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VIDEO: Tiwa Savage – Wanted

Posted by @Tobi_tx on May 28, 2014 in VIDEOS · 273 Comments

Mavin Records keep it coming with this video from the record label’s First Lady, Tiwa Savage. She releases the visuals to her Wanted track which is off her debut albumOnce Upon A Time.

Tiwa definitely has some sexy moves on her.

Comments below please!


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  1. Tiwa u are married nw I think u should behave like a married woman. I see no reason y u should be half naked in ur video. Show a sign of maturity.

    • Fuck you dumb retard its show bizz she is an entertainer it has nothing with her being married no be you go came remind am say she married..smh!!!dumb ass.kip up the work Tiwa baby

      • See this 1,u r concorin nonsense,dis is rubbish,she is married n she should behave composed nt dis nonsense she is doin

        • Bitch let her be

      • U be mumu o, nigeria na america, doro tiwa ? Our children are lookin @ all dis videos 4 c.o.lll, pls be mordrate tiwa. I luv ur songs nt ur dressing… Vikz

      • Well her daughters will imitate her too

    • Mr Tony is here again. Let’s call a spade a spade nd stop ranting rubbish encouraging msgs. I still remember dis quote “DRESS IN A WAY U WANT PPL TO ADDRESS YOU”. Tiwa der is God ohhhhh!

      • see critics, Dang!!!!

  2. Fuck you dumb retard its show bizz she is an entertainer it has nothing with her being married no be you go came remind am say she married..smh!!!dumb ass.kip up the work Tiwa baby

  3. One of d tins dAt brings abt break up in d Entertainment industries. Sikena!!!

  4. None of your bizz.her husband is her manager…so

  5. This tony na fool o..hahahah…damn U!

  6. dorosweetvideo, love d artistic part , its always good to see something new and different in d industry. tiwa ure a trend setter. dorohot dorofresh

  7. Dis is nothing but showing us different styles sh?????? uses to fuck her husband…bitch

    • You better start taking notes!! She might help you with your bedroom skills!!! LOL!!!!

    • u sound like a pervert , nw get ur hands out ur pants n appreciate d sex appeal by listening to d words n understanding d video.

    • Leave hot tiwa,her husband love her like that she want to be more popular

  8. its kool,I like It!.

  9. when ure as hot as this u cant hide it pls feel free to show urself. u deserve it mami. if i have d opportunity to b in d spotlite i will show off my sexy body and she did it with class. thumbsup girl u brought sexy back

  10. Great Job Tiwa. No slowing down. Married or not. Its entertainment. Its entertaining. Carry go!

  11. Funny thing is that this video just shows us how versatile Tiwa Savage can be!! When you are talented, YOU ARE TALENTED!! Y’ALL CAN HATE ALL YOU WANT, BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT SHE IS WANTED!!! #SHIKENA!!

  12. #DoroTiwa #DoroWanted #DoroHot #DoroSexy #DoroFire #DoroTakeOver!!! Thats all i can say!!! Video too on point!!!!

  13. We are the champions!!! Mavins are the Champions!!! see Tiwa o!!! 1st lady things!!! Tiwa Tiwa Tiwa looking on point!! Vidoe was too crazy!!!!

  14. Pple sha go just dey hate,abeg him husband complain to u say he no wnt make she go half naked to do her video?she’s talented and sexy shikena.dorotiwa carry on joor dnt mind dos smellos

  15. Nice song buh d video is too raunchy…moreover my opinion don’t matter…

  16. Dis Is bullshit

  17. Mavin Records keep it coming with this video from the record label’s First Lady,Tiwa Savage. She releases the visuals to her “Wanted“ track which is off her debut album “Once Upon A Time“. Tiwa definitely has some sexy moves on her. Download More Vidoe Here

  18. DoroTiwa….u killing me, hw I wish I was d lucky Guy##

  19. All you hypocrites! Beyonce did drunk in love u called her hot n her video awesome, Rihanna did pour it up u fools hailed her twerk skills , miley did wrecking ball u all praised her but you can’t praise your own! I can’t deal with u Nigerians

    • One idiot said pple praised miley cirus for wrecking ball. Get ur facts right bruh, she was bashed for that video. Tiwa, if pple bash u take it. U’ve always been fake to me sef, with ur fake voice. I no blame u, na becos babes with finer voice such as waje, omawummi and even dis new Jonny babe neva give u run for ur money. Dey show us ur black married yansh, dats all u’ve got boo.

      • Fifi or wot Eva ur name is u r d dat idiot if u dnt lik tiwa we luv her OK… Y r u guys lik to pull ppl down u r big hater n I hate u for dis… Her voice if u dnt lik d video den u fuck off n stop mekin noise her pls dis life is too short to ask a fool lik u a question bad belle

        • Fifi u do knw you’re stupid right? You bashed miley but u watched her video and listened to her music in secret! This makes u d king or queen whatever sex u r! Of hypocrite! You r so dumb for thinking Tiwa is actually nude! Missy she’s not she’s wearing a shear suit that blends with her complexion, Beyonce wears that on stage. I don’t blame you tho you r just too dumb. Mind you Tiwa is making her money while u r here hating on her ass…I’m not a fan but I hate hypocrisy. That’s what u Nigerians are. Are u more holier than her? Mind u her husband isn’t complaining those that covered their body where is their marriage now? Abi na to cover body go keep ur marriage? Wake up this is 21st century stop living in th medieval era my nigga!

          • Tiwa, Nice video… Bt f**k it! We are Africans… We have a culture to protect, we have an heritage to keep.. If u think making money with nudity sells for u, Good.. Bt remember, dead people don’t take their money along..they only leave legacies behind.. And to talk of being a model for the upcoming generation, I don’t think this would work out,.. Nice song tho, Bt a controversial video.. I still remain ur fan, bt try and work out something to promote our African Heritage..

