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Wizkid Vs Davido: Who Is Winning?

Posted by Tyler on February 17, 2015 in Editorial, VIDEOS · 231 Comments

Pulse NG’s Osagie Alonge picks out some major points on the rivalry but Wizkid and Davido , and he made a prediction on who he thinks has got what it takes to win this year 2015.

Watch and share your thoughts . Who in ur opinion is winning ?


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  1. Obviously David #OBO

  2. Osagie u no knw wetin u dey talk…mumu na wizkid all d way…

    • wizkid beter pass davido

  3. O.B.O baba o

  4. Oga wizzy

    • wizkid 2 gud hear dat im song i got a porch i crash d porch in anoda week i got anoda porch am bada dan u by far ……. Davido na looseer wizkid na king davido na chick

  5. ginger @ in my bed al d way.

  6. Davido all d way

  7. Wizkid_baba/Davido_calm down oo

  8. wizzy nooni

  9. Well, if there is no game of throne in these then I vote for wizkid and moreover we only feel Aye from davido and after these www video cast we av seen wizzy in different act. So WIZKID jarey.


  11. WizzY Loke Loke noni

  12. Come this tooxclusive bastard….u should really nt be trying to put up stuff lyk this that tries to compare davido to wizkid, too much gap indeed for davido to catch up

    • davido is u d goods

  13. O.B.O HKN ganggy

  14. Wizkid is still the only new school artiste that can keep entertaining
    for an hour plus… thats why He is always featured on cokobar
    events….. u cant come nd seee davido perform aye,gobe,skelewu nd
    dats d end of the show…***** has been selling out shows in Uk for
    close to 5years and you dear call him irrelevant???. Wizkid was
    featured by the whole UHuru team and Davido featured just 1
    memeber of the team. ***** is great and you have to admit.. Davido
    is Davido today based on hype of being OBO and been flashy, Wiz is
    wiz cos of his music and thats all.. #WizzyAlltheway

    • ve u seen wizkid performance before olodo….tell d truth en stop bn sentimental…..y d long story sef ….if u wan to compare wizkid wit obo go check dir performance…OBO

    • Im so tight with some comments.. Davido vs Wizkid.. I respect wizkid buh d dude need to upgrade z skills.. Davido gat me hype coz that aye song was a nice jam.. Davido all d way

  15. WIZKID!!

  16. ice prince

  17. ice prince

  18. ice prince got more swagz more features more songz n more videoz with more credibility

  19. Wizzy eleniyan Surulere no1 bro support Gud music #BOB

  20. the game is not by how far but how well wizkid na u sure pass fuck alabosi

  21. wizkid

  22. The guy on da interview is a fool, na hin you don start????

  23. wizzy nw

  24. Wizkid STN——R BOI ilove him

  25. I be starboy fan But lets say d truth OBO on point

  26. Wizkid noni

  27. Tooxclusive ur very stupid instead of u 2 pest dis hot banging song Young B.B – Malay 2015 best song ,u dey dia dey post rubich.

  28. That cool..wizzy eleniyan and o.b.o das wonderful

  29. Its u guys DAT do cos beef between this two niggas. Its advisable to put dis post down,

  30. Omo balogun

  31. 4 me I like good songs so wizkid give me d good song dat I want…I go 4 wizkid..up wizkid

  32. Na davido joor…ow many award wizzy get last year??

  33. Osagie Alonge is just a Silly fellow… See him Face!!! Keep ranting, Wizzy hatred shows on your Face… E go shock ur to death no worry.

  34. But yur wizkid as been producing songs lik his an upcomin artiste na,nufin new,jus d same old same old wizkid ?o?????? dif,jus 1style since d release uf HOLLA AT YUR BOI,here yu r sayin stupid tins yu guys knw nufin…jes kip arguin n let em continue makin dia money mumu pipu

  35. Wizzy on point, davido no fit sing wetin he dey sing naa. He fit meet up with where he don reach but but before he does wizzy go don pass am. Collabo with wale, chrisbrown, rihanna, akon, kardinal ofishall, tyga ??? am sure very soon JB ??? kendrick what else. Am a fan of davido too he makes good music althoug not professional sonetimes, but good music that’s all we need rait? WIZZY all the way #winks#

