VIDEO: ModeNine & Muna Exchanging Words In Front of Their Fans

Posted by Tyler on May 8, 2012 in VIDEOS · 84 Comments

0 VIDEO: ModeNine & Muna Exchanging Words In Front of Their FansMuna Modenine


At the just concluded “Nokia Don’t Break The Beat Competition” where rapper Mode9 was a judge (alongside DJ Jimmy Jatt and Rogba Knighthouse) and ex-beauty queen turned rapper Muna was the presenter, both parties clashed and had a heated argument right in front of fans, contestants, organizers and cameras broadcasting to millions of viewers.


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  1. Muna didn’t try, the bottom line is that u don’t argue with the judge as a mere presenter/host. Have u ever seen ryan seacrest tell randy jackson he doesn’t agree or to pass d mic? Did the presenter of MBGN object when muna won? It has happened though, let’s allow d incident die.

  2. @ FreshAss,ur a big ass hole……ur incredibly stupid…..

  3. *in nicki minaj’s voice*………STUPID HOE…………

  4. Pass the mic !!!, do u know if mode9 don beg Muna for collect b4 (sex) loool or even embrassed her b4. so she used dis medium to get back at him. So don’t judge by dis video only. #Tru talk

    • u re just a bloody foolish bastard…u fada will die a fool

  5. @Bok and fresh ass. Its a shame the ill mannered fucked up semens like you still exist. Can you listen to your expired selves. Talking like bitches without a single evidence of COMMON sense. Mode9 wldnt be on that seat if he wsnt good.I’m a lady,I listen to mode9 and I take a bow and the people who picked him as a judge know this and you come up here talking suckaway junks. Both of u need to get urselves checked men cos this kinda stupidity oozing from you will get you fucked in the ass with a double barrel.
    Muna, me I no see wetin you dey rap o. All I see is a rat high on skunk making alotta noise. Who says ur opinion matters in this issue. You weren’t made a judge cos you no sabi. If you see boss,bring ur fairly used head down stupid ho. U dey stage dey make noise bcos dem no platser that ur bleached and burnt face with shit abi? In this industry, the humble ones make it. Be Wise. Fool

  6. mode 9 a broke nigga??? Fresh ass you r so uninformed! Muna was very wrong she shld learn from tiwa savage n other female artist who ve done d job in da past! Its a big blow to the rap industry! Muna omode anoo!!!

  7. Dat dumb ass guy dat did d 1st post was tnkin wit his d!ck, afta ejaculatin he’l slit his wrist himself 4 wat he said. B*tchy Faggot A** Nicca

  8. Get ur acts ryt muna

  9. Wait, Muna wasn’t interviewed and asked her own side? Dts wrong. And I don’t think she deserves all d attack she’s getting. She DISAGREED. Mayb did it d wrong way but dts al she did!

  10. @boks u r anoda big fool as well, she’s a presenter nd not d judge nd mode 9 didn’t grab d mic, I guess some pple don’t use dere nose to watch nd dere mouth to ear. Its like a presenter idols shld disagree with wat d judges said, dats not his/her work or biz. Gosh some of u claim u r tight nd tosh u r just bunchies of dumbass bitches who knw notting, well na wash

  11. @ fresh ass I’m refering to u, ur name is wat u r but ur ass is not even fresh, muna is trying lyrically but let call a spade a spade. Ur judgment is dat of a fool nd it sucks dat some1 can make a comment like after u saw wat happened

  12. U dat guy dat made d first comment nd said mode 9 shld fight with is size nd age mate nd u called him a broke ass nigga, I guess u r notting but a sorry ass idiot nd fool. R u trying to tell me wat muna did was right, I can’t believe ur judgment as if u brain is inside ur anus

  13. @boks, who was †?? judge in †?? show? Mode9, who was †?? host? Muna. Simple, do ur job, don’t come ??d do mine, u just announce †?? contestants ??d †?? results ??d not judge †?? competition. Imagine a commentator leaving his booth to argue a penalty wit †?? referee. Simple, Muna was wrong cos it wasn’t what she was hired to do. @fresh ass, if he had let Muna talk ??d said nothin, pple wud start sayin he was scared of her n dat she chanced him, so he had to take his stand ??d not let somebody roll over him, male or female.

    • WORD!!!

  14. hahahahahah… much hate on here mehn….i havent even seen the video,tnx to tha crappy network…but y'all saying sumn bout mode9 being legendary and shii and talkin bout respect…my question is why trade words with the so called 'lil brat' if he truely knows bout respect?! he coulda/shoulda respected himself too….hahahaaha
    wait! lemme even gaan watch the video….Peace!!!

