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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Don Jazzy & The Mavins – Dorobucci

Posted by Tyler on July 23, 2014 in VIDEOS · 242 Comments

Dorobucci video hits the online media space after it officially premiered on Africa’s Channel O several hours ago. With millions of hits in The Mavin crew left fans anticipating the eventual release of the video. A 16-second teaser was released only on Monday and we were wanting it even more.

Now, it’s finally here and like you already know, it’s fresh and hot.

Watch and let us know what you think!


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  1. Where is the link?

  2. How far download link?

    • mtcheeeew! dis song its al abt illuminati if u introspect u ll si dija displayin the horos sign wit her two hands rounded ova her eyes only marvin crew undastood d msg odas juz folo suit for fun God is watchin us from a distance

      • due link dey wait..

  3. Where’s the download link

  4. where is the link?

  5. Where is d link

  6. Mitcheww,,,,,no link

  7. 1st 2 Dwnld..

  8. Nice one. Mavin crew toh bart

  9. Nice one mavins..thumbs up

  10. D vidoe is d best so far. My afican prince u r there already keep it up. All kudos to DoroBoss Donjazzy.

  11. Wow this video remind me of yahoozee video nice video thumbs up to all mavins crew

  12. CLASSY is the word that best defines this Video…
    Korede Bello is a Star!!
    Mavin Artistes are the Bomb! Go Mavins
    Baddest Crew Indeed!

  13. First to download. Nice video

  14. Different toilets same shit. Enough with ‘fresh’ videos already. If u can afford to spend milllions on 4-5mins musical video u should be able to make it have long lasting impression on people. I’m talking of concept, story line brilliance since it is a form of art on its. Enough with ‘fresh’ shallow videos really. And nope dz aint a hater but an opinionated individual. Thanks

    • Get a life, which one you do, is it your money? Mumu

    • Get a life hater may God hv mercy upon ur charcoal hrt…

    • U guys need to grow up and handle criticism, the video is nt it and you know it. We all love the song but for u to make a class video for a dance song. Anoda skelewu. It would have been better if it was like testimony video. But casino and suits for dance video. Abegi!!! But the tiwa part I love!!!

  15. dis video is xo dope

  16. D best vid right now.. make sense

  17. 9ice video. Dorobucci

  18. Wow I said it my bro hs done it again, dancing step toh badt bro reeky bigger u more I pray. Up #MAVIN!!

  19. Clean Video but no Dance All ….just like O’set Video by phyno … 9ja Directors still not stepping up their Game … Dance track but no one dancing to the beat !!!

  20. I said it!, may bro has done it again. Dancing step toh badt, bro reeky I luv that bigger u more I pray. Up #MAVIN!!

  21. Nyc 1.. Don baba J finshed work on dat song

  22. Seriously????….. I only see flashy tinz in d video
    Dope video.. Bt itz a pity…

    • U must be a goat

  23. Different toilets same shit. Enough with ‘fresh’ videos already. If u can afford to spend milllions on 8-9mins musical video u should be able to make it have long lasting impression on people. I’m talking of concept, story line brilliance since it is a form of art on its. Enough with ‘fresh’ shallow videos really. And nope dz aint a hater but an opinionated individual. Thank

    • I support u bro. The video is nt up to the hype

  24. Nice one mavins

  25. Trashy video

  26. Nice one

  27. MAVINS are out of this world… Simply sensational and exceptional.

  28. Videos is good but no dancing step

  29. Omo mehn I trip for dat korede bello wink. Dis video is mega super dope. Nyc work Don J. Muaaaahhhh

  30. confirmed..#DORORUBBISH#..#wated MB# mtchewwww……*walking away*

    • Lmaoooo I swear d same tin on our mind

  31. Korede Bello….I Feel u,kudos to u n Don baba J

  32. I no go lie sha, dis video is below expectation* waste of tym….

  33. Nice one, at last I can get to see the two new musicians

  34. 4 dose of U hatin Dis Video, wat else are U expectn? shey mak all of dem dey walk untop water 4 d video nii?.. y una no try do 1 video of una own 1st b4 condemning oda’s… rubbish

  35. Nice video but it’s below my expectation

  36. Massive N Wickedt

  37. Classy… #Simply

  38. I so love this video……@korede bello is such a cutie

  39. The video is clean no doubt but no dance to spice it up…not bad tho!

  40. This video I?????s????? mega super…….enjoyed it lyk I can’t shout

  41. Nice video…korede Bello doro mega super star

  42. Nice one don baba j . Ride on cos the video is ok

  43. #dorodope download nollywood movies (english & yoruba) free. Visit d link above.

