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VIDEO: Erigga – Another One (Viral)

Posted by Tyler on March 10, 2014 in VIDEOS · 102 Comments

Erigga is working to ensure he is the south’s top rapper! The rapper comes through with a viral video for “Another One”.

We love what the street rap king served up this time. Watch New Money in action and drop your comments!


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  1. nonsense video
    waste my precious time

    • Mak ogun fire ? @ effizzyboy, ? behave like a low lifer

    • Efizzy since ur family linage come 2 existence dm dn ever show any of una 4 t.v..?..d wrath of devil is ur portion..

  2. total rubbish

    • Na ur ear b rubbish

    • Sophia bt d music no rubbish rich ur useless family na..idiot which 1 u fit do..una own na 2 condemn boko haram go end all of una story..IDIOT

  3. Erigga is always on point, nice one bruv,W?e feelin dis.

    • U ar rit, erigga is speking the true?t .

  4. Erriga ur gud… I felt d words dat wz said.. Fire burn the wicked

  5. abi una want d hear only abt women women
    this is real street if u don’t like it go to hell

  6. The 50 billion naira dream….erriga d street dey feel u die. Fuck all dis ofrukpe niggas

  7. Erriga u ar bless, all ur ofrukpe niggas all deir head burn!!!

  8. Erigga ur always on point
    U too much

  9. Paper boy I dey feel u, nice one we need more of dis!

  10. Stupid song . Fucked up lyrics

    • U b fool to write dis rubbish, u sabi sing idiot

  11. on point/ but d mb 2 dy big nau/ whl nant upload and rename to 3gp so dat sum nigas go fit save mb or bera stil download!

  12. nice 1 broh u…killin dis beat mehn wit enuf talk broh…ride on notin do u

  13. Erigga you r always on point, street lord I hail you Boss, na real matter…

  14. D beat, Lyrics and video too make sense; make all haterz go fuck stone.

  15. name one life we get.we no get anoda one nice speech

  16. its newmoney paper boi mehn, its d 50billion naira plan nor wori wen d moni cum u go draw anoda plan…9ce 1 urhobo strong head

  17. Nice one. Dope jam.

    • For me Erigga is not just a beat killer but the best..! Cuz the guy dey tell me weting I wan hear…,d for video if any fool things that it’s not ok Hmmm den make Mumu do one make we see

  18. Erriga see no try do video for ur life again, which kind low life video be this na? Go ask olamide nd ice prince how to dress nd meet Patrick elis if u really want a video. All those cheap girls. Ur audio na bomb I love it. No try video oooooo warning from………………

  19. I can feel this paper boi, more of it, less of raw songs and more of reality songs like this,I remeba doz dayz wen uncles dey fuck up bt now dem dey dobale

  20. Most peepz jux de critisize,and most of dem don’t evn av d morale 2 sing in local gatherings talkless of doing a video,he’s gonna improve,life na step by step,na once dem ice prince take reach dat level,few yrs 2 com erigga go be d talk of Africa,keep it up paper boi.

  21. de truth is better but its good to say it. Dis aint erigga we used to know.
    Not cool

  22. GoTo to download InQQ’s latest jam O na aba aba.

  23. Hit dis link to grab ur copy of InQQ’s O na aba aba.

  24. Nice one

  25. Dope dope Jam

  26. Make him go learn 4rm d oné n only king of d south yung6ix KKTBM 4ever ….eriga learner

  27. Paper boi if ya not the best I swear der is another you, mank dose ones were dey hate you come hang dem cloth 4 ya money. Nice song sweet video all dose niggaz na fake yansh jare

  28. erigga pepeli dem senses i blv u guy any rapa tzn we kpuff am troway no waste tym snd am go wer dagrin dey….am feeln d beat men enof tok….u 2 mch bro

  29. For those that condemn it was stated clearly that it is a viral video so why bother wag ur tongues. Erigga nice song BUT I think its high time u did a serious commercial so u cud make more money. U don already gather fans wey go push your song across d world so just give us a commercial or a hit single.

  30. Leave it or take it,erriga is still d best rapper.cari go joor

  31. Erigga u get mouth

  32. Dope song…nice beatz,the picture quality tried but bro work on ur fashion sence….if itz street as u call it why then did u have girl wyning to a rap song? Cmon mehndatz waaaayyy too wake, anyways plz work on ur fashion sence and yeah…ur vocalz too

    • make turnder open una mama toto,,,,uan deh craze,,,weytin concern u,,if d video poor,,,,hw many u don do,,,,even u kngsley,,,,,ur moda left breast,,,,go chop mess,,,if u go see arm,,,,mumu,,,,erigga carry on,,,,u rap pass iceprince, olamide, m.i,, nd all of dem

  33. 50 billion pple dey wait make ur abum drop broda. Paper boi we dey feel u jor,jst dey hit d street u get month die

  34. ooooooohhhhhh who born diz manchy??? paper boi murder diz beat…..dancing limpopo wit ur two gun hand…

  35. paper boi tell dem wat de are suppose to know, talking abt money not bullsit…….fuck the wicked bro.

    • Erriga is the voice of the street,,the real ,king of the south

  36. dope song dope lyrics.. but the video is too poor.. for crayin out loud ERIGGA is no longer an UP coming artist.. CLARANCE OR PATRIC ELIS would hav been more productive.. all thesame erigga u BAM!!!