  15. @Boks na God go ponish u, u are a very BIG foooooooooooool 4 your comment! And 4 d idiot matter… Nobody is en’t idiot here. Boh u… U are an idiot and a fooooool, can u imagine muna saying (pass d mic)! She’s very stupid by saying that, if u could listing very well u’ll notice that she purposely and intentionally challenge mode9! She gat beaf 4 baba mode9 and na she go tire! I know n b’liv say she go won try sing a beaf song 4 a rap-lord (baba mode9) boh if she try am! She en’t gonna wait 2 see d END of th movie. Once again @boks is a fooool and an idiot.

  16. Wow muna was totally a bitch!!! Am So disappointed in her! Left for Me mode nine even acted matured cos someone like jimmy jatt would have put her in her rightful position. She has allowed small firm to enter her head I guess this is the beginning of her down fall if she is not careful!!!

  17. LAWL. Muna is really shallow to be honest. and if she didn't agree she, she could have kept her comment for a later time and talked to him in private. plus i think she's pretty UGLY. Her rap is rubbissshhhh. LOL. lacks intellect.

  18. I think muna is allowing the little fame she has got into her head,musically and age wise mode9 is her far above her.I fink she nids to apologise cos she was so rude&direspectful according to what I read.She is a host&nt a judge

  19. Muna or wot eva she calls herslf is d biggest fool I’ve ever seen in my hole life how cud u argue wit d judge or a competition? Dats stupidity cos she sud hav known dat if she was good enuf she wud hv bin a????? judge too. Well I don’t blame her I blame who was dere during her up bringing.

  20. all of you here are idiots! all the girl said was "i dont agree" are all u retards saying she has no right to disagree? why did mode9 have to grab the mic and say " that's why i'm a judge"? was that a mature thing to do? after that, all the girl said is "i respect your opinion but i have my own opinion" how was dat rude? then the so called egbon now starts to go on about how he's been in the game blah blah blah……. abeg the guy should park well. so because he has been in the game for a while nobody should argue wit him?

    • U r a fool!

    • I think ur the biggest fool! What u know about judging? Please get your mind right!
      Why make mode the judge if you aren't gonna stick with is decision? Smh…

  21. The fact is dat,muna mentality is very shallow,she lacks wisdom and understanding,she is mentally derailed..she is a rude bitch,Mode 9 reprsents anyday anytime

  22. i’m short of words! S.E and Mr Tah av just said d real fact! boh all i av 2 say is that muna will b humiliate and Emberase as she did soon and very soon! Boh when that happen, muna don’t be surprise

    • bwahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaaa……………….this shit is funny tho! d grammar and the painment togeda…cant help myself…hahahahahaha

  23. Y do y’all kip saying m not a MODE9 fan that’s totally uncalled for,Muna messed up big time,dt was a real dumb move.I am a Number 1 MODE9 fan kill yourselves.

  24. Yjay

  25. Muna I fink u are rude keep ur fucking opinion to urself ass hole

  26. To be honest, i’m short of words.. Forget about Mode9 and the Legendary status, even if it was Yung6 a Judge is a Judge and that’s why he was called upon.. Muna is just an untrained lil brat who has no proper upbringing.. I mean, how are u supposed to grow up when u were not raised?? She shuld have also been interviewed for us to see the stupidity in her.. I’M NOT A MODE9 FAN !!!

  27. Freshass,u dumb mehn!!!muna fucked up #gbam#…I strongly agree wiv s.e….#true that#

  28. Damn! Dis FRESHASS… Wu j?????u????????????????? replied is d most stupid reply av ever seen.. Were U????? blind dat U????? didn’t ????.?????? d video?… I’d always heard dat d gel is forward bt jst tot it was a norm! Fucked Muna is a great disappointment 2 9ja music… Dat TINYASS BITCH embarrasin Baba MODE9.. Aint Mode fan bt its obvious 2 us all dat He’s so Legendary…. RESPECT BELONGS TO WU DESERVES

    • Fuck U .. Mode9 is a boss ..he made this issue more ,if he had just let the girl talk and go talk to her lata then the respect would have been more .. Not just exchanging Words right @ that point ..

      WOman like act from Mode9 mehn .. Mode9 Fan just Accept he acted like a lil Girl on this one

  29. Muna! Who d fuck do u think u are? Its very obvious that the little fame you have is getting to your head! People don't act that way not because of today but because of our tomorrow. Who even made you a presenter sef? I'm sure no one would hire you as one again, after this stupidity u displayed. I'm not a mode 9 fan because I don't understand his rap, not because their bad but because the nigg is too deep. Muna please, look for something better to do, you obviously don't know how to handle the spot light don't remain in it! I still don't see the beautiful thing about u. How would you have felt if the night they crowned u queen, someone had said they don't agree? Please don't be thinking like a virgin when you are not!

  30. LMAOOO ..Broke Nigga …Fight A Man ur size and Age abeg!!!

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