  44. Nice song and been anticipating the video… For a split second, I tot I mistook it 4 d actual song. D video aint so dope as I expcted tho. Wud rather listen 2 d audio dan hv d vid among my collezione. Expcted more sha…

  45. Dorogood video ????????me?• ????? luv it

  46. nyc video

  47. So now na where wande coal and D banja now? Them dey push truck.. Marvin all the way

    • Nitwit, ask google to know!

  48. Dis video is look like D Banj Baba bcs i love dat guy

  49. the video is ok..u guys are really try keep
    it up

  50. nothing spectacular joorr…..local content with foreign video concept.

  51. I really waited for this video to drop, whatever I say here is just an opinion, no hating, am don jazzy’s great fan, wish 2 work with him, but to be candid the video didn’t meet my expectation.. And the scene at the end of the song, have seen that part in videos, testimony for example, and one other video… I was expecting a comical and flashy video, something out of the ordinary 2 be precise..,but with all said, I wud rate the video a 45% pass for me..

    Am not hating, just an opinion, so if you insult me, then it shows you are really a douche…

    • I kinda think itz okay.. Buh trust me I expected more. Like more emphasis on d beat, d dance steps, more effects n all. Something to shake people. Not so bad tho… Big ups to d Mavin Crew…. Pls release Adaobi video soon too….. Love u Dr Sid,D’ija, Tiwa, DonJayy, D’Prince, ReeyBanks, KayBello… Y’all rock!

  52. Video is hot like kilode nice one guys

  53. Kudos to Rekado Bank I luv ur style nyc 1

  54. D.Wire Video is hot like kilode nice one guys

  55. We need the Dance… Clean Video anyways

  56. Trash

  57. I love this video like no tomorrow….doro lovely hahahahahha,don baba j…u wan kill me for this small naija abii…still cross my fingers sipping on my loya milk….I over cheeerish dis song.

  58. Doro dope money!!! Nice one anyway

  59. @Doromavins crew U????? guys are perfect I rely do love dis video.

  60. Wow d mavins are da best crew to me mehn, great video bt no dance steps to spice it up… Buh don jazzy is d boss of life sha, d guy finish work for e side, him and korede bello wit his sexy wink and dimples… Doro cool vid mavins

    • Korede Bello really killed d video wit his feminine voice

  61. Below expectation. I expected more.

  62. Don master nice video. But tell us the mean of Dorobucci

  63. Dope

  64. Mad vid

  65. Nice video’but ws actually expecting much base on DORO tins#no dance step or ways
    to go abt it#

  66. Nice work

  67. Not exertly what I was expecting,but not bad

  68. Dorocrazy doropple…doromad pass anybody wey doro mad before….fuck doro n itz fans…m goin to heven…walai…iyalaya anybody!

  69. Clean and sweet video but sumtins ar stil missing… Kudos ??? korede bello, reekado banks, di’ja, tiwa balogun and above don baba jay!!!!!

  70. OMG!! I love it……#Bellovers ????????

  71. OMG!! I love it……#Bellovers ????????

  72. Fu*********k d hateer, this video is so making madt sense. If u don’t lik it go and download tonto’s full album

  73. Hot like ki lo de

  74. #doroTrash# diz iz jst rubbish u guyz are not creative no wonder d director did not put his name

  75. dorro nothing sef

  76. The Mavins are too much. Anything this Don touches results to Gold. Carry Go!

  77. I luv de video….its jst awsom nd splendid ! (Tiwa ur looking stunning,luh ya !)

  78. I expect another video.. mavins wch way na? See song way dey make all of us dance na em una dey stand for d video? Una be ushers?

    • Hahahaha

  79. Colorful video,Dorobest wth d baddest crew.

  80. Since doro can b anytin , then Dorobu-shit, its like d director of d video is an amateur, or pretty much just played it too safe. Am not a hater, its just a constructive advise. Even surulere video by dr sid is much more higher than dis not to talk about d no dancer’s/ good dancing. And d shooting abroad made no sense to me, u can do it here and do it much better don jazzy

  81. aswear marvins just “skyscraped” d roof

  82. Tha video was not gud enuf, no one iz dancing. Shot in S/A, tha models sef r not gulooking. MAVINS u can do better.

  83. Fuck all this haters this video has high class, that’s how it supposed to be!! Not any dance dance juju video , they’re telling you guys that they’re rich fucking rich… Abeg nice video haters go chop your mama Nyash! Piglets kawai

  84. #Dorobucci #DoroHAWT!….dem geti Video is on point. I really love the Mavin lady’s part(Tiwa and D.Ja)…Y’all killed it.

