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Who Is The Boss Of The New School – Reekado Banks, Lil Kesh or Kiss Daniel?

Posted by Jim Donnett on July 22, 2015 in Editorial, Social Views · 420 Comments


Prior to Ayoleyi’s emergence on the music scene as Reekado Banks, he had featured under the stage nom ‘Spicy’ and dropped a couple hot singles. Then came Don Jazzy and the rest (like we often say it) is history. The story isn’t any different for Keshi who was nothing less than the average Bariga boy until Olamide saw gold in his ruins. For Daniel, although his patience was beginning to wane (it’s normal when you’ve waited a terribly long while) but he yet took another chance, daring the odds on a song that everyone else had judged with very unfavourable results.

You won’t be wrong to presume that these three are like every other regular wannabe star, only that it took one trait… just one, to set them apart from their peers. True, there’s a myriad other things that amalgamates them but what’s become paramount is their love for music and the willingness to get their hands dirty in order to dig out the fine stuff that we eventually celebrate them for. This is not a yardstick to undermine the efforts of anyone, not at all. It’s rational basis for us to find out whose swag, who’s style, who’s sound is doing it the most for you.

So tell us, who do you think is the certified boss of the new school… Reekado Banks, Lil Kesh or Kiss Daniel?

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  1. Omo Oro Lil Kesh!!!!!

    • Am Rizork,but diz guy is good omo nah lil kesh

      • Reekado noni u are the best

    • 4get lil kesh is unique..kesh is d best

    • आपका यह प्रयास बेहद सराहनीय है …और इतने बड़े काम के पीछे कुछ कमी रह भी जाए तो वह कमी नहीं कहलाती …आपका यह प्रयास यूं ही अनवरत चलता रहे ..¤&3¶ुभक&#2.66;मनà#2366;ओं के साथ्‍ा बधाई ।

  2. Reekado banks

  3. kesh ni oh

  4. Reekado banks

  5. Lil kesh

  6. GBABE.. .. Efejoku… Lil less principa/director of the new skul

    • Dem go take

  7. Reekado

  8. Reekado banks

  9. Keshisneh

  10. Reekado

  11. lil kesh ofcourse efejoku

  12. For now it’s Lil Kesh.

  13. Lilkesh

  14. omoh na kesh

  15. Baba shoki

    • Glad I’ve finally found sohmeting I agree with!

    • Júlia Losano comentou em 15 de dezembro de 2010 às 15:46. Li quinze vezes o que a Vanessa Versiani escreveu e ainda não entendi… Oque tem a ver? [4] rsrsrsrs o que são pessoas sanguineas ou fleumáticas??? OoDeixa pra lá!!! Julia ficou linda de viver…Uma dúvida: o que vc acha de blush em creme e qual é a maneira correta de aplicar? Bjss

  16. Lil keshi….baba shoki

  17. Baba shoki

  18. rekado noni

  19. lil kesh baba shoki

    • Quadratic equation mare oh baby u scatter my brain. Re Re Reekado noni. No dy compare lil kesh tue spicy igi mi jina sori

  20. Baba shoki

  21. Reekado noni

    • Meet me for corner. Reekado noni

  22. Kissdaniel

  23. lilkesh baddest!!

  24. Reekado baddest guy on point

  25. #whosss skiborobo skibor skibororbor yeba oshee baddest #LiL_kEsH_for_LiFe

  26. skiborobo skibo skiborobo skibo oshe badest, na Lilkesh o

  27. Skibo wait are u kidding me??? A.k.a I nooo well, skiboroboskibo skiboroboskibooooo yeba osheeee!!! Keshi Jor o

  28. Boy Kiss Daniel

    • I agree with u bro.. They should sing 2gether then we will knw who is the Boss.. Cus every1 is unique in his own way

  29. katapot . . Na rekado banks joor

  30. Lil kesh.

  31. ……Uhmmm wait for some days u will see its DearXST iFly!!!…..with his song titled Motilowo,,,beat by Moselbee and mixed by DreySticks………..wait,download and listen den gimme ur feed backs

  32. Now from d names u guys picked,its clear many of u young artist will grow old,waiting 4 ur songs 2 blow,b4 u get angry….,I’ll tell u just one thing,y those ontop remain ontop,dey know wot sells,its a gift on its own..(Ask don jazzy)…I think its a draw btw reekado and kiss daniels….,lil kesh might not last..(Those with d don jazzy kind of tarlent will understand me better)…reekado will last longer(d don jazzy factor)…kiss daniel is a powerful singer(he should maintain his style)shikena….

    • Na true na u grap de point pass lil kesh no sabi song me na singer i no de criticize ham reekado is gud kiss daniel gud lil kesh is gud i no be god but as de see hm no go last 4 long becus him de sing one pattern of song but reekado de show u se he is talented desame with kiss daniel ice de call me teny.p

  33. Its a tie btw Kiss daniel and Reekado banks…,dey’ll last longer dan lil kesh….

  34. Reekado will last long and do better(d don jazzy factor),kiss daniel will last if he maintains his style and releasing good songs,as 4 lil kesh…hmmm,he’s gat a lot 2 do,guess he should try some sing rapping….like is boss olamide,so I pick reekado banks

    • Fool! They will Remain in the shadow of their hits that they keep making yh? Wayre.

