I love my baby
    3. On top your matter
    4. Bombay
    5. Tease me

  13. 1. Pakurumo
    2. Wadup
    3. Jaiye Jaiye
    4. Thank you
    5. Caro

  14. Oje,Eledumare,,Show u d money,,Caro and On top your matter

  15. 1 the matter 2 azonto 3 london girl 4 show you the money 5 zombie

  16. 1 lowkey 2 sisi nene 3 oluwa noni 4 joy 5 love you

  17. 1. Wiz Party. 2. Pakurumo. 3. Baddest boy. 4. Dance for me. 5. No lele

  18. For me, Jaiye jaiye,dont dull,pakurumo,dance for me

  19. luv my baby, sisi nene, on top ut mata, caro, dont dull

  20. 1. Oluwa lo ni
    2. Joy
    3. Jaiye jaiye
    4.On top your matter
    5. Show me the money

  21. 1.Eledumare 2. On top ur matter 3. Bombay 4.hollar at ur boi 5. Don’t dull

  22. 1.Eledumare 2. On top ur matter 3. Bombay 4.hollar at ur boi 5. Don’t dull

  23. ma baby
    4.jaiye jaiye
    5.on top ur matter

  24. 1.tease me 2.pakurumo for me 4 gidi gal 5 on top of ur matter

  25. All wizkid Songs are nice and I love dem all @its_gideon

    • Check it. Na your papa and mama born you. Lol

  26. 1. Holla at yo boi
    2. Skelewu
    3. Bombay
    4. Ukwu
    5. Pangolo

  27. 1.CAro 2. Holla at ur boy. 3.Joy 4.sisi Nene 5.pakuromo

  28. 1. Oluwa noni 2. Scatter d floor 3. Eledumare 4. Show U????? d moni 5. Bombay* much luv bro

  29. 1.thank you
    2.holla at ur boy
    3.oluwa lo ni u d money

  30. Show me d money#joy#eledumare#pakurmo#bombau

  31. 1.Jaiye jaiye
    3.On top ur matter
    4. Thank you

  32. Jaiye jaiye
    Thank you
    New bounce

  33. 1. caro 2. jaiye

  34. slow whine, jaiye jaiye, show u de moni, drop, gidi girl

  35. very interesting

  36. very interesting

  37. I love all and I don’t have a top 5 but i’ll pick randomly.. Caro, Tease me, don’t dull, show you the money, oluwa lo ni.

    • On top ur matter,joy,baby dance 4 me,jeje,back to the matter…starboi take my pin 327c027e

    • Yop of ur matter,jeje,bad gurl,joy,pakurumo,here is my pin starboi•••327c027e

  38. 1. Turn on the light. 2. Zombie 3. On top your matter. 4 the matter 5 . Caro ..

  39. Show you the money
    One Question

  40. 1.oluwaloni 2nobody but u 3show u d money4joy5eledumare

  41. I swear to God, i love alllll!

  42. Ontop ur mata…show me d moni..caro…jaiya jaiya nd joy

  43. 1dont dull.. 2Thank you 3zombie 4the matter 5jeje even if it not is song I love it

  44. 1. Jaiye Jaiye
    2. Thank You
    3.On Top Your Matter
    4. Dance For Me
    5. Joy

  45. wiz party
    scatter the floor
    no lele
    eme boyz
    number one love

  46. 1 holla at yur boy
    2 dont dull
    3 gidi gal
    4 roll it
    5 love my baby

  47. 1. Holla at ur boy
    2. Gidi girl
    3. Pakurumo
    4. Jaiye jaiye
    5. Joy

    The list still continues but gat since we are told to drop 5.

  48. 1. Holla at ur boy
    2. Gidi girl
    3. Pakurumo
    4. Jaiye jaiye
    5. Joy

    The list still continues but gat since we are told to drop 5.

  49. interestin

  50. 1.Holla @ ur boi
    3.Dance for me
    4.Jaiye jaiye
    5.On top ur matter

  51. Holla at yur boi.
    Jaiye jaiye
    On top your matter

  52. 1.Jaiye Jaiye
    2.On top your matter
    3.Show u d money

  53. 1.Bombay
    3.One question
    4.Show m d moni
    5.Jaiye jaiye
    Here is my pin…add me team starboi…2887FCE8

  54. 1. joy
    2. tease me
    3. ginger
    4. holla at ur boy
    5. Bombay.

