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VIDEO: Wizkid Speaks on Beef with Davido On THE TRUTH

Posted by Tyler on September 1, 2014 in VIDEOS · 141 Comments

Watch the maiden edition of THE TRUTH, featuring a mind blowing intimate interview with Wizkid and all subjects relating to his new music projects, women issues, his relationship with EME, social media trolls and his supposed beef with Davido.


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  1. Wizkid, I wish you the best in your hustle. If what you said in that clip is true, then send no one, not even davido. Just carry on with your thing.

    LAST BULLET——-i ve always seen that davido dude as an arrogant, spoilt brat. #myOpinion….and I don’t intend changing that even if he (davido) releases his own “the truth episode 1” clip claiming to be talking about himself too.

    Happy new month!

    • Same to you bro…u on NL???

      • I swear,, d guy sounds like a nairalander.

        Last Bullet: Drop your username

  2. Well said…”I have a son, I have a three year- old son. I have more important issues to deal with in my life, you understand? I have real life problems, you understand? So I really, I’m not into no beefs and no online sh#t with people mehn! I’m just tryna survive and live my life…” Real life people should face real life problems and late them fake-a*s bi@#h-a*s ni**as be hating ’bout some frigging beef…#Word!

  3. Mehn i 2 like my guy wizkid jare jare• He really talked and acted matually tru out d whole episode and now I know that so called davido will go on any social media and post shit

  4. Wizkid well said

  5. na them sabi shaa..

  6. SO Y DID U SAY #boystalk #menwork…….WIZKID grow U

    • You don’t av common sense, was it not after davido took it personal he said that? Dumbbell.

      • bless u bro

    • fool dat was after davido took the matter ontop he head dat was why wizkid respond #MEN WORK BOYS TALK

  7. team wizzy

  8. (For my mind) if davido catch wizkid ehnnn chai!!!!

    • mumu shebi u never hear 20 men shall fall dat day abi,go try wizkid fool

  9. Wizzy=maturity. A free and open minded person. Do ur thing bro! God bless #TeamSB ……

  10. I feel u wizzy nice 1

  11. Wizkid…I feel u bro…na u sabi pass face ur tin no mind ani shit stop u…wish u gudluck in ur hustle….

  12. I’m big fan of wizkid bt I think he’s lying coz since 2011 his name were everywhere so he can’t say that he was suprise to see his name that why he came down to take the picture

    • yo!! dont yu get it, he dd a show back den n t flopped real bad! d soundcheck was so terrible den he’s doing anoda 1 n he’s happy abt himself n yu know like erry normal artist n human being, he’s feeling fly abt it n said it.
      and yeah likes of iyanya, ice prince n co too sud hv said stuffs too?? so wasap with Davido?
      abegg dis just showed wiz his even more matured n yeah he’s becoming responsible n even in his think in self I DIG! Mehn

      • U’re just a fool like ur so call wizkid

    • fool he said his pic was posted everywhere this year 4 his new show the ny concert

  13. Dats my guy wizzy

  14. wtf are u talking dude…. you are so pained and immature mehn, noone is asking abt your 3year old or 10 year old son…. the question is would you sit down and have a drink with him?i mean davido was all calm and matured during his own interview, i can remember he said shout out to him am still a big fan …. mehn nigga grow up, i was actually waiting for your reply, now i know you are so childish nigga….

    • Pls go back and watch d interview, he said he has his own problems, much more important to him than beef nigga. He’s has a 3yrs old son who is more important to him dah beefing wid d sh*t Davido. Ur just hatin on dis rich kid bro. Big up wizzy I like ur courage

    • Come u the hear English @all?

