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TX VIDEO: 5 Facts About Wizkid & Davido

Posted by Jim Donnett on August 21, 2015 in Editorial, VIDEOS · 118 Comments

Would tongues ever stop wagging when the Wizkid, Davido subjects are put on the spot? I didn’t think so too. It’s why this TX Video presents us with some unknown points that have been compiled into 5 clear facts about these two mainstream music stars.

Watch the video and tell us something you think we already don’t know.


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  1. Foolishness

  2. Yeah I think it is right

  3. Yeah its cool buh u guyz missed a part. SWAGZ.. Yeah we all know dah goes to Wizkid. Buh.. Make we start vote 4 hia naauu… If ure with Wizkid u holla with #Wizkid, if Davido. #Davido. LEGGGAAHH!!!!!. #WIZKID#

  4. Lemme check for myself

  5. The d voicer,voiced and voicee…una dey mad……wizzzy is above, he knows it,Davido knows it…fuck awards…lemme see alicia keys dancing to fans mii or owo ni oko..or drake droppin on some davido..smh.Thunda fire tooxclussive…

    • No be small THUNDER…yeye people

    • Shango strike u,God punish una mouth,,meekmill is more dan drake let ur so called wizkid collarbo wit dream chasers if its easy

      • U are a big fool for saying meekmill is beta than drake

      • Do u realize u just type trash

    • lol

  6. trash, so na number of fans dem take use give person d best? wizkid is d best dis year gbam!

  7. wizlion

  8. wizkid’s got more street cred!

  9. all of una dy craze o,d both of dem ar gud,stop sayin wizkid is more dan davido,in time of hit song,davido has more than wizkid,in terms of award,davido has more than wizkid so wat d fuck are u nt suportin davido neither do i support wizkid,am jst a fan of gud music bt i jst hate it wen they say overate wizkid more than davido,the guy is gud mehn,alicia keys can dance to anybody’s song,wizkid is jst previlege that’s it.

    • Bros Wizkid has more hits, more collabos, more albums, a better voice, a better melody, better flow, lyrics, rhythm, more versatile, and more internationally renowned. Plus he’s fresher and has more swag. Lol. Wizkid over Davido mehn…

      • I dy feel u

      • Gbayii

  10. I have been duped by that cheap, hungry scam of a dude claiming to be selling 5gb of mtn data for #1200 readers beware.

    • Shoro niyen…who send u???…Ntooooooor

    • 2ru talk…Davido is really the baddest…Wizkid should Quite music Coz he gat nothing to offer…Nigga been Wack from day one dissed himself into the Music industry metcheeeew…#Team_HKN till i kick bucket

      • baba go and kick d bucket fast idiot #teamwizkid

      • Real Niggas knws Real Niggas!!! #Rep O. B. O

  11. jh bless wizkid..hiz dh best nd forever b best.davido get voice pass wizkid?no e swag pass wizkid ?no wati o…has davido done ani life band in hiz live?m sure no xo………………………………..

  12. jh bless wizkid..hiz dh best nd forever b best.davido get voice pass wizkid?no e swag pass wizkid ?no wati o…has davido done ani life band in hiz live?m sure no xo………………………………..

  13. if Micheal Jackson like he shuld dance to wizkids song it still wunt change the fact that DAVIDO is beta nd more successful in every aspect of music dan WIZKID… lets stop doing blind argument.. check there cv..up #davido

  14. DAVIDO’s #fans mi is more than successful compared to #ojuelegba remix dat #drake messed up.. #tbt davido is jst few steps ahead of wizkid musically..#fact

  15. wizkid has never pulled up to 20k fans in any of his concert both home and abroad,, but Davido’s last concert in MALI pulled 60k + fans.. just to mention a few… sincerely Davido is far better… collabos, Shows, Chart topping and majorly AWARDS…. up davido. obo

    • i can’t Say you should choose Wizkid over davido but it is clear for only those follow the lyrics not you guys that only care about sound of music, go and listen to davido fans mi lyrics and come back here to let us know if it makes Any sense ,davido is not exceptional when we are talking about music, he only know how to buy music ,he know nothing about street ,how could u be comparing street boy that had experience so much on the street with ur nigga that is only faking to be street . You also talk about awards u forget Wizkid get class ,he is not hungry for back stage awards like the one you are going to mentioning davido with , you really fucked up how could you be comparing davido that cry for award with Wizkid ,it is your same davido that complained when they gave Diamond Africa artist of the year that he is the one that should get it ,you better always open your ears and eyes whenever you are listen to musics to know which one that is better ,no dey talk about someone that promote crazy thing on video like drugs and guns