    • Y’all need to stop ds bullshit…….LEAVE DEM ALONE haaaaaaa

  36. #O.B.O

  37. davido na de man o.b.o bedest

  38. Pple wey don cal off beef, y d media want dem beefing again by comparing, nt makin sense

  39. Wizzy is the Boss.. killing it big time.. I think any international artist can’t just feature davido cos of his vocal …he needs his own producer to mix nd master his voice b4 release..LoL

  40. Dis Osagie na mumu jare… Its obvious here, with the comments that wizzy is better… #TeamStarboi

  41. Why dis again you dnt ave any ryt to be comparing one artist and oda. But in dis situation both of them are good.OJUELEGBA video is dope and wizkid has d talent while davido has passion.pls dnt compare cos of beefing….

  42. O.B.O d badest

  43. Osagie u be fool, mumu a him u be see ur stupid face like aboki cow saller, wizzy all the way,

  44. When davido dey collect BET awards where wizkid dey

    • u dae mad wizzy don collect bet award nau y u kan dae beef lyk dis nau

    • where Davido dey wen wizzy win BET may e neva see b4 last yr? mumu which musician don win BET pass 1s? 2 face na 1s dbanj, ice p, den wizkid b4 Davido last yr. u ecpect am to win diss year again wen ayo jay, kiss daniel, rikado banks korode bello…… wizzy beat Davido for evritin even deir own personal music money wizzy get pass am. award he win pass award pass Davido get shows pass am he money for shows na times 2 of davido own e get name pass davido b4 davido start to rain wizzy don blow d world for super star album holla at ut boy, love my baby, dunt dull b4 dat nonsence dami duro obo. u hatas just exept d tru fact here dnt sopot davido cos u love m dan wizzy to u wizzy is d best just beafin his talent nd success. thank God as davido don dey old e dey get sence now may he nd wizzy don end d fight davido don day loyer for starboy small small

    • mumu wen wizzy win 2013 where davido dey? wen psquare win am 2010 were 2face nd d banj dey wen ice prince win am 2012 were he boss dey M.I. be current b4 u full ur old age that even 10yrs pikin for 9ja knw say wizzy win am b4 davido last yr.

    • Mumu like u see warin u old meat dey ask wen wizzy may don win BET b4 davido last yr. Tell me wich musician for 9ja don win BET two times? Wen psquare first win am for 9ja were 2face nd d banj? Wen ice prince win am were he mentor M.I dey. Watin 10yrs old boi no go ask dat rubish quest cos he knw say wizzy win am b4 davido. U get hme problem so go meet davido may e give u money take cure dat problem with e BET money

    • Lol,simple and nice question

    • When wizkid first collect am where davido dey?

  45. Wizkid Eleniyan

  46. Wizzy Mani

  47. whose music makes more sense…

  48. OBO Baddest!

  49. Undisputed wizzy…….check out al tru last year wizzy killed Errtin including his collaboz nd showz…..ya’ll shld be realistic here….STNR
    B0Y…..All The Way!!!! Damn#

  50. Undisputed wizzy…….check out al tru last year wizzy killed Errtin including his collaboz nd showz…..ya’ll shld be realistic here….STNR
    B0Y…..All The Way!!!! Damn#

  51. I don’t even know why u r still asking dis question wen u already know d answer,,,,,abeg,wizkid all d way any oda one is a counterfeit,d guy is dope,talented,ambitious nd gat everyfin,so no need 2 argue,,,,wizzy ojuelegba big ups 2 u bae d sky is ur beginning,,,,,Sound it!

  52. Surulere wizkid like more colabs more money more fame..more hit trackz..swag pass fine pass..#STARBOY ..Wiz all d conflict btw dem pls..

  53. Obviously alonge doesn’t knw wat is saying! Sha its is choice! ojuelegba is tyt or mr alonge u want girls dancing in a street song!