          • Stupid pple, birds of d same feathers y u na no go dey insults fifi bcos dat wot u guys r also doin DOGS. For me tiwa is really fake I mean fake wit all his foolish so called makeup.

          • Exactly, hypocrites. Mean while dey do worse things dan her. In case u all don’t knw, Tiwa is not nude.

  20. All these naija female artistes are just showin nude,that won’t sell d video

    • Casilia

  21. This is catastrophe!

  22. The video has beyonce written over it

  23. What a sh****t .juss bikos u won sell video..all body out side u no sopose where clothe na…ozua…I pitty ur husband …shaaaa

  24. Na wa o…you sha wan turn beyonce by force….and sorry u aint wanted…Nigerian men love sexy shows,but they wld never want to be with that type of woman..Your husband may be happy with your dirty moves,But God can’t be,you causing sexual curioisty amongst men and some ladies…God dislikes nudity and therefore made clothes for adam and eve..You can reveal skin but this one too much madam..

  25. tiwa got my precious attention like a sergeant

  26. Wat y’all shuld understand is that african culture won’t accept dis!!!! N we shuldnt allow d fact dah miley,rihanna n beyonce does dis tinz….if she was in america or else where cool n fine but our culture doesn’t allow dis…am nt sure her mother would accept dis…doro tiwa or nt let us reli face d fact dr was a place she was doing as if she was having sex….it aint cool…n d sad part is some pple won’t say d fact…am a huge fan of tiwa savage but dis is just nt cool @all…..d only diff btw her n kim is dah kim can’t sing

  27. Nice video Tiwa,ur husband dy enjoi ooo…if u lyk hate or love her famz pipl wul download,n una wey dy insult ha I knw say d video stl dy una fone n una dy watch am!!!

  28. Fuck you fool!!!

  29. Stupid video, dumb ugly girl. What is even interesting cos i see no exotic moves in her dance, wants to be Beyone, those moves can be done by anybody so where is the talent.

    • Y r u cryin hater…

  30. Stupid video, dumb ugly girl. What is even interesting cos i see no exotic moves in her dance, wants to be Beyone, those moves can be done by anybody so where is the talent.

  31. No comment!!!!

  32. Drrz God oooo! Lol

  33. This video sha..*speechless*

  34. Its kul sha….

  35. Leave tiwa alone….d fool dat said God gave man cloth,no be nakedness God made humans..Am not against God o

  36. Chai! Tiwa jes gave sum niggaz a wankin tool…..lmao !

    • Ure a fool man

    • Haaahaaaa haaa

  37. She’s good..haters everywhere l c…shame on you

  38. Patiently waitin to c wah comes afta dis…..mojo i guess! Lmfao!

  39. Truly dere z God oo.. if the video were to be polite enough, people won’t be criticizing it lyk dis, personally d video is too raunchy and shouldn’t be done by any female, **not to talk of a married one**, dEre z God oo, and He is coming soon.

  40. Was dis?

  41. Some of u don’t know what’s called showbiz! The video is not bad. Thosed who re talking abt her being married or not being married shu know dat Tiwa’s husband is her manager n he understands…..Follow me @RealJohnmodel

  42. Chai! Chai!! Dia is God oooh

    • Chai! Chai! Chai! My frnd Tiwa God dey ooooo na only u waka come 4 d video u no even call me

  43. She aint naked so what’s d biggie its show biz am sure d ones saying trash about her wish they was half as hot as she is so suckers deal with it she no force una watch d video

    • Y’all saying if its bey or rihanna nigerians would praise dem…. D case is just like u not wanting ur daughter2 do such n u praise some1 elses daughter to show her body n do sexy moves on a music video like a porn star so that guyz can wank wif it…cos I believe dats the only reason y she would do dah kinda video…dose pple against tiwa vid actually care 4 her n dose prasing her wouldn’t even want dr friend 2 do such nt 2 talk of dr loved 1s….yes she Would make moni wif it bu wat abt her dignity? N God help her if her husband don get wetin he want go settle 4 a well behaved girl na den her head go correct abi she tink say na by marriage?….so pls let’s discourage dis…it aint right

  44. Thank God patoranking featured u, I have a feeling, She wants grammy by all means. she could not make it in US and now she has used the cheap industry in Nigeria as a stepping stone. she doesn’t need your useless culture again…she is targeting the American market. with this video, she is not different from Boko haram. this video is a slap on #bringbackourgirls, your dream is not bad, but wrong timing. creative video director anyway.

  45. Hmm… Nice Song…. Nice body… She’s an entertainer and is good at what she does….. But I think her costume didn’t go well… Make-up, too heavy. Moves, on point. That costume is a thin line between Sexy and Trashy.

  46. na una knw oooooooo she na una dey marry am,,,,,oya go pay bride price na ……….nice work tiwa

  47. Ya’ll just takin panadol 4 Tiwa’s headache…dunno wah da ish is wif black ppl. No be by force 2 download am.

  48. I don’t see anytin wrong wit dis video. Is it bcos she is nigeria or wat? Cos u guys don’t mind if its an American doing d same tin. Tiwa, u re talented n I love d energy u put in ur work. So cos she is married, she shld be shoting deeper life kind of video? If u can’t appreciate dis video, it means u shld nt be watching any music channel.

  49. I like this video. But is too short.

  50. Best video… Love this tiwa from Ovi Banks

  51. Fantastic video……………..

    • U guyz shud disturbin her. Her hubby aint complaining. Whuever is sayin God here and God there, are u saved, plz I beg u shut the fuck up

  52. Child of the Devil. Talent is nt all abt nakedness, its abt skill, and skill are not displayed while naked. Tiwa!!! I love u, but shon nakedness swags. It can never lead u d way up, bt down. As for ur encouragers asked them if dey can come dance naked on any stage. Dey are jst being decisive. TIWA………..”GOD FRIST”.

