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VIDEO: Tiwa Savage – Without My Heart ft Don Jazzy

Finally the official video of Without My Heart hits the web, its been a long time coming and the video didn’t fall short of the anticipation in my own opinion pretty decent flick by Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy. Press Play

0 VIDEO: Tiwa Savage   Without My Heart ft Don JazzyWithout My Heart Tiwa Savage


pixel VIDEO: Tiwa Savage   Without My Heart ft Don JazzyWithout My Heart Tiwa Savage

Posted by on March 11, 2013.

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  1. But not only that, the team uses a organization logo or perhaps even two on the tee shirts which also have a languages like german usage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Luv u soo much Tiwa Savage

  3. Anonymous says:

    judge others and u shall be judged by God or devil. nonsense

  4. 9ice song says:

    9ice song

  5. barbie says:

    Nice video• Tiwa’s lovely voice with Don jazzy’s whoooooooooooo voice spendid

  6. mary says:

    Always O?????? port keep it up luv U????? tiwa

  7. donpise says:

    Donjazzy king of mavins

  8. don jazzy u be baba says:


  9. Clarke says:

    I'd add,though,that the video doesn't quite thrill me as much as the song itself. I guess the video wasn't exactly reflective of the idea the song tried to convey!

  10. Clarke says:

    This video left my mouth agape at several points in time 'cause I was always looking out for the next flick whilst still reminiscing the previous. Tiwa Savage,whoever advised you to go to Don Jazzy deserves to be immortalised at death!

  11. ovolicious says:

    The muzik is so super cooool….. Keep it up bro

  12. ify says:

    I agree with you franky…ddnt expect dis kinda video for d song…boringggg…ddnt last on my fone for 10mins…boya d ring is making her feel married nd dt way she need to be reserved.biko

  13. Lhordex says:

    Nice video frm don jazzy nd tiwa savage,buh guys, i want yu guys to check d video again coz i can see some illuminati sign…dis video is devilish

    • anti illuminati says:

      u can sae that again the whole 323 is a bones and skull code for triple 6 the magicians hat also worn in dbaj's oliver video and the eye she also flashed the illuminati triangle its sad wer the world is going nxaaaaaa

  14. Tiwa u ar not sexy at all!!! Ahn ahn

  15. franky says:

    The Video is cool….listen to dey lyrics an The song, without my heart is a party jamz like clubing scene, bringing hot dancers and more, not does tu boring gals infront of don jazz!!!tiwa love ur style…

  16. tobi3 says:

    Can’t really expect anyting less from him…there’s a reason he’s called DON

  17. STIZKID says:


  18. arogss says:

    Super sick!!!!!!…….love it!

  19. So on point,nt crowded….

  20. chantazz says:

    super hot

  21. obisesan adebola says:

    Nice one tiwa….its cool

  22. sarai says:

    Awwww…dis video is so cool,Tiwa looks radiant n Jazzy not bad himself,thumps up man.

  23. Don jazzay, ??? r still my best talking about Naija flow artist.????? imagine his conbination with uk trained Tiwa ' our own' savage,OMG wot a combination.Keep D????? groove on,D????? video is gbam.

  24. leumas says:

    Tell me the Genuis who shot dis video.. This is S.I unit of video directing.. Don jazzy is a true born king.. Tiwa was a princess in dis flick.. So luvin it. *on point..

  25. sobiye toheeb says:

    Jus cool n simple… Tink am in luv.

  26. Brilliant video…#TINA ….we really are upgraded.

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