  85. Nice vudeo

  86. D.banj must b missing dis crew……….don jazzy u fiinniissh work jor Dem doro crew and d doro tiwa gud song gud video unbeatable crew

  87. D.banj must b missing dis crew……….don doro jazzy

  88. #DoroAverage, iGive it a pass mark of 6 out of 10…Mavins can do better!

  89. If Ÿ?????ø????u????? don’t like d video….Ÿ?????ø????u????? can please go and download terryg run mad or Go to HELL

  90. dorogud shy ,bt dat is nt wot am expecting,no dorodance,dorostep

  91. doro video is the best video of the year don jazzy the BOSS you are good i hail you the Mavins

  92. Since doro can be anytin Dorosucks @Video

  93. there is link to dowload the video dorobucci, the mavins you people should provide a link so that person can dowload the video on his phone

  94. In the other news this video is RUBBISH. maybe you shouldnt have release the video at all. the concept is so bad. Am so hatting Don jazzy for this!!!

    • I cnt believe a girl can just open her mouth nd say rubbish if u dnt av anytin 2 do kinda go nd sell pepper dear…just chil out

  95. It was below xpectation buth ? gve kudos to d crew

  96. #DOROBEST# nice one baddest crews…


  98. Nice one da BOss.

  99. The video is good but its not great. The major issue I have with the video is that the only dark skinned girl(apart from Tiwa who is a star and part of the crew), was the maid and the white/light skinned girls were the tush and classy ones. I feel it sends the wrong message to girls that white is the only form of beauty.

  100. Im so disappointed!!! The video isn’t special one bit!

    • Truely the video wasn’t up to expectation.and please what was Tiwa Savage doing just sitting down?she should please know what type of make up suits her,dat lipstick luked like chalk on her face.i didn’t see any steps or dance.if am to rate it ova 10,it’ll be 5/10.

  101. Nice one but not up to my expectation.Audio sweet pass the video

  102. cool video. i love u don jazzy. + dis koredes smile is so so so cute. he didnt do justice to my best part in the song which is d doromegasuperstar part. Crushing on u korede. big time crush. #okbye

  103. Dorosweet music dorogood thumbs up doro mavin dorogroup

  104. Nice video but wasn’t wat I was expectin. Omo Oba was just dancin on a chair lyk Ayefele. All d same I love d crew #Doro Jazzy rocks

  105. Doro-makesence dieeeeee………doro thumbs up guys

  106. Doro-makesence dieeeeee………doro thumbs up guys

  107. Keep t up@ mavins…………………buh da video was xo borring

  108. Am just not tripped by the vidoe.. Espacially the skipping out of my tush part, ”Doromega super *: well, nice work done by mavins

  109. dats not tru…d music it self has no story line…xo I tink it’s just abt d introduction of d new mavin crew….d video actually shows DAT.

  110. great video and song

  111. D video is nice, but ppl expectations are High…# just like skelewu….

  112. Dorobucci• Best video of d year unlike eminado. Ddn’t like d song(dorobucci) den buh watching d video changed dat.• Der wasn’t anytin missing 4rm it• It was perfect

  113. So disappointed with the video 2 b sincere wen I dwnloaded and watched it I wasn’t impressed nd felt lik dletin it ….I xpected some nice sexy babes like th 1st lady (tiwa) also xpected more dance dan drama. I bliv d mavins can do beta dan dis cuz ryte now dis video na waka pass

  114. Nice video! #fuckuhaters# great job korede, dija, tiwa, dr sid, d’prince, don jazzy nd my real man reekado banks….. Thumbs up bro…. Abeg release adaobi video ooooo!

  115. One word #dope

  116. To mii this is #doro nonsense!

  117. Diz video is wow; I luv d combination of d voices used in it. Dija tombs up. To all d crew TWALE. It was really gud. D arrangements confirm.

  118. Objectively, the song is great but the video is average. The song is SWEET and people are expecting more dance than drama. You guys did not do as though you loved the song…. It is the crazy slazzy dance that makes this song rock! The Don did great with the beat and we know he is not a dance person…. From the audio, one would have expected Tiwa’s part to be breath-taking but it was just ordinary…she sat and “acted” all through. But Banks did well….he caught the spirit of the song by enjoying the dance. As you would see…most of the crew were sitting down “performing” the song. The fans would have expected at least some solo or collective dance rather than the several act scenes….But the video was good…not excellent