    • she is not naked!!!! the cloth is just tight fitting n d colour of her skin!!!!

  53. Child of the Devil. Talent is nt all abt nakedness, its abt skill, and skill are not displayed while naked. Tiwa!!! I love u, but shon nakedness swags. It can never lead u d way up, bt down. As for ur encouragers asked them if dey can come dance naked on any stage. Dey are jst being decisive. TIWA………..”GOD FRIST”.

  54. Rubbish,alWays wana imtate rihana,cant. She imtate Missy Elliot?

  55. Tiwa……ur dammmm good I love d video n ur body moves…buh u 4 show us more naauu like ur booobs make see am small no be only “Tee billion” go dey chop am!!!! Loooooooolzzz

  56. Pple wey no show dere body foR d industy,their marriage no last…..I pity u wey come use ur body dey make money for ur husband,anoda gifted girl will ur hubby manage soon after we don see ur cunt finish. I hope u knw wat Bobby did to withney.get dis into ur thick skull u can never b beyonce or madonna !!!

  57. Negative comments everywhere,you all should get a life.she’s getting richer and u re hating and sweating over nothing..she’s doing her thing(entertaining)..your opinions don’t count..she’s an adult and has d full support of her husband..whatever happens at d end whether good or bad is their own palava..carry ur own cross na..there’s bound to be good and evil in the world no thanks to adam & eve so nothing u preach or pray abt can change it.besides must you watch or listen to such,y not download gospel songs, abi na..haaaaba…making her more popular sef of which she is already…chai.

  58. If u wanted so badly to be dis trashy finally, why settle for marriage! D nudity tin goes well wit single gals! I hope ull be proud to show ur kids dis trash someday! Naija neva reach dat level, stop fooling urself and stick to ur talent

    • Wow wow wow , a lot of thing to say but hey who noticed tiwa aint as beautiful as before maybe the marijuana just kicked in lol … Anyway Well to say the truth I kinda like the video is sheek and its new from Tiwa … News flash people , the industry doesn’t care if you married or not , you think if they started going by principal’s una go see anytin watch again … Abeg eeeeE… But if beyonce does it Or Even MaDonnA it would be alright abi … Shewww … Its her choice of worth she wants and HEY if you don’t like it just delete from your phone … Weder you like am ,weder you nor like am oooo , her money don enter her hand , una don use money or MB download amm … #Lwkmdo …

  59. Na wa o. Why was she putting her hand in her pussy? Dis video sucks.

    • Heeeyyyyy. Chai I don die oh! Tiwa did not finger herself ooohhh. Lol! I just can’t stop laffing. Y’all got ya own views about thinz. Those who say she is a bitch evolved from squirrels. Cos even monkeys would watch the video and know that she isn’t nude. Lmao. Hehehehe.

  60. You all supporting this knows this isn’t any cool stuff. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t wanna see your sister doing this, your girl friend doing this, your wife doing this or your daughter not only doing this, but watching this as well. Its entertainment, yes its entertainment, but it doesn’t meet any decent market, anywhere in the world. But before you completely crucify her, I think these Nigerian artistes using vulgar languages & going meaningless with their musics should have a share of the insults, one can hardly play some of their musics in the public or within a family gathering any longer, haba! The ‘nyash’ talk, the ‘fire pass motor’ talk, the ‘rendezvous in my room’ thing… Omo! Its in the rise na, we should talk about that, listen to don jazzy is coming with precautions these days

    • This is ACtually too much for a married woman.

  61. This is awful, Tiwa Why?

    • Shut d f**k up, wad did she wear dat was dat bad? A skin tone ?!! HABA nigerians

  62. Hater should plz stop attacking dis poor girl. Wen her marriage breaks up nobody will be Der to settle it. Now dorotiwa, am kind of disappointed at dis video cuz I neva expected dis frm u. I respected u soo much to see dis on air. Wat do u want to leave behind for d cuming generation andd kids dat wants to be like u wen Dey grow up. Thou I still appreciate u but try and make adjustment.

  63. U people are just hypocrites. Is beyonce not married,yet u people die for her videos. Lame African mentality. That’s why you peope wud never be a first world country.fools.

  64. Aint see anything bad in this video…..Nice one there @DoroTiwa

    • The video is not as bad as its painted…If it Bey or Rihanna peeps will applaud…when do we stop this Holier than thou issh!

  65. Haters are gonna keep hating. Your husband loves and supports you…what else cud u possibly wish for? Pay them haters no mind, Tiwa!

  66. There’s nothing bad in dis Video, Tiwa baby ride on we de Yur back jooooR

  67. nice video keep it up,I will like to see more!!!!!!!!!!

  68. There’s nothing bad in de Video, Tiwa carry go jooR

  69. some of you guys are just pretty stupid. she wasn’t naked or even half naked .she Was wearing her tone skin jump suit nd she looked sexy. nice one tiwa nd haters stop Hating . she wont even give a fuck about wat u think

  70. In d name of development, swagg (westernisation) you destroying your culture and very soon you will nolonger be an identity for your country…check out zahara

  71. The greatest songs of all time… The ones whose original artists died long b4 I was born, songs I heard my father song and thesame songs I now sing to lull my own kids to sleep… They never sold by opening their bodies… They are old songs, but the melody is ever new… Ever green… That’s something no Tiwa or Beyonce or Rihana and their likes will ever have. If you have to do a nude video to sell your songs then your real talent is in pornography not music.

  72. Na only skin tone jump suit waka come Tiwa? What of two breast?? And two but cheek? Maybe one lucky guy to feel all the grinding? Even a girl sef!!! Chai!! Chai!!! There is God oh!!! These things u are covering there is God oh!!!

