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VIDEO DOWNLOAD :Dbanj – Oliver Twist

Posted by Tyler on March 18, 2012 in VIDEOS · 89 Comments

Dbanj – Oliver Twist




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  1. what robbish…………

  2. Chai,nja ooooo,y wnt dey kal us babarians or enemy of progress,dats anoda reason y whites re beta dan us,always criticizn.simple english comment on d video nt his lyf bet haters will surely talk.dis video is kul nd very nice,I love evrifin abt it.I love d banj,u re d bomb.

  3. nice one banj i love your video so much

  4. Iam Need Video Oliver Twist For My Exam After 3 Days

  5. Hahahah……… Funniest freestyle ever ====>>>>

  6. There’s nothing wrong in moving on I guess, bt d video’s somehow dull and I really miss don jazzy 4 not being in d video, well all is well, d’banj :- keep it up

  7. This video is so cool,but still looking swagless and incomplete inwithout don jazzy. we do not need kenya west without don jazzy. we want a new oliver twist video with don jazzy in it!!!!

  8. Omoh d’banj we’re did u get dat white guy from tell him dat I would lyk him 2 teach me his dance step.I dey fill am DIE nd dis Oliver video is just supernatural

  9. D Banj oliver twist single has a good mixing even though is lyric deficience. The video tells alot about the current status of Dbanj. Nevertheless, we all have different things we listen to in music. As long as you can have ur own interest point in any music; its ok, but dont worship Artist instead worship God.

  10. D video is perfect i love it so much even wit d absense of don jazzy it dosen’t shake me @ all d banj keep movin we gat ur back.

  11. D video is perfect i love it so much even wit d absense of don jazzy it dosen’t shake me @ all d banj keep monin we gat ur back.

  12. Mind.u don jazzy.& dbanj are both working 2gether,????I dnt knw donjazzy b4 dbanj…,no long thing

  13. Mind ??? don jazzy A??????D????? dbanj are both working ????gether,????? Ð??ñ†? knw donjazzy b4 dbanj…,n? long thing

  14. I love d’banj so much, and the exclussive video of oliver twist…i think kenye west in d replace of Don J. Dosn’t really freak me, anyway the video stil stand kul and perfect.

  15. Wake up call peeps,change is d only constant thing in lyf. Dbanj has accepted that so must you. Afta all u all pay 4 his entertainment so 1 way or d other u are all his FANS,so stop with all the fussing already. U didn’t xpect him to sign up with d danfo drivers i guess, its called progress so all the haters grow up!!!

  16. D video is good

  17. D’banj keep it up also want u 2 knw dat silent is the BEST answer for a FOOL live Don jazz and is fans alone yeeye people

  18. The video rock i love the video dbanj keep the good work niger shut up……….

  19. For God’s sake comment on the music & not the dude life,he is free to take any decision he feels will pay is ass,so free the guy

  20. Jst lykd d part whr dat wyt boi did dat azonto danced buh i don’t c d’banj being as happy as he is in his other videos. Dapo r ? sure dis beef is reli wat ? ???? ryt nw?

  21. The video lacks the mo hits crew. Dbanj is jst being ungratefull. Y shoot d video after d split its jst too obvious he is taking a wrong step. »»•!n•! By the way ~=«~wat~»=~ z kanye west feeling lyk in that video????? Arnord or James bond??? Rubish!!!!!

  22. The video lacks the month hits crew. Dbanj is jst being ungratefull. Y shoot d video after d split its jst too obvious he is taking a wrong step. »»•!n•! By the way ~=«~wat~»=~ z kanye west feeling lyk in that video????? Arnord or James bond??? Rubish!!!!!

  23. D splitin shud not be a problem,if d first love stays.d banj n don jazzy,always remember God has ordained it dt u ll meet to part one day.Just strive to part on a good note…….

  24. d banj ur actually followin dose whu wuld influence ur lyf negatively all bcos of international fame, fortune nd money…2 b honest, uve taken d rung step nd surely der will b regrets comin out 4rm dis… No 1 is tellin u nt 2 move on bt alwys rememba d person whu brought u 2 stardom cos witout him u’ll neva meet d big foold kanye. Wish u gyz gud luck. Bt as 4 don jazzy i’ll advice dat u shld fully support wandecoal cos he’s etter dan dbanj.

  25. I wouldn’t say the video is some sort of bullshit,buh I’ad rather tell dbanj to remember that an old devil is better than a new fu**kin angel. The dude (Kanye) to me is not gonna be part of those who will positively influence Dbanj. just let each of them be and let’s see what comes out of the calm river.

  26. y did u fck up. y azonto?learn to lv ur own. wat apnd to alanta. tke dt sng to ghana we disown yhu. haaa at least jst a lil alanta. yyyy banj?nw alanta hz lost.

  27. Everybody has reasons for his or her own decisions…. Don jazzy and dbanj were partners… international artists do break up and there will be no problem.. Nigerians were are just far far behind.. Wake up 9ja

  28. Below my xpectations bt it was cool. Nice work

  29. Never watch d video…but nigerians should learn ?????? mind their bizness N stop criticising what others do…n on d dbanj n dj split nobodys bizness let’s mind our bizness wish all men best in life…big up dbanj, dj n ma own boss YE

  30. Never watch d video…but nigerians should learn ?????? mind their bizness N stop criticising what others do…n on d dbanj n dj split nobodys bizness let’s mind our bizness wish all men best in life…big up dbanj, dj n ma own boss YE

  31. he should have lip call don baba

  32. Captivatin video…some pple are jst 2 dumb. In reality, not all relationships or partnerships will last 4 ever. Don jazi has tryd…NEXT PLS! Kanye gives him international appeal. Pple shld learn 2 accept things. Dey wld do worse if they were Dbanj.