  54. Tooxstupid! Are this 2 artist the only ones in the music industry ? it’s obvious wizkid and davido are the ones giving u viewers and comments. It’s 2015 do something new. Stop taking back us back to the cat and rat dilemma.. Why don’t u compare tooxclusive team vs notjustok team #u know u suck.. Wizkid, davido and every other artists all we want is good music.. Note: Rkelly has no Grammy award but he is generally accepted as the king of Rnb.. Support Nigerians and let’s take our music to world and stop trying to aid in bringing down Nigerian artist and their music career. It’s our own, don’t destroy it because one day even tooxclusive and their writers, someone else somewhere will post something about your site or writers that will destroy ur career.. Give us real life infos abt dis people, stop creating beef. Bcos dats d only tooxlusive knws how to do best.. There are lots of stories to tell abt people why always abt rivalry.. Tooxlusive improve ur standard to international level. #2015 we move forward

    • Yes ooooo. You are right. Nice one

    • Good one

  55. Wizzy baby loke loke…all d way jare

  56. Catch davido one on one he can’t freestyle.. Compare to wizlion he is a king… If u are rating the best davido won’t be there. Checkout 2face, timaya, dis artist will kill u with freestyle so if u’re an artist and u can’t freestyle U’re wack

  57. no be me do am o_no be you do am o_from the beginning of the world na God e don make am so #thanks to all my fan #O.B.O Baddest

  58. O.B.O is the winner

  59. Wen wizzy start to sing release album dey win award like BET, MTV, CHANEL O, Ghana Awards Davido neva sing he first track BACK WHEN. Wizzy get shows for money pass davido multi by 2 sell pass am popular pass am both internationally make davido go spend be papa money feature Chris Brown,Rehana, Tyga….. From ojuelegba nd surulere to Lekki nd Victorial highland dats wat we call successessful nd talented but Davido who came from golden spoon nd palace dey bragg say e sabi sing dey buy music with e papa money

    • I am happy to see this comment bro, some ppl knw nothing abt music, how can some1 compare Wiz and Davido? WDavido is trying but Wiz is music!

  60. See the guy face sef… Hippopotamus fresh pass am! 2015 just start it might not even go to any of these guys it might go to another person entirely

  61. See dem mumu na so dem dey coz fight between dem artists. ..

  62. It wizzy

  63. See dem mumu na so dem dey coz fight between dem artists. ..j

  64. All u guys wey dey mention wizkid,u no dey reason well,davido no b wizkid in a lot of ways,davido met wizkid in da industry rite??total d awards of wizkid nd minus it from davido,u will c deficit sign,davido no b beans o,he started small but now no b anybody mate for industry now…..

  65. I just laff wen ppl say wizzy got more awards dan davido…go n check out dis awrds on wikipedia….davido get more awards oooo…..wizzy sing pass buh davido shine pass…..truth be told…

  66. Davido is d baddest….he is got more awards….do ur maths well b4 u comment rubbish…god punish cokobar…cokobar ko cokonet ni….davido dey go perform 4 african presidents…na only psquare dey do dt kind tin 4 nigeria…now davido don join dem…..una dey call wizkid…davido is d number 1 artist in africa ryt now…no wizkid song dis year don pass owo ni koko

    • Smh..haterz..teamwizkid we d baddest.

  67. Wizkid all d way. D. Best I hav ever seen

  68. Y. u guyz they beef wizkid na wizkid this wizkid that, shay na because the guy they successful ni, na wa oo, and the mumu way talk for this video talk say Davido no leave hkn say wizkid leave eme, u be fool ,Davido nd iz gang all most all of them be family so all of them na boss on there own to compare to wizkid and banky w, nd nobody they sign contract with anybody, and even Davido nd sina Rambo way be family sef get beef one time way sina Rambo wan comot hkn before they settle am. so u have no point in what u are saying. don’t condemn one artist for one, because u like Davido. every body get hin own time. when wiz kid was on point shay other artist sef no dey that time ni way wizkid blow pass them . if two of them colaboI believe me wiz kid iz goona Muther Davido, not that Davido aint good o but wizkid iz more beta than him.

    TO WIZ kid : if nobody talks about u then u r nobody wether na true them talk or na lie. so leave them let them say. me I day feel all your work

    • That interview is poor and sentimental….when comparing 2 artists it should never be one sided.