  37. Erigga baba I dey feel yhu die

  38. Erriga the bomb we the feel you die for lag say I be up coming I gat blow noni I dey feel u for lag man good job

  39. love ur Good music…. keep it kushed up

  40. na only ofrupkey go say e never drink nigga…..
    Erigga I dey believe am die… tombs up for u pepper boi!.


  42. Who b dis efizzyboy, wen no sabi wen streeb b.. e sure 4me say na 1 of doz 2go boiz…guy go smoke weed b4 yu comment here.

  43. Who b dis efizzyboy, wen no sabi wen street b.. e sure 4me say na 1 of doz 2go boiz…guy go smoke weed b4 yu comment here.

  44. nice one bro.. feeling you every moment, warri boi wit d big logo

  45. Erigga u baxd I rap am like nail baxdess rap ever livety

  46. Erriga ur mama born u born d street ur bless kip poping waffi town till d day I die

  47. Erigga u ova barm,benue guy dey we’re u dey carry go

  48. Erigga u try die 4get those assholes wen dey talk rubbish…make dem go sing their own na

  49. Erigga yhu kiling me wit ur street credibility keep it up

  50. To hell wif anmial dat don’t like ERIGGA. , must u commet if u don’t like. # fire burn pple dat talk rubbish

  51. pull all the gurlz top with my speckers as i blast your jam

  52. I like this!!
    Na one life we get we no get another one!!
    Real song for the street men!!
    Wow this song gat my mind made up..

  53. Hi keep it up very nice

  54. Hi keep it up very nice

  55. erriga is me double-t i remain ur loyal boy trust me those idiot dnt knw wot they ar sayin nt even warri2pack nice songs and vidio u gat d sout olamide d west phyno d east mi and iceprince d north no shakeing go snowman is always cause ashawo mama beria husband no dey dey dats y they keep on beefin and b4 them knw u by all rapers.but a litle advise d mb is 2much pls new money d label at d top

  56. Keep the ball rolling erigga!

  57. cant say notin


  59. erigga,,,,,no worry,,,,,nah u go soon be d best rapper make god bless u nd ur life

  60. Carry on u bam totoro I dey fill u die

  61. Erriga! Mo’ma’we’ll’ o’ tu’. U gat talent move on $ plz! Do it in anoda level! Am feeling u

  62. na wen soup hot na dem take dey chop am…..a beg fire burn all d wicked pple u knw…lyf is movin 2 fast,I gat slow headin 2 d chemist….is ur boy erigga new money…ok ok ok… b lie we warri boys we 2 strong lyk gadafi…we b lyk tortise ur name no dey comot 4 story…..ERIGGA CARRY WAKA WARRI BOY TILL D DAY WEN MY CASKET DEY GO…Confam na real matters…

  63. fire burn all d wicked pple u know…

  64. fire burn all d wicked pple

  65. Emuowo

  66. Emuowo

  67. erigga I d feel u die¡ no mind all doz ofrokpo niggas coz u are d bst among d bst among d rest, u ar d bst

  68. Erigga the street they fill u die..

  69. King of d south til u die dm no go hea word

  70. Omo erigga god bless d mama nd papa wy born u..u 2mch ur d need 2 brag abt ofrukpe nigga’s dem..make dm dy drag abt am..u 2mch..RESPECT..2 u….u 2mch pass 2mch him self..

  71. Nah one life I get. I ain’t another one BOSS. If I say I ain’t feeling ya then am lying. Say the truth in the bad ways BOSS I hail oh

  72. Nah one life I get. I ain’t another one BOSS. If I say I ain’t feeling ya then am lying. Say the truth in the bad ways BOSS I hail oh

  73. I like ur styel guy keep it up one lov

  74. Erriga u dey fuck up … U just dey talk any how rubish boy maybe you one go back to dat jail wen u for they cum stupid boy … You dey bost code they disgrace urfuckin self Rubish

    • Why U de vex for erigga Baba ??? se him sheat for ur doormot….. U better belief the guy before thunder fire ur father….

  75. I swear Erigga Me love I pass my father … I go swapp my mother For U. Ur Head full their papa Cap.

  76. Any person wen dey blast dis jam na learner… Erigga legit king of d south. WAT X?

  77. nice one erigma….

  78. nice one erigma….

  79. nice one erigma….

  80. i luv ur songz eriggz my man u are dy bst

  81. leave effizyboy na mumu dat him drunkard fada knw wetin be tv forget sophia na so so boro boro of pant she knw na devil go conderm una were conderm people

  82. erigga na boss anonymous na oga, den i be chairmoooo

  83. Y dem go dem vex follow me I shit for their domut

  84. erigga dey fire on,evn when you no get fan na you fans dey blow you,i evn carry our name go place wher them no kno you them con dey happy like who drink nono. One love bother

  85. erigga ,who no kno you that parson brain na fiter,erigga we go cary ur name go wer them no kno you;one love bother.

  86. how one man go dey on e own dey inflect pain on e felow man,boko dey bomb one side but that one no pain them,na the smal fuel wer i day get put inside my ride:Erigga any body wer say u no dey that parson nevr enta wer people dey:cary on my bother we blev you die.

  87. erigga if any body like make e dey you back and if them like make them no dey: wer u day now all this hater no ft meet you again :one love bother

  88. erigga make God bless mama wer born you for me ooo,keep it up jus as u say Ashawo love am,even jesse ned am.

  89. erigga roget u u dey yan thit wey dey make other niggas jealous

  90. Southshout to erigga

  91. if all those ofruekpe Niggz want try Erigga we go burn dia head with d ganja

  92. u too gud

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