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VIDEO: Iyanya – Head Swell [18+]

Posted by kas on August 2, 2013 in VIDEOS · 35 Comments

Iyanya just dropped a video for his song Head Swell and this one is 18+… Iyanya is here again


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My real name is Winner Aisagbonhi but everyone calls me or Kas I have a passion for Entertainment and i am the biggest fan of The Nigerian music Industry and i love to talk about it
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  1. there is no link to dis video, pls upload d link

  2. tooxclusive link or ur not aware?.. now u r, so link us up

  3. Tooxclusive unna don dey fk up o! Unna no rememba link 2day again. No b everybody fit stream 4 youtube o.

  4. link plsssssssssssssssss

  5. Go to to download d video

  6. dat video na very stupid one….. not worth watching. abeg make una no upload †?? link. and Iyanya pls get ur acts today, don’t decay the morality of our society….. NONSENSE!!!! and U? beta repent and change ur ways iyanya b4 nemesis catch up wit you

    • LOLLL be easy bro

  7. Rubbish video, stupid song and a waste of time. Mtshew

  8. Iyanya is a Coward for this video…is this what they taught u in Project fame?…Very stupid song

  9. Menhh, u need to see for ur self, itz unbelievable, dis sunday!! :O

  10. 18+ Only pls… Add 20004D0B

  11. What’s so bad about d video now, naija ehn!! Is it d twerking part or wat?

  12. wat<img src="; width="1">

  13. Naija people una 2 get bad mouth wat's so bad about d video,don't u guys av dish after all star time are selling cheap, pls go and get urself one so dat u guys we be able 2 get use and watch more international videos den u will knw dere's notin wrong wit iyanya video.

  14. Nice video but basically This isn't abroad we are Nigerians I guess iyanya should v considered that.great beat keep it up

  15. Dat video z nyc i love d music ma baby boy Iyanya don stepup wooo. Twaile

  16. Personaly, tooxclusivecally don dey forkticaly, wre is d linkticaly??????????????

  17. Nice try

  18. This video is strictly porn..hw many videos re written 18+ Dat less than 18 don't get to watch? I wonder what they re trying to do to our younger generations…is this d kind of artist project fame is projecting? Rubbish! I'm highly disappointed

  19. God knows thoes that are he's leave him to God but i advice dont watch dis video it 4rm the pit of hell

  20. Any body dat is para-ing should go and died…lol….village people,…das how dey will be widening dia ugly mouth to say shit ,…most of dis people condemning dis video have so many porn on their phone's and gadget…wetin sef….make una grow up o…."Abi una no dey watch big broda …."Learner's…afterall….no be by force…..mtchww

  21. Mehn!!! Afta dis clip nah terry g "pull off" again ooo!!! Crazy badt sexy tempting wanting big butty…. I luv dis clip no b small ooo…all of una wey dey condem dis clip "DIE" na dos video dem go du for studio for una u dey like….mchwww!!!

    Iyanya kip it up bro….clean and fresh clip 2us to dey jolly.can't blv u can drop dis badest clip in ur life ooo…. Dis was hw I xpctd sexy mama ft wizkid 2luk lik….but its full of nonsense and kiddish acts…

    Plz kip giving us a mature clip dat we can save on phones and watch any fucking time.. Kudos and good job bro… I'm going to get sum butty to mak my headswell now dnt dull!!!

  22. My album is droping soon titled ( THE NEW ME)@golden faze….my bbm pin 27194B71.

  23. Nice one from kurukere masta make dem talk joooooo

  24. 18+ really? C'mon, this should be rated 10+ …heck! I don't advocate immoral scenes in music videos but hell, 8 year old kids in Nigeria have seen crazier things than diz on tv …some of ya punks are quick to judge the video cuz of the 18+ tag and the video producer must have been a moron to think he produced an 18+ musical video. No nude scenes, lyrics is pretty tame, dance is a lil suggestive but it's nothing overboard. How is this 18+? *sighs*

  25. Nosa

  26. Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. This video is demonic nd I don't advise u to watch it. disappointed in iyanya

  28. talking about this video, i think we should just leave him alone,he has done-he has done, what are you going to do to him? absolutely his nephew i know how he is..

    but for me i think there is nothing wrong with the video,we have been watching big broda's game, we have nude features in some of our local and international tv, take for example what happened at miss nigeria at bayelsa this year 2013, were the contestant not in nude style? after all there is no sex in the video, just drugs and romance, u have more than this in you phones and laptops.the only advice i can bring here is that if your spirit is not strong dont go watching the video….

    and to my iyanya, go close to your gas cooker, light it up then put your hand and see how it feels, go to your stove light it up put your hand and see how it feel, your fire wood, or your heater just touch it and see how it feels…then imagine how u will be when u are in a pit that you see know light and fire will be burning you up forever,die u will not die, feel comfortable you will not feel..big bro think twice, dont think its not easy to come out from that thing you get involve to, God love you and need your soul to have eternal life, just tell him am sorry with your whole heart and he will forgive you, deliver you, and you will leave a new life.dont be afraid that they will kill u, because the bible says that even if we were meant to die that we will live…thank you for acepting christ in your life………I HATE THAT VIDEO….

  29. Hi. Ilove Your site good. Qulity vidoes. Keep. Doing. The. Good work

  30. fresh Nice one tooXclusive

  31. What a rubbish video..u nid 2 b sentenced 4 dat @ inyanya

  32. It’s a very simple thing; if you are cool with the video, watch it and if you r not so cool with it, don’t watch it. I hate hypocrisy on social media … Everyone trying to act holy. I’m not trying to judge anyone here but we should first ensure that we r holy before we condemn others. Lets face the fact, what if there was a camera to cover what every one does in secret? I bet so many people won’t even have the face to condemn iyanya video because the things we do secret is far worst than this video. Is it because his was done openly. We live our various lives to please God so whether our sins are committed publicly or in secret is all one and the same thing. Iyanya should be left alone.

  33. Iyanya pls cosida our upcmg generation oooooooo

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