  33. i love oliver twist than chop my money

  34. i love oliver twist video dan chop my money

  35. i love c video dan chop my money

  36. After all said and done…life still goes on…d video z nyc nd both dbanj nd sesan did a good job ere…y’all shuld quit dis ish nd let sleeping dogs lie….

  37. Nigerians put emotions n sentiment 2 judgement. Itz jst too much. D guy wants 2move on free him, must u condem him cos of his decision. Afterall U are to coment on d video not his life n affiliatns.
    Using PCM 4 sum1 els’s headache.

  38. Dbbaanjj neva gonaa. Faiil. Cos he gott kanye. Buhh u juus compare d differencee bbbtww big. Seaan n dbanj

    Ouur gui is lukiin local wittout his boss. Sesan. No dull

  39. Men 4get jokes n yabs dat vid is crap! Djazzy wld hv done beta any day n anytym! I hope wen k.west sees dat dbanj doesnt hv lyrics he no go terminate d contract on tym!!!!

  40. ??†? ?????? international about the video. Nothing at all? Its ?ü?† a???? video. Like wizkids. Don Jazzy will make anoda d’banj even a???? better one. Both of ’em should move on. We can’t stay stuck †?? someone all our lives.

  41. nice video,dbanj u really did a good job our musical video can now meet up international standard,as,for ppl rating d video low shld stop jealousy.

  42. Best video…. Dere was. dat special feeling of joy wen I saw kanye … I don’t giv a fuck abt don jazzy… Thumbs up d’banj

  43. Dis video is boom, talk’n of swagg D’banj u re too much bt with don jazz i wish him best of luck

  44. Nice video man,u are really a legend in the making,with or without Dj the video is still tight.

  45. Am nt rili a ‘dbanj’ fan and i hate kanye west with a passion so i guess i shouldnt judge d video, cos its gonna seem biased

  46. Y azonto dance….

  47. Who’s West forming James bond for? This is too way low to my xpection dude. Now, with this video! It shows Don jazzy is d big brain behind ur beter perfomance. D 1st video u wil ever shoot witout Jazzy is messed up. Toh.

  48. Well I was trilled by d white guy dancing azonto, but don j wound have nailed it with his swagg, money ent everything

  49. Disappointing….

  50. Don jazzy is missing ere…. Kanye west cant replace him in d vid

  51. Tit video but two tins was missin don bab j voice n he’s apearance

  52. The video is just dere, and as much as I am not a fan of dbanj, I respect his hustle, buh fueding wiv don j and claiming he owns more hits, is a bitch move and 1 tin av lent is dnt bite d fingers dat feed u…don jay is goin 2 create anoda dbanj…TRUST ME

    • for your info tony.. don jazz did not feed dbanj.. they were working together… wake up nigerians

  53. very average!

  54. Hottest of the year

  55. @yoo….d dapo u knew then in lasu n dbanj r different …u av tu learn tu understand that pple change n stop soundin like u paid his flight money….wel for me I tot I wud c don j in d I got disappointed bt the girls danced v.well with betta attitude bt I enjoyed that white boy’s part….the vidi dey ??k°

  56. D video is jst kul

  57. Hmmm…… Oliver twist? Missing! BomBom? Missing! Video concept? Regular. Kanye west Apperance? Fronting….. As for Don-Jazzy? His voice is ENOUGH-Abeg! 80% rating Though.

  58. Hypocritic naija, av neva had a problem wit people movin on in their own lives, wats wrong wit dat?

  59. dbanj no bi so ooo, remember say na pple check you take enter UK you no deliver money ooo!!! abi you want make i talk, naw naw begin call DJ, na only that guy fit manage you cos you re just too dumb abi no bi dapo of lasu way na girls hostel hin deyy die, na here we deyy nah.

  60. Nothing so special about the video! Wots the hype?? Plus why did they use the azonto steps? I thought the video was supposed to be Nigerian! #ohwell… Maybe its just me then….

  61. too much of donjazzy dat y d’banj u get mouth more gud music tins,but me no go lie…no longthing.

  62. ?? U????? guys sh stop makin don jazzy n dbang’s split ur problem.dis guys av moved on.simply!to ??,d video is tight.

    • Abi ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Jobless lunatics on social media.

  63. Where the F is DON JAZZY?

  64. It’s a nice video anyway….but missin don jazzy stil!!!

  65. The video is cool but not so much as its being anticipated! Some touch are missing!

  66. cool n matured! i like the switch of Don jazzy to Kanye perfect description of growth nice work Dbanj buh we still missed IDJA

  67. Tight video,but Don jazzy’s absence was just too obvious. Can’t believe the beef is so strong that Dbanj didn’t even move his lips when he was supposed to mention Don jazzy.

  68. Nice video

  69. no lie da vid tit no need 4 don jazzy

  70. Nice video,lovely concept but something is missing….DONJAZZY!

  71. Poor video. This is far below the standard Sesan has set. I’ll rate this thing 2/10 (F). Pls, this should not have been released to the public without proper consultation. THE VIDEO IS POOR, PERIOD.

  72. dis tune is pure fiyah!!

  73. No donjazzy swag and kanye west tot it was a gangstar beef song. Not to my taste

  74. Nothing special…..

  75. Regular video it is

  76. I can’t download the video to my mobile.. The “Download to Mobile” link keeps taking me to the video’s page on youtube. Do something please

  77. omg can u just imagine kanye west standing at don jazzy’s space,that’s sooo unfair…

  78. This girls on Oliver twist video want Kill person sha.

  79. D video is tyt buf no Don Jazzy 2 complement D banj. Don jazzy adds swag 2 videos wif d way he acts nd his voice 2. Its nt jst right

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