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VIDEO: Wizkid – Show You The Money

Posted by @Tobi_tx on July 16, 2014 in VIDEOS · 132 Comments

Here’s the official video to Wizkid’s newest single Show You The Money which was released a couple of hours ago.

Directed by Patrick Elis.



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  1. First 2 download

  2. First ???o download

  3. Permit me to call it d ‘Stewpidest’ video of d moment… Dz nigga is down aiidy..

    • U be confirm fool,do ur own make we see,d job wey u dey do sef u neva succeed in it.dey dia dey beef already successful guy,nd na ur bro wizkid go be o cos I sure say u go pass him for age.fool

    • it is ya family dat is down already.i dnt tnk u cn progress in ya lyf tym.FOOL@burz

  4. 9ce 1 bro, Bravo!

  5. Dope video.

  6. Nice jam,good video 2

  7. first to download

  8. Nice vidoe feeling that surulere swag

  9. Wizkidayo U Kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dnt like it kinda dull tho. Will rate it 4 out of 10. #1stToDownload

  11. Nice….e make sense

  12. nice one

  13. NICE ONE

  14. Ever dope.. Bro

  15. Naa…wish Moe Musa, Sesan, or Clarence shot this video, it would have been 10 times better…dis video is not it at all…

  16. Seriously tho..Patrick Elis again??? I mean,Bombay could have been bigger if it had better visuals and now dis??? Not good for the Starboy brand…Steady decline!

  17. Some ppl go dey shout 1st to download meanwhile their network fit take dem close to 2hr plus many download failed to finally download. Like me, download in progress! So no comment. Thank u. I knw already, big bomb dey ma head.

  18. Went back to the streets surulere #1

  19. #Dope but …sounds like shoki by Orezi ….

  20. Eeeerrrr when is wizzy going to get his groove back?…I mean he’s way better than this.awesome artiste buh the kind of songs he churns out these days make me wonder if he’s gotten to his peak and diminishing return is setting in..well goodluck man if your fans love ur can u pls sing about something else aside money and women?..thanks

  21. always the bst incomparable

  22. Wizzy is dancing Shoki on a Track produced by Shizzi…. That’s awesome! I love the simplicity of the video… No mumu packaging >>>>> 232F2FF1

  23. Bruz you re very stupid…this same dude u are insulting can feed you and your entire family for the rest of your lives…better make positive comments if you want your life to be positive…good day hater…….wizzy baby loke loke

  24. Kush

  25. badt video

  26. Aww men this director is a waste..the video does not suit the track at all.. How can u demolish this lovely track. Poor directing and the place of scene as well.

  27. the best

  28. Omo wizzy omo ?????O?????U????? be boss ooo


  29. you guys that are saying wizkid is still killing it, sincerely, you guys are the wicked ones… why not tell him the truth and make him sit up and get back to making good music.. I love wizkid’s music, but of recent i cant even wait till the song gets to half before i stop and delete it, cuz its rubbish… last wizzy’s song that made sense to me was BACK TO THE MATTER… so all of you saying he is making sense… please help your favorite artist to stay up by telling him the truth……. Truth hurts but helps….

    • Abeg tell them ooo, cos na him fans dey deceive am

    • Wizzy
      WizKids is d best………..if e pain u go do or song make we buy am u haterz..d guy is a bomb even davido due call am legend

      • Davido was just famzing, tell me how is wizkid a legend? How many albums does he Have?

    • Thanks dear, yes truth they say, hurts but is d only thing that saves from deception. I guess people are being carried away by excitement. wizkid is growing in age and his music is becoming childish. I think a couple of his fans are begining to get uninterested in his music. Pls all of u out there who are giving him cudos, please u r only deceiving him. quite alright he’s making his cash which is one aspect, but the other aspect which is making good music that will be remembered of him is no longer there. please wizzy use to be one of our very own best but this time, I strongly doubt. Nothing was heard of him in South Africa during this recent MAMA & BET Award. WIZZY we love you as ur credible and loyal fans so its not right we deny u d truth u need to know. So calm down and give us good and reasonable music. one love wizzy Baba.