  55. 1. Halla at ur boy
    2. Tease me
    3.On Top Your Matter
    4. Dance For Me
    5. Joy

  56. guys pls dowmload nd support upcomin artist……am sure u all gonna lyk it@

  57. 1turn on the light(cover)
    2wiz party
    3 on top your a matter
    4 tease me
    5 roll it

  58. 1- one question
    5-thank God.

    You can ping me @

  59. Pakurumo,Love my baby,Jaiye Jaiye,Thank you,On top ur matter…

  60. 1.THE MATTER

  61. OJE

  62. London girl
    Roll it
    Jaiye jaiye

  63. slown wine
    one queastion
    love my babe
    dont dull
    jaiye jaiye
    turn on d light

  64. love my baby
    call my name

  65. I Luv All Wizkid songs….@Benayz_slimest

  66. Wizzy has a lot songs i loved, i can’t even remember.

  67. 1st
    1st azonto
    2nd mummy mi
    3rd joy
    Show you d money
    4th pkakurumo
    5th caro

  68. 1st azonto
    2nd mummy mi
    3rd joy
    Show you d money
    4th pkakurumo
    5th caro

  69. Hollat ur boi
    On top ur matter…and lots more

  70. 1.Thank d lord
    2.Top ur matter
    3.Jaiye jaiye
    4.Show me d money
    5.Scatter d floor

  71. Joy, pakurumo, hola at ur boi, love ma baby, gidi girl.

  72. On my own list,I tink I go wit. my baby.. 3.slow wine. 4.pakuromo. 5. Show me d money..

  73. Dance for me
    Turn on the lights (future cover)
    No lele
    Love you
    Thank you…

  74. Sisi nene…
    One question
    On top ur matter
    Turn up the light
    No lele….and all wizkid song..

  75. Love my baby

  76. you the money
    2.ginger ft lax

  77. Eledumare. Jeje. Bombay. Don’t dull. Holla @ ur boy

  78. 1.Turn on d light. 2. Feel me 3. Show u d moni 4. Maleek berry ft wizkid~ love you 5. Talk

  79. For me it:
    1. Holla at your boy
    2. Oluwaloni
    3.Dance for me
    4.One question

  80. For me!
    1—— love my baby
    2—– holla @ ur boy
    3—– scatter d floor
    4—– one question
    5—— show you the money..

  81. Thanks to all everyone! !! Bless up

    • Ojuelegba is storming my club…Nice one wizzy

  82. Thanks to everyone! !! Bless up

  83. 1-on top ur matter 2-joy 3-dance for me 4-caro 5-i love my baby

  84. Joy
    On top ur matter
    One question
    Love my baby

  85. Joy
    On top ur matter
    One question
    Love my baby

  86. 1.Turn on the light
    3.Lagos to soweto
    5.No lele

  87. 1.The matter 2.on top your matter 3.Pakuromo 4.Body 5.Juru

  88. 1.One question
    3.Kind love
    5.Holla at your boy

  89. Jaiye jaiye,
    One question,
    No lele,
    Bom bay

  90. 1.Holla @ ur boi
    2.Lagos to soweto
    3.Nobody bt u
    4.Number 1 luver

  91. 1 thank yhu 2 bombay 3 on top ur matter 4 holla yhur boi 5 mummy mi

  92. 1 thank yhu 2 bombay 3 on top ur matter 4 holla yhur boi 5 ojuelegba


  94. 1 Oje
    2 jeje
    3 wizzy baby
    4 sisi nene
    5 Bombay

    • Gidi girl love my baby caro calling you thank god olauwa Ni

  95. calling you gidi girl caro love mY baby thank god

  96. 1,oje
    2,In the bed
    3,show me the money

  97. 1.don’t dull 2.oluwaloni 3.ojuelegba 4.celebrate

  98. 1. caro
    2. feel me
    3. on top ur matter
    4. eledumare
    5. jeje

  99. ?? love sisi nene, feel me, oje, bombay, zombie. Infact ?? love all his songs right from the day one he started, am his best fan ever, ?? can fight becus him ?? swear.

  100. (1)On top ur matter
    (2)Baddest boi
    (3)Jaiye jaiye
    (4)Show u d money
    Wizzy lemi loke(u grab)

  101. Zombi
    Sweet poteto
    On top ur matter

  102. 1 Nobody but u 2 Joy 3 ki lo fe 4 dutty wyne ft banky w 5 in lovey ft seyi shay.