    • Rekado banks ll last long”yeyeyeyeyeyeye” ode, na last long we wan chop abi make we enjoy you presently, beta watch aw u talk, you sound like an ALWAYS advert

      • U get mouth,shey song nah efejoku or wetin be d title gan,wey he copy tesojue by reminisce…reekado nd kiss never copy any1 nd dey are still making it…. Go download sugar baby,tomorow,katapot,chop am,corner nd other reekado songs if u are still a learner

  35. Reekado bank

  36. Reekado bank

  37. Reekado banks

  38. Have u heared 2morrow, sugar baby,katapot,chop am niccur sneh it is Reeekkkkyyyyy tom tom

  39. Have u heard 2morrow, sugar baby,katapot,chop am niccur sneh it is Reeekkkkyyyyy tom tom

  40. Lil kesh.. a.k.a I no well

  41. Reekado noni D guy got d voice swag evreything i pray Don J focus on him and make him become a member of D school and their Head boy also.cause d boy got talent he was D brain behind Dorobucci.

  42. Forget I’ll never for once support the fake I’ll always go for Reekado I can’t lie the Guy is a pure talent Nigeria will celebrate…Lil Kesh is Actualy talented too but reeky Ve got d potentials and a better sponsor to over shadow Kesh…..Kiss Daniel is one talent I’m nt yet sure of he’s by yet convinced me I swear

  43. na reekado banks oh young starboy in town

  44. na reekado banks oh duplicate of wizkid!

  45. Lil Kesh..Emi Keshi baba Shoki

  46. K.A.I.N.W…..keshi a.k.a I no well

  47. reekado is d best keshi talk rubbish too much

  48. #OsheBaddest
    Skibo ro bo skibo LIL KESH abeg for real for life!
    Who says he won’t last fuck dat sh!t. #YBNL

  49. Reekado noni

  50. To b frank….i’ll say “lyrically” its LIL KESH cos he keeps bringing in jam dah causes “gbese” wich leads we his fans nd ’em haters to “feJoKu” #efejoku….

  51. Lil
    kesh. AKA (A NO WELL)

  52. u guys shud stp being partial sentimental here_among dos artist dere which of dem has done better and banger songs for us?mke ur confirmation or choice shud base on wat u hv seen or heard_not who will last long is not d question here_____so to me I tink Reekado is d least dere_____its is Kiss Daniel,Lil Kesh and Reekado_tnx

    • I so agree

      • Gbamilokeo ejarijimicare make una free my oga skibo 4 me I beg

    • Omo its reeky tom tom. Baba Doro, Buchianno. He’s lyrical content are unheard of, even Tu baba will definitely reaffirm this fact. He’s the best so far lately & has got wizzy watching his back. He proved the obvious on Wale’s- Halleluyah. Rrrrreeeeekkkkaaaadddddoooo noni….

  53. For me tz Re-re-Reekado Noni for the streets oshamo na keshi baddest sneh!

  54. Lil kesh

  55. Reakardo noni,longest…

  56. Doesn’t seems like kissdaniel has enuff fans oooo…..everybody be like reekado bank, lil keshi, ?…..between reekky nd keshi now…lyrically, its bank’s ejoor!(Reekado noni)

  57. I call Reekado as the Boss *kinging*

  58. Reekado noni #Longest#…The Doro of the nee school

  59. Omo na Keshi

  60. I know Kesh will last longer than reekado, Kesh is the baddest.

    • How u take sabi u b GOD

  61. Reekado banks all d way

  62. kesh

  63. Na kiss danil jawe

  64. Oshey temi @ lil kesh baddest

    • A minute saved is a minute eanerd, and this saved hours!

  65. Lil kesh aka gbese aka ybnl soldier aka baba shoki off course u are the new school boss

  66. 4me it’s #reekado banks

  67. Keshi efejoku ni ooooo#rep YBNL

  68. Lil kesh is far far better than them despise lil kesh talk nonsense in music does not mean is not good in his style, what do u want from lil kesh dat he has not deliver to u people, shoki, red card, lyrically, gbasa, efejoku, so many music they have ft him on, he got more award than reekado, kiss daniel, this lil kesh we are talking about have two pattern of style, reekado has one pattern of style same thing goes to kiss daniel, plz know what u are doing when judging this three musician

    • Na real 2 pattern of style tautology which primary school u go cos secondary skul 2 high 4 u #RICKADDICT

  69. Lil Kesh of YBNL RULES all club bangers.

    I choose LIL KESH

  70. Reekado banks jor

  71. Kesh

  72. reekado banks


  74. Na Skibo jare

  75. #Reekadict for life…

  76. Kesh sneh! Of coz ! Efejoku _ gbese _ lastcard _shoki rmx _ shoki _ lytically !!!!! All these ‘re jamz!!!!
    Featured on countless hits ! Ladi ! Dayanmo ! Ibere ! Dami si ! so many tracks off street ot ! Which he delivered greatly !
    So I giv it to kesh sneh !

  77. Are u guys kidin ni,i gv it to ma boi@r33kado bAnks.d guy s 4kin unique

    • Buh i like baba shoki,lil kesh’s accent sha

  78. Kesh sneh! Of coz ! Efejoku _ gbese _ lastcard shoki female version_shoki rmx _ shoki _ lyrically !!!!! All these ‘re jamz!!!!
    Featured on countless hits ! Ladi ! Dayanmo ! Ibere ! Dami si ! so many tracks off street ot ! Which he delivered greatly !
    So I giv it to kesh sneh ! And d lst three tracks dropped by reeky are jst average tracks ! Reeky is good ! Bt kesh is better

    • Wetin e sing for Danyamo? Lmao. That’s what I’ll call regular song. Listen to Tomorrow and Sugar Baby, Katapot. Those are hits. Keep your 2 cents.