      • All u guys are saying is shit…wizzy is going according t the trend of naija music nd he is killing it. So even if u don’t like it or feel his music is dying its a waste of ur time and energy! The concept of this video is going back t his root nd u idiots should be appreciating that! I’d like t see all u critics drop any song as dope as any of wizzy’s track! Mtchew

  30. Nice Song/video…. BB Pin:235B9143

  31. If you ask me na who i go ask

  32. The video is slupfik. Wizkid really tried whether U like it or Nt he’s gonna make iz money so there4 u haters I beg of u 2 supprt wizkid,s movement!

  33. who else thinks this video and song is desperately rachet…. Wizzy needs to go back to the drawing board and work as hard as he did when he started…. Seems to me these days he drops tracks in a lazy way…. Son… you aint there yet!!! Work on talent… May God support you.

  34. who else thinks this video and song is desperately rachet…. Wizzy needs to go back to the drawing board and work as hard as he did when he started…. Seems to me these days he drops tracks in a lazy way…. Son… you aint there yet!!! Work on your talent… May God support you.

    • Chai wizzy u re faded wack song…..true talk bro

  35. U ppl shud knw and understand every video dis artist drop won’t be dat of flautin expensive cars,drinks,blingz,wears,maddest locations or hot video vixens cus many of u r complain abt dis video all bcus of dis tins u shud knw dat dey pay for dis cars,make ups and permision for dem is ask from d goverment b4 dey jump on any loaction also d video vixens in naija naw bill dem a lot of money cus d game as rilly change a lot so u ppl u shud be ok wit wat dey drop 4u cus dey still gv u sumtin a enof so pls embrace and appreciate it, if dey shoot videos wit all dere money wetin den go chop or d label no go reduct dere own profit abegi ooooo+ plus una bad mouth hw many of dem album u dey buy abeg biko sit and enjoyas u watch am ………. Wiz 2 EME 2 Star Boi Una Obago.

  36. Haters are bastards u think u are better if u comment u are all bunch of fools aberos

    • Wizkids fans are big big big fools. This idiot is fading and you think he is on top. You are talking about money, who is the richest? Kai!!! Davido is also rich and even 3 years younger than this monkey you bastards love. But do we hate him? NO!. So what? Love it or hate it your master is declining. He is neither the best nor the richest but almost everyone hates him. This should be considered. And who told you that I or other wizkid haters is poor? Mtseew madness!!!

  37. bad man wizzy match up the place hah.cos emi ni boss wizkid.

  38. Rubbish video.. doesn’t even look like modern video.. it looks like a mistake…. even d sound is so poor. .. rubbish

    • You are an illiterate, it wasn’t supposed t be modern u scum! He tool it bk t his roots. Go n drop urz na…

  39. Nyc1 wizkid…u killed it jare…haters go kiss ya ass sumwhere else

  40. Honestly the people praising wizkid are the ones that don’t love him.this is not the wizkid we all loved..hez goin down..poor track.and those people saying wizkid can feed someonez family and he has money..take note nobody is saying he is poor..we only care about his music not his wealth..tell him the truth wizkid is goind down..I don’t think he writes music anymore…he just sings…

    • wizkid never used to write music…he has been free-styling from time he’s just become much worse at it.Nothing from wizkid really moves me anymore,not even anticipating his album sef..NIGGA SHOULD BETTER TAKE SOME POINTS FROM DAVIDO AND GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER..

      • You are as stupid as ur comment. He shud take notes from davido? What is davido singing?

  41. Wiz-KID… *lips sealed*.. Team #olamide!!

  42. Wizzy##u ar much e no easy at all keep it up nice one##stil expecting more frm ya##king of surulere$$$gboyakaaaaa 4 u,,dnt sleep on a bicycle#

  43. Anything anything….dem go talk#Wizzy

  44. U wey say mk wizkid sing something else apart frm women and money abeg tell me wetin u want mk e sing o.dis guy is good accept it or leave it.wizkid u rock…..nice video…..haters go and jump inside well.