    • fool shut up,go and have ur own kid if is easy faggot,for ur information wizkid never said anythin about wack davido but his show

    • Na so person take dey calm mugu n if ur life issue no dey important to you e dey vr important to others goat big fool. Na small pikin u b too no wonder u dey support nonsense. Love u broda anything u drop I dey ok to feel am @oga boss WIZKID

  15. Who ask am if him get pikin? Talk-talk! Amebo. . Smh!!!

  16. Ayodeji is matured he opened up dat he has a son, has beta things to do dan 2 beef

  17. What’s our own with your 3-year old son and your real lofe problems? Cheeeww!!!

  18. Y u guys wasting ur time abt their beef, there ar there making there money ooo #never mind

  19. Love u wizkid,U can see the maturity in him,gud speech bro,make small boy go suck her mama breast abeg (davido)dad boy.

  20. That’s their I don’t give a shit…shout out to em both tho

  21. Hehe…abeg wizkid na big boy abeg…see d difference between d way he’s takin d whole issue nd d way davido took it…nigga was soo pained…*ROTFL…abeg make davido chill ee…dat guy don give up to 3 diff interviews about dis same matter nd wizkid z obviously not stressed

    • Shut up fool davido was just answering the question they were asking him nd u ppl saying wizkid is better than davido why didn’t u vote for him he didn’t win a single award this year

  22. Well said this guy is just too plain. U gat strong OT I respect u for that

  23. Well said this guy is just too plain. U gat strong OT I respect u for that

  24. wizzy are so matured, u don’t act lyk a kid unlyk dat boy @davido

  25. i use 2 be a die hard davido, neva new he was so chidish fork davido, nyc1 wiz.

  26. Wizzy u sef stat d case y nah?

  27. Wizzy all d way…2887FCE8

  28. Badmus Nnamani

    • fool shut up,mugu go hustle ur own faggot

    • Lwkmd…

  29. Badmus Nnamani

  30. see wizkid and davido ur ends are fast coming o u guys need to repent and work together all these comments those people are posting some will support davido some will support wizkid I don’t like dat u guys should act like brodas for ones abeg dats our expectation from both of u plz

  31. Mehn all dis bastards wey jux dey hate on davido and yan none sense about am, may thunder scatter all of e na 4 yh camp. Fuckin ass holes, what did wiz say in dis video, apart 4rm jux hidin d truth and sayin anoda set of bullshit. Watch davidos own video wen he addressed wizkid mata, @ least he was being honest in d interview…now wiz jux came with his brains full of “ibo and cigar” and told u all none sense, now yh all sayin he is speakin d truth or being matured in d video, pple jux judge blindly and stupidly.

  32. I remembered Davido(obo) saying is still A big fan and a shoutout,like seriously wizzy just said that for television sake,he’s still gat beef. In his belly,seriously I prefer davido than this. Sheet nigga,as an. Upcoming rapper stillhoping too ft davido

    • u people never appreciate sebi u sef don start u won feature davido release song may we here u.

  33. this is a MATURED wizzy

  34. una beeeeeee!!!! mey una use una cenc

  35. Una mama no get sense @ all go hustle leave dis guys dey ar making their money true dis fuck beef…100M on my mind hustle start tonite…fuck wiv nd dav.

  36. starboy let dem no, cos dey don’t no

  37. starboy u are so matured joh

  38. starboy u are so matured, feeling u lyk mad.

  39. yahga starboy wizzy i dy feel u, because na u get mouth pass….4uck all ur haters.

  40. Wizkid well said na them sabi let them run dey mouth .na u d boss nd always d boss #starboy#

  41. OMG!! Wizkid dan murda,, Davido has been the one tweeting and talking War but see as Wizzy just handle the situation….. Still observing thoo

    • Fuck u wizkid started all the beef

  42. Love u wiz….happy birthday to me

  43. Wizkid u hv chnged evrytn…u are not straight foward u re lyin

    • oga shut up joor…. he handled the situation maturely, u say he is lying… do u know the truth?

      • If he has better thing to do then the online beef why did he respond then abeg wizzy is lying u can see it all over his face anyway make him release the album first

      • Seriously guy u rock, I don’t know y people just think upside down. Does he now d truth? ????

