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President Goodluck Jonathan: The Beginning of the End of Boko Haram

Posted by jimmyking on March 20, 2015 in Sponsored Content · 29 Comments

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Adeoye Akinsanya in his book, An introduction to Political Science in Nigeria, reports: “In 1983, when Chadian forces invaded Nigeria in the Borno State, Buhari used the forces under his command to chase them out of the country, crossing into Chadian territory in spite of an order given by then President Shagari to withdraw. This 1983 Chadian military affair led to more than 100 victims and “prisoners of war”. Chivalrous as this act may have seemed at the time, it would turn out to be sheer tomfoolery because for a long time, Nigeria would have to deal with a lack-lustre, if not even frosty, relationship with her close regional neighbours.

When the Boko Haram insurgency, which reared its head in earnest in 2009 and fuelled inopportunely by rogue elites for the 2007 elections, took root, it was time to hem in the insurgents and deal decisively with their undesirable acts. It was a tough act. Some antagonists of government had earlier promised to foment violence after losing out in the 2007 elections. Their actions would lead to sabotage, divisiveness and outright support for the insurgency. They infiltrated the ranks of government and the armed forces and caused esprit-de-corps to dip among the rank and file. Added to this, Nigeria was not getting all the much needed support from her neighbours in arresting the miscreants. Things got so out of hand that suicide bombings, kidnappings, mass murder and land grabs were the order of the day.

It has taken the sagacity and tact by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, to reverse the plunge. Firstly, he moved to equip the armed forces through trainings and provision of cutting-edge military hardware. Then, he engaged Nigeria’s neighbours in fruitful diplomatic reengagement. In the process, the much needed esprit-de-corps among the Nigerian troops was revived and a previously taciturn neighbourhood came alive in helping to fight the insurgents. In the past few weeks, Boko Haram has been on the back foot. The once dreaded group has now been reduced to a mere gang of irritants. It won’t be long before the entire insurgency is totally decimated.

Assuming Nigeria were to continue with a stymied principle of dealing with every problem with force and farce, how successful would it have been in dealing with the Boko Haram insurgency? The skirmish of 1983 not only took Nigeria backwards in her regional diplomacy, it was not well thought out and has unwittingly cost Nigeria so much in terms of men and resources. Its progenitor actually even boasts about it without much discernment. We must not go back to such mindless strong-arm diplomacy. It is wasteful and needless. Rather, the path taken by Nigeria’s President and Commander-in-Chief is the way to go and should be a lesson in strategy and regional engagement for years to come. That’s why it is key that all Nigerians should reelect Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on March 28, 2015.

To learn more on the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan, please see:

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  1. U re an asshole!! APC CHANGE!!!

  2. i think its wrong for tooxclusive to be one sided as regards d issue of election at this time, dis man in question “president” was not able to handle this people in all his years of power, if he shud cub the situation now, i personally think he should be investigated because there would be more to it. this is just sick.

  3. u ar a fool, APC Change! I know u for music though

  4. This guy is just a failure like his candidate. At least you should always consider your generations and make this country a better place now for the future generations. You know the truth and yet you decide to ignore it. Smh

  5. Don’t u feel stupid for this Article? Re-read it & re-evaluate ur level of literacy. After 20,000 deaths, millions of people displaced & billions of naira lost, u commend ur president even when our status quo isn’t “a peaceful nation”. Ur mediocrity is appalling. It’s obvious u were paid to do this. Tooxclusive, U have shamed me. Never will I waste my time visiting ur site. Gidimp3, Jaguda & notjustok will do for now. Thanks

    • You on Ur own

  6. Why curse ? That’s the beauty of democracy, every “idiot” has right of expressions. But terms and conditions apply. In this case, I thing @tooxclusive should forget about political stuff and focus on pure entertainment. But well not a bad write-up, but very well arguable.

  7. When did tooxclusive start posting political shit, abeg make una stop

  8. APC change!!! Fucked up site…thunder fire una…

    • Fire them For Wat na Diz Mad Man……You must b a yoruba Man with low sense of thinkin

      • Come…wetin Yu knw?…nd who buy Yu phone? Better go watch cartoon…

  9. APC all d way!!!

    • Ur Mata

  10. Jim donett and co, I’m really ashamed of u guys, just dis week u and ur colleagues were calling naija entertainers political prostitute, but u just acted like a political bitch by posting dis shit

  11. All you folks ranting here should shut the fuck up, is only making their money…

  12. Tooxclusive u r a fool & u wnt to ruin wot u v being labouring for yrs wit dis stupid trash. all we wnt is CHANGE.

  13. I was gonna comment buh all I wanna say has been said!

  14. how much did “THEY” pay you? rubbish

  15. PDP abeg ride on. D end justifies d means. Lemme jus call dis ” A beautiful end to an incompetent beginning”. # u wea too slow oooo#

  16. So sorry for the handlers of this site. Well, they must have been giving enveloped dollars aswell.
    Tooxclusive are probably hungry bunch of ruminants, who doesn’t know nothing but spoil all the clues they have earned with a clueless insight.

  17. Fuck site campaigning for jonathan…dats d greatest height of desperation

  18. People ranting “money is the motive”..if u don’t like it..continue hating on a millionaire site

  19. GEJ all d way……. I tink its beta 4 nigerians 2 re-elect jonathan…… Eventhough m a yoruba man……. I really wish jonathan good luck….. True talk @ tooxclusive

  20. Pdp all the way fuck all u apc assholes all sunday all u apc assholes will have to continue with goodluck and nothing more #gbam.

  21. I actually thought apc was a party until they chose buhari, an old sick fuck out of the young vibrant contestants i saw contest the primaries then I then knew the parties are all the same cunning,deceptive and blinded with greed. God please come to our rescue,give us the man we know can change GEJ, not a man that can slow our change buhari cause we have seen what he can do which is jail people for 300 years cause of paper wile GEJ does the opposite

  22. No pdp no naigeria biafra flag stand

  23. I can see tooxclusive have been paid to post this stupid achievement they claimed for bad luck………..stupid people

  24. Shame on u………..#marchforbuhari

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