  79. Kesh Ybnl

  80. Why are so nigerian dull how can u say lil kesh will last long wen almost all of is songs her been band so to me iz reekado noni cos u see iz lyrics are pure is more talented is got d voice and sponsorship to back up

    • Coz Rikky got d likes of Don jazyy you think dats d end? I laff u.

  81. Reekado Banks

  82. baba is kesh.kesh u ar d boss

    • Reekado Noni

  83. Reekado banks !

  84. Lil kesh baba shoki @ ybnl

  85. Reekado – “if I dey lie make thunder fire my yansh iyo” 3 songs in 2 days? I say you’re yet to see the best of this guy. I think Kesh is great and Daniel too but they’ll find it hard to exceed their debut hit singles. They’ll remain in its shadow for the rest of their career unlike reeky tom tom.

    • Prophet, seems you can read the future, pls wen Papa God dey come? How your yansh now? You for don dey sick bed…..

  86. Omo na keshiro osheeee badeest.

  87. Lil kesh

  88. #Lil-kesh al d way.#YBNL

  89. Reekado noni

  90. Kechi

  91. reeekado noni

  92. reekie tom tom reekie fresh boy

  93. Reekodoooooooo joor.. that guy na talent oh no try conpare am oh.

  94. Abeg lil kesh the guy rugged

  95. Menn it’s me!!!
    But out of the three ofcus it’s REEKADO
    truly kesh is gud but REEKADO is beta
    Kiss still dey do pikin, am afraid 4 him

  96. Keshinro

  97. @ rekadobanks

  98. Keshi

  99. #ybnl boy #keshi

  100. Its definitely Reekado for his consistency in bringing hits. Daniel hides under Woju and Keshi hides under shoki. But Reeky keeps jumping on materials with dopeness. So there u have it.

  101. Reekado noniii #Longest

  102. Reekado nani

  103. Ooooooose baddest…..oya Lil kesh gbese reeee oooo

  104. Reekado Noni

  105. Reekado noni!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Rubbish when shoki com out new all u fools way talk say keshi no good u no follow dance. Even nw if de play am u go dance. Na lil keshi jor gbese ree oo

  107. Keshi jor

  108. banks

    • Rubbish talk…..are you not ashamed of yourself with this tribalism shit…Simple question and you are pushing it to another angle. You want people to start fighting over nothing coz of ur post abi? #GROWUPBRUV

      • No mind the mumu jare, you see say him no even no wia him suppose ryt name….. Him kuku don old na him brain still yung….

  109. Keshi Aka i no well. If u 1 make am 4 9ja industry u no go cum de sing song way no go make person dance na lie ooh e no go sale. U must do free madness gbese ree oo she no de tire keshi 4 life

  110. Reekado Banks is definitely the boss of the new school. Lil Kesh is good but Reekado is better.

  111. Mehn na reeky give em the Boss

  112. rekado noni

  113. #Skibo #lilkesh

  114. you dont know nothing but I’m going to tell you something…. lil keshi rules over here

  115. it’s kesh sneh…..baba shoki sneh

  116. reekado neva get hit or any club banger,..he no get wave like keshi nd kiss.

  117. NA LIL KESH OOOOO, All of u way day say reekado banks dey MAD ooo, NA KOREDE BELLO make N’na vote for oooooo!

  118. KESHI…Gbese re o e nor dey tire!

  119. Lil Kesh is d confirmed and certified boss of d new school!!!!!!!!!

  120. Reekado noni!!! Baddest…. Aside he making our regular dance tracks, you need to check his versatility on “Turn it up and Hallelu” (Wale’s Joint also feat Olamide and D’Jazzy himself). He’s not to be compared with a one hit wonder or an absolutely locol Star…. No offences!

  121. Wackos

  122. Gbese re which kind ?? B dis naaa
    Oyaa jes go gv Keshi aka i no well ??

  123. Kesh Kesh

  124. 1st of all u wey say na rekky help me tell am say. May he do another song apart4rm love song, kiss daniel should nt just be on dz list. It should. Hav be morgan or cdq. So guyz. Gv. It all 2 kesh versatility. He killd songs like dayanmo,69missed calls,ladi,damisi,oganla,shoroniyen, and resurat song like shoki,lyricaly,gbese, nd nw efejoku.

  125. Reekado banks is not to be compared to..all this boys ( Lil kesh,kiss) are small boys they don’t know music..kiss is lucky that all..keshi is shouting.. and DAT not music..reekado is a star

  126. Rookie of the year noni Reekado noni… Keshi rubbish is 2much

  127. Kiss daniel

  128. Ola_Dips

    • Reekado banks is the man jor. What is lil kesh singing? He is singing nonsense his songs is only for street boys

  129. Khesi….skibo robo skibo,skibor robor skibor osshe baddest…

    • Reekado noni!!! Let giv it to him,know need 2 compare im 2 lil kesh,kiss daniel iz good though bur nt like reekado…

  130. Reekado banks

  131. The three of dem r gud but i prefer @LIL KESH….All @LIL KESH hit was done by him alone apart from #SHOKI Remix..You guyz should imagine @LIL KESH signed to @DON JAZZY record label….U no kno d height wey him go attain? Abeg make una no disturb me ohh coz i dey enjoy my @LILKESH #EFEJOKU #OSHAYBADDEST

  132. kesshi baba shoki…skibo

  133. From d 3 of dem . Reekado stand as d Boss bcos he s d most feature Artist among dem n his song s mature enoff

  134. Keshibo!!!!!!??

  135. 0. 8. 1. 6. 0. 5. 0. 1. 9. 3. 5. S. U. G. A. R. M. U. M. M. Y. I. S. R. I. C. H. C. A. L. L. J. O. B.