  119. A long time weting vedio Is nw in my media file

  120. Dis video is doroempty ‘smh’.No good concept

  121. Dis video is doroempty ‘smh’.No good concept

  122. I expected nothing less, Don Jazzy is always on point!!!

  123. Doro over making sense!!!

  124. to me the video was hot guys remember the concept of the video is based on the introduction of the new mavis group members And the context is about the rich and famous it was not as if there is no dance atall Tiwa is a diva we all know seeing the expression on her she want to dance But tje context won’t allow her to me this is d best vedio for the song and Tiwa ur makeup was great And nice am not saying it to make u feel better bcos someone said it dosent suit u am saying it bcos its d simple truth everybody can’t be ur fan u should know dat but believe me ure great 73DAC944

    • I expected more…

  125. I n’er watch am self, coz I tot of it dat it might not make any sense

  126. Video is doronothing

  127. this video is so wack

    • the concept of d video matches d song quite rightly. Frm don jazzy showin d boss guy,tiwa d diva bein attended to by her maids…and so on. some dudes on here r just bitchin cos d productn beats wot dey r used to

    • I lik it keep it up

  128. Am dorogaga bcos the dorosong was dorogood

  129. Doro baddest crew,boMb d best best crew ever seen.DORO CARRY GO

  130. Doro nice,mega superstar song, lovely

  131. Nice video. I Luv tiwa alwas on point. Don jazy u re d man.

  132. Dorobucci video is doro fantastic, nice u guys really try a lot

  133. WOW!!! TIGHT MOVIE!!!

  134. Di’ja u wer on poin so wer all of u gud job guyz

  135. Beautiful concept.

  136. If this video was a penalty kick, the its certainly Doro over the bar!! #yawns!!

  137. Great video u are the baddest crew so far as far as the music industries is concern more blessing malvins records

  138. doro marvins crew doro hero ,doro pretty tiwa and doroo boss of all boss

    • Doro flush don baba i c u

  139. Not up to my exPpectation.don jazz sucks! Mavin shit!.

    • What were u xpecting,gosh dis video is grt

  140. Not up to my expectation. don jazz sucks! Mavin shit!.

    • Must all gud musical video av to be all about dancing or did he tells u dat *Dorobucci mean dancing* u guyz should just shut up nd wait to see if anyone in ur family ll release a video like dis…….#fuck haters#****Nice one **Don baba J***

    • Yea stfu (shut the fuck up) u probably have no talent

  141. Dorogood..the video is ok..good work

  142. Nice concept, picture and artists. However, there were too many short clips put together. U can bearly see a clip for 3sec without it being cut. It reminds me of the phrase ” the more you look the less u see”.

  143. ohh!!!! what a great song, but we expected something great as well in the video. Don Baba J what’s wrong. the video is not up to expectation. kudooooosssssss

  144. Not so dope…overrated song. Everybody standing and sitting at attention.

  145. Just like they say in football anything can happen, and in music – any shit can happen. This is #DORObu-shit, the DORO less Pas EveryThing Wey We don Dey Expect Before. The video could have kill it all if they create some dance scene into it.

  146. video on point Good work mavins

  147. video on point Good work mavins

    • I lik dis video but if mavin can do anoda dancing vedio lik skelewu it wil be ok or say sorry to som fans dat lik dancing video doro mavin

  148. Can someone pls tell me how to put a song on here pls

  149. 1 word…

  150. The best part is doro is a kind of boss

  151. i love dis video die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kip it up boxx

  152. its great

  153. woow,such a lvly muzic n vidieo wit lvly crew. is tym ppl learn to undastnd sumtin,dat d video was nt base on dancn is jez to show ppl dat dey hv money. KOREDE BELLO am dyn for u… hw do i gt in touch wit uu..

  154. The Marvin group did very well. The video was nice and attractive. we hope that dey will do better than this soon.

  155. The Marvins group did very well. The video was nice and attractive. we hope that dey will do better than this soon.

  156. wowowowow, seriously, to be very very sincere, i rate the video 9/10. Jez.. I cant stop watching it. Though, there are little flaws, but itz almost perfect.. Thumbs up… A nice job well done. No matter how the video is shot, haters would still complain..

  157. Wow…. I expected nothing less from d Marvin’s. nice one…..

  158. the video is ok

  159. it nice u are always on point @ the mavins

  160. it nice u are always on point @ the mavins

  161. I luv DOROB

  162. I love dorob i can listen for the whole day

  163. I love dis infact am dorobuchi. so doro shakur

  164. God punish all of una wey talk say dis Doro video no nice. Una dey craz o. Una fit write 1 track of a a song talk more of producing video. Na poverty mentality go kill una.
    I rate dis doro video 100% jare. Ifact I’m doro nice, doro money. It’s a nice video.

