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If You Were To Delete One Of These Songs Off Your Playlists …Which Would It Be ?

Posted by Temitope Delano on January 12, 2017 in Social Views · 166 Comments


If you had to delete one of these songs from your playlists, which would it be?

  1. Olamide: Pepedem Gang
  2. Wizkid: Daddy Yo
  3. Runtow – Mad Over You.

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  1. Olamide pepedem

  2. 1

  3. 2, Daddy Yo

  4. pepper Dem gang by olamide

  5. pepper Dem gang by olamide…am sorry but d list is tight..

  6. daddy yo

  7. daddy yo

  8. daddy yo a hundred times

  9. its a tight one….i love wizkid die! but I’ll have to delete daddy yo….mad over you, my tune of the moment.

  10. I’ve already deleted Olamide. Nothing interests me in him anymore… He has lost his ability to make Igbos wish they understand him. He’s now boring.

    • Lol

    • Do Yorubas understand Phyno

    • daddy yo is jst xo wack

    • you better go learn yoruba. without yoruba language you wont enter heaven o

    • One two buckle up my shoe(primary scul shit)… Lol wizkid na mumu. Na rum he dey sing. Fuck daddy yo! Badoooooo shaaaaaaa oyaaaa pepe dem! Runtown one love! Wizkid grow up and be wizman ..mtcheew

  11. Will delete Daddy yo! 4sure I don’t even have the audio only ve the video cos it’s dope no lies…… But if u really want to grov Baddo and runtow are the bomb? …….

  12. Omo na ‘ Dady yo’ ooh, I too gbadun that song of dat ‘Pepe dem gang’ I swear I’m gonna keep it for life. gba bee. YBNL nation to d world.

  13. 2…wizkid daddy yo na rubis follow by 1…olamide pepedem gang…

  14. List is tight…and in fact those are the biggest songs in Africa currently. Daddy Yo!!! Sowie, have to kick yo ass out!

  15. Daddy yo and pepper dem gang

  16. none

  17. olamide pepe dem neva get video but pple like am…mad over u by runtown na everybody choice and excuse me daddy yo wat dat? a song or incantation

    • ?

  18. Delete d three and leave Mad over you #Runtown more respect

  19. Daddy yo has been out long time ago

  20. Pepper dem oooooo

  21. Pepper dem gang olamide is crap ds days

  22. I prefer to leave and play “Mad over you” on Repeat every hour dat to play dat shit “PepedemGang”

  23. None

  24. i know go think am twice na daddy yo abi watin dem day call am

  25. See as e dey pepper dem olote for here.

  26. presently in a whole Africa dady yo and moy top.
    all dis Yoruba pple una too lyk una tin

  27. hmm abek make pepper dem go fine way Sidon
    daddy yo and moy carry on

  28. we all know that mad over is a Hot jam.
    and also pepedem gang Dope. base on street level.let give it up 4 Baddo.
    But 4 DADDY Yo,is bushit.base on international level.wizkid come again.

  29. Pepper dem gan

  30. 2

  31. 3

    • fool

  32. pepedem had been deleted from d very 1st day I downloaded it….its a trash, rep dady yo

  33. oboy na daddy yo I go delete oooo

  34. if m to delete it will b olamide pepe dem

  35. dat olamide pepe dem is trash ain’t even frik about is music style he just shout on beat thinking dat he is rapping so if at all I av pepe dem on my play list m gonna delete it kudos to MI,ice prince AKA,Casper,nasty c,falz da bad guy nd d rest doz ar real rapper i like how dia lyrics rhyme wit beat……

    • You are a dullard …oya will don vex…strit no hear English again….olamide for life

  36. This is some hard shit menh
    They’re actually my current jamz

  37. Lol only those that know will tell you daddy yo is already a hit less than 3wks of it’s release it’s already going place.That song dey go far than all this songs you all are talking about like you don’t know how the starboy does his things so unique.The boy is a legend and he isn’t relenting lol.daddy yo ! All the way

    • tell dem bro olodos

  38. I go leave only pepper dem

  39. it has to be Wizkid daddy yo. Dat song wack die. don’t even kw it made it to bill board chat self

    • Idiot Jagaban Dey Talk Rubbish U and Ur Fada #Daddy Yo

  40. OLAMIDE pepedem

  41. Na daddy yo i go delete, most wizkid music is all about woman, dat y e dey born children every where, let be sincere, despite olamide is local repper e stil give us good jamz, international music like wizkid dey give rubish jamz, kudoz to run town

    • Like seriously you are saying the fact I swear cause you can’t be talking about woman always…..will need ginger songs and olamide is giving it I swear..

