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VIDEO : M.I – Beef (Featuring KELE)

Posted by Tyler on May 1, 2012 in VIDEOS · 46 Comments

We all thought the beef was over ,well here we go again with another video off M.I’s second album MI2 Beef . The video featuring KELE as Kelly Hansome .


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  1. Truth be told.M.I is a good rapper.But when it comes to diss/beef,he’s not as good as Icebergslim,Kelly Hansome.
    Even Andre Blaze said it on a show he host on t.v then.He said Kelly Hansome beef song(Finish You Boy/Chocolate) is the best he ever heard from a Rapper,xpecially some1 who is not known to be a rapper.
    Put M.I and Kelly Hansome side by side.Kelly is better as a singer than M.I.and as a rapper,they are both equal.
    As for IcebergSlim,this guy is far better.Just need a good record dose Kelly.

  2. @saucekid,,,mi is far better dan d both,,,MI is jst so matured when it comes to beefing,,,hw on earth can you say kelly is an equal rapper with m.I??? Lissen 2 music brof

  3. Kelly handsome and MI on the same level in rap?, I can see dat u’re a clown

  4. @saucekiz…. Quit doin drugs! .. M.I has ended kellyhandsome’s career, he can’t even come out wit any ear worthy track… M.I ????§ d best at W???????t. He does, dere ????§ no one better than him i?????n????? africa

  5. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best video have seen from M.I thus far but this video looks kinda old tho wonder why they are just releasing the video now

  6. Criously..u r on dope

  7. @allofuna u guys should read well b4 commenting,sauce never said he is d best rap,beef that’s all I see,u heard d song ur self wat have u about it.MI is good but among the best in africa,leggo

  8. Point of correction,Kelly Hansomes’ career went down(not dead) bcoz of his fallout with Kennis Music.M.I have a good record label backing him.And pls have you heard Kelly’s rap songs.TooXclusive have them.And also listen to his Qupid Ball song(make sure your girlfriend is there when listening to it.She will love u 4it).IcebergSlim not just beta dan M.I,ice is also a beta freestyler.

    Note dat “when some1 in your category is successful than you are.It dosen’t mean they are better than:But because they had an Opportunity”.

    And also i don’t smoke.And my phone is filled with GOOD SONGs(kahliabdu,ryan leslie,blaise,godwon,common,jayz,Eva,Pryse,Eminem,sarkodie,HHP,proverb(S.A),).*soUknowWhereAmComingFrom*

  9. You guys are funny.For you to think am on dope.It means you all are on it.Have you heard Illegal Music2.All those he featured made him sound wack.HHP,Senavoe,Loose Kaynon.

  10. @tush thanks 4undastanding.We all knew Kelly Hansome as a singer.But to our suprise he replied M.I with rap song.And still he’s not given the respect he deserve.4those who think he can’t sing too,listen to QUPID BALL and LOVE SONG.You won’t regret it.

  11. Bros @sauce. Why all these long notes and yu said xenavoe and all those cats nurd’d m.I.? Yur prolly 1 of those dudes that don’t listen deep. Listen deep and come and reply

  12. A beef track is all about verbal aggression and attitude.Back in tha days when hiphop was hiphop, beef was not as watery and boring as it is now.Tha beef between ll cool j and canibus was tha bomb.Canibus won with a beef track tittled second round knock out.What about the previous feud between kool moe dee and ll cool j. remember tha feud between 2 pac and biggie,remember hit’em up by pac.Jay z and Nas had their share of hiphop beef as well,Y’all listened to jay’s takeover and nas’s ether and I wanna believe u know who tha winner was.Now back to tha feud between MI and Kelly handsome,people always analyse music especially beef tracks subjectively and with sentimental reasons and interest.Mi dropped weak lines while kelly handsome dropped fat lines in finish you boy.Mi is a great rapper but kelly had a good show with his beef track.It is what it is!

  13. @cKlin compare M.I’s verse with Senavoe,HHP,Loose Kaynon.then reply.check the comments on M.I ft HHP-Superhuman track on tooXclusive.@Eddie it’s as simple as that.Even with his self-aclaim AfricanRapperNo1,he was rated low on BETcyper”In beef/diss song,you don’t compare artists:you compare verse”.