  44. who be wizkid for davido side abeg commot. davido use everything beat wizkid joor

  45. hi davido i love u

    • I love davido aye

    • I love davido aye

      • ?? respect wizkid he is a great artist U???? can testify from his past records just that everyone has a time to shine now is davido time abeg make una leave wizzy for we way ? »??A?????

  46. Lyk seriously wizzy u garrit…. Everytin…. I feel u joor starboi

  47. If he has better thing to do then the online beef why did he respond then abeg my friend u lying just release the album make we hear

  48. Mr Youngswiz::…God bless wizkid for me…abi u see he said he don’t have time 4 beef..Na davido carry d matter nw 4 in own high court..Guy u 2fresh keep doing ur tons on low key as u said…love u!!!

  49. Please if u love wizkid tell him the truth all the songs that he has release this year are wack except on top ur matter we want our holla at ur boy crooner back

    • Hello sir i m on coming music nigeria edo state by name 2*2:my frist a bn is day by day?please bros i dont real no if u can help me for my vido pls sir,u cn contact me with

  50. wizkid should try and say sumtin serious and nt beating around d bush………….

    • You aint know ntn but saying bull shit, what have you gain in ife huh? Living fake life, how could u compare deleke with ayo huh? Adeleke ain’t no courage to talk in public, even no swagg, c niccur wizzy ain’t introduce its self anymore, his wealthy speak for him, guys talk men work! Get that to your scoll if poverty is ruin ya family, just go straight to pick a bike to junction and hug transformer sharp sharp, any way had no time for u now, still coming this just disc1 not episode1, you ass hole, fake nigga, get no time for you maggot fool, fuck off ………… Watch out JOY if u don’t know meaning ASK fell free, anyway its AYO

    • U are a bastard!

  51. Davido u d man

  52. wizkid is talented nd gifted bur davido is jst an artist.i love yur prayers wizzy (I wish u wat u wish me ) nofn more bro u jst d best. mostly d fn is y wud u guys compare david nd wizkid aba it so bad .well am out of er

    • Love wat u just said i love whizkid lyrics attimes davido lyrics u no dey hear everytin wey he dey say until u check for d lyrics am sure say my wizkid just give davido sum tym to collect all dos awards sha cux he don tire ham,all hails to wizkid even if u avnt drop any songs dis days d one wey u don leave still dey ring for my brain. Davido too is gud but wizkid i love u,u are d best for me out of unaa

  53. To my ownself I think davido is better dan wizkid so dere is knw doubt dere. Wizkid is gud bt davido is better.

  54. I have hated u since wizzy sha I don’t blame it’s not ur fault

    • @allen luv wot u said buh mi ?? dnt hate wizkid,buh ?? luv davido den wizkid

  55. I have hated u since wizzy sha I don’t blame it’s not ur fault one day u’d regret what u did DAVIDO IS 100 TIMES BETTER than u

    • U don’t know wahs better bitch

    • U don’t know wahs better….open ya mind

  56. Davido is on of a kind… Bet award and afrimma award. Best male artist in african… My guy adeleke you too much

  57. Wel i dnt knw wat 2 say in dis mata,dey should forgt dis childish isue nd live as 1.

    • Tite , nice talk… They should just focus on the music.. But Davido sef to dy win award ooh!! I can’t blame wizkid for trying.. Davido just to dy shine.

  58. Omg… You guys are jex kidding.. Davido and wizkid ar both good. All wot you guys hav to do is to, encourage both to settle d fucking beef dan u blabbling. I hate wack fools

  59. You guys shud jx concentrate on d music! Not that beef sh*t!!!

  60. There’s no Wizkid Wizkidis simply more talented than OBO

  61. God bless ur mother star boi#

  62. Why e be say wizkid no wnt 2 de sing wit up cumin musician…………this tins dat u are doing dere is God Ooooooooo

  63. fuck ya’ll talking shit abt wiz especially that mofo called “sezeniyu papaTee” ur papa!u nd david don dey mad..comparing both of dem is just crazy;voice,melodic,talent,freestyle,err fucking thing.the only thing david knows hw to do more than wiz; is buying nd hijacking songs from poor upcoming even get me started!..stupidAss hater.

