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VIDEO: LayLow – What It Do ft. Vector, Olamide, Phyno, SosSick, Yung6ix, Buckwylla, Liu T, Phenom & Seriki

Posted by Kas on May 1, 2014 in VIDEOS · 91 Comments

The official video for the star studded all star single “What It Do” by LayLow featuring Buckwylla, SosSick, Phyno, Yung6ix, Seriki, Phenom, Olamide, Liu T & Vector. Directed by MattMax. Follow LayLow on Instagram @laylowonline and get a chance to win $1,000 by making a video of yourself singing along to your favorite part of the song.


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  1. i think am the first to comment or probably download this dope shit here.. no regrets

  2. Bin waiting for dis song….

  3. Wait ooo..vector ddnt rap in d audio version…rada it was jesse jags

  4. *Dope*

  5. Vector I dey gbadun u bro

  6. Where’s ma nigga j jazzzz

  7. i gbadun it

  8. It enjoyable 2 me nd frend luv ya

  9. Dope… ‘ Got the picture late,like a ghost staring at his own obituary ‘ – phenom

  10. Why is Jagz not on d video..

  11. where’s the boss Iceprince

  12. Wow.. Am i allowed to say that again?! This is awesome… Oshe…late video tho!

  13. Wow… This is awesome. Collaboration of the year…

  14. Wow… Collaboration of the year…

  15. I will like d audio cus of vector,,

  16. I guess Jasse jagz wasn’t available for the video shoot… So they av to replace him wit another dope rapper

    • Jesse jagz had d best verse in the audio would have been gr8t if he was on d video…. Vector good replacement tho

  17. Son of d gun let d fada nt speak- vector

  18. They re out of Words like torn pages in dictionary – phenom

  19. yungsix killed dem all,they weak lik seven days

  20. yungsix killed dem all,dey weak like seven days

  21. Olamide badoo..eminikan nimam hot nigba winter

  22. Kul one guys, VEC wagbayi, u kill em all, six too is crazy

  23. Kul one guys, VEC wagbayi, u kill em all, six too is crazy best colabo

  24. Kul one guys, VEC wagbayi, u kill em all, six too is crazy best colabo

  25. Dis track is dope…wher is ma nigga jesse jags

  26. Dis track is dope…where is ma guy jesse jags

  27. In the higher institute of Rap VEC is the V.C. Nice one guys….the dope was properly Rapped

  28. Long awaited video……… Laylow sent the video to me yesterday tru tweeter…….

  29. F**k laylow F???? ?Ö† adding ma niggah jesse jags T?????ø †?? video….if ?? knew say jesse jags ????????????? D??????y????? der ni ?? wunt download A?????…..BU?????h anywayz man Ø????????????? the year,night house general ????? the king Ø????????????? the south still make sense wen dropping the 16’s

  30. It can never be complete witout #Jargo

  31. Phenom and vector killed oda niqqas in vis shii. .

  32. Jesse was dopest in d audio…… Vector is a gOod replacement tho…… They all tried…. Kudos

  33. phyno killd it all… Uru dia

  34. I drink, I drive nd safe of d police cuz in ma state of mind all corpse r disposal….always given to dem HOT “VEC“ sure did let is dadi speak to d oda rapper….shout out to phenom too dat was dopE

  35. Nice collabotion and gud visual video love ya all

  36. Were is Jesse jags???? Gud replacement tho..phyno obago kills it all while vector murdered it

  37. Vec is the beast and Olamide is d animal while phenom is d vampire, you guys tried all

  38. MattMaxx you copied the HD satellite search by galileo on youtube better not get arrested and jail. Well Batu Studios is coming for you and Sesan! #stay turn for mega VFX . Anyway! Best music video ever seen

  39. Cool video…..was nice adding vector but not cool removing jesse jagz part…..

  40. Vector n phenom killd tiz track….tiz track is fuckinq dope..

  41. Where is Jargo?OHG-jargo murdered dy audio-sh**ting Niggas in dy game like its Medal of Honour@JesseJagz-a big shoutOut to Phenom and Yung6ix

  42. Jesse jagz killed this track more dan any mc on this song…so sad laylow droped his verse

  43. Few lines i can remember from jesse jagz verse

    See I was gone for a while and my troops ain’t miss me,
    First a nigga diss me, now I’m bck with a 50,
    See I got a clip, see I’ma do what I wanna
    Shootin Niggaas in the game like it’s a medal of honor,
    OK, I know, they wanna do man ting
    but my destiny is on a Buju Bad ting (Buju Banton)
    Where the muthafuckas at, it’s pay back time
    Got a niggaaa goin huuuhh, like maybach’s mine
    Time is money, nigga pay that fine, I made that line, niggaas hate that line
    Muscle on ma money, never play with ma drive, these niggaas they should know never play with that a God

  44. OMG I don’t no wat 2 say. Naija industry is getting crazy while d lions still stand as soldiers but one lion is missing Lay Low. Wats wrong with my dude?