  165. Infact u guys ar d best huuun enh

  166. Dorobucci just too good.

  167. Good work don jazzy nice production infact de director of de vidoe I give u 99 over 100 of work weldon, dat is my profession

  168. best song ever rating 1000

  169. Don baba jazzy u d best marvin on top u go byound d sky I love d video keep up boss we always by ur side

  170. Wowwwww… d best of all. u guys are so grate

  171. Wowwwww… d best of all. u guys are so grate

  172. dis video is hot,fantastic, great,lovely “thumbs up” u guys are too much. Don baba J,I will lyk to meet u in person,u hv introduced a new style into our music industry. Mavins u guys are d best, fuck haters…

  173. dis video is hot,fantastic, great,lovely “thumbs up” u guys are too much. Don baba J,I will lyk to meet u in person,u hv introduced a new style into our music industry. Mavins u guys are d best, fuck haters…bb pin 7a8181f6

  174. dis video is hot,fantastic, great,lovely “thumbs up” u guys are too much. Don baba J,I will lyk to meet u in person,u hv introduced a new style into our music industry. Mavins u guys are d best, fuck haters…bb pin 7a8181f6

  175. The vidoe is vry vry nice i love it

  176. the music nice 2 God

  177. Oh my God. Hhhmm. So wonderful. Dbanj don suffer for leaving the crew.

  178. If you don’t like this video clip, that meanz u have EBOLA. Nize1 mavin

    • Ebola is nt doro

  179. wow u guys did very well especially cute korede bello….in short its quite impressive…..

  180. Korede Bello!!!!!

  181. Korede u did a gud job ,kip it up
    Thumbs up 2 D MARVIN

  182. dorogood dorobetter dorobest in fact doro perfect herrh wat a song

  183. in fact I replay dorobuchi every minutes of my free time so hot. thanks to the big boss Don J

  184. thanks guys u mak us the lovers of music to always has long life.DoroBenny DoroBen Asay Dorodie chai Doro Doro

  185. gud mavin

  186. I just want to give a tip here, Marvin go checkout that guy on MTN advert he would make a good second shot for you.
    Meanwhile haters get some good advice or just listen and “doro”quite.

  187. Doro wisdom……. Hotest video so far… Thumb up for mavis….

  188. This video is doro sharp

  189. chai i love dis group

  190. i love seriously tiwa u re d best

  191. i love your music and de video like my mom. big ups
    i love u all.

  192. Assholes, Assholes everywhere what’s wrong with dis video…??? People say KOREDE BELLO is the dopest in that video why not REEKADO BANKS

  193. too much jooo

  194. doro cool

  195. The video is excellent,marvelous in fact, it is wonderful.
    A big well done to the mavins group

  196. Jst everytin abt d music is hot…..jazzy Ah trust u wit u and ur group…walup marvins

  197. doro cool

  198. doro fyn doro me doro u doro to every body …. Woooow niceeeeeee

  199. Doro mega doro super doro star doro megasuper star oho lov u korede bello

  200. dis doro video is kinda okay(i luv it)

  201. Hmmmm….some ppl w just open mouth and say anytin dat comes out from it. Some pple are razz with the way dey talk……some lack manners, if dis video is not ok by u den go and download run mad by terryG and go to hell I know dat shuld be ur best song bcos u can never like dis type of classy song. And some are talking about illuminati hmmm wat a shallow mind, I think it’s a free world u can join any club u like so stop condeming anoda person…..nigerians let’s encourage our stars, mavins u guys are so dorowonderful dis is a perfect job u have done..u guys shuld keep it up DON BABA u are too doromuch and as for u korede nice wink but pls be very careful with ladies cos we ladies can spoil guy career and u know how dey started with wizkid so pls watch…kudosss to u guys….love u all.

  202. The video is awesome.

    • FFG

  203. Doro blast….. so much in love with dorobucci

  204. This video is a killer… It d bomb… Much respect doro boss don baba…..

    Pls as the president of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Medical Students Association, we would be organizing an enyt… If you are a performer or artist and wanna show love to your fans or increase your fans in the East of Niger, contact me on this number for event details….. 07065705244

  205. The video is také away

  206. wow this is awesome nooo!!!! wait this is dorosome. Doro nyc…. doro rocky…. doro everything… way cool

  207. Wow great job with dat song luv it rumors goin round dat dorobucci Is a god dat u guys are praising she is a godess ie d song demonic

  208. Good job

  209. lovely

  210. Doro nyc, doro mavins, doro lyk the group.
    u ar d best

  211. azizkonea huio,rgh

  212. awesome their dorobucc .doro NYC,doro gud,doro tiwa,doro luv t


  214. I love u korede u so cute

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