    • U never baff

    • thank u jare now u dey talk

  64. Davido is the best, he has got alot of good lyrics plus songs which has earn him more awards… Whizkid is good no doubt but davido is the best…. whizkid lyrics needs a detergent, all he talks abt is baby whine ur waste, baby i go die oooo he is not matured, i get tired of his songs each time i listen to his music becos he has got just one style… DAVIDO I LOVE U EVEN MY GF LOVE YOU TOO… LAST YEAR WHIZKID WAS MAKING WAVES AND NOBODY BEEFED HIM OOO NOW WHIZKID DEY BEEF COS DAVIDO DON SWEEP THE WHOLE AWARD 4 AFRICA

    • Lol I tot I was d only one tired of wizkid’s songs, I don’t even waste my MB in downloading dem cos I knw it’s dsame tin, same beats, same lyrics, same style, infact he shouldn’t release dis year again, he should come back 2017…… he should go on leave to take care of his baby mama nd son.


  66. @ben luv wot u said dat tru and dat y wizkid is beefin all bcos of d award dat y wizkid is beefin davido dat all

  67. Fools

  68. Wizkid is actin jealous imagine telling false stories dat davido bought the awards.

  69. D only here is all abt d award given 2 davido dat y wizkid is beefin him dat all.buh 2 mi O°???Oº°????°ºOo ?? LUV DAVIDO

  70. Y is it dat u guyz did nt vote 4 wizkid 2 win some of d award given 2 davido and nah u guyz are here sayin stupid tins.u no wot,dis is DAVIDO YEAR if u dnt no.luv u mucccccccccccchhhhhhhhh davido

  71. Ya’all talk shit dat wizzy is beefin davido shud grow up tho me luv d both dude, wat amma gonna say is da both re damn good….evrybodi get him own time…!!!

  72. U guyz shuld jst stop commenting nonsense bcos diz guyz are making deir money nd u guyz re here running commentary……. I gat no tym 4 sh*t, I love dem both buh I love wizzy more bcos his talented nd he gat d voice buh check davido voice very bad, he usually use studio vioce nd buy song his not creative

    • All u nigaz tlking about ppl write songs 4 davido I tell u its very common n normal in muzik world..robert kelly wrote songs 4 micheal jackson,celin dion wrote tracks 4 westlife..its no big deal.davido is not proud dts y I prefer him though I luv wizzy too

    • Wizkid go on wiv ur lyf. Ur fanz ??? wiv U. Even d ‘AYE’ way david dey carry 4 head him buy ham. Dirty bitch@david.

    • lov u for wat u’v said bro…am a singer as well.

  73. Wow wizkids all grown up now, I fink its tru dt wen u grow older, ur maturity rate increases 2. I ws a wizkid fan b4 really digged im, stopped 4 a while buh fink am on my wae der again. Davido is all spoilt brat, xo no mind am nd jus focus on givin us dt hit, kip dah talent up dude, nd dt cute face

  74. it all depends on the money and popularity wizkid shine throu somebody,why davido jus come out dey shine throug hin money na wetin dem dey consider be dat so he just come out dey shout ‘e ma da mi duro’ wetin dey do am, make una tell me now, who de stop am, the two are good even if davido spend money for this matter wetin concern wizkid una dey mad, no be only shina rambo davido dey follw sing pass. make wizkid relax hin own time go soon come then make we see if davido go beef am if so then davido need check up sometimes wizkid dey sing song whe makesense ,every self na love make una check am ,abeg i dey talk truth davido na love love.