  45. Long awaited video…..#mattmax still d best director I know#….#very promising director#its well,,,,its well,,,,its well…*winks*

  46. Laylow……why why why why…where is Jesse jazz, ahan… you know better sha

  47. Jargo murdered all rappers combined, vector can never replace jesse jagz on a joint, in the booth, or spitting flames on the mic

  48. Dis shit will neva b complete without d viper VEC go get dem..well sed laylow

    • It’s imrteapive that more people make this exact point.

    • Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

  49. Nice 1! Bt erigga is miss. Laylow y?

  50. Laylow I miss the south king EriGGa

  51. LayLow ” I Tell You This Video Is The Bomb, More Grease To Your Elbows!!! #MattMax Is See You, Good Job!

  52. Wen cray dope rappers com do shii like dis,u just sit,relax,and listen….VEC all the way nice punches

  53. #mattmax cool concept but what’s the deal with the forever present mouse and he aint even a rapper thou

  54. Vec killed the track…….

  55. I love this vector killed it and phyno murder it

  56. Gat a simple question bou dis video. Y is Jesse Jags not on it??? I downloaded it simply because of him and was seriously heart broken wen I didnt watch him deliver d heavy bars he dropped during the recording.

  57. Replace seriki wit so it wil complete nic 1 lay low but my guy reminisce

  58. Replace seriki wit alaga so it wil complete nic 1 lay low but my guy reminisce

  59. Dis modafuckers tink dat music is meant for em alone dey replaced jesse jagz wit vector well who fits better

  60. Forget ur toothpick na money I dey chop….YungSix!!!!!

  61. LIU T killed it. I love LIU T

  62. Where Is Jesse jags!!! Cool tho

  63. Where Is Jesse jags!!! Cool tho

  64. Mehn this video can never be complete without jessejags because his part was the best in the audio. I’m still expecting his own from laylow. Then as for this video…., mehn is dope Serikis’ concept was the best, seconded by phyno, 3rd phenom, 4th yung6, just like that… Laylow ft Mode nine, Morrel, ExperimenT, Reminisce, Mr raw, Endia, M.I, Yung L in What it do Rmx. Download and enjoy

  65. its nt fair, my jesse j is nt der……

  66. Am really disappointed at their fears cuz dey tot maybe jesse jags got d whole concept n d fear dat he truely murderd dem

  67. Seeing is believing buh I still bid for mah warri boi(YUNG6iX) NIce video ever seen forget jesse jagga jhoor

  68. I don’t think dis video is complete…. Unless with JARGO!! Microphone magician is #JesseJagzAbaga

  69. Anyi bi n’ulo enu-Phyno murdered it

  70. Nancy

  71. as far as young6ix is der ogadimma

  72. Where tha fuck is Jesse Jagz?!!!

  73. my nigga phyno murdered them. that’s alobam

  74. Dey all tried bt I feel Badoo much, Rep YBNL

  75. olamide am feeling you any day

  76. Brava phyno and illbliss

  77. Nope It was me first guy ok

  78. u sure pass bro

  79. lord knowns sinzu would have murdered dis song..mtcheeeew! sinzu is sinzu best rapper in Africa believe it or leave it that’s a facts… adeteyu!

  80. Jesse were re you

  81. Olamide…Badoo!!! feel u ma Nigga! wannna b like U

  82. Olamide is a fucking boss!!! Jeez that was dope from him

  83. yung6ix said all this rappers they weak/week like seven days. Phenom said am never running out of bars I no Michael Scofield. Vector is just a beast.

  84. I love the song a lot but still late video

  85. baddo kill it

  86. Vector tha viper ur mha mentor,, vec u na bad guy luv u

  87. Dope video

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