  136. Reekado

  137. 3 of dem ah gud but as a mata of fat if keshi is in mavin every body we av no keshi let cm 2 reality kiss deniel can sing 2 all song nd reekado is back up singer keshi d party jam master of shoki ybnl nation

  138. 3 of dem ah gud but as a mata of fat if keshi is in mavin every body we av no keshi let cm 2 reality kiss deniel can sing 2 all song nd reekado is back up singer keshi d party jam master of shoki ybnl nation gbese re

  139. katapot…reekii tom tom

  140. skiborobo skibooooo skiborobo skibooooo yeeeeebbaaaa oossshheeeeeeeeeeee baaadeessttt

  141. Reekado Banks

  142. Lol.. Reekado most def!

    Kesh, I love him but Reekado’s light is brighter from the way things are

    Kiss, Lol! God go help am.. AMEN!

  143. I give it to REEKADO BANKS….d guy dey impress me

  144. I giv it to REEKADO. So far he has impressed me

  145. Tz kiss daniel jare!

  146. lil kesh baddeeeeeest… aka I no well…. YBNL nation rocks jarey

  147. Lil keshiiiii #Shoki #Gbese #Efejoku imagine those bangers_ KESHI ALL DE WAY JOOOR

  148. kesh is good.. I give it to kesh

  149. kesh is good.. I give it to kesh

  150. osheee badest…aka I no well… emi kesh baba shoki evi compare banks and kiss daniel …. Iranu abasa…iranu abasa

  151. Kiss Daniel has an Amateur management/label. This is clear by the poor quality of the official Woju video and the shameful remix that shows they rushed everything, plus nobody wants to feature kiss Daniel sef. Why? Poor management. Kiss is already working on his album and his inexperienced label doesn’t even know its too early. From the comments here its clear his fan base isn’t even strong enough to ensure commercial success of the album. They are just rushing! I’m not surprised sha. The label owners are still freshers in the system and their sudden success is bound to confuse them. Daniel might fade soon cos of them, but fact is that he is unique, intelligent, powerful and talented. He’s also the finest on the list. He’s not Versatile at all sha, plus those who have watched him perform will admit he owes his career to auto tune. Lol

    Minus Don Jazzy, Reekado would have still been on the streets. Reeky is talented oo but I’ve seen upcoming teens that are far better. (I’ve been producing music for 3 years). To me Katapot (Jazzy magic) is the only good song he has oo (I love it) nd trust me he’s the mastermind behind the masterpiece DOROBUCCI! But that Tomorrow y’all are hyping is the worst mp3 file I’ve downloaded this year. Reeky isn’t worth all the hype sha but he gat some talent. The fact that he’s got don jazzy is enough to make him relevant for years. Unfortunately he’s the ugliest on d list sha but ladies love him. Good voice too. He delivers well in collabos.

    Let’s talk about Keshi! He’s in a label managed by his mentor (what else could u ask for) and he has never released a song. He only releases HIT SONGS! Just one year, he has colonised the streets with slangs nd dance steps invented by him! He is the only one on this list that had his single noticed by the MAMAs. He’s the youngest on the list but it’s safe to say he should not Be here with these kids. Lil kesh is the only rapper that sticks to the rap game and still produces danceable hit songs. Skales and ice prince have chikened into singing. Even Olamide dey use style. But 19yr old Lil Kesh effortlessly makes hits and he has enough foundation on the streets of barigá to continue for ages. He has the Goodlooks he needs and the voice too. Not to mention, we all know he kills collabos. He’s the youngest on the list but it’s safe to say he should not be here with these kids. You should have put korede bello or Charass

    • Baba, for just comment na im you ryt all dis….. Chai, you no get work ooo, na peps like you dey ryt jaguns for exams

      • ladies nd some guyz try n b sincere…compare diz 3 songs n give ur comments Shoye,Woju n Laye by kiss… Katapot,Chop am n Tomorrow by Banks… Shoki,lyrically n Gbese by keshi…which 1 rock most…i rest my case #illegalgan#YBNL#EFEJOKUcronner#kHEsi

    • Kiss daniel? Na’a, Lil kesh? Nop, Reekado banks? yap………………..All you are saying about reeeky is sh*t….. Dorobucci,adaobi,lookulooku,chop am,hallelu,sho mo,turn it up,bbhmm,katapot,coded,kinking,give them,get down,alhaji,corner,suger baby,tomorrow and pls some on shud pls add d ones I forgot

  152. Reeky TomTom

  153. Kesh baba skibo robo

  154. Na Kesh

  155. Hw many hot Single as he feature on and dats he as murdered like kesh do 2 compare wif ladi by pyhno and olamide and koba by danagog… performing @ d mama award isn’t a joke…. 2 talk oof reekie even wif don jazzy making him 2 be in wale track instead of wizzy is still crawling xo…. I gave it 2 kesh… kiss is alsso trying tho… but it should ave been korede instead of reekie

    • reeky z def’ d boss cus hz actualy d only 1 wt a gud message, keshi z always borrowing,..skibo z 4rm solid star,,efejoku sounds lyk tesojue,h’z songs ar nt safe 4 kids unlyk reeky, kissdaniel shud av bin in EME or MAVINS bt dat poor managment wil definitely kill hz carrier,

  156. Kiss Daniel is the boss

  157. Reeki bankz baba

  158. emi keshi, Baba shoki, efejoku, badest

  159. Reekado noni o

  160. Rekardo banks

  161. skibo orobo skibo, yeba oshe!!! badest eh?