  73. bet why una blind like this? una no c say she wear skin ni?? gosh! 9ja ehn,ele gbon mo i swear… pesin wear skin den con edit am so una go tink say she dey naked … and u guys keep saying trashy wrds against her…. if den cheq most of una acc like dat

  74. Bring our girls back; take tiwa. According to her, she is WANTED!!! There are better things to compare the nigerian market to the americans. How about the ‘security market?’ How about the job-market? health-market? Poverty-market? Y’all just here supporting profainity. JESUS IS COMING AGAIN. And guess what? Its all man for himself. This is way-way outta the box. If tiwa has forgotten her root, we shouldn’t. We care for each other, that’s why we are africans & concerned. But the white folks don’t. If you are supporting her. May your mother, wife, sister and daughter some-day go naked & get cheers. Say an amen if you would like that. Better b truthful & reflect on heaven.

  75. with no doubt, the concept behind this video is great. i like it

  76. Any one comparing NIGERIA to AMERICA and the rest should wait for the result . You don’t have to go nude or watever to be cool my dear . Its an advice

  77. mavin records are still the best, the haters are just confused admirers

  78. Trash!trash!trash….dear tiwa, you are sexy…u really don’t have to force it….this doesn’t kill my love for you tho..i still think you are the change the female artist needs.just don’t force it and don’t rush it.

  79. Her way!!

  80. this is a good job, you all shpuld say nothing to teebillz.. mention a female artiste that can do as better as she has don?

  81. I rily don’t c anitin wrong with this video. No nudity, jst ur imagination. Good work tiwa

    • i dont know whats wrong with the lost souls, it is quite perfect

  82. tiwa savage got it real, the video is jus a simple and trendy video. if she isnt good, she wouldnt have been nominated for MAMA and BET awards.

  83. watched the vdeo over and over again, i found nothing wrong it it. then how does marriage relates with a world class artiste”s video? im confused on you people ooo

    • Fool!! Let ur sis do it

    • As much I like you Salvage… Am totally embarssed with your display of nudity and insanity in the video, We African hv our own culture and it must be respected… Tiwa u hv no respect for ur marriage, if care is not taking ur Marriage is in the brinks of collapse, strive to be a good example to young ones and our culture.Rihanna or Beyonce are impolitic creatures, Be yourself

  84. good job mavin records

  85. I don’t see anyting wrong with what she wore,its better than the pant and bra that female wear as costumes in there video shoots,but what is keeping me wondering is that tiwa is degrading in her video performances
    Let’s look at her first video:kele kele love similar dance moves up till date,she needs to improve in her dance moves,employ choreographers to coach her towards any video she intends to release,give her concepts to apply in her dances cos as far as I am concerned there is nothing interesting to look forwad seeing anymore.
    Am a strong fan of tiwa but to be truthful when tins r not going d way they ought to be we need to criticize it.
    She is not researching on how to do better,even when she knows she’s got vocals but other activities in terms of the concepts she delivers is too poor.
    Tiwa wake up else ur talent will soon be cut short,trust me.
    Candid Advice.PEACE

    • I see naton wrung wid Da video xcept fur her wearing d same costume all tru d scenes & her touching her pussy. Naton wrung wid d costume & all the moves!! She’s an entertainer not a pastor
      U pretending nat to like d video becos its not actually a porn video doing all of u longerthroat……

  86. you all dont compare Nigerian artistes with the Europian/American artistes, there are much difference pls. we are good in our oen way, love you people

  87. lol. all fans of tiwa don’t b amuse cos its her work (entatainer) and perhaps d@s not w@ dy call nude u r misinterpriting d whole thing. most people did not watch d video dy jst saw d cover pic. watch and u will knw she’s putting on something

  88. Tiwa is 33 not 23
    She’s newly married
    I jst pray this video does not compromise her newly weede life

  89. I was nt expecting her to put on anytin, she wud had looked gorgeous than c did in d video

  90. Well can’t help bt laugh at all ur comments and wants us to knw dat no mata wat we say our comments don’t count cos we aint her manager and hubby bt for me I tink I agree wit those dat says she is married and shld act matured, though d skin jumpsuit aint bad bt all those fingering of her touching her pussy and twerking on d floor wld ve bin for her hubby in their bedroom and nt for public view, she is married nw and shld focus songs and video of matured standard, dis celebs joke wit deir marriage most times and dats y dey ve a lot of failed celebs marriages and I pray hers doesn’t… Besides she jst want to copy bey by dance steps and riri by appearance and dressing though she try for girle o remix, bt dey dance ur own tiwa, if bey nor dance dis dance for drunk in love wetin u for dance? Abeg I agree wit fifi, she is so fake copying evry bey moves, do ur own d voice is dere

    • You hit it bro…….that’s just wats on my mind

  91. All I have to say is that good name is better than riches

  92. Yes wether we like it or nt say we are nt her manager or hubby, Say bey wears transparent clothes on stage or jay allows her to reveal her body to pple bt the truth is dat they are americans and nt nigerians, so the bottom line is both her and her hubby/manager can neva be bey and jay even if she dey form am or wan b nigerian version…

  93. Nice video, keep it up babe. Leave haters alone.dey gat nothing 2 offer u. We fans luv u more.

  94. Tiwa savage is playing with her marriage, dat video waz like a porn movie, nd must u copy everything from beyonce. Mavins and Moe musa did’nt give tiwa good advice at all

  95. Simple, its a free world, if u hate d video or her style for d video, no watch am again, comot eye wen dem dey show am… but if e too pain you, waka go sambisa forest…

  96. i love tiwa am a big fan,but the dressing here menh jst too killin for a married women

  97. Tiwa is definitely wanted buh I tink thts its for “Sex” dis tym cos all I saw in dt video ws Sex! Sex!! Sex!!!..and nw I’m wondering; were d lyrics talking abt her musical talents or her sexual prowess??!
    And for dos of yu who see notin wrong wit d video; its nt a suprise, after all; Immorality is on d increase everyday! Its insanity to actually tink tht indecency is wats trending!