  45. You are too much wizkid

  46. Wizkid lyrics is deminising#true,even with dat he is still one of the most hardworking ones who creates avenue(international market,the next after D’banj not even 2face or P’square who just started taking there music international by featuring Tpain and TI )for others to shine.But can anyone comment 5 songs dat didn’t talk about Girls or money???
    Pple dats d trend in the music industry of today.That’s the only thing that can make the fans listen to you.

  47. We all love wizkid but I have come to understand that any constructive criticism, people will say you are hating. To me, I feel wizkid has dropped a lil bit. We need something new that is different from the normal free styling he does. Something that we can listen to and be like WOW!!!

  48. I don’t like patrick ellis, to me. I feel he is not constructive. Anytime I see shot by patrick ellis, I don’t bother downloading.

  49. When we talk about wizkid, sum stupid fans will b sayin he has money. Wat made u a fan of wizkid? Is it nt his music? Is it his money? He givs us music bt does nt gv us money, so dat music shuld cum wit quality. His money is 4 him and his family, his music is 4 d fans so i shuld judge his music, nt his wealth. Dis guy is goin down day by day dats y he has been findin awards difficult 2 get dis year. Am nt sure if he has even won an award dis year. Gradually u wnt even hear of him again

    • Idiot,u dey comment,which 1 u don sing?…….

      • Fool, tell me the one you sang. We are talking about wizkid not a fan okay?? You are so stupid. Too much 9ja mentality

  50. Na true talk o. The money na for wizzy, the music na for the fans so it should truly come with quality. If na money make una like musicians, una for go turn dbanj, psquare and don jazzy number one fan na since them get the money pass wizkid. Why are arsenal fans still complaining that they don’t win cup despite as their club is making money? They know the money is for the owner of the club, but the cup is the pride of the fans. Concentrate on the quality of songs he gives, not his money because he wont give you the money. How many orphans has he help? Does he have a foundation? Does he donate to charity? How many student does he sponsor? No! His money has no use to me. Wizkid music is dead

    • That’s true talk my brother. I love wizzy but the guy is fading away. This is not the wizzy that I use 2 know that makes good music. As 4 money, wizzy just have enough money 2 satisfy himself. He is not in the Nigerian top 5 richest artist so wat the f-ck.

  51. Wizkid songs are diminishing by the day, though most of our Naija Musicians keep churning out Gibberish day by day, Wish there are many Tuface, Bez, Asa, P square

  52. Diz iz NT an avenue 4 fans 2 quarel,really wizkid needs 2 wake up,its all we want

  53. there is nothing u can do to satisfy d world.some re born to be great,while some re born to be critisizing d great ones.if u ve money,dey will talk and if u dont ve dey will talk.if u re doing good things dey will talk and if u re nt doing good things they will talk.wat can u do to satisfy d world?check urself well coz i kno dat u re from a poor and useless advice for you,go and hug transformer if u dont love wizkid song.yagggaaaaaaa

  54. #simple #street #vibrant doesnt need to much…. #starboy

  55. Wizkid u too jare…………..even if u hate him he don get money so beeferz take a map and go to hell.

  56. Make 2face release me international album on monday make i stop to listen to all this scrab from wizkid. The guy’s carreer has gone down. Idiot musician with stupid fans that do not wanna agree he is fading away. This was how MI and 9ice faded away gradually; when they were doing bad, intead of the fans to tell them so they would correct their mistakes, they didnt

    • ur fada

  57. Nigerian people o. Wizkid rich o, he no rich o, my life remains thesame, so why would anyone hate him because of his wealth? Why are we not talking bad about davido? Is he not rich? We are talking music, you are talking money. Wizkid is wack whether you like it or not. Formally, his awards were more than that of davido, but now, just go and look at their esychlopedia and check it; davido don pass am

    • U how many award u don get eh ansa me

    • Y must all diz broke fools be castigating wizkid huh??? I bet U guys dnt hv any sense..he is using cheap producers really if he continue with d rich ones who will patronise the ones vat are meant to grow ehhhnnn????wizzy you did gr8…kip it up bro 1 love

    • shut up wat of ur career fool is it not human like u,u are there hatin is making is money……wat of u make out of ur own stupid life career.