  162. Is btw lil kesh n reeky…4 me is keshy

  163. Reekado noni, u guys shud pls listen to most of their featuring, check dorobucci and Adaobi, Banks is d bomb behind dis hits.. am not hating. 3 of dem ar gud BT Bank is d best among dem… listen to Kinging, Sho mo, Oshe, Hallelu, Alhaji off Dj Exclusive debut album, wonder of Skales and Bitch Better Have My Money(Rihanna cover) ft d Mavin Queen, dese ar his featured music…

  164. It’s Reeky all the way

  165. Rekado banks rock

  166. reekado is d most talented of them oh….rekaado noni

  167. Kesh keshy

  168. One Reekado Banks is better than 10 Kiss Daniels & Lil Kesh. Reekado’s Style is very Unique. Unlike Kesh n Kiss…we have many Artistes in Nigeria who sing with their styles.

    • No comoarison…..Reekado naani…….dats d new mavin golden boy, reminds me of wander coal back then…..

  169. Itz reekado bankz

  170. Reeky tomtom ni joorrr aka ReekaGlobanks

  171. keshi in ooo e ma ba fa

  172. Lil kesh

  173. keshi ni e la ba ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  174. femmie

  175. I see hatred buh am nt even ganna mak tinz worse ! Buh d thruth remain de same ! Reeky is a raw talent !!! Keshi is good yeah!!! Buh don’t get it misunderstood he’s childish skit might no go places! kiss is undiluted tune ! Buh he has got a lot of collabo plus he’s label is lame !!! Buh apart frm label or wateva tin # reekado seems to be more VERSATILE dan d rest # so I qiv it to reekybankz # peace * no hatin# 2a996d4f real shawty and nigga can add Up

  176. y b n l ni jor lil kesh

  177. Tchwww @ayojay instead reekie

  178. lil kesh all d way

  179. Lil kesh baba ‘ oko omo ton pe ni kemi

  180. Baa mi loke o #edarijimi keh. #efejoku…..#keshi nooni. #he no dey mororo

  181. reekado banks d sugar baby and katapot crooner

  182. AH derez no comparism in d three of them—–Lil kesh needs to grow and kiss Daniel should get over himself first of all As for Reekado ‘reeky Longest’ Banks hez d best not just on d list……..

  183. All of una way dey talk last last last, u get fault, bigiano last? Se we no enjoy hin song? Ebi na to enjoy the song for now make we dance, dbanj way don dey sins now ebi na jaguns hin dey sing now….. last last last like say dem dey sell tampons

  184. reekado all the way

  185. Kiss Daniel all the way mehn!!!

  186. Kiss daniel…. I know you guys feels he is just starting….. but had done just 3 songs and we all loved it and he made it without a popular artist backing him like kesh and bankz, so they should no be compare I have even watched a snippet were he was featured in a son name Raba and he killed it, so kiss is the best cause hos woju was performed even by the greatest 2 baba so… make una bone that shit cause it is Daniel all in the lions den…. kissses joooor

  187. Reekado Banks all the way

  188. Itz Reekadononi Globacom bankz

  189. Na Lil Kesh o

  190. Rekaado boss

  191. Reekado Banks.

  192. kis Daniel I love dat guy

  193. kiss Daniel is d bang!!! I think hez more matured than d other two… reeky_thoooooooooor, keshi_little thoooor…

  194. rekado bank all the way

  195. Rekado Banks

  196. Reekado first den kiss daniel

  197. reekaaaaddddooooo naani

  198. Kiss daniel

  199. Kesh is a rapper..reeky is a singer..kiss dan is a singer also…its hard to compare kesh wit dis guys..As 4 kesh i dnt knw y he keep singing bad almost all his sng base on *IDI* ..Kiss daniel z gud even if he z nt under a famous label..he keep trying to mek it hmm wat a strng 4 reeky he made it bcos he z unda jazzy tho he z matured nd i lyk his strength..i tink the boss is Daniel..cos reeky has no hit sng lyk woju or shoki or even godwin by korede…tnks

    • Nice talk

    • I don’t know you, but i like your sense of judgement.

    • you are just an idiot bruh…. u calling Lil kesh a rapper is more like u tryna ridicule the rap game… which of kesh’s song is rap? is it #Gbese, #Shoki #Efejoku ? just tell me… think b4 u talk shits man

      • @Thomiescene…We are all here to explain how we feel positively and not negatively about these three artist. We are not here to fight one another and i believe we are all matured. For the fact he dropped comment here on how he feels about this three guys doesnt mean you should insult him na. #GrowUpAbeg

    • @Sayyez Kesh We B D Boss

  200. For me,it’s REEKADO….he’s gat all it takes

  201. Mehn I giv it 2 keshi…efejoku,gbese..etc

    • #the point is clear Reekie and keshie operate on different styles of music so i dont see any reason they should b compared,…although reekie has beta standz than keshie,(base on mavin)it dosen’t change de fact dat lil kesh delivers more than him(base on lyricz)…then that settles it! #A.K.A i no well!