    • Seriously not in dey der video that gbayi like dis, let her be abeg Una see totto inside or my breast its ur imagination that is playing tricks on u African women no dey fuck or twerk for der husbands abi wet in Una dey talk as she dey dance na her busby she dey dance for am sure she had him in mind during every routine

  98. i taught i saw her belly botton ,but whatever she wore jst exposed so many things.she is 33 nd married haba God knw i ll nt be happy seein my sis or mom doin such a thing.nice song luv ur talent bt be careful tiwa

  99. I enjoyed the Video bcos it was entertaining,bt God 4bid I won’t allow my daughter or any body in my Family 2do such bcos its degrading, we have Moral Values. Lol

    • and u want t watch it….. trash u

      • She’s a disgrace to her generation 4 expozn her fuckin ugly b….

    • U won’t allow them Buh they’ll wear it at ur back…arrant nonsense

  100. “Yur wanted?” Ai guess by yur husby.
    tryna copy yonce’s moves in “partition” n badagalriri’s twerkn “pour t up” won’t make ya musik sell
    ai love d song buh d video z definitely a NAY!… m awt

  101. Hmm! Aunty Tiwa so Sexy. Wanted video is a combination of Rihanna’s WHAT NOW & a lil Beyonce n Shakira in it.#Bravo

  102. Na wa for una o! Beyonce that is married and has a child does more than what Tiwa did,yet,we appreciate and applaud her.
    Tiwa Savage does her own now,we paint her black.She’s an entertainer and those are the kind of things you expect in her style of music.Deal with it.

    • I love Tiwa u just killed dis1!!!!!!

    • I love u Tiwa u just killed dis1!!!!!!

  103. wetin me wan knw na hw skin tone jumpsuit fit show her bellybutton and yansh nd y she dey finger herself habi she no get husband Tiwa der is God oh oya husband only u waka come

  104. Excellent video Tiwa. #Doro Tiwa

  105. Am sure she’s goin to porn industries to do more of her rubish. Just like afrocandy!

    • Guy!! Why you dea talk like that ?? Moveover that was the rite move 4 the song n video so shiiiiii if u av ntin good 2 say #nice one tiwa

  106. Well am a great fan of tiwa bt tink I wld ve bin beta if dis act was done by a young talented celeb like seyi shay, dats d new funky talented chic of r n b bt she has some dignity and can’t do dis all in d name of stardom or fame, I tink tiwa knws she has a lot of competitors in d likes of seyi shay, emma nyra, etc bt lemme leave dis word of advice for her #wen u try hard 2 impress pple 4 dem 2 c u as best which is wat she is doin now, in d bargain u loose ur own identity…be urself tiwa

  107. Wether she puts on pasties or uses her hands to cover her titties,,no be ur biznezz go carry anoda persin matter put on top ur head…wether her marriage fails or watever it realli shudnt be UR problem cux it certainli wnt bother her considerin tha fact that she releasd tha video

  108. Tiwa savag ur just a good looking fool,ur a disgrace to africa,stripping naked regardless of the fact dat ur married even though ur husband likes the video,nd if he likes it his a coward!!!

  109. Tiwa savag ur just a good looking fool!!!

  110. tiwa u d best

  111. Bravo tiwa…… time go a little bit more sexy……i like it…….she know how to entertain…….(Y)

  112. she is no musician. No sane African will be married to this woman. one thing is sure, we have people who can do anything for money. Nudity and marriage to a nudist puts money in some people’s pocket.

  113. @tiwa ur lyf don spoil ao much do want 2 make 4rd dis video dat makes u 2 show us ur nudity.God will neva 4gv u nd knw 1 tin dat if u av all d riches In dis world u will nt go 2 heaven wit anytin slut

  114. @tiwa ur lyf don spoil ao much do want 2 make 4rm dis video dat makes u 2 show us ur nudity.God will neva 4gv u nd knw 1 tin dat if u av all d riches In dis world u will nt go 2 heaven wit anytin slut

    • You guys must be blind if not you won’t call this nudity, what exactly can you see in her. You talking about heaven what make believe you belong there.

    • You all stay here….while she makes money!!!hungry Nigerians,too stupid and blind to know what nakedness is!poverty stinky fools

    • Who gave u d right to call her a slut, u must be very stupid.

  115. There is nothing wrong with the vedio jorrrr those that don’t have eyes shld come lemme give dem mine

  116. Beyonce is currently 32,rihanna is currently 26 nd yet they re d role model of 34yrs old tiwa savage. Nigerian re stupid for comparing her with bey/rih y cnt they compare her with adele or emli sande .adele won grammys without getting naked or masturbating in a video no wonder boko haram said western education is a sin hence d name ‘boko haram’ nd yet dis fool os giving them a reason to be correct

  117. This the worst video n song av seen Tiwa do. U can do beta girl. All those movement and floor tweaking n fingerings were not necessary Infact it made d song n video stupid to me. Married or not, dts u n ur hubby’s biz if he’s comfortable no p. But dt song dint need dt kain effort. U r already a star so y ruin it wt dz. I love you but pls be real.

    For d record, ur adviser fr dz video just wan ruin u.

  118. We’ll this vidoe iz not as ba as I tought .wererass its noting new ..and plz don’t get it twisted she wos’t naked…she woz a putting on a somtin its just dah its kinda lite and it the same colour sa her skin… Xo people should stop talkin too bad of her and face other important things ….

  119. Notin really wrong wit d video jooor

    • I luv dis video, Tiwa Savage tanks 4 ur gud work!!!!

  120. Dis video is cool! Baby girl carryon & flaunt what u got. I love U!

  121. Tiwa ur really a savage ! U dnt force to b sexy ! Ur face is too stive ! Stop being rihanna ! Nd u look very messed up ! Pls dnt ever do dis again! Pls

  122. You all forgot to mention the imagination and perception in dat video which is purely sexual curiosity!! DoroTiwa# Doromodel#

  123. Why is everybody crucifying Tiwa, biko. I can’t see a tinkiny thing wrong with this video. What part of her private cheese is exposed? Tiwa do your thing joor and let ur haters hug transform.