  14. there’s no rapper u can use to compare M.I he is far better than them kely is nt a rapper and is nt even tight only 1 album since how many years as for icebergslim na back of the story

  15. Nigeria is the only place album every 7month or yearly.An album is meant to last for two years.when you push ur album well.Use wizkid album for example.the album can last two years.but trust,he well release another dis year.For kelly’s 1st album,it was a hit in the market.Even Stephen Okereke use one of his love song as soundtrack for her film “Through The Glass”.After she graduated from London film Academy.Only 2face n Kelly(both film were American production) and SLAM have achieved it.

  16. Why all these beefn…..MI undoubtly is d best amongst them and that is smethng no1 can change….hw many albums does iceberge slim got?….he should be compared to rappers like terry tha rapman…phenom…yung6ix….talking of kelly handsome….i dnt knw where the dude came from nd i dnt knw where he is goin to…they cnt be listed amongst top 10 musicians in nigeria bt trust me ITS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT M.I!!!!

  17. @saucekiz ur a facking Cunt, wat do u knw abt hiphop? kelly handsome(wat bares that?) brta dan M.I? I av heard a lot of BS dis this right here is a classic, look Fam, M.I Is btter than most american rappers, his word. play is fantanstic, his delivery, his so freaking intelligent, and FYi IM2 was a mistape to introduce all dem young cats, and M.I killed all of dem, dnt compare a nuccas track to a nuccas album…I tink @ saucekiz shd neva comment again..such a wuzz

  18. Person wey say kelly beef song beat m.I own ,,, na either e bro ,,or e no sabi music

  19. @sauceKid,pls,I beg u in d name of God,listen to good music,how on earth will u say d pple he featured killed Illegal music 2? Jeeez,smh!
    Did u hear XO’s part? Wat about prince of d south-yung6ix? E.t.c.
    Pls,go re-listen! U must be replied by M.I(he already did in his f’k u track ft icePrince-he said”u online all d tym just to find sumfin slimy to say………) Go listen to it!lol.
    I luv M.I.
    @all M.I fans,u won’t imagine how much I luv M.I’s verse on multiply remix.

  20. M.I’s flows stay simple lyk his name goes M.I,nd if u feel he aint dat dope u shld fuckin die,kellyhandsome got ugly after M.I’s beef,he had no inspiration,he started usin iceprinces oleku.iceburg iz alwayz @ d back seat in M.I’s school of increadible rap music,hw can he occupy d space he aint a planet,itz nt even possible…HATTERZ…take a nap on d ocean..hahaha


  21. Mi is d best tin dat has eva happen to africa, rap or hip hop wise. D person sayin mi n one kelly hamsome r in d same leve, up upgrade hm self. U suck u kw? Mi givs me joy afta God has…

  22. Seriously guys I listn to MI and iceberg slim songs……… I love MI… Bt iceberg slim rapp mehnn love his lyrics’mature’ if to he was in chlte city that n_gga gnna shine lyk wooooww

    • I FOR YOU

      • I LOVE MY 2014

  23. Listen. I am a Jos boy oh bt the truth is as much as I love m.i and his music the guy is not untouchable men. Stop lying to urself. M.I has done a lot 4 9ja music. B4 M.I there was mode9, ruggedman, nigga raw, 2shotz etc bt M.I put 9ja hip hop on d map & made it commercial. Bt d truth is M.I is not untouchable. In. IM2 he was outrhymed by pryse, hhp, phenom, loose kaynon & d rest came so close to outrhyming him! As much as I HATE kelly I admit he did finish M.I. As 4 iceberg he is a better freestyler than M.I bt nt a better rapper, period. M.I has icebergs number. And if we were to be honest Jesse Jagz is better than M.I I swear. When jesse decides to rap he is efin genius!! If u need proof watch choc boys on tim westwood & tell me who’s better. M.I is d face of 9ja rap music…doesn’t mean he is d best. A lot of ppl can go toe to toe with him, he is not untouchable or unbeatable. This is coming frm a Jos boy so u knw am impartial

  24. Am surprised at ur comments… I’ve listened to Kelly Handsome’s beef tracks and they are no way close to MI’s. MI is good, kelly is still a learner. Who said that MI sounded wack in his Illegal music 2 is being absurd. MI’s beef tracks somebody wants to die and beef are classics. MI doesn’t freestyle well we knw dat bt wen it comes to putting shit down he does it better than any Nigerian at the moment. Stop hating and listen to MI. If he’s not that good he wouldn’t have gone places. Kelly should stop picking fights with every1 he’s too weak for wat he’s tryna do. He picked fight with Month’ hits. Choc boiz, Terry G and even in Finish u boy he insulted Phyno. MI is on his way to being a legend while Kelly is forgotten cuz he has nothing to offer


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