  103. (1) In My BED (2)JOY (3) Show U The Money (4) JEJE (5) JAIYE JAIYE

  104. i can’t even say,the top 5 wizzy’s song i like best because all his tracks are amazing

  105. i can’t even say,the top 5 wizzy’s song i like best because all his tracks are amazing

  106. 1 kokose
    2 on top your matter
    3 the matter
    4 show you the money
    5 thank you

  107. 1. On top ur matter 2 joy 3 love my Baby 4 Eledumare 5 show me d money….

  108. 1) Ojuelegba
    2) The Matter
    3) Jaiye Jaiye
    4) Oluwa Noni
    5 Bombay

  109. All his music ar amazing
    1 turn on d light
    2 joy/ no woman no cry
    3 Dance go( wizzy an 2 baba)
    4 ojuelegba
    5 one question
    Omo dis guy 2 gud en hit 2 plenty in short all en music na hit… Wizzy loke loke

  110. 1)show me d moni 2)ojuelegba 3)bombay 4)caro 5)in my bed,mor praise 2 ur elbow bro,u wil never fal,u ar 2 mch

  111. 1-Bombay 2-Show me d money 3-On top ur matter 4-Slow wine 5-Holla at ur boi


    • 1.Holla @ ur boi question 3.luv my baby 4. London girl ….luv u man *starboi noni*

  113. 1.omalicha
    2.on top ur matter me d money
    5.kind love nd many more

  114. 1.ojuelegba
    5.mummy mi

  115. 1 In my bed 2 bombay 3 joy 4 gidi girl 5 caro

  116. caro, jaiye jaiye, on top your matter, eledumare,show you the money

  117. 1,ojuelegba 2,mummy 3,in My Bed 4,wonder 5,show You The Money

  118. Wonder
    Jaiye jaiye
    Hola @ ur boy

  119. 1 wonder
    2 for you
    3 omalicha
    4 crazy
    5 sound it

  120. Ojuelegba
    Show u d money
    In My Bed

  121. In no particular order… Caro, wiz party, scatter the floor, eme Boyz, love you, pakurumo , lowkey, azonto , for me… Make una no vex, I no know the tops buh this list is my favorite… I don’t skip any when shuffle brings them

  122. Jaiye jaiye, Mummy mi, sound it, kind love, in my bed

  123. To frankly with word wizkid is one of the most best musician for Nigeria. And I’m dying bcos of him love u all including aminat at jigawa.bye for now

  124. 1 – Hulla @boy,2_top of the matter, 3_pakurumo 4_in the bed, 5_love my baby “””””

  125. 1 scatter d floor 2 ojuelegba 3 body 4 kind of love 5 gidi girl

  126. kokose
    on top your matter
    show u the money
    the matter
    thank you

  127. 1, Turn on the light. 2, love my baby. 3, Dont Dull. 4, zombie. 5,for me ft wande coal.

  128. 1 talk 2 body 3 don’t dull 4 ojuelegba 5 London girl

  129. 1omalicha
    2 dance for me
    3 joy
    4 kind love
    5 London girl

  130. 2.ojuealegba. 3.on top ur matter 4.I love my baby lele

  131. 2.ojuealegba. 3.on top ur matter 4.I love my baby lele

  132. oluwa lo ni
    on top your matter
    no lele

  133. Drop,ojuelegba,oluwa loni,joy,mummy mi

  134. holla at ur boy, sound it,mummy mi,ojuelegba,turn up the light

  135. I make hit banging tracks. #OzbiBeatz Bb pin: 285D0A05

  136. 1.Eledumare. 2.Ojuelegba. 3.Joy. 4.Jaiye Jaiye.
    5.Oluwa lo ni

  137. 1.slow wine
    2.sound it
    3.expensive shit
    5.holla you boy

  138. 1. One question
    2. Feeling the beat
    3. Love you
    4. Sound it
    5. Bomday

  139. Holla at your boy
    Call my name
    Super star
    On top your matter

  140. 1.Turn on the light
    4.On my bed

  141. ojuelegba

  142. 1.Love my baby
    2.Dance 4 me
    3.On top ur mata
    4.Thank you

  143. Ojuelegba
    Baba nla

  144. 1) holla at your boy
    2) Baba NLA
    3) Ojuelegba
    4) Love my baby
    5) in my bed

  145. Holla at your boy
    Love my baby

  146. Oju elegba, Holla @ ur boi, expensive, shout 2 my guys, wit all his songs, wizzy I dey feel u.

  147. BabaNla
    on top ur matter
    tease me

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