      #as for kiss,yea his good,talented, if u ask me he shouldt have been brought to de picture for now
      #let see wat d future has 4 him.

  202. Reekado bakz

  203. Reekado

  204. Keshy oshey baddext

  205. Omo na rekado banks o

  206. Keshi joor

  207. My coment here will not be based on whose music I love, rather, on whose music gets d mad #T.D.4.W (Turn Down4What). They all have got the uniqueness in them, but considering the success of each of there songs which I think is d question here, it’ll b Lil’KESH 4 reasons best known to d public.

  208. Reekado Banks carry the vote.
    hatreek…..3 single in 3days….e sure 4 am….who carry Dorobucci chorus…Skales Album wonder feature reekado
    Olamide_Ybnl himself comfirmed is talented…..Dj jimmy ft olamide dprince and reekadobanks Lori standing…..Wale ft don jazzy olamide and Reekado banks Hallelu…….Reeky wonder don katapot d 2 of dem……
    if u doubt dis mention the collabo’s Lil kesh and kiss Daniel has been featured????

  209. reekado banks trumps any one on that list

  210. Reekado naniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  211. Reekado naniii

  212. Omo na keshinrooo

  213. Reekado all d way!!!!!

  214. though luv all dis dude…but Rekado is the best among dis three

  215. though luv all dis dude…but Rekado is the best among dis three

  216. No one but Y B N L boy baba shoki get it jaree leave it for him

  217. Lil kesh is d best

  218. its Reekado banks anyways, argue from nw till tomorrow its still Reekado bank…..#reekaddict

  219. reekado banks #he got styles……

  220. Reekado banks

  221. Reekado banks

  222. Though d other 2 are good, but Kiss Daniel remains d best

  223. Though the other 2 ar good but Kiss Daniel remains d best

  224. I think small doctor is d best out of dis people now jst don’t distop ur self so fellow friend think about dis sha

  225. Na Reekado Banks oo…he is unique and has a classy style

  226. Reekado banks na d owner

  227. They re all gifted nd unique in their own diff ways… but to say d fact most of d musical video we ve been watching since keshi got shoki all d musicians try to dance shokiiiii in their video…….. Katapot is d only song reekadict got SHOYE


  229. Skibo robot skibo EBA oshe baddest……keshi Nla u all d way……’s lilkesh oh dough d oder 2 r gud ,BT keshi is just so so different

  230. ladi master Lil kesh

  231. Lil kesh is the best among those three

  232. Reekado noni. I luv u jaawe. Hw i wish 2 become ur future wiffy.

  233. Keshi ybnl nation

  234. reeka nooni u are d best among them keep it up dear

  235. reeky baby all d way! av gat much love fr dah guy mehn. #reekaddict

  236. its Ayoleyi Hanniel a.k.a @Reekadobanks,,,, he doesn’t need promo cos o to rire GBA(Hallelu)…. am sure he is gonna b d next rated@Headies….. just love dis guy,,, am gonna bust his bololo Dada….

  237. its Ayoleyi Hanniel a.k.a @Reekadobanks,,,, he doesn’t need promo cos o to rire GBA(Hallelu)…. am sure he is gonna b d next rated@Headies….. just love dis guy,,, am gonna bust his bololo Dada…. talk of collaboration is d best,, check BBHMM Tiwa ft Reekado (Riri cover) also feature in DjXclusive album,Skale album also, Sho mo( DJ Hazan ft Iceberg Slim and Reekado, Belle ft DJ Flamzy, check Dorobucci and Adaobi he is bomb behind dis, both choruses… he was d one DAT even gave Pasuma n Tiwa d chorus 4 Ife…. even his latest tracks Tomorrow, Sugar baby and corner….

  238. its Ayoleyi Hanniel a.k.a @Reekadobanks,,,, he doesn’t need promo cos o to rire GBA(Hallelu)…. am sure he is gonna b d next rated@Headies….. just love dis guy,,, am gonna bust his bololo Dada…. talk of collaboration is d best,, check BBHMM Tiwa ft Reekado (Riri cover) also feature in DjXclusive album,Skale album also, Sho mo( DJ Hazan ft Iceberg Slim and Reekado, Belle ft DJ Flamzy, check Dorobucci and Adaobi he is bomb behind dis, both choruses… he was d one DAT even gave Pasuma n Tiwa d chorus 4 Ife…. even his latest tracks Tomorrow, Sugar baby and corner….