    • u foolish gan sha bobo.. to dy talk wizkid af not pulled up to 20k fans for a concert.. u are dumbest guy af seen on earth.. nxt tym try to use ur google to search facts bfor u say dem.. sey oro ni eyi to so yehn sha… 60k koh 100million ni… mtchewwww

  16. True talk…

  17. 0. 8. 1. 6. 0. 5. 0. 1. 9. 3. 5. S. U. G. A. R. M. U. M. M. Y. I. S. R. I. C. H. C. A. L. L. J. O. B.

  18. Truth b told Wizkid dey find hit song as d’banj take dey find remix…..I dnt dwnload davido’s songs cos I knw within 1wk itz evrywhere….Wizzy lost it wen he left EME

    • speechless, dats ow u feel.

  19. Fvck you all

  20. its even a shame on Wizkid. with two albums he still hasn’t achieved half of Davido’s achievement. davido all day. #💯💯

  21. to be honest davido is far beta than wizkid … he last won an award in 2013 .. its very clear that davido is on top

  22. No mind these pple jare dey don know who win d award.Dem no dey use our vote at all

  23. Na DAVIDO

  24. Scammer

  25. Stop the arguement dey are both good

  26. #wizkid if for all while#Davido is for himself

  27. They are all good but i prefer Davido tho

  28. Toto is beta dan both of them

    • Weed is beta dan both of dem including toto

  29. Wizkid na pass glories… That nigga lost every tin immediately he left eme… Davido is literally above wizkid in all aspects.. Period

  30. Davido is cool buh he shouldn’t be coming publicly announcing how many thousands of fans came out for his concert.. Na only him b d Nigerian artist wey dey do dat thing I swear… If dem say make dem dey talk of pple wey turn up 4 concert, he go reach?.. Mtcheeeewww. I Love Wizkid more.

  31. Davido is cool buh he shouldn’t be coming publicly announcing how many thousands of fans came out for his concert.. Na only him b d Nigerian artist wey dey do dat thing I swear… If dem say make dem dey talk of pple wey turn up 4 concert, he go reach?.. I’ve been in Wizkid’s concerts n guys estimating pple wey dey come him concert, dem dey pass 60k.

  32. Bro you no try on this one….improve and get your facts right next time

  33. I just wasted ma mb

  34. I just wasted ma mb

  35. Lets remove jealousy in us and say the truth about what we see and hear. Wizkid is more handsome,cool,he gat the voice,money and swags than davido. If davido wins more award than wizkid,they just did it to please him because of jealousy. Wizkid won it even on this chat.

  36. if we are to keep jealousy apart then i swear Davido is far far better than Wizkid. anyhow you like twist it.. Davido is above Wizkid

  37. davido all the way

  38. what a song can do for Davido, an album won’t do it for Wizkid.. that is to tell you Davido’s level of greatness..#obo #baddest

  39. if we should judge Nigerian music by lyrics then both of them are not qualified,,,but if otherwise Davido is far better. #fact

  40. African best male #back2back is enough justice…#davido has washed Wizkid hands down…

  41. only a fool will argue this… let both of their facts speak 4 dem.. Davido is better…#period

  42. oga Davido sure pass jare…#obo baddest all d way

  43. check both YouTube views Davido is far better

  44. 2013, 2014 African most decorated artist #Davido.. in 2014 alone Davido won 22 awards… wizkid total career awards 18…do i need to say more??? mtcheeeeeeewwwwww….#Davido is better

  45. davido all d way,i mean d guy is jst complete,he has d voice,he is a giver,he his handsome,he his a graduate and he has more hit song than fucking wizkid