  69. obo

    • The both are killing and making their money so is we upcoming artist that should pull up together nd stop judgeing who dnt knw if we are existing

  70. Davido is d best o o o H N GANG

  71. I rep Oluwawizzy!

  72. d both artists ar really gud, but wizkid garrit.@iamdj3d

  73. when they are talking about winners, wizkid iz out of the line i mean out of the line totally so davido is the best ever#w
    e love u davido keeeeeeep it up!!#O.B.O baddess

    • U are ryt,wetin wizkid dey sing,davido owns it all as in he’s trying gannnn

  74. Davido 4 sure

  75. i tink davido is better for now at least davido sings better and reasonable songs and more better lyrics are attached to his music dan dat of wizkid, although wizkid songs r mostly hit and party songs undoubtedly. But i still strongly know with d latest standings davido is really doing great. I just hope there isnt no beef btw dem i would love a collabo from dem sooner than later

  76. OBO noni

  77. Starboi….is an inspired musician lryci ful joY

  78. Starboi is an inspired musician giFted from the street blessings is all I see from him all dayZc ready to do the freestyle all daY music runinng in hiS Vain

  79. Davido all d way…wizkid dey sing small children song so..himsef knw say all him songz no commot road Davido Carry Go….

  80. Wizzy legendary…make una leave am for am#TeamStarBoy

  81. Davido forever

  82. Davido badest

  83. Davido forever

  84. Baddest o.b.o

  85. Davido should stop #buying songs and awards talent is not bought let those that have it dominant is not everything ..Kudos to Wizzy and team..

  86. Wizzy baba ooo#

  87. See my baby when I love u no be now, and i’m loving the way u dancing to the sound oya baby move your body to the sound. Davido you dey hot. #OBO Baddest it’s you all the way.

    • Buh,se da one nah song…Itz wizzy am killinq dem with effizzy,every youngboi want to b mie….lolzzz .Everybody like money ,swaga plenty…yaaagaaa

  88. Davido obviously

  89. D guy wo was interviewed is fucked up tooxclusive should move dat video off d site he said rubbish all true

  90. Davido all d way.dopest nigga…niggas don dey jealous cos dem dan dey jam u 4 QUILUX

  91. Ayo,u guys saying davido dnt understand music bcs if u do music is about talent not buying songs and gaining fame with moni

    • After he buys the song, who sings it for him?

  92. Wizzy all the way

  93. Osagie #story for d gods #eleniyan all d way king of Africa not only surulere anytin e do bad belle mst talk……o.b.o wey go dey bleat like goat gosh it so annoying wen u compare him with wizkid, imagine aw u wan take compare don moen with don jazzy, davido shares simmilarities wif jay z, der own na to collect award buh em no sabi anytin voice like goat own.

    • U are dumb for saying jay-z does not know how to sing…mtcheew, na wizkid kon sabi..davido is beta by far

      • #teamwizkid!…der is no way yhu cn compare davido tew wizkid naa…d swaq,wizkid qat et,d looks e gat et,d crowd na wizkid own am ni…wetin aqain?? Abi na d unbeatable voice??.. cii davido shape of head saf na oranqe e suppose tew dey hawk,nr b music b e career….i qo advice am mk e always wear cap 4 all im video mk e DOPE small…wizkid abeq carry qo!!!!!! We lawv yhu joorrr…Yaqaah!!

  94. starboy

  95. i say ni ojuelegba o dem knw my story… wizzy ara o

  96. d difference btw dem z wizkid can repeat a chrous more dan 6 times, y davido cant do such.
    wizkid has a tremendous voice y davido z still manaqeble.

    To crown it all wizzy z sumhw arroqant y davido z frndly 2 everione.

    • niqqa abeg which primary school u go..niqqa u spit shit

    • Wizkid beta pass davido many ways.1). For voice na wizkid 2)for hans na wizkid.3)for money na wizkid.wizkid is jst too too much.listen to wizkid ft akon for you da 1 na beta song…..wizzy baby looke

    • Wizkid is d bst as far music is concerned!..xo f*ckin reppin starboi

  97. Davido all d way! No doubt

  98. Wizkid better pass Davido naturally for song but Davido music sell pass he own, Davido videos dey always go well but colabo and singles….OBO got swag man don’t just compare
    ..let d truth be said,one love add me on FB jeff jerry

  99. WiZkid all d way

  100. davido makes tinz xeptional.
    …let leave d mony issue davido is evrytin abt music….is always trying 2 give d bst…buh wizkid always make noise in music…fact