  58. wizzy, kip focus we r wit alwyz….

  59. luv u wizzy….heaters go nd kiss ur yanch

  60. Wat a mess

    • Sorry wat’s the mess about this song?

  61. Lips sealed

  62. Dope!

  63. men Wizkid you are bomb, nor be small thing show me your money, is your boy Mbg i pray always to see and talk to wizkid everyday and i believe it must occur one day, love you and your family Wizkid.

  64. y are u guys killing urselves ova wizkid’s money, if u lik his songs u play it, if u dnt lik it u free d song dats all.

  65. Simple!! But chise!!

  66. Wizkid like cheap tin cha.. No wonder he is always using a cheap video director

  67. I think the video is owk by me…wizzy keep up the gud work bro#star Boi

  68. Oga you be fag i swear u no get sense is comparing mj to fela smellow

  69. Oga o,9ja peepz sha,persin no fit satisfy u…..d starboi dude cum do street video u cm dey tok rubbish,nah God go condemn u all badmen…..Wizzy kip rockin jhor

  70. Wat is it I no wat sum of ar sayin is true but cum gv d guy a break u peopl advicin nd d sam critisizin him hw can e concetret am sure at d end of dis year wizkid is going to prov it dat he is nt dead….just think of it

  71. No comments bcos I’ve not watch the video yet

  72. wizzy too much for the video ######kip on love dat guy are u gonna dancevif i show my money


  74. Lady .j,

  75. I wl also gonna dance if u show me d money wiz boy kip it up

  76. Wizzy u jst too much. I don’t hold any beef with u or davido. U guyz are african idols! Wizzy u truly a wizzkid. Love u man. I will dance for u even if u no show me d money o. Yahgaa

  77. wizzybaby u r too much,really love ur music how i wish i can see u nd tok to u….if dem hate u dem hate make dem hang for transformer,wizkid carry on,nah u dey hot….dnt allow anyone to fool u for u music coz u r born to b great wizkid i loveeeeee youu.

  78. Wizzy noni kip it up dude video makin sense Lov ur swag

  79. Luv u dear

  80. Una dey comment,haterz wuf 1 una don sing.?

  81. Star boi anytin una touch omo na gold

  82. Kip it up wizzy baby

  83. Kip it up wizzy baby

  84. Wonderfull wizzy

  85. Ogbeni wizzy o jaye foreign o lo month meji………..bro keep it up u gonna b d best if u show dem ur best

  86. Onosetale

  87. Wizkid U 2 Much

  88. Wizzy Baby Loke-Loke Sheboluwa Losheyi(amin)

  89. wizy you are the man of the year

  90. Star boi…i really enjoy u jawe…buh am expecting u and bodoo new song

  91. Baddest wizzy

  92. #wizkidmakebrain##alobam#

  93. wizkid u re d best……dan davido… boy

    • U no get brain

      • he go better for u and ur generations boss

  94. Starboi u re daa bst kip it up am u fan forever

  95. Kip it up……wizzzzz……….!!!

  96. wizkid u too much I love ur song show me de money I wish to talk to u one day

  97. my Name is MARKSON and u my best artist from all I luv this song wizky u are wonderful

    • wizkid i love u i want to be with u one day by mutiat victor whyfe abracaya airlord

  98. ur da best than all artists but not me

  99. Pls how can I upload song to dis site

  100. nice1 bro, keep it up

  101. gosto muito dp teu look.teia Stilo es muito fx

  102. Love d surulere swag sha.nt to dope like dat.but cool.

  103. Best 2014

  104. dat video na bad video i feel dat song nd i enjoy al ur songs but waitin 4 u nd davido to realease a song 2gether

  105. Omg wizkid i love u boo.:) 🙂

  106. Balogun no kill me o. I just dey feel u. Keep it up bro.

  107. As promised earlier, here are the visuals to the newly released   Show You The Money .   Wizkid is really doing it big on his birthday.

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