  42. mad over over u my tune
    runtown nwamama carry go

  43. Daddy whatever,the song is wack
    And that pepper then gang it will,na only him sabi the mcheeew,,,,fake street love
    Run town is taking over big time,ma biggest jam right now

  44. I go delete mad over you

  45. tooxclusive stop joining wizkid jamz wif all dis local act….wizkid is an international act and a grammy award nominee africans should be proud to him….all dis sentiment abt olamide ion even get its only yoruba pple dat understands wat he sings…70% of nigerians dont knw wats he saying in most of his songs.. mad over u is tight buh daddy yo is 31 on billbord chart while mad over you is 38…..what else

    • nor mind dem wizzy all d way up

    • see foolishness oo so because na international act nw the song cum sweet

  46. hw will u compare wizkid jamz wif a naija track… international act…a grammy nominee….make una leave sentiment olamide cant sing what I can understand…mad over you is tight buh u guys should check billboard chart list….before u run ur mouth…

  47. daddy yo baje baje

  48. Ogbeni leave dat trash for lawma daddy yo out of list pepper dem haters stay.

  49. Daddy Yo gotta goooooooooooo…d song dey sound off key for ear self especially d Eya part

  50. Pepedem

  51. Daddy yo first then pepper dem.. so I wil have space to download some erigga songs

  52. Pepper dem gang

  53. daddy yo na nonsense

  54. Pepper dem gang

  55. Daddy yo is thrash!!!

  56. Daddy yo

  57. This is easy. Definitely Pepper Dem Gang. I don delete am sef. Lol.

  58. I delete olamide pepper dem followed by mad over you then starboy Wizzy all should do what the teacher says and put daddy yo on repeat lol..that song is crazy lol

  59. Omo that mad over you na big time traaash! No hating tho buh the tune doesn’t go down well..Fam daddy yo is tha ish! yu don’t understand the tune cos yur too accustomed to local shit. Get yur ears intune wiv wussup ohk..

  60. Yo! Daddy yo gerrarahia !!! inshort in igbo, si e Ba pu o

  61. actually gonna b daddy yo…
    wiz is d best right now base on accomplishment but dat song isn’t worth it..
    mad over you all d way

  62. I go delete nonsense daddy yo na

    Mumu tooxclusive where coolest kid in Africa by davido na

  63. Pepper Dem Gang…fuck out

  64. Daddy yo…not even on my playlist.

  65. see goats ‘pepe dem’ kor, em jes dey make noise lik frog. DADDY’YO,omo,i lov dat scnd verse lik. Wizzy al d way_!

  66. I’ve not even heard daddy yo before, I’m sorry

  67. Olamide – pepper Dem gang

  68. I’ve not even heard daddy yo before, I’m sorry

  69. olamide

  70. Lol. So funny how guys don’t like Daddy Yo. Daddy Yo is a nice dance tune, anyone should fall in love with. Mad Over you too na, nice lyrical something.
    Pepe Dem Gang. Is a real nice jam. But am a big fan baddo so I’ve listened to most of his singles. So for me to really fall in love with any of his singles, it has to be real wavvvyyy ??? and different from all he has been doing.
    P.S; ain’t saying Pepe Dem is *ShiT*

  71. Lol. So funny how guys don’t like Daddy Yo. Daddy Yo is a nice dance tune, anyone should fall in love with. Mad Over you too na, nice lyrical something.
    Pepe Dem Gang. Is a real nice jam. But am a big fan baddo so I’ve listened to most of his singles. So for me to really fall in love with any of his singles, it has to be real wavvvyyy ??? and different from all he has been doing.
    P.S; ain’t saying Pepe Dem is *ShiT*

  72. Pepperdem

  73. pepedem delete

  74. daddy yo is waaaaccck!!!. mad over you on repeat. olamide try small

  75. I swear I can’t delete nothing from the 3


  77. i love them all, each of them have one or two unique talent

  78. Y’all know nothing about music. PepeDem Gang ain’t a hit bro. Wizkid and Runtown are all the way up. Olamide PepeDem Gang is good, no doubt but not to compare with Wizkid daddy yo and Runtown mad over you

  79. Now I know why Nigerian artist don’t care about content anymore, the rhythm that wizkid and Efya brought out in Daddy yo…. was magic. I fell in love with Efya after hearing the jam. But most Nigerians care about jollof music….. I lost interest in downloading olamide songs after hearing the same rhythm I have been hearing since he blow in owo blow
    It’s still a nice sound though, but because of the similarities in Baddoh delivery I can’t buy his album no more

  80. I would delete 1 and 2…… Mad over you better than the rest

  81. Pepper dem gang….

  82. 1 and 2 jare…. Mad over you all the way

  83. olamide him slf mentioned baba nla in dat music to show u wizkid his still his boss… daddy yo is no 1

    • U be fool, just because olamide mention baba nla, he co mean say na he boss?
      U better think well before you talk nonsense

  84. fuck wizkid and fuck daddy yo

  85. God pepper what?
    olamide out
    starboy make we dance

  86. I go delete pepper dem

  87. delete daddy yo straight,,, Olamide Na baba ooo,,,wizkid new to fresh up agin please

  88. So far Daddy Yo makes my bae shake yansh, nd mad over you runs are crazy, pls make pepper dem go pepper its owner…….. It aint Suit me

  89. Omo I’m leaving Daddy yo, and 4 d record wizkid and efya burst my brain with dat song gun gun…lol…WIZKID!…luv u man…

  90. daddy yo 1million times..