  101. 25 awards in 45 nomination… compared wizkids to 18 awards in 65 nomination…I mean you’all wizzy Fans on ere aren’t dumb are you? do d maths and pray

  102. both are making progress. but wizkid all the way #ojuelegba

  103. single gals add me 2B107493

  104. If u won kno who sabi pass…davido dey sing but wizzy go enter any beat…go check indomie …na davido I like b4..but as he sing 4 that indomie remix I hate am…wizzy sabi pass am

  105. Wizking wizy loke loke

  106. Wizbaby loke loke

  107. Wizkid is like 2face to me while davido is like d banj..come on…wizkid is far farr farrrr better dan davido hommie! Listen to songs like JOY,JAIYE JAIYE and som oda of hs tracks..u go knw say d boi d pass message mehn. Unlike davido..davido can’t sing dat kinda insperational songs..nigga no b by I get monei,I get monei Nahh! Sing wey evn d poor go apprecaite..#WIZZY Number1.

  108. wizkid is winning for sure davido iz jst trying

  109. I rep Wizzy

  110. Callme crespo

  111. This guy is one of the biggest fool I have ever watched on my phone he can’t even prove him self right….I wish I was there to give him a nice tackle on this….damn mind the ppl you interview

  112. Wizkid all the way!! Repping boldly… Yagaa

  113. davido is the best

    • as 4 me na O B O day on top

  114. wiz-cow and in baby baby….yagaaaaaa……eyeeeyeEee never tire unahh abiiiiiiiiii all wizkid (wizcow/maluu) fans are cows lyk him. OBO/HKN for life /owo niiii ko ko. (Wizzycow gooo soon goo broke

  115. Hey Osagie, honestly I disagre wit almost all ur commnt prtaing wiz n david: who’s winning. I noticed ur kind’of on one side. 1st, wat makes an artist a consistent act? I bliv its by keepng up ur games n dropng hit upon hit. N wiz is doing dat. 2nd, I bliv u understnd every managers or person has its own business strategy, n if its working, wat els will u do. Contineu wit it. 3rd, talkng abt sensible songs, is Ojuelegba not a gud one, hw do u diffrntiate Ojuelegba n Owo ni koko. N d video is nt as bad as it seems 2u, wat kindr video do u expect frm such song. I bliv nthng extra ordinary, bcoz wiz tried 2 postrate his hustles n blessng n nt 2 4get, d title of d song is Ojuelegba, hw abt d Lagos Bus active show n d street of Ojuelegba. Is dat nt natural. I bliv its ok, n nt 2 4get abt songs like In my bed n so on. Abaaa!!!!!! D boy dey try well well I beg. Abi u no dey go club, wettng u dey listen 2 4club?

  116. The artiste y’all is suppose to mention, u’v overlooked him…Frankly, looking at the collabo and work rate, I think olamide baddo should be the man for this year.#bless

  117. This song is good

    • davido for sure,wiz go sitdown

  118. i wonder y nigerian youths are lyk dz….d people u guys are insultin urselves for are jz as old as u are or probably younger…watz d fuss abt who is beta,life z all abt choices so derez disparity in preference….av u eva tot abt urself being talked abt by people???if No,den grow up dudes

  119. Wizkid be fada

  120. Mo look am 4rm d view of perspective…We all knw dat davido na 4rm rich family nd wizzy z 4rm d opposite ..Weather im buy am nio or steal am, sti yet d song sti make sënse. By attitude davido dey carin pass wizzy …We knw say wizzy hans pass OBO presently bt Talkin of natural beauty wic z d main source.. to me davido hans pass wizkid… Talkin of their songs 4rm experience na davido gt dat 1 pass.. Although wizzy gt voice pass im bt it has nottin to do with d singin talent.. Der z alot of point i fit bring out nd all same davido z d BEST

    • my name is tunde i am in ss1 class in ijebu igbo ogun state wizkid fyn pass davido,pink lips pass davido,has voice pass davido hands pass davido,wizkid video is better dan davido’s o luk at bombay,in my,bet,joy,holla at ur boy i beg wating i wnt say again bt davido’s voice is fugi’s voice al d same both of dem ar trying buh monkey is diffenrent 4rm chipazee wizkid is stil d bst

