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Posted by Tyler on October 7, 2013 in VIDEOS · 39 Comments

Veteran Rapper EEDRIS ABDULKAREEM has been throwing shots @ Don jazzy for a while now after the he ” DON JAZZY ” Said this in an interview and i quote ” IF YOU ARE A RAPPER YOUR PARENTS WOULD NEVER BE PROUD OF YOU”

Do you Think its time for EEDRIS ABDULKAREEM to let go or you think its worth stressing every-time ? Share your thoughts about this .


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  1. first don jazzy is a very bigg foool, hw can he say dat? Wat does he knws abt rap.. Ged d fuck outta here, i no sabi why african we are too timid in our thinking, wat of d big stars lil j cole or jay z?.. Edrees talk anytin u wan talk, u are defending d rap game

  2. this guys just hating on another brothers success…… should be ashamed of ur self big old fool…'ve been in d game and you got nothing to show for it….agbaya…..

  3. I like your musics

  4. Each Time Am On tooxclusive I always Love to share my thoughts. Don jazzy Said His Opinion I believe everybody has a right to his own views but we just have to be logical about it…. S to d K….

  5. Idris u be mumu.. Are u not get shame,were ur mate done reach nw, u dey dere dey form raping. Man stop hating go upgrade or beg am make he sign u. He done beta pass u don baba j always on point droping good sound.. U have been in d game for long even common olamide get money and fame pass u u are a big shame bro go hang ur self man.. Or fine work u are not talented bro… Come make I sign u with 2k lolzz.. Jobless man idris

    • Stop talkn shit moda4ka

  6. Eedris is acting childish. Why stress d issue over and over again when Don Jazzy has since apologised. Is this a cheap way to be relevant???? Smh

  7. Eedris baba u 2 much. D 2ru is bitter dan Alomo. All Eedris foe go sing mak we hear ur voice. BAD BELLE PPL

  8. Don jazzy is being misunderstood, what he meant to say maybe that most parents prefer there child going to school than rapping. Unless u make it as a rapper in the music industry I don't think your parents would be proud of you. So eedris just has a very shallow mind is all.

  9. well for me i think d rap game is totally view in a different way in nigeria… some do feel it is borin especially when u rap in english so dat do make most rapper to switch to afro hiphop… so don jazzy is ryt nd idris is nt wang either

  10. @Don jazzy.Converting the rappers under u to singer dosent mean rap music does not make sense in naija.There is a market for all genres of music.We have rappers in nigeria making it big in d industry.@Eedris.End this beef bro and move on,u re more than th

  11. @Eedris go sleep jare….. u don old.

  12. Don Jazzy should have said that,not him of all people,and eedris addressd d issue like a boss…he is actually,I love the convo

  13. Dat is d problem of Naija 2ru is bitter. Eedris no sabi sing go do ur own rap mak we hear bad belle Ppl. I luv Eedris , i luv Don baba

  14. Eedris u dey mad ooo. Wch 1 b say dbanj no fit sing good music again since him and donjazzy don break up. Warn urself oooo…ur fada

  15. Tunes you are a big fool, idiot. You want compare eedris and olamide eh. E be like say you no well. Where eedris don go don jazzy never step foot their. First person to win olympic touch in africa is eedris. Ok king of rap. I go whoz u

  16. I tink rappers need some credits in this industry,cuz I notice dat nigerian only dance 2 one genre music…I tink we ned a change in this industry,there re some people out there who re lover of hiphop,rnb,afro,party n dancehall songs who re lookin' forward 2 their own genre of music…follow me @smil3kidz n Bbm:32931E08

  17. idris is too fhuckin old for all dis bull shit..besyds his tym is faded….dis is new skul shut D F up nd learn from dem boize……idris neva did hip hip…olympic torch bearer ma foot…dat doznt fetch cash ma niggah……besyds no one remembered he did

  18. Don baba j no mind this guy he just wan use you get attention

    'eedris or whatever wise up'

  19. Don baba j no mind this guy he just wan use you get attention

    'eedris or whatever wise up' abi the one wey you talk for i go whooz you never do

  20. I think eedris parents aren’t proud of him with d way his career is. don jazzy saying what he said got to him gan. Be honest, who is proud of eedris @ d moment? Dumb fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think eedris parents aren't proud of him with d way his career is. don jazzy saying what he said got to him gan. Be honest, who is proud of eedris @ d moment? Dumb fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Eedris sufri baba, na who dem go yab wey no go talk.. just do like say u no hear wetin don jazzy talk.. @maygold, @Oluwa_jay na thunder go fire una mouth God punish dat idiot wey talk say Eedris time don fade, why a producer in naija industry go talk say

  23. Eedris abdul maalu is just constitutina a very big nuisance at his very old age. He's luking for every cheap means just to be regarded as a boss or a legend in d entertainment world. Even if u want to make a point do u av to do it like a fool or a tout? Eedris is supposed to be really respected bt he's not today. Why? Is it nt coz of the ways he has behaved, talked, acted in d past. I av watched d vídeo whr don jazzy made dat comment and if am right i think d interview is even before mo'hits split. So why is he bringing up such issue after such long time if nt just dat he's luking for cheap relevance, ovation and attention he didnt get in his own time? Apart from dat don jazzy has even apologized, even respecting him and callin him baba. Wat else does he want if he's nt just ano old idiot. After u released a diss song and d accused didnt say anything bt apologised and gave u ur respect and u dnt want to let peace reign. He shuld go and beat him up now if dat will make him happy and make pple hail him. Eewu meeh

  24. Your parents might not be proud at first but if u'r successful who gives a f**k…eedris drop the beef,u'r played out

  25. Naija's ar crazy don baba j no vex u hit idris hard in a wrong place,idris no vex if person don old na small small e dey talk n besides we ar all entitled to our opinion n u know dat n don j don apologize so e don do make u no over do come use grey hair receive insult . Come idris u no get publicity manager?

  26. Pls let share our views and not abuse anyone,let do this in more matured way,thanks.

  27. you all dat sed edris is right u all r big bastards.who is edris,a common broke asshole to diss a boss like DON JAZZY,u guys r reasoning like fools

  28. No old age in d rap game…. Why una nu say J_z don old for rap….. Bside nigeria industry nu like dem self, una dy here dy yan u knw how much dem dy spend, forget dis story make those wen wan beef speak their mind…. Wat is rap witout beef an wat is beef wit out a full package rap… I too dy rap… Idris speak out don jazzy eat ur money. Old or new na 6 we all go enta,……..

  29. D song bam oo

  30. Eedris is just looking for cheap publicity cos he is no more relevant in the music scene ..smh

  31. Broke niggas always think they have an opinion@Edris… Get a job;stop beefing DON J… Is that how to beg for money???*smh*

  32. Edris is a funny guy or maybe is try to come back online, fine you are stake holder in the industry but before djz and dbanj came if you are not under kenis record you can't make it but those guy came and break the gene, secondly you have giving dbanj advise which you never give yourself, what happen to remedy, why the slip. When u said dbanj can't make it without going bak to Djazzy, u speak like God, you ur self you know dbanj is a successful artist in african and international which u can't compare urself with him. Enjoy ur local champion

  33. Edri no be rap like urs oh, kick the ball, freak the ball bla bla bla, rap get class

  34. eedris is gud 2 sang dat,don j want to even clean eedris shoe,any way dat is by d way tuale to eedris

  35. neva say die raper,dat is eedris tuale

  36. Eedri Abdulkareem respect the father of Hip-Hop in naija tuale o wen you dey control naija were is don jazzy

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