  124. To me there is nothing nude about this wanted video for all u bad mouth talker stop paint her black cos she is doing grt especially does bloggers dey just writes shit up for real marvin first lady you re ten times awesome than any one

  125. I dnt tink we all hv power to judge anybody,let’s mind wat we wil say cos d bible is against it,all l knw is dat,in anythn u do in life pple must talk.shikena

  126. I dnt knw d problem of nigerians, u pple should go nd look 4 ways 2 make mney nd stop condeming pple dat re made already,am sure 80 percent of those makin the negative comments do nt ve jobs or ny means of makin mney dats why u re eager 2 judge pple, she can feed almst all of u..jobless pple tiwa u go girl, sexy,young,talented nd rich…ignorant nd broke ass pple be condeming

  127. I do not like your song it is not good

  128. 4 Does people saying d video is good noon of them ll advise there siblings to do same ting and I see Dem as bird of d same felder flocks together! And 4 u tiwa, U????? are sincerely my rolemodel, but I hate dis video cus of wat U????? wear, and if U????? can see, d comment of dose Wu hate d video is more dan dose Wu lik. Sooo pls listing to elders advise. Still lov u

  129. I see not a thing rong with that video

  130. u pple criticizing her are just drivin ur selves insane but ur opinions doesn’t count anymore and also those pple insultin her are just using this medium to depict how senseless u’re but am quite sure of that there’s someone in ur family that is doing more than wat she had done.

  131. tiwa abeg ure too hot u don’t look like a gal dat is up to 30yrs. To me ure sweet sixteen and there is no nudity in d video R2beez de enjoy sha

  132. To all does who likes d video gd 4 u, bt hw would u feel wen ur daughter tells u she wants 2 b lik tiwa in dat video????? Like ur mind b d judge

    • So ure gonna feel like a proud ass father/mother/hermaphrodite when ur daughter says she wanna be like Rihanna?


  134. Nigerians are jst fools! Bad belle ppl…nothing is wrong wiff dis video Lady Tiwa…keep d ball rolling…

  135. Dis ppl most av had an oppressed childhood cos nothing is absolutely wrong with dis video…Mr novia ur jst a useless idiot seeking for attention…
    Na monkey and dog fuck born u I’m sure…And wht a marriage goy to do wit dis huh..ur all jst bad belle ppl…mteeew

  136. Dis ppl most av had an oppressed childhood cos nothing is absolutely wrong with dis video…Mr novia ur jst a useless idiot seeking for attention…
    Na monkey and dog fuck born u I’m sure…And wht a marriage goy to do wit dis huh…ya all deaddoleees

  137. You can take d man out a bush…but u can’t take d bush out if a man….

  138. U…tiwa gabage…nt savage.cos u re a disgrace 2woman hood…cheap harlot…prostitute….insane beast…..#useless swine….waste product….left over human beign….maggot….u disgust me in dis vedio

    • Tony ure a fuckin nitwit, what d heck is wrong wif d video? Pls ass keep ur wife under the long hijab, its ur problem, dats d outfit reigning now lowclass nigga.. At tiwa ure the bomb…. Kudos

      • All you birds of the same feather Hailing the shame of womanhood. Can you allow your. Children to dress like that and even if. They dress in such attire can you boast of her in the midst of professors that she is ur child. The only place where she makes you prous is when she is amidst drunkards. And harlot. Shit the. Video doesn’t even make me. Want to hear the. Audio. Coz there is Nothing. Good that. I can emulate about her life

    • Tony na wen u go learn to mind ur own businez,una family no dey wnt see pple as dem progress?dat chick tiwa na correct babe so far wei dey how rihanna dem rd $ u d admire her nw wei we wnt get beta female singer 4 naija u dey lament rubbish.wetin dey work u?

    • 9ja nor go stop, xo xo rubish talk u can’t tell wen som1 is naked . Na ona go church pass

  139. Naija…wen una go learn how to talk? ..she wasnt even naked.And by d way na una wife?..her husband nor complain so make u na leave maras.

  140. To God u all sucks fools she was dressed take a close look at her n u will see that she is not nicked it is d colour of the dress that made it look like that it is the best way to shot the video bass on the lyrics of the song. Look well b4 u criticise her murors

    • help me tell dem ooooooo we too do holy holy 4 dis naija

      • Haba it’s too obvious that she is wearing something. The sleeves,the neck,even the sides where it was hemmed.haba nigerians u pple shld Rora na.infact no need for explanation. Plus the most important part is Tee Bliss no dey complain….shikena

  141. tony, u dey craze ! u big fat hopeless, brainless, aimless, senseless hypocritical baboon ! loser ! go fuck urself ! u devil, burn ur eye balls if u hate the video so much, u piece of shit !

  142. Na wa o, na afta ur marriage u learn all dis? Wey u 4 keep dis body 4 ur oga na him u dey display 4 people, u were my fan b4,bt 4 nw I reaLly dnt lyk u

  143. I love tiwa savage and she will always be ma role model, fuck haters, fuck pple dat discrimante her, she beta pass una, do u wanna knw why, coz she’s making her cool MONEY and u guys r here fighting over nothing. Most of u here cnt even huv 3 square meals a day, coz of hardship. Buh uve got d nerves to talk shit about anoda human being dat is really making it in life. Nigerians wake up and taste d coffee. STOP CRITICIZING! STOP DISCRIMINATING!

  144. My Dorotiwa wore cloth, she is not naked dats the colour of the cloth, human skin, you guyz should look at the Video very well, b4 judging her.

  145. i lyk the video, if shes not confident about her sexy body who will…neither his husband complains so WTF!