  91. No 1

  92. i cant do without pepper dem gang and mad over you,but daddy yo na trash I will delete it

  93. Run town has been underrated in Nigeria a lot.daddy yo is wack,forget international act(he go soon fade).olamide does no even know wat he is singing anymore. He does not even deserve any award last year.its all just favouritism

  94. Everybody in Ghana now is in love with “Mad over you” track and Daddy yo is also making hits whiles have never hear pepe dem b4

  95. Daddy yo

  96. rapberry

  97. Daddy Yo

  98. daddy yo

  99. daddy yo na poem,no be song.o baby! all the way

  100. Lol Daddy Yo one time. Trash track

  101. Anonymous

  102. daddy yo trash

  103. wizkid daddy yo

  104. We are not expecting 100% to love starboy record I choose to be in starboy record because it the only place I can deliver…pls no haters zone in starboy record to me (Daddy Yo)I rate this just listen to lyric and how he murderd the beat it cool nd yhu cn dance to it am won’t delete anyone either buh fur now daddy Yo is ma ringing tune

  105. i go delete daddy yo dat song is wack Wizkid no try for that song at all

  106. Surely Daddy Yo will be the sacrificial lamb cus it cant rub shoulders with Mad Over You and Pepe Dem Gang

  107. Daddy Yo

  108. i will delete wizkid daddy yo

  109. Daddy yo

  110. Daddy Yo! Sadly.

  111. Daddy To.

  112. Daddy YO, i think its one of Wizkid’s most terrible songs ever.

    • lol and have you even listened to the crap they call pepper dem gang?


  114. 2 wizkid dady yo

  115. let give wat belong to ceasa to ceasa wizkid is going places with any song he drop so his 1rated

  116. Can’t believe there’s an argument here. Pepper dem gang is too wack for comparison here. I deleted it soon as i download it.

  117. olamide pepedem na idiot olamide b,dat 1 na song abi he go play 4 studio,way dey 4 put ice prince brooklyn ft dice ailes dey go put pepedem rubbish song ever

  118. i’ll remove olamide-pepedem gang

  119. i already deleted daddy yo nt my beat. Bt pepper dem na correct. #ybnl all d i neva listen to mad ova u.

  120. i don already delete daddy yo .olamide na boss. Ybnl all d way.i neva hear mad ova u yet.

  121. daddy

  122. pepper dem gan

  123. This is proof that real music is out the window…The three Artistes are legends because of their former works…definitely not these…If an upcoming artiste was to sing any of this song, i bet there will be zero download. If anybody like these songs, its because of the cult like followership these artistes have cultivated over the years. But none of these songs is it…You don’t make history by singing such songs…My pick…i would trash all three…

  124. I wouldn’t even add any of them to my playlist to begin with. Olamide, because I don’t really fuck with rap, and Daddy Yo and Mad Over You because they both suck.

  125. One two buckle up my shoe(primary scul shit)… Lol wizkid na mumu. Na rum he dey sing. Fuck daddy yo! Badoooooo shaaaaaaa oyaaaa pepe dem! Runtown one love! Wizkid grow up and be wizman ..mtcheew

  126. Olamide: Pepedem Gang

  127. olamide

  128. much love for WizKid… #daddyyo… pepper dem gang is out of the list… Rundown X Wizkid

  129. D album is rubbish

  130. daddy yoooo

  131. on an international level nah wizkid daddy yo be the key to the party…

    __I don’t hate olamise buh peper dem beat wasn’t meant for the lyrics though.

    Runtown Omo open.
    I love your song wif run town titled pain killer

  132. PepperdemGang straight up

  133. pepper them gang has no nutrient to offer so i will dellete it without hesitating

  134. After checking the 3 songs, I deleted Pepper dem gang by Olamide first before getting to the comments here where most of the commenters deleted it too, many people no fit dey craze nau or some go call am hating

  135. olamide pepper dam gang wiz you be baba take over the continent love you so much wizkid

  136. Pepper dem gang is so scrap it doesnt deserve my recycle bin… olamide see small tekno wey start don dey blow internationally ya here saying pepper dem gang, no go find work.. tooxclusive pls dont compare a legend wit novice…Starboy rules Afro-Pop haterz go jump from plane die….

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