  239. Lil keshisneh oseee baddest

  240. oun keshi baba shoki.. komo ladi komo jedi
    skibo robo ski…………..
    abeg wif no doubt KESHI is d rookie of d yr

    YBNL. nation

  241. lil kesh is d best awon ti ybnl

  242. @sayyez1 Baba Shoki Is D Nest

  243. Great comments, I must say. But have we all thought about how prefects are chosen in a secondary school? Is it by their popularity or by their sense of responsibilities (which is most times judged by the staff).
    Lil Kesh is a good rapper who is doing his label proud. But has had a better song than Shoki? And the Shoki he did alone, how far did he go?
    Kiss Daniel got lucky with Woju, then took a toll after Lil Kesh and featured Davido. Came back with a 2nd remix of Woju and titled it Laye.
    The industry understands the game way more than all these shallow mediocrity y’all are pouring out here.
    More than 3 DJs have featured Reekadobanks. He’s on Wale’s song, has a collaboration with JayZ’s cousin; altogether has his voice on 25songs (not to count the ones he wrote for people and didn’t get credit for); currently signed to GLO (I’m sure Glo bosses know Woju and Shoki).
    Let’s stop this silly comparison, reekadobanks is better, judging by whatever you want – platform (label), talent, endorsements, industry acknowledgement, etc.

  244. Omo is kiss daneil becues he is own boss no body brot him up he alsu by him self and sang sences song that is all

  245. Is kiss daneil

  246. Reekado banks

  247. All of u are jst killing ur self over people that knw if live on the planet called well as for me Is ur boy. KISS DANIEL i knw am crazy this all i have for u REEKADO she no like promo is clean pass omo when we are calling musicians this are musicians nt sum noise maker ANY way still REPING G WORLD WIDE

  248. Lil kesh baby I love ybnl shoki oooo

  249. Reekado noni!!!

  250. LETS CLOSE D MATTER JOOR ITS REEKADOBANKS ALL D WAY…LADIES LOVER even if he is ugly,ladies can die for him..#reekaddicts all d wey..#kinging#nextrated…DANKE

  251. Reecado u sure pass. And lil kesh both u be baba now any were u day u be baby I love reecado and lil kesh keep it up

  252. It is reecado joo I swear it reecado na rubbish lil kesh da sing joo. Reecado keep it up

  253. Reckado Bankz for mhe!! stout out to d others den dy try, music nor easy!!!

  254. Reckado Bankz for!! stout out to d others den dy try, music nor easy!!!

  255. Reekadoooo Banks coz he’s really consistent and only consistency keeps you in the game that’s the only reason kiss Daniel got less votes.

  256. Okay enough of the arguments. Its me ur boi solomon aka reekado.. Well I do believe that every artiste gats their style of singing,as so do I do. We are all good in our different pattern and styles. Who ever gets the award of the principal or head boys as u pple will say. Its GodKs will then… Am. Out. Thanks for ur comments all the reekadict here. REEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!………….

  257. Oya baby make u chop am oo reekado banks noni

  258. As for me is not dat i am thinkin or gestin it is lil kesh ooo so no order option.

  259. na ola boy (keshi)

  260. let d three of them be featured in a song then wil decide don’t just jump into conclusion

  261. As for me otolo,it is reekado.let us come 2 think of it.lil kesh sang efejoku,wat is d meanin of dat song,it is rubbish nw.buh let take a look of katapot nw.rekado is d best.


  263. kesh noni


  265. emi phyno baba ibo
    emi keshi baba shoki
    omo na kesh

  266. kesh oshe baadest

  267. helo eyl u ar 4ming porch abi.BABA NI KESH

  268. i’m referred here 4rm facebook if am 2 rank omo na KESH a superman i can fly i can do back flip

  269. R33333kado noni i like him gan ni but kesh deserves it more than him though i like him than kesh

  270. Omo na skiboroboskibo skiboroboskibo oshe baddest na keshinro

  271. Lil kesh and r3kadoo ni but i will prefer r33kyglob@nks

  272. kiss kiss @urikiss

  273. I choose BANKS AND KESH

  274. rekado aburo people she mak i tel u d truth.lilkesh na cause e dey cause u people.efejoku plus gbese re o.if u people are praying for gbese am nt for me na rekado shikena

  275. d guy hu run d street with his banging . ybnl soja lil kesh.

  276. laye,i will lyricaly vote `reekado nooni’ as a singer nd keshi `i no wel’ as a raper cos chorus nd rap ar 2 difrent entity.I wil only want d 2 of dem 2 collaborate nd ppl wil `fejoku’ nd i wil alwayz `shate hallelu’ `bcos i love dem’ #rekky nd keshi 4 life.

  277. omo na kesh

  278. Kiss daniel 4 sure

  279. Kiss daniel 4 sure

  280. U. Guyz ar talkin abt who will last or will nt lst. If ur guyZ wnt 2 knw giv dEm 1bitch 2 knw who last lng #

  281. #MAWIN RECORD#reekado d man of DEM 2nd kiss daniel @G-worldwide#3sd lil kesh#bosemajeniyen oti jebey#naso

  282. lil kesh is our favorite artist a.k.a I no well shoki father

  283. Am looked at all ur comments. Prof.kleanboy wan tak.
    Lil kesh naa mad with his rubbish song he dey to efejoku, ladi. Rubbish tinx
    Kiss talented guy see step of woju, laye. Wos wobi na sweet song
    Baba of dem all is reekadict:many feature 4 my guy. If u don’t know reeky tom tom just listen to)(katapot, sugarbaby, corner, allelu,) tomuvh reekadp is d best

  284. Baba Shoki
    Skiborobo skiiii Osheeee Baddest!!
    Lil Kesh is forever the Boss!!
    Mtwaaaaaaaaaaaah to Kesh!

  285. Baba Shoki
    Skiborobo skiiii Osheeee Baddest!!
    Lil Kesh is forever the Boss….Love his Lyriczz,love his everytin,love him forevaaaaaaa foreeeevaaa!!
    Mtwaaaaaaaaaaaah to Kesh!
    #Shout out to YBNL…##