    • wizkid get that the talent ad the voice but davido too get d talent and him voice d give me headce i hate divado cus him too dere carry him slef up becus him papa get small money na him make ham dere short like say him won carry the world for head but wizzy no dere carry him slef up na him make like wizkid

      • dis dude funny sha…I knew wizkid rite from secondary skul..he has always bin with pride.. davido money no b chicken change talkless is father..davido his a freehand nigga..dats y he gatch more fan..he does not release just anyhw..n wizkid his stingy..BT he sings well…wat still keeps wizkid going its his songs..after dat he us useless to music industry.. d #fact


      • How bout your papa work hard too

    • Wiz kid face ur carier,we know wat to do to davido,the guy no no say street hard body go tell am somethin wen he love wizkid

  75. Grow up wizzy is not everybody that has a son that as common sense am very sure you son get sense pass you…. why you dey beff

  76. my dear wizzy……….i luv u ……dont care wtf d say abt u ……kip doin ur gud music cuz i d ur bk any tym any day… luv

  77. Wizzy Na Baba Leave It Or Take

  78. wassup wt u pple

  79. I hate this dude

  80. omo me i prefer wizzy to davido o

  81. Mah People D Two Of Dem Are D Best To Say F Fact Bt In Term Of Quarellin No Matter Hw Dey Beef Eachoder Dey Will Settle It Amicably So Fan’s Stop Sayin Chit Pls…..In Brotherhood We All Stand.


  83. dis guyz are 2 gud make u guyz talk true

  84. Omg …..wizzy na elder brothr. If me na wizzy I de go find bigger kids to beef .not small kids ……one lv



    BB PIN 332B6B3E or whats app me 08166911950 girls only

  87. It is clear and open Davido is beta Dan wizkid that’s y he keep hating on Davido ….. Davido won 25 awards this year and two last nite (headies) and wizkid got none then he bcame angry and worked out … Now tell me is that maturity that you claim wizkid is beside they asked abt beef not you child so now wizkid accept the fact that davido is better ….you called him daddy’s child that’s bcus he is the last child ….. Love u davido

  88. Keep It Up, Wizzy Luv U

  89. I can’t just stop lafin, davido should watch out 4 my latest track titled “omo baba olowo”, ma lo rope omo pe Iwo ni kan lo mo baba olowo, malo ro pe na only ur pop man get dis moni,y should I comment, dem no call me say make I come dine with wizkid na comment dem call me 2 comment God punish u fada, wizkid keep it up jor God go continue to bless u ni, dis life no go sweet if owu no dey, it’s part of d game bro,u guys should just leave dis guy and let I’m do his tins his own way,I tire ooo, shey na only wizkid dey d music industry ni, abeg let’s be realistic wizkid no b dis boy mate olorun, in terms of maturity, everytin gan, davido wey go jump here and there like say I’m papa ep I’m buy ice cream come from office, make davido, find someone else jor,wizkid didn’t wanna say something about dis, bt was tempted 2 say sometin, cos e realised silent is d best ansa 4 big fool like davido

    • Ella Ella Christina kadje-:):):):){kiss Daniel kadje -:):):)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$}• hello Hi Ho polo mom Zzzz love love wiz kid lpopli polo Cat Car love love

    • Ella Ella Christina kadje-:):):):){kiss Daniel kadje -:):):)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$}• hello Hi Ho polo mom Zzzz love love wiz kid lpopli polo Cat Car love love love -:):):)$$$$$$$$$$$$}•Wizkid $$$$$$$}•Car love love live love lollipop you lip wizkid -:):):)-$$$$$$$$$$$$$}•live love love love lolip

    • Dnt judge one another’s talents.bcos God knws what he gave to shut and wait to c what God has b4 David Essien

  90. guys 2 of u ar don 4 Christ seck
    u stop all this,4 me I bealive on davido, still
    bealive on WizKid,but I known u can’t be desem
    I like boot of u keep on

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