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Posted by funke on March 5, 2014 in Sponsored Content · 334 Comments


In a bid to create more room for friendly interaction with its readers/subscribers, your number 1 entertainment hub, invites you to subscribe to its BBM Channel.

The channel provides you with music related information, including song releases, videos, news-related information, photos and many more. It is a stress-free way of staying updated on everything music in Nigeria.

What more…? You get to connect with other subscribers AND chat with the admin panel. So get familiar!!!

Subscribe to’s BBM Channel on:C00388888 To join, click the option “New Channel” in your BBM, type our pin in the search box.


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  1. wetin con happen after that?

  2. Na yeye dey do una

  3. Mumu

  4. Its really nice to have one ( )

  5. Story for the gods

  6. Haba!! U guys should aprreciate them for once.. Dey ar offering free service to us

  7. Una too dey hate…fuck Damn haters

  8. Am loving it

  9. Done!

  10. Fools

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  12. Awesome move…Keep up the good work.

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  16. The pin is too long jawe

  17. Excellent move! I love ds

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  20. Story 4 d gods

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  35. I like dat

  36. No result found 4 ur pin ooo””n d pin should b 8 nt 7

  37. 29311121

  38. Ojuju calabar oyoyo oyoyo. Bottomline this DOPE !

  39. Greenwood Music greets you all. @tooxclusive We don’t mind having your contact for business.

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  56. Thanks xclusive 27392193 keep going

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  86. Just In case.. This anoda channel where you can find throw back musics.. C0037E812

  87. How do I register to be receiving mails from tooxclusive?

  88. Hw do we get d mg nw?

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