  286. lil kesh a.k.a are no well

  287. lil kesh a.k.a are no well

  288. hi lil kesh my name is juste but my friends call justo GLO so u can chec..?? dis hinks out thoe

  289. oo se bades

  290. Lil Kesh aka i no well

  291. omo naa lil kesh toughf pass ,baba skoki ,lyricaly efejokun si gbese

  292. lil kesh is d boss no arguement

  293. Reekado iz. D best reekado noni no one lyk him joor

  294. No one will talk of lil without mentioning YBNL, and no one will talk of reek without reference to MAVIN. Kiss made it to that level single handedly. kiss u are the man. comparing kiss with this gays is like comparing him with with YBNL and MAVIN or before this two guys got signed to there record lebel which of there song hit like woju and laye. kiss, for comparing u with this two guys that means u are a strong guy.

  295. Reekado iz kul tho, Daniel iz cute n still coming up buh jeeeeez lil kesh iz d man nii n none ov u knws hu wuld last or not#YBNL NATION ol d way

  296. For me i choose Kiss daniel cos he on aw 2 sing very well and Reekado banks bt lil kesh i dont lyk him at all

  297. those guys are making money and live happily ..u people should focus on ur life to because life too short

  298. nawa for naija people sef! who ask una who sing pass? what we are saying here is their efforts so far which of them songs dey more successful? to me o i am in asaba delta state, I school at Enugu , rekedo banks no get any song , kiss Daniel having upcoming producer and upcoming label raba, woju and laye no let us hear another music here, as for lil kesh , I don’t like him , but na him get hit pass dem all and he is no1 in the list weda one pattern or two Patten he is going to murder any beat , just imagine his style of singing on any collabo . he is no1 on the list , I love kiss Daniel most,lil kesh get young John d wicked producer and olamide, rekado get Don jazzy , kiss Daniel get ???? if kiss Daniel is in EME, nawa4Uo… you know d mata na , rekedo is the most versatile singer there and likely d best but that is not what Nigeria industry is looking for , we are looking for hits… if not timi dakolo or FEMI for be no1 Na…lol , lil kesh is the king for now … let’s still watch them.

  299. Lil-Kesh Baba shoki #Y B N L#

  300. lil kesh ni jor I love dis guy like moi moi,shoki,gbese,efejoku ladi e.t.c

  301. Hassan riyal

  302. i love like kiss daniel but reekado banks is just too good and cool, the way he sing is style, althoug woju is great too but katapot is more than woju. And laye as well. So as for me i give it too reekado the guy is too talented, the brain behind dorobucci.

    I did not mention lil kesh because they are the ones killing Nigeria music, imagin lil kesh is copy of olamide. Compare olamide to M i abaga na M i na baba. M i bring naija and african hip hop to the other length. He has beat lywen and won the world hip hop award world hip hop award. You see, ybnl and other related artist is the one killing nigeria music. Just take a look @ 2face, psquare, wizkid, m i abaga, flavour, banky w, timaya, this guys are the one backing up nigeria music ranking. Thro their history. Ok, and i see reekado banks heading to that goal/direction.

    Not like lil kesh and olamide.
    Talking rubbish, if i were to pick from that so called lable i will s adenkule gold over the rest of them.

    I rest my case.

    Lil kesh just saying rubbish. He only care about the ago behind it thats all.

    Today nigeria is the number 2 best music country why because of what their 2face psquare and mi has don in the past. If the way lil kesh and olamide is singing thats how they are singing before men forget it maybe in africa we would have been ranking 50 or what.

  303. king ovie u just saying rubbish dat stuff is 4 lil kesh baba nla

  304. STORY DAT TOUCHES D HEART! @ king ovie!
    Skiborobo skibo oshee baddest! Is it because I love u! Gbese re o,she just dey …! Efejoku,come on! If u dey 4 club nd u hear dos song,wetin u go do? U go dance fire! Buh wetin katapot nd d likes go do? I rest my case

  305. is all abt freestyle, seh u entertain simple yes or no ?
    likesh dey rock

  306. Na lil kesh b d boss of d skul frm lyrically to shoki frm shoki to last card frm last card to gbese frm gbese to efejoku aka omo pastor

  307. Lil kesh is d best A.K.A I no well

  308. Lil kesh is da freshest reekaddicts and reekado himself should f*** out peace out

  309. una mama wey sey lil kesh no fit last ……..sey na u be GOD …una wey no sabi anything……..if anything happen to rekaado now who will continue singing as him

  310. lil kesh

  311. kiss Daniel no jor

  312. Lil kesh is d worst artist i’ve eva seen…he sucks,he doesnt understand wat rap is all about,he doesnt even knw how to kill beat,his best sonq dat i’ve eva heard is Gbese,all dis efejooku,ibile nd oda tracks re shi+ts,even his Álbum is trash…Reekado and boy Kiss re doinq really qreat…keshi sucks

  313. Respect to them all lil kash has something that the new school is yet to understand. That boy kash will suprise u guys. U don’t no em. This guys are great olamide saw something in em remember

  314. As for me reekado bank, so pls share ur own thaught.

  315. Reekado noni…wizkid’s duplicate

  316. Lil kesh noni who else

  317. efejoku na song…hin just dey sing nonsense…..reekardo after u na oo

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