  146. I stil don’t understand why some ppl r giving themselves unnecessary headache ova d video.It’s very simple.You guys should open your eyes and see dts tiwa’s skin colour and all they hv to do is look for a skin dress dt matches her colour.So surprised dt someone said why dint her show her back ass,well dts quiet unfortunate of such person….. You dt said jesus is coming or W?† ?i? you say?…why do you hv to watch d video?Mtcheeew!

  147. I dnt c reason y pple shud b wtressin demsefs ova uneccessary tin……she z nude. ann’t sh? dats ha choice 2 mak

  148. Tiwa you are for real baby, is all about enternment. Na pesin like you I go like marry . Those wey dey yab U go like see worst of the video , U always giving me sweet music . Na democracy day, everybody for em own opinion.

  149. Dis one nah DORO nonsense abeg

  150. if what she did is d right thing to her let her continue. She is no longer a kid she no wots best for her. Thr is no way u can correct her is too late, so is better u mind ur own business.

  151. nothing we do 4 dis life wey ppl no go talk. my dear we love you for who you are joor keep doing your tin…..

    • Can’t stop listenin 2 d song c’riously (WANTED) It doesn’t change d fact though dt we re africans. We”ve got culture n traditions . Jst un4tunate dt d luv 4 fame n fortune is leadin us astray. God help us. luv d song a lot though

  152. She dressed well in eminado she sold. She dressed well in without my love. She sold. Den wats d need going half nude here. Weda shez wearn a skin wear or not wats d need. We re Nigerians, we cnt be like d whites, dia life style s diff frm ours so lets nt gp dere

  153. if na me wey don get money and name like her i for no do dis kind of video

  154. on your own

  155. She’s not naked n the video is cul EOD. Don’t lemme hear any more nonsense HATERS

  156. Can a kettle cal a pot black? Imposible how Wil u guys c wht is rug wit d vedio y u ar an halot lik ha, a marage woman 4 d mata, an old fool,she is very stupid, mind u African are not known 4 dis, psq even hailling u if it was dia wives or dat dia one sis could dey support ha wit dis abominable act? u ar disgrace to dis generation tifia kwaki

  157. Savage abi na wetin b ur name sef, if u lyk do am nekade, e no concern me oh!

  158. she’s not nude in this video. she’s just putting on a tight cloth dat is her skin colour. if u watch d video closely u will c d cuff of her long sleeve wen she brings up her hand. also web she bends u will c d cloth fold somehow. she didn’t show d back, possibly bcos dats where d zip is. BT I guess she wants 2 paint a picture if being nude n she did.

  159. Make una dey judge her 4 here,she dey make her money,,,if u fink is not gud 4 her to dress like dat den go and flog her,,*beg tiwa carry on ,,,u can even do more dAn dAt just pull de f*cking dress off and show d main republic dat u gat# hahahahaahah tough out



    • Why is it paining u pple like dis. Its her body nt urs so why re u taking it personal.

  161. She killed it:-o

    • Tiwa dat too bad of u dis ur music shld be bound frm watchin u dissapointed me dis tym hav alwaiz luv ur music bt nt dis wanted

  162. dats responsibl married woman wil dress as such.remember ur dressin tells more about u

  163. That was awesome but I its too much for married woman,,okk TIWA

    • Tiwa savage s a Married Gal nt a Married Woman….. No responsible Woman wil do dis

  164. That was awesome but I think its too much for married woman,,okk TIWA

  165. I don’t really support de video but shez more decent compared to Maheeda

  166. Tiwa,thats nice,but we Africans,Nigerians,we have culture,we have morals. Been Nud on stage is not part of it. Remember,u ar married.

  167. Tiwa is not a kid.. & I dont think any body compelled her 2 appear lyk dis in d video (Wanted). It is a decision she has chosen to make & wateva result dis video gvs her thereafter she’s going 2 live wit it alone…….. So, our comments (Ko kan aiye———–meaning our comments won’t reversed d production). Maybe we should not say much, maybe we should just remind her of ‘an interview dat would play dis very video 4 her @ age 50s. …………. Donno how she’d feel watching d video while in Iro & Buba (bcoz by den she’d av bcom Mummy Tiwa). #ejo lafe ro

  168. Hey everyone that is critisizig Tiwa, you all are big fools, you will all die of envy, it’d all about entertainment bizness, you fools haven’t even eaten today, yet you can beef someone that is trying all her best to reach her peak, if u see her on the road go on and tell her you like her breast, she will slap the hell out of u and lock you up for harrasement, you bunch of idiots, she is drinking champagne u are drinking panadol for her headache, Bastards.

    • Tiwa is one of the best female artist in nigeria and I respect her…but tiwa bear in mind that we are nigerian we have culture,tradition,…and our own way of thinking and reasoning…if you watch videos from the uk is deffrent from made in us video or made in india…so let us respect our ppls tradition in what we do’..coz belief me you bigest fan is here in niaja….cheers

  169. Oboi see commentz!!!! Anyway she z a Savage n has to be. If she like make she start actin porn, it’s all man 4 himself like 2baba rightly said!

  170. Who d f said she is wearing a cloth da looks lyk her skin, her clothe is transparent it only covered d private parts but hey its a business strategy. And here is a reminder for u dumb asses, d title of d track is wanted she have to look wanted. Aint supporting it tho but aint criticizing her either, she is an entertainer remember? what she did portrays genuine art, sefini

    • She fr go naked, anyway she’s naked already

  171. I think the thing is she feels sha has made it in naija. she is just trying to get abroad attention……. remember what myley Cyrus did to become very famous(twerking). this is just a woman trying to gain international attention

  172. I have got no worries with that, so long as her husband is cool with the make up art……Besides,it all about the Benjamins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. This is the major reason why we don’t make it most times, because we Nigerians like to be photocopy of other people. Y wil Tiwa dress like a harlot and say she wants to look like Rhana or Buoyancy? She is a typical Nigerian woman a married one for that matter so let her not deceive for her self with skin tone that is exposing all her curves and dress as a decent married Nigeria woman. Well let me stop hyperventilating over another person’s foolishness but just that its too absurd for a married woman, I just give your marriage from now to the next to years it will collapse because this is not the attitude you will use to keep your man @ home be warned. Anyway weldone good music bt a very bad video# frm #Happy# to #Tiwa#

  174. Go 2 hell she done make ham, u way never make it dey compare urself wit her, live ur own life d way u want it bcos she’s live her own life d way she want it.