  46. team obo

  47. hkn al day

  48. fuck wizkid

  49. Wizkid na man davido na boy so dont compare… Is just like comparing 2face and wizkid

  50. baddest al the way you guys shud rememba wizkid has nt win any major award since 2012.davido lot of awards.more blessing.for the benefit of u guys who dnt knw davido is the first nigerian artiste to hit one million on instal gram.he got the a lot of videos.king of african music male artist of the year at mama for two consecutive wat more cn i say ….speechless team obo baddest

  51. Abeg shey davido Don win MOBO award? Fucktards…..yeaaaaaga

  52. one olodo 4 up still dey include phyno,OLAMIDE nd dbanj ,anoda one still use age dey compare (idiot) u knw d age difference BTW 2face nd wizkid b4 u use dem as example +(B.O.F)davido is better

  53. In terms of versatility I think Davido is far better than wizkid!! Wizkid ‘ll always be under Davido supervision!!!!Argument closed

  54. mr Tx widkid dont buy awards, he is better, d fact a student u sent to special centre brought As in his waec doesnt make him more brilliant than the student dat strived in public skul undef harsh conditions wif d same As, the fact is davido has a music producer and a whole team writing songs for him and teaching him how to take verses, Wizkid is better in all ways, i would give u examples, go and listen to wizkid and davido delivery on international colabo, itz glearing who is better, wizkid is better, and would always be, if you wanna knw , call them both to.a studio ALONE ask dem to compose a song in 30min and see whose song would be better, i knw u trullt knw itz wizzy,MR TX or whatever u are bais and untruthful. everybody here booing u *yuck*

  55. Two good and talented artists.

  56. #starboy….don’t think I can waste a kobo to watch davido perform.. he is just too noisy..

    • Thank u 4 saying dat

  57. Well they are cool via starzhit dot com

  58. Follow us @starzhitdotcom

  59. Davido all d way 2015…Wizkid released just a foolish song with no sense….OBO,Ride onnnnnnn

  60. No comment

  61. Wizkid got more talent than davido ,

  62. Real Niggas, knws Real Niggas.. #Repin O.B.O ma Snr Bro…!!

  63. davido is far better

  64. wizkid all dey noni yagal nah jealous go kill u pop davido ko el beta open ur eye

  65. wizzy iz mre beta dan davido even in nature…starz on da beat


  67. wizkid z far beta dan davido in all tinz..handsome, swag,voice n all…starboy wizzy##noni ride on

  68. Wizkid won nea award best male act 2015 and best hit single 2015 and also has 7 nominition at headie wre davido dy?

  69. wizzy all the way ;wizkid gat it this year in all aspect ,wizkid is fit to be called a musician but i dont think davido does all he do is to show off in music

  70. wow! give it up for another popstar hansome boy who has all the quality than two of them his name CoolFlexx a.k.a LuckyStar no more argument

  71. We have a lot of pple dat are not well equipped here……over 60k fans thrills to wizkid show at Kenya ok

  72. wizkid ia always d best

  73. eleniyan I respect u more Dan davido jor….

  74. We baddest.. Davido na big guy!!

  75. true talk or is there anything hidden there……..remember the voice didn’t tell us the best btw the bother he just gave the differences btw them…….so una gat to mind how una take dey talk

  76. Luv yhu 4reva #wizzy d fresh fyn boy#

  77. Wizzyy eleniyan will surely rock the town everyone knows that, “Daddy Bolu loni beat” I wish them the best.. Can’t get enough of you Wizkid

    • Sorry i forgot to ask you OBO fans when did your nigga start music and what did he know about music in terms of fact.. Just dey talk rubbish mumu pple, you dey compare INTERNATIONAL ARTIST with Local singer.. Thank you WiZZY ride on


  79. #team_starboy

  80. We shouldn’t put ourselves into a comossion… be it babanla/omo baba olowo, they both top the chart. Wizkid is excellent, likewise davido too. Joo, for you guys

  81. Wizkid has it all davido has it all but d fact as 2b d fact check dis out 2baba will drop 6single shoot 2video out off d6 single wizkid will drop 8single shoot 3video hope u day follow me davido will drop 3single shoot 3video why cus he need 2use d video 2promote d song check and balance wizkid is living d line of 2baba #stophating I REP SURULERE SHITTA watch out 4dis new video director @director-K we rep surulere cum watch wizkid live @shitta carnival haters #MOFOS

  82. ###team wizzy## fuck davido


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