      • We talk according to our class, lol

  121. #davido na d main source

  122. #WIZZY is d best

  123. Wizkid (star boy) nah Davido fada

  124. Wizzy b d boss

  125. Hu b wizkid? Davido na yu b correct guy salute yu

  126. i think is davido is already wining #o b o# baddest

  127. from my own point of view ..WizKid is better dan davido. Davido has NYC songs buh wizzy still sings beta Dan him.. look at JOY -wizkid , mummy MI – wizkid ..then owonikoko – davido , the sound..more people would actually listen to wizzy cuz he is inspirational

  128. Go wizzy

    • Davido his a star musician handsome his music mek sumbody feel beta while wizkid sing song about a woman very time davido is my real G kari go go all of unah b yoruba da xame tribe davido his bigger dan all of you davido kari go dn,t mind ayodeli ibrahim balogun datz wizkid real name

  129. wizkid pass davido.wizkid songs touch on different topics while all davido knows is women

  130. wizkid pass davido.wizkid songs touch on different topics while all davido knows is women

    • Dat ur comment ain’t correct,i love both of emm and I ain’t here to compare both, but based on ur comment let’s be sincere,its wizkid dat talks more of women,his music is like recycling, same ideology but different beats and rhythm and dats d damn truth

  131. d youngest ,most handsome,musically talented wu release best music nd album na wizkid(star boy) so what else do u wnt UN contented pple wizy baba

  132. Davidoo still remain me real G, wizzy na real shit!”””

  133. WIZY wizy Wizkid , continue to shine u r a star indeed. Fee nyce .

  134. davido mak d use of vanacular speaking while wizkid it is hardly u c him using yoruba

  135. Abeg make una go check d meaning of wizzkid 4 dictionary. Who b davido 2 b compared wt wizzy baby. Starboi 4 life.

  136. Wizkid na my person_ OJUELEGBA

  137. Wiz kid sings and we understand, but david no body day hear wetin him day talk , na the beeting we day here

  138. all davido fans shd count tha comment so that they will know dat wizkid is winning love u wizzy baby frm Ghana starboy things

  139. Davido…you too much…leave wizzy make him dae get pride

  140. up jogs!!! star boy

  141. Even though wizkid is my favourite, right now i think davido is killing it. davido has really tried.. he’s done some real good music. whizkid is having a rough time now though he’s got some few good songs too, but at the moment that boi is the talk of the town. its just time.. i just hope davido’s album would be good to our hearings oo. lol

    • Davido is too reskless on stage self compare to wizzy baba wizzy is still the best davido alway spoill remix jare fuck off motherchusker

  142. Wizkid good pass davido 8m time david small boy

  143. Wizzyy #1

  144. I think wizkid is the better 1!!!

    • It jezzy jeff:davido is d best than wizkid beacause wizkid is always proud of himself and he doesnt like being his real self.davido is d baddest abeg lock up wizkid he still da wear pampers

  145. Davido is d best

  146. i,m a big fan of WIZZY buh i think DAVIDO is more on d roll than wizkid hez really trying BIG UPs to d nigerian music MESSI nd RONALDO

  147. wizkid dayo..wizy wizy.abeg u to much..wizy al.d.way

  148. Wizkid all d way #team starboy

  149. Wizkid is d best #team wizzy

  150. well davido sing mature songs compare 2 wizkid..wizzy can sing oooo bt dat was before his past davido obo baddest is dy best..jst watch dat new album fan mi..

  151. dnt have much 2 say! DAVIDO no 1

  152. Wizzy na my guy:expensive shit

  153. oshey…hot guy @ wiZzy# expensive sh*t men…lolx our wiZzy na d boss ohh…bend down pause.

  154. Wizkid iz talented, buh davido iz better for me bcos he iz passionate abt helping others blow their music.

    • i lv wizkid alot buh davido help other’s in blow their music, daz y i wanted davido to be my g.f in music if i can meet him one day.

  155. all davido fanz.make u na go count all d comentz u go c winer…who else, it …starboy..lolz

  156. wizzy is winin already count coment

    • na me b.y boy a.k.a lil.cent i luv my baby wizzy u be de boss i be ur boy sir

  157. davido as a musician has no swag no dance style no voice just junping from one place to another well i no it is de cuss of drugs he takes before using his dog voice to sing well abeg i love my baby wizzy ayo!