  175. Awesome video. T?? idea i? t? look wanted and she did. Nice one Tiwa. Her husband i? cool with it so who t?? hell are you ??? t? complain? Keep your mouths shut,go into music and make your own videos.

  176. omo….tiwa kudos….it was wonderful but remember ur married ni

  177. Nyc video we’ll al say tiwa cos ov wot ur in2 n i.e music. Bvt as a typical nigerian lady d@ vidoe s 2 xpose fr mai lykn, remember ur married 2 a nigerian lyk u woman. May u marriage last d end ov ur old age Amen 2 d@, n pls b careful of who u do b4 u knw it u bear children.

  178. This is total robbshe this is nigerian nt abroad you are now copy with withe people re doing this is trash no any sencable woman in dis nation we do this trash all becoz of abroad attention

  179. Guys u pple are just nagging over shit she ain’t naked b d outfit wasn’t exposing Dats just d texture watch d video over n over n c its just d texture n colour n u all should stop acting like blind fools. Tiwa kudos u rock babe

  180. Ahbeg savage fr yur next music, make yew try rmuv yur pant, azin naked fully, so dat d picture qo clear well bcuz, fr dat wanted we no tu see yur breast nd toto well!!!

  181. Ah beg savage fr yur next music, make yew try rmuv yur pant, azin naked fully, so dat d picture qo clear well bcuz, fr dat wanted we no tu see yur breast nd toto well!!!

    • I don’t see any thing wrong in her dressing she is not naked if you look closely you will see that she has a dress on. Love u as always tiwatope

    • I don tire fr som of una like say una no go schl, wetn do her dress nw? C dis mumu dey talk abt her private part

  182. Seriously?? Y’all are funny. What she’s wearing is equivalent to what she wore in ‘girlie o’ video with Patorankings. Y’all wouldn’t complain abt dat ryt? Itz show biz, she’s an entertainer and if she actually dressed lyk a typical Nigerian married woman for dis video, y’all will also complain. Though in my own personal opinion, d outfit wasn’t necessary… there are so many oda outfits dat’ll still make her look wanted…

  183. When nigerians go start mind there business? Mhan! Dis her life not urx u go help her go hell or heaven? Play ur part and let her play hers, if want she is doing will fetch her money babe go for it ooo. Niger like poke nosing

  184. Nice video but fake makeup

  185. Just ave to keep my children away from dis kind of video

  186. I feel we shuld stp critisizing her nd try to help her I like d before tiwa nd nt after tiwa. Tiwa was great during kele kele love nd love me tym but naw she tinks nudity wuld help her sell. We blieve u r endowed I most be frank but your body is d temple of the lord. Imagine d kind of role model u r for the younger generation. If u had a child wuld u allow her see dis????????

  187. I don’t even know if she is the one controlling her husband. I can never allow my wife to do such thing.

  188. She had many thoughts before deciding vat wuz d best way to mke d video,evryone does wat’s best for dem. Tiwa also did wat she thought wuz best…….u guys shld tke cre of ur family problems frst

  189. Am in love wit her o

  190. I think TWA savage is going a wrong way in Nigeria music and she need to be detened and put to jail for dat or dis video she released

    • Why don’t u take her to jail yourself amebo poke noser


  192. Tiwa yuh are d sexiest mehn love ur sexy voice babe and d lyrics so dope….. F**k ur haterz u should all Lay low or be Wanted … ur boi reqx

  193. Ah haters wat is ur own na? Leave her alone jor she knws d taste of her husband,nt like u @some married women dt always wrapped themselves up with cloth al day al in d name of married woman at d end dey b d one cry sayin mmmh Hmmm mmmh my husband is cheatin on me o,dt is bcos u always hide ur body 4rom d 1 dt buy it n he choose to buy anoda 14rom a seller dt is ready 2 gv him all d tym.God kw wen am married I wil do more dan tiwa savages u hater shud stop dis hooey n mind ur biz.okay daffs.

  194. Ah haters wat is ur own na? Leave her alone jor she knws d taste of her husband,nt like u @some married women dt always wrapped themselves up with cloth al day al in d name of married woman at d end dey b d one cry sayin mmmh Hmmm mmmh my husband is cheatin on me o,dt is bcos u always hide ur body 4rom d 1 dt buy it n he choose to buy anoda 14rom a seller dt is ready 2 gv him all d tym.God kw wen am married I wil do more dan tiwa savages u hater shud stop dis hooey n mind ur biz.okay harmony Alele u can add me on facebook.

  195. dope niqass fuck her haterz

  196. whenever i play this naija song by tiwa savage, my mama dey all flog me that year 🙂

  197. Na God go punish all una haters. Wetin be una problem? Some foolish DEY talk abt right and value and yet you no fit proud of your job. Na God go punish all una hater. Wetin concern una abt what she know how to best. Dey there DEY biff her she don hammer she Don make ham, na poverty go kill you all.

  198. It dose not matter on wat u dress or wat u wear cuz god do not look on dresses instead he looks at ur hrt if its pure,so dnt belive on wat pple says abt u only belive on wat god thinks abt u bcuz god matters alot

  199. tiwa if it possible 2 see u I love u so much d wat u dance nd everything am so speechless I dnt knw d words 2 use nd express Hw much I love u nd wishes 2 see u

  200. I want to see all your body next time. I luv it

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