    • Hehehee Nigeria frog lolzzz

      • wizkid is the best

  158. Wizzy wizzy all d way,no throne fight,no contender no competition wizkid is the best 4get & stop comparing wizzy to davido bcos wizzy is a father to davido,wizzy is the leader of the new school#Team#fidel#i rep starboy#

  159. davido is popular and rich which as brought frame for him WizKid is d best because he as the ability to sing even wen dere is no money he might be proud tho but he is d best

  160. D two stars ar unique ion dere own lane…I lyk d two

  161. o.b.o ……see wizzy as no stot here ,no awards and he started b4 davido…take a look @ the sound video..tme-hkn..jardon baddest

  162. wizkid no argument…….davido iz jst going abt buying aongz f piple nd start singing wit his voice dat doesn’t even wnt to be heard……..wizkid iz nt winning,wizkid iz d winner already

    • guy, go through d nominations and awards n see who is winning

  163. jst cary on u own e scenario nd u gat no rival leav dem nd cary on. am lukin 4wd 4 ojuelegba remix featurin drake

  164. Davido is the best and mature too 1000000000 kudos to davido

  165. d I fit run insyd 99 bullet for davido aka OBO aka BADEST aka HKN ganq….U tuu Much RESPEST

  166. u no c say AL OBO no get sense…Firstly list davido singles e.g owo ni koko,aye,back when,gobe,all of you, skelewu,overseas,ekuro RIGHT ….Secondly, you no c say al diz music no get sense 4 local or international level……WIZKID..Firstly he sang HOLLA,DN’T DUL,GIDI GAL, TEASE, SHOW D MONEY,ELEDUMARE,JAIYE JAIYE, OJUELEGBA jst a few…Secondly local & international level day jam it e.g alicia keys,drake,rihana,angelie kidjo,tyga,akon,chris brown, 4 DAVIDO NA HIM DAY BEG WIT MONEY TO GET A FEATURE E.G MEEK,5OCENT,AKON,FUTURE IDIOT GUY

  167. O.B.O

  168. obo badest

  169. OBO THE BEST?

    best video him self…

  171. davido carry 20% why wizzy carry99% dnt compare ever compared wizkid wit davido na wizzy b d oga haabaa since 11yrs old…d only finest guy in music industry

  172. Davido is a king. even in south Africa we love Davido

  173. wizkid is d king

  174. i luv u wizkid

    • wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy 4life

  175. wizkid is more handsome dan davido

  176. wizkid is d king wnt to be lik u wiz nt lik davido

  177. mumu is this guy that upload this video, he saying rubbish, TALENT IS TALENT, I dose not matter of award, what matter is TALENT. am nt wizkid fans oo, but try to knw what talent is. FOOL PEOPLE.

  178. Wiz-fool fans dey speak nonsense o.. ……una no dey see say wiz-fool dn die for music, his glory has faded. …all he can do is to steal songs nd make another version like kiss Daniel Good times.. ..davido is d best.. ..una no dey here DODO. ..THE MONEY….davido just sign contract with Sony o

  179. If we talk music na babanla if we talk say who be d baba call am baba nla becoz dat song only is killing any music kill able yepa baba nla see make we no lie Davido dae sing but him dae for them rekaado level but if we talk say money him get money but in 100% of is welth 80 na him papa own the rest gan self na him Papa dae beg people say make them give him piking so anything we have say is final before we go burial am with ojuelegba #LOLZ# is killing shows oje lo je

  180. damnm it… wizkid gat the worst voice evr..worst videos..what is babanlaaaaa..expensive wat.shit of cuz.mtcccc here luk at obo sumtyn i use his songs to sleep..he gat evrytin mennnn..i luv dat guy for real..he gat more passion for music dan anytin..wizkulid just dey feed im belle na….OBO ALL D WAY..HE IS D BOSS

  181. is like u guys comparing heaven with hell . wizkid na boss . no any of him music wey u no go feel . d guy is well endowed. an fresh de for him

  182. davido d best

  183. up up you go davido. D winner

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